Letter from Tanglewood Springs


Dear Shoeblossom,

How can I start this? I was raised to be a spoiled brat, and I always seemed to get what I wanted when I had tantrums, even into adulthood.

My parents always let me win when we played games, and I learned how to cheat in school and subtly sabotage other players in athletics, such as kneeing in basketball, to make me a star academically and on the court.

Because I had such a temper, I was called “Nitro”, and it was lucky I was smart, and my dad wrote me a good recommendation to go to medical school, as he was a big-shot doctor as well.

But, I did have a submissive side, as many of your correspondents did.

I went through a period while I was in medical school where I flirted with chastity belts, and saw a middle-aged key holder who kept me locked up while I was at school.

Then once a month I’d fly to New York and stay in her apartment, and she’d tease and torment me, and it really kept my grades up and my attitude from shattering.

Finally I was able to graduate from med school, and I moved to Tanglewood Springs, where my dad influenced a colleague to hire me into his radiology practice.

Life was going well, but my masochistic desires and fantasies would not leave my fevered brain.

For a time I saw a girl twice a week, I’d drop by her place, and go over her knee for a spanking, and then jerk off on her shoes and lick up the spooge.

This was great, but I wondered if I would ever settle down. I was engaged briefly to the heiress of a Laundromat fortune, but when she found some of my BDSM magazines she took off like a shot.

It’s a long story about how I met the dominant couple that saved me. The Guilders are famous throughout the American Southwest for their work with neurotic pain-sluts.

All you have to be is submissive and rich, and if the Guilders have time, they’ll move in for a bit, but it took me some time to get to meet them.

Lennox Guilder was a Male Master in San Francisco and somehow he met an OTK spanking specialist known as Miss Crandall.

“Canin’ Crandi” was charmed by the big leather lug, and they ended up getting married, joining forces and go around mentoring adult boys and girls.

Lennox Guilder is big and athletic and looks far younger than his sixty years, and Crandi, his wife is actually in her late forties. Since I’m twenty-eight, this makes her somewhat maternal, but not really.

She’s very hot, Crandi is, and if you’ve ever seen Jane Russell and Rita Hayworth in the old movies, you’d understand what I mean. Crandi can transform a cashmere sweater into a symphony.

I met with the Guilders in San Francisco, and we all went to dinner. I heard about their exorbitant prices for moving in and “parenting” but fortunately, between my medical practice and my trust fund, I wouldn’t have a problem.

“Nitro, this is the way we work.” Lennox told me.

” I can tell you’re a spoiled playboy, probably a joke as a doctor, and I’ve read about you in the press, you’ve dated starlets and wrecked your sports cars, and when you’ve screwed things up for your patients, your father or your boss pays everyone off and the A.M.A. leaves you alone.”

“W-well, I’ve had some issues.” I said, biting my lip. “It’s due to low self-esteem-“

“Oh what bullshit” Crandi had giggled hearing me make excuses.” I should take your pants down right here in the restaurant, you spoiled little faggot.”

This was mortifying, as we were in one of those restaurants where the cook makes food at your table, and could hear every word.

Lennox smiled tolerantly. “My wife and I are stern disciplinarians, Nitro, but we don’t want to get in the way of your social life. We only punish you when we feel you deserve it…”

“Which I bet will be a lot.” Crandi said as she bit into some asparagus.

“Yes, but if you act up too much, we will ground you-restrict you to the house outside of work, so you really need to watch your P’s and Q’s” Lennox said quite somberly.

“Yup, we give you a leash, but the leash is long.” Crandi added, smiling.

I knew at the time there would be a leash because I had bought Lennox and Crandi a sumptuous meal, but they’d just allowed me to eat a bowl of instant oatmeal at the table, as Crandi thought I was a bit bloated.

Then, Crandi had gone into the bathroom and peed in a wine glass and brought it out for me to drink. Was this a test of my submission? I wasn’t really sure.

After this, we’d gone to a hotel room and I’d stripped before the couple and they’d looked me over. Crandi had commented that I had a very small penis.

“Yes, I know.” I said, abashed. “I had a girlfriend in med school who used to have to use a dildo on herself to have orgasms because my dick never felt like it was in.”

“Well, that doesn’t really matter that much.” Lennox had said heartily. “After all, you really are like a spoiled child, and probably shouldn’t be focusing on sex anyway, should you?”

As Lennox said this, Crandi rubbed and squeezed my small cock in her long white fingers, and I watched, hypnotized, as her Starzbet boobs bounced when she laughed throatily.

