Life Changes


She stared at the curtains that hung near the window, she remembered the day she had picked them out with her husband. She remembered them being happy, now it was just a sad reminder that the marriage didn’t work out. She felt like a fool, her marriage had been over for some time before her husband left, but she hadn’t wanted to end it for the fear of humiliation when people found out her marriage was over.

The final thing was when she walked into their bedroom and found him in their bed with a stunning blonde. She realised it was over then not because of the affair, but because the thing that upset her was, she was going to have to get rid of the pretty new bedding she had just bought, she wasn’t upset that he was cheating. In fact, on some level she felt she had been expecting it, it was a complete lack of surprise. After his lady friend let herself out Amelia and her husband Mark sat down and discussed it like adults. There was no crying, no screaming just a frank discussion. He told her he had never wanted her to find out this way, he wanted to tell her he just didn’t know how. She told him it was perfectly fine, she had been sleeping in the living room for over year and it was time they stopped the pretence. They were now only married in name and by a little piece of paper that said they were. There whole relationship was a lie.

She had tried desperately to get there marriage back on track, but nothing worked. She had given it her everything and now she was just left feeling exhausted and broken. They had only been married 7 years, it might not be very long, but it felt like a life time. She felt lucky that she was still fairly young at only 29. “I will always love you,” he told her, his shame apparent all over his face. “I know,” she smiled “I will always love you too, but you’re not in love with me anymore are you?” He looked down at his feet and said “no and you’re not in love with me.” It wasn’t a question, he had known for some time, but she had taken such good care of him, he wondered if he would ever find someone as good as her again. The blonde was fine for a fling, but he wasn’t sure about a relationship with her. That night he packed up his things and he was gone.

Six months later…

“Hey Amelia,” her best friend was waving to her from their regular booth at the bar. She got up and gave her a hug. “Ok, don’t be mad, but I met the cutest guy and I thought he would be perfect for you, so I gave him your number.” Amelia smiled at her friend knowing she only had good intentions, but also knowing it was hopeless. “Mandy, I am not ready yet. ” Mandy gave Amelia her best I know best look and said “You haven’t been with anyone in six months. Your marriage is over, live a little.” “Can we please change the subject?” Amelia asked in a pleading tone.

After Amelia got in from the pub she put her keys on the table and kicked off her heels and sighed to herself. She knew her friend was only trying to help, but she there had been a time when she had thought her husband was the love of her life, they hadn’t been able to keep their hands off each other and that had gone on for years into their relationship, people often thought that they were a new couple and they always loved seeing the shocked look on people’s faces when they told them they had been together for years. She thought if it didn’t work with him it wasn’t going to work with anyone.

Just as she was pouring a pina colada into a cocktail glass there was a knock at the door. “Chad? What are you doing here? ” Chad had been a long- time friend of Amelia and Mark’s. “Hey Amelia, do you think I could stay here tonight?” It was just then Amelia noticed a deep gash to the side of Chad’s face. “Of course you can come in,” Amelia answered, feeling scared for her friend. As she closed the door behind him she asked “What the hell happened to you?” He looked at his face in the mirror in her hallway and then turned to her and said “well, I should have followed my instincts when I said getting a roommate at our age is stupid.” She looked at him seeing dark red running down his olive cheek. She took his hand and lead him into the kitchen. “Sit there,” she said pointing at one of the stools by the breakfast bar. She got some kitchen paper and wet it in the sink. “Seriously what happened?” She asked as she carefully put the tissue against his cut, he winced slightly. “My roommate has had a bit of a drinking problem and tonight with some of his friends I tried to help him. Let’s just say he wasn’t best pleased and he decided to attack me. I don’t think I can stay there anymore.” Amelia raised her brow at him as she often did when he said silly things. She smiled at him, shaking her head slightly Sinop Escort “really, you don’t say.” She gave a little laugh, then it occurred to her she hadn’t laughed in a while. “You can stay here as long as you need.” He looked a little surprised “I don’t want to impose, it won’t be long I swear.” He tried to explain, but Amelia put up a hand silencing him. “It’s no imposition and I already said take as long as you need. I have a spare room but no bed, is there any way of getting your bed here?”

