Library Handies


Just a warning that this story takes a while to build up, so if you’re looking for a quick jump to the climax this story isn’t for you. But if you wait and read through it, you won’t be disappointed!.. Enjoy!


I felt my phone vibrate under the covers of my bed and a light illuminate my cream sheets.

“Steph, where are you? All of the guys are waiting for you to help us out with our chem notes.” -Nash

Smiling to myself I shot out a quick text.

“Driving there now, I should be there in a few mins.”

Already at my makeup table I touched up on my lipstick and gave myself a once over. My eyes moving from my face down to my busty DD chest, I decided to take off another button on my shirt to show off my generous cleavage in my tight, striped buttoned down blue dress shirt. I had one goal today, and that was to play with Nash’s cock.

Leaving my table I grabbed my notes and textbooks and went out to the driveway to get into my car and head off to the library.


Walking into the library I decided to check into the washroom before meeting up with the guys and in particular Nash. I had the biggest crush on him for a year now and we had gone on a ton of study dates together, but he only ever saw me as a friend. Today I was more than determined to change that. I stood in front of the mirror playing with my curly afro when I got another text from Nash.

“OMG Steph, get your ass in here already.”

He doesn’t know what he has coming, I thought to myself as I left the washroom grinning.

Walking into the study room on the first floor, I saw my group of guy friends sitting with Nash at the farthest table. Walking towards them, Dave spotted me first. Immediately his jaw dropped, and then like dominoes; one by one the two other guys stopped their nerdy banter as I approached the table to gawk at me. The only person of importance that hadn’t yet looked up was Nash. He was deeply engrossed in his biology textbook and hadn’t gotten the testosterone alarm like the rest of his buddies.

Smiling at the boys; Dave, Zeke, and Ryan, I sat across from Nash and mustering up my sexiest sultry voice which was so completely unlike me, I said,

“Hey Nash, still need my Chem notes?”

“Mhmm, yea, just, let me just finish up reading this last paragraph about genetics. Did you know that..”

As his eyes finally let go of his textbook, he stopped mid-sentence as he stared at my boobs which were usually hidden by baggy over-sized sweatshirts. After a few seconds I got a bit scared that his perfect green eyes would fall out of their sockets, so I decided to bring him out of his boob induced trance.

“Nash, as crazy as this may sound my eyes are up here.” I smirked. It felt good to be gawked at for once instead of constantly seen as “one of the boys.”

“Uhm, yea. Good one Steph. I was just gonna tell you that there was a ketchup stain on your shirt, no need to get cocky.” Nash shot back with his usual charm and a spark in his eyes.

Me, of course being the usual spaz that I am frantically looked down to check my shirt for ketchup stains even though I knew that I hadn’t eaten anything with ketchup on it that whole day. After stupidly realizing that he was just teasing me as usual I rolled my eyes at him. Dave, Ryan and Zeke laughed heartily at my embarrassment.

“Anyways I honestly need your help with some of the questions; you’re the only one who gets all these damn chemistry equations.” Nash complained.

“Hey, while you’re doing that would you mind passing over your math notes too? I still don’t get all this parabola shit.” Dave said as he stuffed a donut in his mouth. He was a hefty African guy, and you never saw him without some piece of food in his Şirinevler escort mouth or in his hands. The fact that he was always talking with food in his mouth made it hard for anyone to understand what he was say, plus on top of that he had a heavy African accent.

“Yeah, no problem. Let me just fish it out from my purse.” I leaned over to grab my math binder when Ryan and Zeke announced that they were going to hit up the café to grab some snacks. Upon hearing that the guys were getting food, Dave suddenly didn’t need my notes anymore and rushed out with them mumbling something about studying later.

With Nash and I left alone we fell easily into what we did best together; talk, study and joke around with each other. Of course I saw him look down a few times to peek at my boobs while I explained how to combine elements, but I definitely wasn’t complaining. As we continued going through our reviews I had something continually nagging at me that I wasn’t making any progress with my goal. I looked over at Nash who was deep into his textbook and had the cutest frown on his face from focusing on what he was reading, and was also chewing on his pen, which was a habit I usually hated on everyone else but found irresistible on him. So after mustering up some courage I laid my right hand right above Nash’s knee and leaned in closer.