Suddenly I exploded in her hand, and suddenly, Crandi kicked me in my bare balls and I fell to my knees in front of her.

Lennox then grabbed me by my scalp and shook my head viciously.

“How dare you soil my wife’s pretty hands? Can’t you control yourself?”

And what could I say?

I was lucky we couldn’t seem to get room service that night, as Lennox was on a roll, hoping he could get me to blow the bellhop in lieu of a tip to show me how not to be a snob.

I was a little unsure, so Lennox and Crandi decided to fly to Tanglewood Springs for an exploratory “week” before we came to a decision.

At the time they were comfortably ensconced in San Francisco, living with a lady judge who was kept locked in the wine cellar of her big house while Lennox and Crandi enjoyed her master bedroom…

But that assignment apparently was getting boring.

I picked them up at the airport, and all was going well, until I used the “F” word in traffic on the way home.

When we got into the house, before they even put away their bags, Crandi turned to me coldly and told me I suffered from Potty-Mouth.

“Open your mouth, now, Nitro”

I did, and the crazy bitch pulled a squirt gun of window cleaner out of her purse and shot some on my tongue, and nearly choked to death.

“Now, after you take our bags to our room, go to your own bedroom and take off your jacket and pull downy our trousers.

I can’t believe you chose to show off like this, cursing like sailor in front of your God-fearing disciplinarians.”

“Are you aware that Crandi is a daily communicant?” Lennox asked haughtily.

I wasn’t sure what that was.

Crandi began rubbing her hands together and I could see her tits heaving in her pink angora sweater.

Crandi has cropped curly hair and as she removed her coat I marveled at how well her tweed skirt fit, but she looked like she’d be a harsh punisher.

Crandi smiled briefly.

“Don’t worry. I’ll clean your mouth up, Nitro. I dommed Potatoes Argenteri, a mob boss in Philly, and before I was done with him, he stopped cursing, began wearing makeup and stockings, and we began going out as girlfriends together.”

“Wow.” I was just stymied.

“Yes. Potatoes-or Tater, as I called him-actually gave up being a mobster, bought a bunch of sporting goods stores, and got a tit job, and now he’s a tranny wife to a nice black man.”

“I-I don’t think-“

“Nitro, you don’t think at all. That’s why I am going to punish you severely for using potty-mouth. Hasn’t anyone ever told you to watch your mouth before?”

“No, we were a free household when I was growing up, very progressive.”


“Look, Crandi, I didn’t realize you were so puritanical. Maybe we can talk about this. You don’t have to spank-“

SLAP! Lennox, who I thought was over by the door had sneaked up and crashed his hand across my jaw. Right in the mouth, where I tasted blood.

“Goddamn it, Nitro. Don’t you ever question Crandi again, and don’t talk back. You get in that bedroom-and strip off every stitch of clothing. Lie across the bed and we’ll be there shortly.”

I was so nervous. I went to my bedroom and undressed completely. My erection betrayed the ambiguity of the situation. But, my legs were shaking.

I’d been spanked by the occasional dominatrix, and my key holder back in the day, but they usually used these hollow plastic paddles so I wouldn’t feel pain, just have the psychology of the whole thing.

Remember, I kept thinking, they are just here for a week, the Guilders. We can decide to call this whole thing off. But what if they kill me here in the bedroom, now?

I felt so ridiculous when Crandi came in, still resplendent in her tight sweater and short tweed skirt, and those high black heels.

In Crandi’s hand was a thick hairbrush made of elephant’s tusk ivory, which of course is illegal now.

It’s a good thing that hunting elephants for their tusks is outlawed internationally, but certainly the hairbrush was something to look at.

“Crandi-Miss Crandall-I’m so sorry that I cursed-“

But she would have none of it. Crandi grabbed me by the ear and sat down, pulling me across her lap.

The scratchy tweed irritated my growing cock, and I was overcome with shame that I was over this attractive woman’s knee. Wow, were her legs long.

The first four slaps from the hairbrush, which she expertly alternated on each cheek made me gasp.

I was weeping by the fifteenth blow. I began trying to get away, as I knew the Guilders didn’t really allow safe words.

But when I tried to rise, Crandi took my arm and pulled it behind my back.

As I struggled further, she took one of her long legs and put it over the back of my thighs, essentially trapping me.

“Don’t try to get away, Nitro.” Crandi said comfortably. “I’ve held professional wrestlers over this lap.”

