Lexi Ch. 04: The V-Day Gift


What do you get a woman who’s financially set for any holiday, much less Valentine’s Day? Lexi was not one to buy into the commercialism of the holiday. But, under that sometimes bitchy exterior was a hopeless romantic. Lexi had let me see that side of her more than once.

So it was a surprise to me when I found out we were not spending Valentine’s weekend together. Were we not lovers? My gag gift of edible panties and other body desserts would have to wait. It was just as well. It had been an awkward two weeks since we had last tasted each other’s bodies.

I wasn’t sure how to break the wall that seemed to be building between us. All because I had dropped my guard and suggested we become exclusive to each other.

“I’m meeting a client out of town but, I’m not leaving you stranded,” said Lexi. “Hope you don’t mind.”

“Stranded?” I asked.

“Think of it as a gift, she’ll call you.” winked Lexi.

This was cryptic, to say the least. Since I moved into the guest house, I learned not to ask questions I didn’t want the answers to.

Lexi waved to me as she pulled her ’68 Jaguar E-Type convertible out of the driveway. Sleek with a custom elongated body encased in pristine ruby red paint, it was everything you expected from Lexi. Classic, sexy, temperamental and with a tight trunk you had to force things into — to make it fit.

It was the car she used to take clients out to see premiere properties up and down the coast. Wives moving to the west coast, after seeing Lexi and the car would often insist their husbands find a new realtor. It was as if Lexi had “Other Woman” painted on her forehead.

It wasn’t long before I found out what Lexi was talking about. Our neighbor called to see when I could come over. She was starting a new online boutique and needed help with written content for the website. The project was extensive and promised a four-figure payday.

It wasn’t the most exciting way to spend the weekend but, it wouldn’t hurt to make a little bank between writing gigs. Vanity Fair and Esquire magazine were not exactly beating a path to my door.

Have laptop, will travel. I drove next door because no one walks in California. I buzzed in through the gate and pulled into the driveway of an opulent but, otherwise nondescript house. The voice on the intercom told me to come upstairs — the front door was open.

As I cleared the top of the spiral staircase, I was in the presence of a raven haired beauty. She was a bona fide MILF like Lexi, maybe a few years younger.

“Hello neighbor, can I get you a drink?” asked my hostess.

I must have been standing there slack jawed for a while since she stood up and walked over to the bar and poured me a glass. I was slack jawed because my hostess was essentially nude.

“Sangria?” she inquired, “before extending the glass.”

“I’m Andrew,” I stammered.

“I know, Andrew. Your reputation precedes you. Lexi speaks very highly of you. I’m Salma. Like Salma Hayek. I’m not her but, I am Mexican.”

Salma may not have been “the” Salma but, she boasted some of the same features.

“Why don’t you put down your bag and we can talk.”

I sat down opposite of her as she went back to her original perch. Salma flipped her long black hair over so it cascaded over her right shoulder. It exposed the left side of her neck and diamond drop earrings.

She was a striking woman lying on an oversized white leather ottoman. She was unapologetic about her attire and seemed to like the fact that I was giving her the once over.

“You should take a picture, Andrew,” smiled Salma, “it would last longer.”

I was taking a picture. My subconscious was recording every single detail of Salma in my masturbation memory bank. Years later I would still be able to recompile the image that lay before me.

Salma was a doe-eyed beauty with olive skin. She lay on her stomach facing me. Her ample breasts created cleavage that swallowed the diamond drop pendant around her neck. As she traced her neck and reached down to grab her breast I was privy to the lingerie that accented her body.

Black ribbons of silk framed her exposed breasts and united in a strap that disappeared beneath her. She had breasts that, unfortunately for her, would invite unwanted cat-calls in public. The kind of cat-calls that would include references like, “Nice rack!” or “Show us your tits.” Salma did have a spectacular set of “tits.”

Over her shoulder, I could see the delicious whale tail of black panties with ribbons that met in the center of the small of her back. Her legs were spread wide and bent at the knee as if she was a girl propping herself Bursa Escort in front of a TV. Her ankles were crossed and she wore what were unmistakably some of the sexiest fuck-me-pumps a gay man had ever designed. You know these things when you have a fetish for women in high heels.