“You know, I just can’t seem to figure out this particular equation. Would you mind helping me out?” I said close to his ear in a soft voice that was just barely louder than a whisper.

Immediately he looked away from his book and looked down slightly confused but also interested in where this was going. He pulled his chair a bit closer to me and explained the answer to a question I already knew like the back of my hand. As he talked and worked out the equation I slowly inched my hand up his thigh while admiring his strong facial features. He had a nice strong jaw line that was prominent but not sharp. His bright eyes contrasted strikingly to his dark brown hair, and as I stared at him all I could think of was how badly I wanted to kiss those red lips that he bit as he tried to work out hard questions, and how amazing it would feel to kiss his pale neck and leave my love marks for everyone to see. I could feel my cheeks heating up as I fantasised about running my hands through his dark soft hair, and on his strong, muscular chest, then how I would work my way down and..

“Hey, Steph did you get what I just worked out for you?” He looked down again to where my hand was, which was now close to his bulging crotch.

I bit the side of my lip and replied.

“Yeah, that was great. But it was just getting really hard for me to focus with all the noise around us.”

“Uhm, I guess you’re right.. Maybe we should head up to one of the private rooms upstairs and you know.. study,” Nash said quietly while looking straight into my eyes with an intensity that I had never seen before. At this point my hand was rubbing on his large bulge and all I could think of was what was inside those jeans.

We quickly packed up our things from the table and Nash held his biology textbook close to his growing package to hide his obvious erection. I walked in front of him to help the poor guy out. As we walked up the stairs I looked behind me to smile at him and instead of getting his usual cheeky smirk, I got a nervous lip biting smile. The same lip biting look he wore when he was thinking hard about how to work out a complicated question. That sent butterflies to my stomach. Could the calm, collected hot braniac Nash be getting nervous over me?

As we got to the top floor we picked the first vacant study room that we could spot and Nash locked the door behind us. When he turned Şirinevler escort bayan back around to face me, any previous looks of anxiousness or nervousness had completely disappeared from his face. All that was left was raw passion and lust. As he put his bag and books on the table he started walking closer to me with a sexy grin on his face. Slowly I backed up against the wall as my breath quickened with anticipation of what I couldn’t believe was about to happen.

“So you want to study huh?” Nash said breathily as he stalked towards me.

“Well unless you have something else in mind.” I whispered as he reached me and trapped me on both sides with his hands on the wall leaning into me.

“All that’s on my mind is how badly I want you.” Nash said into my ear, panting softly.

“Then show me your mind.” I said; my lips lightly touching the side of his neck.

With the sexy smile I had grown so accustomed to, he swooped in closer to me and ravaged my neck with passionate kisses. His hands swiftly found their way around my body and he lifted me up off the ground and continued making love to my neck. As my moans of pleasure got louder he started sucking harder on the places he was previously kissing, and licked and sucked with such fervent intensity that I knew I would have bruises all over my chocolate skin by the morning. He then worked his way up to my jawline and slowed down his oral assault by sweetly kissing my jaw. Still panting heavily I looked up at him in confusion.

“Why’d you stop? Did I do something wrong? Was it my moaning, was it too loud? Did I..” I gasped out worriedly as he cut me off.

“Stop freaking out Steph. You’re so fucking perfect and I don’t know why I was such a pussy before and couldn’t man up and do what I knew I wanted all this time, and just be real with you about how I was feeling..

“Wait! Slow down and stop rambling Nash, what the hell are you trying to tell me?” I exclaimed, a bit exasperated by the sudden change of events.

Taking a deep breath he continued. “What I’m trying to say is that I really like you. I’ve liked you for a long time now but I always thought you were way out of my league. But when you started flirting with me today I was shocked that you of all people were showing interest in me and I got so nervous and excited and I guess maybe I’m getting ahead of myself again, but what I’m really trying to so is do you feel the same way I feel about you for me?”

Looking deep into Nash’s eyes for a second, I forgot to breathe as I took in all that Nash had just admitted to me. It took me a second to process all that I had just heard, and then I realized that he was still eagerly waiting for a reply.