“Not unless you want to see that psycho,” he huffed. She thought for a minute and then thought probably best not to go there. “The sofa is quite comfortable, you can stay there until we find a more permanent solution.” She could see the gratitude in his eyes, he hugged her and she realised he was soaked. “I think you need a shower,” she said trying to be as nice as possible. He laughed and smelt his jacket “I thought you always liked sambuca.” She admired his sense of humour after the night he had, had. “Yes, to drink. I wouldn’t recommend it as an aftershave.”

He went upstairs to the bathroom, while she prepared the sofa. Chad had come down from his shower trying to go to the living room as quietly as possible not sure if Amelia was still awake. “Oh!” Amelia quickly turned away from Chad stunned. “Sorry, I just wanted to bring you some pillows.” “Thanks. You know I am wearing boxers, it’s not like I’m naked.” Amelia laughed a little to herself “I know, but erm… you’re peeking out the hole.” She couldn’t think of a different expression. Chad looked down “oops, sorry. You can turn around now,” he said as he adjusted himself. She handed him the pillows “goodnight,” she said walking to leave. “Goodnight,” he said back.

She lay down on her bed thinking, I’m not ready to date yet and somehow, I already have a man moving in with me. For the first time in a very long time she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

“I thought Chad moving in was supposed to be temporary,” Mandy complained. Amelia raised an eyebrow at her, “It is and will you keep your voice down he is just in the other room.” Mandy sighed and said “he’s watching football, he won’t hear us. Are you sleeping with him?” Amelia shocked replied “no, he’s my friend.” Mandy studied her face knowing Amelia was a terrible liar and she would know if she wasn’t telling the truth. “I thought that must be the reason you have let him stay on your sofa for the last three weeks.”

“He’s a friend and he needed a place to say. Are you saying you wouldn’t have done the same?”

“For you, yes. Anyone else, I would have slammed the door in their face.”

“Mandy, that’s awful,” Amelia laughed.

“You’re like a sister to me, everyone else can go to hell. By the way that guy told me he called you and you blew him off. What is wrong with you?” Mandy demanded.

“Nothing is wrong with me, I told you I wasn’t ready to date. ” Amelia retorted.

“Whatever I have to go get the little one from nursery. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“That doesn’t rule out much,” Amelia quipped. Mandy laughed as she let herself out of the back door.

“Hey,” Chad said as he walked in to the kitchen. Amelia just smiled at him in response. “everyone’s meeting up for a drink later, want to come? I was told to invite you.” He said and winced realising that sounded like he didn’t want her there. “Sure, I’ll come.” Amelia replied.

They both took their time getting ready. As they reached the pub, they were taken in by the smell of hot steak. “Are you hungry? I didn’t see you eat tonight.” Chad asked. “I’m starved. You?” He looked at his watch. “We’re a little early, do you want to get some dinner?” Amelia smiled shyly and nodded. He laughed a little.

They were seated at a table near a window so they could see when their friends had arrived. They both ordered dinner and just as the food arrived, so did their friends. “Sorry, I didn’t know you two had a date tonight.” John laughed.

“Haha very funny,” Amelia replied.

“You two are being so stupid, every time we’ve been around you there is intense sexual chemistry. Honestly Chad, I think it’s why none of your relationships work out.”

“That’s ridiculous” Chad argued, although deep down he had wondered the same thing. All their friends teased them all night about how perfect they would be together and how stupid they were being. Eventually the pair had enough and decided to walk out of the pub.