Her Christian Louboutin fuck-me-pumps were accented by silver cobras that snaked down the stiletto heel.

“You like those don’t you,” smiled Salma, “I had the embellishments made custom. Men seem to especially gravitate to them because it reminds them, of hands on their cock.”

“I’m sorry Salma,” I blurted out, “I thought you were hiring me to work on some copywriting. Did Lexi set this up?”

“Oh my god. Please, Andrew, I don’t need Lexi’s help to attract men,” replied Salma. “I thought we could play before work. All work and no play make Andrew a dull boy.”

I excused myself, using the need for a bio break as the reason. Salma rolled her eyes and let me know where to find the bathroom.

“Hurry back lover boy, ” she yelled at me while I was dialing Lexi.

Lexi was laughing as she answered the phone, “Isn’t she a hoot? Are you having fun?”

I told Lexi I was definitely not having fun and I wasn’t her property to sell or swap as she pleased.

“Oh my god, Andrew. You’re going to have an aneurysm. Calm down,” said Lexi, “Are you about to have sex with Salma?”

“No, I most definitely am not,” I whispered back.

“Sweetie, that’s too bad because that’s what is happening to me right now.” Lexi replied, “You should go do the same… Oh, fuck that’s a big cock.”

Her voice trailed off and I hung up the phone. She was definitely getting fucked by somebody else. Somebody that wasn’t me. I had no right to be angry but, I was.

Later on, Lexi would explain to me that she was creating space. I had become too clingy. The one thing men accused women of doing, I was doing to her. I should have left it alone. I had become one of those people who worried about what they didn’t have instead of someone who appreciated what they already had.

Between the anger, adrenaline and the testosterone coursing through me, I was ready to give Salma what she wanted.

I returned to the living room. Salma had put on some music and was writhing to it on her leather ottoman. She did look incredibly sexy. Salma removed her index finger from her mouth and with the glossiest of cock sucking lips told me she was tired of waiting.

“I want to be your nasty, cum guzzling, slutty fuck toy.” said Salma, “You want to put your cock in this slutty little mouth?”

My jeans were unbuttoned and I ripped them off as I walked towards Salma. She got on the floor and crawled towards me.

“I want to suck a big fucking dirty dick like yours.” said Salma as she licked her iridescent pink lips, “I want to get nasty.”

Salma was now sitting on her knees ready to worship my cock. She threw her head back and grabbed the spiked heels of her Louboutins with her hands.

“Come on Andrew, give me that cock all the way down my nasty throat. I’m a perfect little fucking whore for you.”

Obviously, Lexi had clued in Salma about my weakness. A pair of fuck-me pumps and dirty talk were guaranteed to get me in trouble.

I didn’t even have time to pull off the boxer briefs before Salma’s lipsticked mouth wrapped around the head of my cock. It made a popping sound as she pulled it out of her throat. Salma slobbered under the head and sucked the underside of my shaft with her lips.

“Aye Papi!” said Salma, “Don’t you love it? Your own personal fucking whore. I’m gonna choke on this fat fucking cock.”

Freed from the boxer briefs, Salma deep throated my cock. Not all at once but, in short spurts. She continued to let me enjoy that pressure until her gag reflex kicked in. She pulled her head off my shaft. Saliva was dripping from my cock and Salma’s mouth onto her tits. I made a mental note to sample those as well.

Brown and free of tan lines, her breasts were soft, supple but definitely enhanced. Compared to Lexi, Salma had the tits of a pornstar. Right now they were heaving and covered in slobber as Salma egged me on. She was still on her knees. Grabbing the stiletto heels of her fuck-me-pumps, she invited me to fuck her face.

“Oh god. Salma. Lexi would never let me do this.” I blurted out as my cock slid in deep until it hit the back of Salma’s mouth. Salma pushed down harder to get the full length down her throat. Salma allowed my to repeatedly pump her mouth. My cock slipped between her pout and against her tongue until the pink lipstick had been worn off her lips.