So I gave him the best reply I could think of.

My heart beat skyrocketed as our lips finally touched and my eyes drifted closed in the pure bliss of the moment. With my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck, we drew as close as possible until our bodies were locked in together and our lips and tongues explored each other passionately. I slowly started sucking and biting on his bottom lip as I rand my hands through his hair and heard his soft moans, and all I could think of was, ‘fucking shit fucks I am making Nash Grandier moan’.

Eventually Nash started kissing his way slowly down to my heaving chest and kissing my generous cleavage with the same ferocity as he had my lips and neck. Throwing my head back I groaned at him to take of my shirt. Wasting no time at all he worked his hands up my flat belly and grabbed my tits through my lacy bra. Wanting so badly to feel his mouth on my breasts I ripped apart my blouse, not caring if I took off a few buttons. Then I quickly unclasped my bra escort şirinevler and shrugged off both my bra and shirt. For a second Nash drew back to admire my chest, and I could feel myself heating up even more. Then before I knew it he was on my left tit kissing all around it but avoiding the nipple. As I had always had sensitive boobs, I was writhing in frustration as I wanted his lips sucking hard on my nipples. Then finally giving into my loud groans and pleadings he latched on to my tit, and licked and sucked hard on my aching nipple. As he orally stimulated my left tit, his hand was on the right one; squeezing and pinching on the nipple. Then he switched to show my right breast some love.

Then wanting to return the immense pleasure as I noticed the huge bulge tenting his jeans, I slowly let go of my arms around his neck until he got the message and let go of me so that my feet were once again touching the floor. Then turning him around so that he was now facing the wall, I got on my knees and unzipped his jeans and let them drop to the ground. Immediately his erect cock pushed out through his boxers and I gasped at the length. It was my first time being so close to a penis and I licked my lips in anticipation. Putting my hands on his covered erection, I rubbed softly while looking up at his face to see the reaction I was eliciting. He was looking back down at me with his mouth open and lust written all over his face. Then I slid my hand into his boxers and fished around for his balls.

Once feeling them in my hands I rolled them and squeezed them lightly in my hands, while Nash groaned loudly. Taking that as a cue to continue, I pulled his boxers down and jumped a bit when his big cock sprang out and tapped my cheek. It was about 7 inches long and so gorgeously thick. To my surprise and delight it was a little hairy, which I found even more masculine and hot. I touched the tip of his cock with my finger and smeared around the precum that was already glistening on his pink tip. Then wrapping my hand around it, I took my time and stroked it up and down while my other hand caressed his muscular thighs. By this point he was moaning loudly and tossing his head from side to side, and I had never felt sexier. As I picked up speed he started jerking his hips up to meet my hand and all I could think of was how badly I wanted to suck on his white cock and how hot the contrast of our skin would look as I mouthfucked his dick.

Then lowering my mouth unto the tip of his penis, I swirled my tongue around, tasting his salty precum and quickly took more of him in my mouth. Taking my hand off and putting them behind my back I bobbed up and down and soon fell into a comfortable rhythm. Soon enough he was fucking my mouth with wild abandon and moaning so loud I was sure that people outside the room must’ve been getting suspicious. Regardless I kept on bobbing and sucking on his thick cock like there was no tomorrow and I loved every damn second of it. Then as his jerking became more sporadic he put his hand into my hair and grabbed on my afro while thrusting far back into my throat. I was gagging and squeezing my tits knowing that he was about to blow any second.

After a few more wild thrusts he started yelling that he was gonna cum and he began pulling out of my mouth, but I latched on harder and pulled him in letting him know that I wanted him to fill my mouth with his tasty cum I wanted to be a dirty little cumslut for him. A soon as I did that I felt his first blast hit the back of my throat, and then spray all over my mouth and I kept on sucking every last drop until he was dry and his cock was going limp in my mouth. Then he slowly pulled out and slumped against the wall and rubbed his semi hard cock all over my face then to my lips where I licked him clean. As I was finishing up licking the head of his cock I heard Nash suddenly swear while looking in the direction of the window. I quickly turned and saw Dave’s face plastered to the small window of the door with his mouth wide open and a sandwich in his hand.

The End

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