Amelia was a little tipsy and slipped a little, Chad caught her and she giggled. “Whoops, you ok?” Chad said helping her to stand straight again. “I’m fine,” she sighed. He looked her in the eyes seeing she had beautiful Sinop Escort Bayan eyes framed with long thick eyelashes, then he couldn’t help but look at her perfectly pink full lips. He shook his head trying to shake himself out of it. It’s the others getting in my head, he thought to himself. They cut through an alley way as it was a short cut home. He couldn’t take it anymore he had to know. He pushed her against the brick wall beside her, put his hand under her chin and kissed her.

He suddenly felt her kissing him back and his hand found it’s way into her long dark brown curly locks, pulling her head to his lips, wanting to have more of her. He wound his other arm around her waist pulling her body to him. She pressed right against him and yet it felt it wasn’t enough. Her arms were around his waist too, hugging him to her while they kissed passionately. Their tongues entwined. She could feel herself growing wet, it was almost more passion than she could handle, she had never felt like this before. The kiss over took Chad as well, he moved his hand from her hair and used it to part her legs while they carried on kissing. He teased her for a couple of minutes just feeling the outside of her pussy lips through her underwear, he kept stroking there until he felt her moan into his mouth. He pushed the fabric aside and stroked the flesh of her pussy lips, then he outlined her pussy with his finger. He could now feel how wet she was. He stroked her clit and now she was moaning a little louder, he pulled her head gently and started kissing her again, to silence her moans. Then he felt her pussy pulling his finger in, so he started fingering her with his middle finger and stroking her clit with his thumb. Then he started stroking her nipple with his other hand. She couldn’t take the pleasure anymore she broke away from the kiss and had her first orgasm of the night moaning. She had never had an orgasm like that before.

They carried on walking home, as she knew she definitely didn’t want to have sex on the street in the middle of an alleyway. It almost felt like a movie the only light coming from the street lights, cars driving past in the background, Amelia’s heels clicking away in the night and couple so caught up in each other their minds were full of thoughts only about the other. Chad took her hand in his, she looked over at their hands entwined together and couldn’t help but smile. She liked how his hand felt in hers.

She had to let go of his hand as she reached the door, she opened it with ease and stepped inside, Chad following close behind her. Now that she was inside she felt nervous, butterflies were fluttering away in her stomach. “Maybe we should talk about the kiss?” Chad suggested, also nervous. “We could,” Amelia slowly replied, feeling a bit confused. “Or we could just do this….” Chad said as he put his hand round the back of her head and kissed her again. As his tongue brushed against her lips, she felt tingles flow through her whole body. She wanted to feel him everywhere.

As the kiss heated up, she couldn’t take it any longer, she grabbed his jacket and tore it from his body and he peeled hers away from her. She pushed him, so that he fell on the sofa and she climbed on his lap, straddling him and started kissing him again. She now started slowly grinding herself into his lap, but she was also trying to resist the urge, but her will power was faltering, she wanted him and she wanted him now. She ripped his shirt from him and gave a little nervous laugh when she heard buttons falling on the floor.

For a moment Chad thought about just lifting her dress a little above her tanned thighs, ripping her underwear off and getting his penis out and having sex with her like that. He thought against it, wanting their first time together to be more than that. He wanted to see and feel her entire body. He broke the kiss to take her dress off her, as he lifted the hem, she raised her arms above her head making it easier for him. He took a minute to take in her perfectly tanned, petite body, noticing she had big breasts for her size. She was wearing a matching lingerie set of purple and black lace with a bow in the middle. He laid her down on the sofa, she tried to hide her disappointment thinking it was over. Chad stood up to take off his jeans and then moved back in between her legs. He pulled her lacy and silk Brazilian cut briefs down her legs.