Without Bursa Bayan breaking eye contact. She backed off my cock applying full pressure with her lips before kissing the head as it came out of her mouth. It was slow and deliberate. The longer it took for her to expel my cock, the harder it got. Salma placed my hand on the back of her head and I reflexively pulled her hair back into a pony-tail. She opened her mouth and extended her tongue.

“What are you waiting for?” asked Salma. “You know you want to.”

I smacked the tip of my cock on her tongue as Salma closed her lips around the head. She swirled her tongue around my cock as she allowed me to slowly sink it all the way in. Pulling and pushing her across my shaft repeatedly, forcefully but not violently almost in slow motion made me forget all about Lexi.

I pulled Salma up until she was standing, spun her around and let her straddle my shaft, letting it tickle her clitoris. It was heavenly.

This unbridled sex with a stranger was something foreign to me ever since Lexi took me in. Even if she wasn’t being exclusive to me, I was being exclusive to her. Only my other steady girlfriend, Rosy Palm, ever got in the way of Lexi and me.

It was time, I backed up and grabbed Salma’s panties and yanked them to her knees.

“I’m so wet. Metémela. Put it in me. Put it in me.” begged Salma.

She was knock-kneed with anticipation as I penetrated her for the first time.

“It’s so big. Go slow. Go slow.” whimpered Salma.

I pushed her forward so she had to grab the ottoman to keep from falling over. I put my cock in her pussy and pushed with slow but, constant pressure. The veins in my cock were pulsing as I pushed through until I was in full hilt. It was as if I had a feral animal between my legs.

“Aye Papi!” said Salma, “You’re going to break my little cunt.”

I needed more leverage and I grabbed Salma by the hips and swung her around to the railing at the top of the stairs. It was quiet for a second before I pulled my cock out and reentered Salma.

It was deliciously nasty and Salma arched her beautiful brown back as my cock slammed back into her. She was on the toes of her stiletto heels as I pumped my fat cock into her. We were locked in a state of perfect suspension. The pumping continued as if we were weightless. I had found the perfect angle where most of Salma’s tiny body was suspended on my cock and the tips of her toes.

Cock was entering cunt in perfect unison as she begged to be fucked harder. I was very open to suggestions.

“I’m cumming. I’ve been hungry for this all day.” cried Salma, “Ay papi damelo mas duro.”

I stopped and let Salma do all the grinding to her heart’s content as I tried not to cum. I reached around and scooped up her tits in my hands. Salma continued to buck and cum as successive orgasms wracked her body. She was off her toes now and leaned against me as I fondled her breasts. Every time my fingers brushed over her nipples she would moan.

“Your turn baby,” whimpered Salma.

Salma walked away from me after stopping to step out of the cum soaked panties that had been around her knees.

“I want to fuck you on the sofa,” I uttered under my breath.

“I’m going to get some something to drink first.” said Salma out of breath.

Salma returned and was admiring my cock but also stroking it — which got it hard again.

“You have such a beautiful dick, Andrew. It’s so disproportionate to your body,” she said.

“Thanks?” I replied.

It wasn’t like I had anything to do with it. I was just lucky?

Salma kept going on about how thick it was, like the can of Red Bull she was drinking. And long. Did she measure while I wasn’t looking? No rulers in sight. Then as if to underscore the conversation Salma swallowed my cock for a second time.

She sucked it slow and deep. When I was rock hard Salma stood up, turned her back to me and sat on my lap. She began grinding as if I had paid for a lap-dance. My pale white cock was being massaged by her pussy lips as she rode my shaft. It was like being dry humped by a sopping wet pussy.

“Look in the mirror Andrew. It’s so hot,” said Salma.

She was right. Floor to ceiling mirrors ran the length of the west side of the living room. I hadn’t even noticed. There we were in all our glory. The contrast of my pale cock against her olive skin was definitely sexy.

“I want to get you off,” said Salma, “like my high school boyfriends.”

She told me of her earliest exploits as a young cock tease. How she’d driven her boyfriends mad just as she was doing now to me. She’d ride their Escort Bursa exposed cocks but, never with full insertion or penetration. At least until she did.

She’d keep their laps covered with the skirt of her Catholic school girl uniform. Though it was very conservative, white blouses and gray skirts that cut off at the knee, the uniforms always sparked the boys’ imaginations. Oh, what they’d do if only they were given the chance.