As the blows rained on my defenseless, Starzbet Giriş naked bottom, I bit my lip to endure the stings.

Soon, I was seriously sobbing, though.

“What a sad little wimpy crybaby you are.” Crandi said as she exercised what must have been a tennis arm. “See, behind every macho, cursing monster is a Cowardly Lion.”

My cock hardened at this humiliating criticism, and the scratch against the itchy skirt made it rub, and I began feeling very aroused, despite the pain.

Finally, just as I was about to orgasm, Crandi threw down the hairbrush and pushed me off her lap.

“You’re lucky I’m on the rag, otherwise I’d have you eat me out.”

Crandi paused thoughtfully. “Lennox and I were just domming Alma, the federal judge, and I used to make her suck my tampons dry.”

I gagged at the thought of this. My ass was on serious fire. Crandi got up and left the room, and presently, Lennox came in. He looked down at me sternly.

“My mother died when I was young, and Daddy gave me five minutes to cry and get it out of my system. He never would have allowed me to be the spoiled sissy you appear to be.”

“Buh-but it hurt-“

“All that whining. I can see we have a lot of work to do with you, son.”

Lennox helped me up and instructed me to bend over the bed. I wondered if I was going to be getting another whipping, but then I heard Lennox dropping his pants.

“You’re a newbie so I will lube up my pecker before I give you the rogering you need. Keep your cheeks tight around my schlong, and it’ll go quicker.”

My first ass-fucking was really something. Lennox told me later he’d learned to sodomize men in prison (“I wasn’t a convict, I was a guard.”) and it was a good therapeutic measure, especially when the inmates were feeling rebellious.

“I used my prick on Alma, the judge we were with, quite a lot too, and it seemed to make her calm and tractable.”

Lennox grunted and pushed and I wondered if I was going through some LSD-induced nightmare.

“I probably should have fisted you first, to loosen you up a little, but it’s nice being so tight in there, my dick really enjoys the friction.”

I’d had small strap-ons in my rear and even used a dildo to excite my anus while masturbating as a teen.

But Lennox’s penis was humongous and he slammed me hard, until I thought my gluteus maximus was going to break in half.

After Lennox came so hard I bounced on the bed, I wondered if I had ruptured my sphincter.

Lennox pulled out and ordered me to go to my knees and clean his penis off with my mouth, licking my shit and his semen until the organ was spotless.

Peculiarly, I didn’t argue at all with Lennox, and in fact was still quite aroused. I wondered if this was going to turn me into a homosexual.

“That felt good, Nitro.” Lennox said reverently.

“Now suck me to another orgasm. I will be expecting this after you bring me breakfast in bed every morning-you’ll be giving each of us a morning orgasm.”

Wait a minute. If I decided to have them do a six month contract, I was going to pay these people twenty grand a month, and suck them off too?

But I didn’t argue. I gave him the best blowjob I could, remembering tricks my girlfriends had used to make cum faster.

Afterwards, Crandi came back in and escorted me to the bathroom, where she administered a rather extensive enema.

The enema was hot and soapy, and I really didn’t want to hold it in, but I was valiant in my efforts.

The nozzle was large, and after Lennox’s ministrations, I was unsure if my ass could take much more novelty, but I got it anyway.

This actually made me feel much better,, though not immediately, as Crandi plugged my rear and made me writhe a bit.

Crandi laughed, watching me roll around on the cold tile floor. “Do you feel the cramps, Nitro? That’s what we ladies go through all the time, you know.”

And the cramps really were doing my stomach in a bit.

“See, and you like being the foul-mouthed elitist male doctor, but now we can find the woman in you.” Crandi snorted as she said this, and lit a cigarette, usually verboten in my house.

Crandi was sitting on the toilet with her cigarette as I rolled about, and she told me she would distract me.

“See, this fetal position you’re in on the floor is so regressive.”

Crandi opened my legs up and used her cigarette to burn my cock a bit and I screamed.

“Just let me burn it a little more, babe, and you’ll forget about the enema, I promise.”

Finally, Crandi let me expel the enema into the bathtub, and I felt somewhat cathartic, although there were the cigarette burns to deal with.

Then Crandi took me back to the bedroom, where she became somewhat tender.

I watched, dazed, as Crandi undressed and lay down in the bed with me, and let me suck on her sumptuous tits.

“I-I can’t believe how safe I feel, Crandi.” I murmured.

“My mother never laid a hand on me as a disciplinarian, but she also wasn’t affectionate either. She was such a cold person. Starzbet Güncel Giriş But I feel very loved now.”

