Lie to me


I want you to lie to meSay everything is going to bePostcard moments, our designThat I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine.Some day, maybe far from nowNot trapped by circumstance and vowsUnchained from choices long agoThat now seem false amid your glow. Tell me we’ll arrange to staySome hotel one night, far awayFreedom bought from everythingExcept the heat Ankara Rus Escort of skin on skin.Rampant flames of kisses richOf bodies bucking, fingers whichExplore for real the things we dreamThrough text and talk and glossy screen. Tell me that you want to sitLegs splayed, feet touching, Yenimahalle Escort oppositeLength, erect, so you can seeMy pleasure rise as I watch thee.Touch your nipples, squeeze and pinchFingers plunge, soaked inch by inchRising scent, thrilling eclipseTaste buds dance on proffered tips. Whispered breathless words of lustPromises laced before we thrustHard and loud, without restraintOur naked canvas, wet we paint.Wedding bands catch pale moonlightSo fucking wrong, but fuck so rightNails clutch sheets that mute my nameFrozen release, your soul I claim. Much we’ve shared, connection strongAlthough it hurts, we don’t belongRight my course before I driftAnd taste your world I’ve merely sniffed.Halt the actions I’ll regretCaptured by your wild vignetteThe stakes are high, too much to loseThe fire in me I can’t abuse. And yet, despite realityI beg of you to lie to me. Just one more time, please lie to me.

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