“Salma, I’m going to need to put this cock inside your little cocktease of a pussy before you finish this story.” I said, “You’re driving me crazy.”

I made Salma lay back with her back on my chest. She then reflexively spread her legs wide and brought them up so the spiked heel of her fuck-me-pumps rested on the coffee table in front of us.

“Your Louboutins are so pristine.” I sad, “The red bottoms are unscuffed.”

“That’s because I bought these shoes exclusively for fucking.”

“Oh fuck. My cock needs to be inside you right now.” I groaned, “You can’t talk like the contents of a Penthouse letter. You’re going to make me cum prematurely.”

“That’s so full. It’s so tight.” gurgled Salma as she put down the Red Bull.

“What’s so tight?” I asked.

“My vagina. You’re going to be stretching it so much,” said Salma.

“Tell me that like you’re my little fucking whore,” I said, reminding Salma of her dirty talking at the beginning of this seduction.

“My pussy…”

“Try again.” I snapped.

“My cunt. You’re going stretch it so much,” said Salma.

I was listening to her as I watched us in the mirror. She was nude except the shoes she wore to tease men. Laying on my chest with her legs spread wide and my cock laying on top of her pussy, Salma looked deliciously nasty. Every move of her body was indirectly jacking me off.

“The way we’re sitting, my cock needs to curve to fit into your cunt, but not all of it will fit,” I said.

“You must be reading my mind.” said Salma, “That’s what my childhood boyfriend said.”

“Maybe he was thinking what I’m thinking now? I need to put this cock in your asshole.” I replied.

That got a laugh from Salma as she told me that didn’t pop into to her high school boyfriends mind. Instead, back then all she was trying to do was get her boyfriend to cum before her parents walked in on them.

“What did you do?” I asked.

“This.” teased Salma.

Salma grabbed my cock and spread her pussy lips. Like before, her pussy was a little tight. But after the head of my cock cleared the threshold the rest slipped into her in one smooth motion. She began rocking her hips. She was milking my cock by leaning forward.

“Fuck. Oh fuck. That’s so good Salma.” I cried.

I picked Salma up, pushed her onto the floor so the top of her body was on the coffee table. Not good enough. I pushed the coffee table out of the way so she was now lying on the carpet. I slipped in the last three inches of my cock. I loved seeing it disappear into her.

“Do it. Do it, Andrew. I want you to cum. I want you to cum.” teased Salma.

I was yelling at Salma, “You love this cock? I’m going to fill you with all my cum. Nice hard fucking cock for your pussy. For your cunt. You’re my cock hungry cunt, aren’t you? Aren’t you? Aren’t you?”

An immense load had been building and I wanted to release. Stroke after stroke, I fit as much of my cock into Salma as she could take. Salma raised her ass to meet my strokes as I lost control and filled her sweet little pussy with a firehose of cum. Salma had tapped into new areas of my baser desires.

“I’m cumming, hold on I’m cumming.”

I was so out of breath, Salma asked, “Are you OK?”

I filled Salma with so much cum there was going to be a mess if I pulled out.

I picked up Salma off the carpet and backed up onto the couch. Cum was still trickling out as she got off my still engorged but, satisfied cock. Her leather couch was a healthy mess of white protein.

“Andrew that’s one hell of cum pie in me.” remarked Salma.

She was adorable. “You mean cream pie,” I said.

“Whatever. That’s a lot of cum Andrew. We weren’t supposed to do that. This was going to be a simple blowjob and some teasing.” scolded Salma.

I pulled her back onto my lap and we kissed as she straddled my lap. Based on how my cock was twitching, she could tell I wanted to go again. Soon.

“Do you regret doing this?” I asked.

“No, not at all.” replied Salma, “You’re a little heartbreaker is what you are Andrew. You’re lucky I’ll have time to clean this up while my lover is out of town.

Wait, what? I made a mental face palm gesture. Salma’s last words hung in the air. “…while my lover is out of town.”

What was it about these beautiful women in Orange County?

I had just made myself a mess to clean up. A mess bigger than the one we were sitting in.

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