“You have to get over that childhood crap. And give up the cursing and posturing.”

“I’ll try…”

“You’ll do more than try. The next time you curse, I will make you eat a bar of soap, maybe two.”

I was getting more and more aroused sucking on her tits, and my hand found my cock and I began rubbing it, and apparently this was a mistake.

Crandi became enraged. She slapped my face and pulled her breasts away from me.

Crandi then dragged me naked out of the bedroom. Crandi was also naked, but she put a robe on, and I knelt in front of Lennox in my own living room.

“Can you believe it, Lennox?” Crandi shouted. “I gave the little creep the privilege of kissing my bosom, and what does he do but begin touching his forbidden parts.”

Lennox went and got a wooden school ruler and ordered me to offer up my palms. Lennox gave me thirty on each hand, slapping my face when I pulled my stinging hands away.

I ended up dancing around with my hands under my armpits to warm them up and ease the pain.

What happened? Crandi had been so sweet and comforting, and now she was the Wicked Witch of the West, and Lennox was clearly out of his mind.

But I was hard again, and trying desperately not to touch my penis.

“You’ll learn.” Crandi said savagely. “Your bed privileges are denied, Nitro.”

I looked up blearily. My bed privileges?

“No privacy for you. I’m going to have Lennox take your door off the hinges.

This way we can watch you and I think we’ll put in a baby monitor, and this way we’ll know if you touch yourself again.

Lennox made me go out in my back yard, naked. While Crandi had had me in the bedroom, Lennox had put a small dog run on my back lawn, a horrible wire covered thing.

Lennox cuffed my hands behind my back and left me squirming in the cage, and I spent the evening rolling around in the cage to avoid mosquitoes.

The next day, Crandi came to work with me, to my medical practice. She was convinced that I would use my time at work to beat my meat while thinking about her, and of course she was probably right.

Crandi didn’t sit in the office while I was talking to patients, but in the interim, she sat by my desk, and timed me when I used my private executive bathroom.

Once, Crandi actually burst into the bathroom when I was taking a little long to shit.

“You doctors think you’re all that.” Crandi said, shaking her head.

“I once had a urologist submissive, and I used one of his catheters to lock up his cock so he couldn’t urinate. I thought it was quite fitting.”

I trembled.

“I am going to give you a Fleet enema that I picked up at the drugstore right now, you’d better take your pants off.”

There I was, lying on the floor, with my white coat, shirt and tie, but no pants.

As Crandi administered the nozzle, my pretty young secretary stood with the chesty medical assistant watching this in fascination.

Then Crandi paraded me, half naked into the outer office and she put my cock on the desk of the redheaded bookkeeper who I’d always had the hots for.

Crandi used the ruler to whack my penis into almost nothingness.

“All these women have told me how you harass them, and that’s not going to happen anymore, and you also aren’t going to be able to jack off in the bathroom anymore.”

I had almost an entire lady run office. They saw it all, even my X-Ray girl.

When we returned home, Crandi had me strip and kneel in the middle of the living room.

“Lennox, this is far more serious than I thought it was.

Nitro is a bully and he uses that office of his as a bordello, I think. The girl who takes blood-the phlebotomist?

She told me that Nitro got her pregnant last year and refused to pay for a child, insisted on her getting an abortion.”

I remembered that Crandi was a Catholic.

“This may not work out.” Lennox said.

“You probably are better off just living your life the way you do, being a creepy drunken lech.”

I didn’t point out to him that my office relationship with my employees would never be the same after Crandi’s debacle.

“Crandi and I won’t charge you anything for this week, we should just go back and stay with Alma until we get another client. You are a bit far gone, I think, Nitro.”

I heard myself begging them to stay.

“I need severe discipline and training. Can’t you give me a year? I have my inheritance, and I’ll sell my summer house in Crete. You’ll help me so much.”

Reluctantly, the Guilders agreed.

It’s been three years now, Shoeblossom.

The Guilders worked me over, and now I am married to the phlebotomist who I refused to marry years ago.

Saskia is very nice, but does keep me in chastity, and often locks me in the basement while she entertains…I’ve been locked in chastity for nine months, and am far more mentally healthy!



Dear Nitro

I’ve heard of the Guilders before.

They seem to do good work. In “Letter from Little Rock” I read an account from an Arkansas couple who insisted that there would have been divorce and drug addiction in their future without the generous efforts of Lennox and Crandi.

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