He took a minute admiring her smooth pussy. He stroked the mound that was in front of him and kissed it, Amelia let out a slight gasp. He stroked along the inside of her pussy and felt she was dripping wet. He lowered himself so that he would have better access. He licked Escort Sinop the length of the inside of her pussy lips making her moan softly. Then he started kissing her, he was doing the same thing he had been doing when he was kissing her mouth, but this time to her pussy. She couldn’t deny that she loved the way it felt. The way his tongue played with the hood of her clit was driving her insane, she wanted him to make her cum and she thought she might cry in frustration, because he was pleasuring every inch of her pussy, but not coming into contact with her clit. Then he dove his tongue inside her, no one had ever done that before. He was pushing his tongue deep inside her and pulling it out slightly and doing it all over again, basically thrusting his tongue into her, the same you would a penis. His nose started rubbing her clit as his tongue carried on bringing her to cloud 9. She couldn’t take it any longer she arched her back and thrust her hips at his face several times and finally let out a louder moan as she came into his mouth.

Her orgasm was so good she could feel her pussy still contracting while he just sat there for a minute letting her come down from her orgasm. After the orgasm appeared to have stopped, he started stroking her again, making sure her clit wasn’t too sensitive. She sat up and told him to stand. She was done playing around and she wanted him inside her. She pulled down his boxers and pulled him back on to the sofa. Again she straddled his lap, but this time she put him straight inside her, she started bouncing up and down on his lap making sure to take every inch of him inside her as she slid down his thick, long shaft. She put her hands on his shoulders to balance herself. She looked down at his perfect six pack abs. Then she thought she didn’t even care if she was dreaming, this was the best sex she had ever had. He unhooked her bra and started kissing her left breast, then he licked her nipple and started sucking on it, making her throw her head back and start moaning again as she thrusted away at his cock. He used his free hand to pinch her over nipple and it was too much. She started grinding on his cock and used her left hand to tease her clit. She was moaning again getting louder and louder until her orgasm finally washed over her. He kissed her hard on the mouth and orgasmed deep inside her. She put her forehead against his, just allowing her body to rest for a minute, feeling his cock start to go soft. She climbed off of him, suddenly feeling very shy and very aware that she was completely naked. She quickly grabbed her dress and put it back on. Chad politely didn’t tell her you could see her nipples through her dress.

As Amelia went to leave the room Chad quickly pulled his boxers on and grabbed her arm. “Hey, is something wrong?” He suddenly felt overcome with fear that this wasn’t what she wanted and now she was upset. She laughed slightly, putting him at ease “No, there’s wrong. It’s just” She sighed “where do we go from here? You’re not exactly the couple type and I am not looking for a fling. So… now I don’t feel like I know what to do.” Chad looked in her eyes and saw a vulnerability he hadn’t realised was there. He pulled her back to him and kissed her softly on the lips. “I am not looking for a fling here. I watched you for years with your husband, every minute wishing it could be me. I have been in love with you for last nine years, but the timing was never right. I am not saying we need to rush this, and I am not saying you need to say you love me too. I’ve been there for nine years, I think you’re going to need some time to catch up.” He smiled and she laughed softly not knowing what to say, so she kissed him, just a quick kiss, but enough for Chad to know they were no longer just friends. “So, not to ruin this lovely moment, but does this mean I no longer have to sleep on the sofa?” Chad smiled his charming half smile at her and she laughed. “I guess you can sleep in my bed tonight.”

As they lay in bed together, with Chad’s arms wrapped around her, she began to think. She knew people would have opinions on their relationship and she knew starting a relationship where you slept together right away wasn’t always best. She had also heard that when passion ran as hot as it had between her and Chad that the relationship was never as good as the sex, but she had to give it a chance. She had come out of a relationship where she had given it her everything and the man who she had once loved, pushed her away constantly. She wanted something new and she had never seen Chad in that way before, but now that she had, she knew she was never going back. She always felt safe with him, but they also had a lot of fun. He was unpredictable, charming and an unbelievable kisser and he was amazing in bed. Was it a relationship where it burns bright and burns fast or could the passion last? She didn’t know, but what she did know, was that she was going to have a lot fun figuring it out.

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