Let’s Play a Game Pt. 05

Big Juicy

Late that night Kim was woken up by a hard burning in her bladder. Trying to ignore it she turned over in their bed, trying not to wake Jack, lying on her back to not put too much pressure on her abdomen. Closing her eyes she tried to go back to sleep when a sudden wave of desperation washed over her. Not wanting to ruin the mattress she slipped out of bed and tried to think of where she put the salad bowl she and her husband had shared as a toilet earlier that evening. Silently cursing again she realized it was still in the living room still filled with her now cold piss. Quickly glancing around the dark bedroom for something to relieve her bladder in she spied the trash can next to their dresser. Jamming her hand into her crotch she made her way to the receptacle, only she was stopped halfway by an uncontrollable spurt into her hand causing her pee to shower down onto the carpet in a muted patter. “Fuck!” she thought as she managed to get her urethra under control. In one swift motion she lifted up her night shirt and made a bound for the trash can, spreading her legs on either side she lost control just at the right moment as her pussy hovered above the bin, now cascading noisily over its contents.

As she sighed blissfully she heard her husband stirring and getting out of bed. She watched as he made his way over to the wall adjacent to the hallway. Wondering what he was doing she cut off her stream and watched his shadowy form intently. Her eyes widen as she saw him drop his boxers to his ankles and started to hear a loud splashing. Jack was peeing on the wall! Kim called out to him asking what he was doing, she realized he was sleep walking! Up until now the couple had kept their toilet activities to the outdoors and receptacles when inside the house. Kim’s jaw dropped as she felt her nipples harden and blood rush to her loins. The thought hadn’t occurred to her that they could just pee anywhere they’d like in their own home. As she crept closer to Jack she saw his stream of urine staining the wall, looking down past Jack’s pissing cock, she saw the spreading darkness on the carpet before him, nearly reaching his feet. Then without warning Jack turned, still peeing, and moved away from her leaving a broken trail of pee as he shuffled towards the open hallway door with his boxers still around his ankles. Following him she watched as he grasped his penis and guided his stream out their bedroom door and into the hallway. Arcing his piss this way and that as if he was chasing something, leaving zig-zag patterns in the hallway carpet before finally stopping and emptying his bladder in a final splattering puddle. Pulling up his boxers he went back to bed, feet squelching in his pee trail as he passed over it before covering himself with their sheet with a smile on his face.

Aroused by the brazen act of her husband Kim’s half full bladder urged her on. Not wanting to be out done by a sleep walker and determined to make her husband’s nocturnal actions Escort Bayan known to him in the morning she crept over to his side of the bed and squat down over the carpet. Her prodding bladder released its hold and flowed out between her pussy lips, streaming onto the carpet below, soaking up the warm piss thirstily, splashing her feet and snaking down her butt. Kim watched in delight as the carpet absorbed her pee, the wet patch growing larger and larger, giggling at the thought of Jack waking up the next morning and stepping in it before he would likely pee somewhere else in the house. Grasping one of her ample breasts with one hand and rubbing her hard clit with the other Kim tried to imagine where she and her husband would have their morning piss. Finishing up her current pee she rubbed herself into a muffled orgasm as she spurt the last of her pee onto the soaked carpet. Climbing into bed she looked over at her sleeping husband and couldn’t miss his hard cock poking through the sheets. Wondering what he might be dreaming she drifted off to sleep.

Jack later recollected to Kim a strange dream he had that night. He dreamed he was a Roman citizen living in a large villa. He was attending to the family Lares, Urinaelia, filling up her ceremonial wide mouthed amphora with his family’s special light yellow wine, when he notice he was quit desperate. Grabbing his penis he knew he wasn’t going to make it to the fuller’s piss pot down the street and the baths were even further. Not knowing what to do he glanced around the Lares shrine located in the enclosed garden like peristylum, looking for something to help his need when he was interrupted by a voice calling out to him, “Pee here!” a female voice said. He turned around, not seeing anyone in the airy room, another wave of desperation electrified his body, and he squeezed his penis harder, dancing from foot to foot.

“Who’s there?” he called out, walking out into the room.

“I said pee here!” giggled the voice as its owner jumped out from behind a pillar, behind him once again. Jack spun around to see a petite young woman stepped out before him, hands on her hips and completely nude. The woman thrust her large breasts forwards towards Jack, a huge smile on her girlish face instructed Jack to pee, once more, pointing at the Lares statue at the shrine. Jack immediately recognized her as Urinaelia! His family’s personal goddess! “Its ok, you can pee on me!” the child of Cloacina said, motioning to the statue. Feeling the pressure well up in the tip of his penis Jack rushed over to the shrine, trying not to stain his tunic in the process. Pulling up his tunic just in time Jack let loose a spurt of pee over the floor of the shrine before he could grab his cock and direct his warm stream towards the statue of the waiting goddess. It wasn’t until now that Jack noticed how suggestive the statue really was. The statue captured Urinaelia, naked, curly locks draped on her bare shoulders, Bayan Escort hips thrust forward, picking up the wide mouthed amphora, tipped slightly forward, in a high squat. Jack now recognized it as Urinaelia holding the amphora to pee in to! This revelation washed over Jack as he relieved himself all over the statue covering her face and tits with piss, splashing all over the shrine. Jack’s body shook with arousal and realized that the statue of Urinaelia was actually looking for someone to pee into the amphora with her! Ready to obliged his family’s goddess he stepped closer to the statue, dropping his penis right into the mouth of the amphora, peeing deep inside, it didn’t take long for it to overflow passed his dick, spilling onto the floor in a large puddle, causing the real goddess to gasp with glee.

In response to Jack using her statue as a toilet Urinaelia returned her hands to her hips and forcefully shot a stream of pee right onto the floor of the peristylum sighing loudly. Jack took this as a form of approval from the goddess as his stream abated, finishing his pee in a last few weak spurts onto the statue’s face. Turning back towards Urinaelia he saw that she was gone! Leaving only a puddle behind, he thought this was strange as he still heard her stream still splashing somewhere. Listening for the sound he heard her call out, “Come pee on me!” Jack started to chase after the pattering sound when he felt a tingling in his bladder. Impossible he thought, he just spent his pee all over the shrine! The goddess must want a game of him, he thought as he made his way through the villa.

Stepping into the atrium Jack saw Urinaelia, hands on her breasts peeing noisily into the shallow pool in the center. “I want you to pee on me!” She said, “But first I want you to pee on the wall with me,” pointing to the wall painting of Venus. Grasping him by the hand she pulled him over to the wall. Taking off his tunic, Jack grasped his member as the goddess moved her hands down to her bare pussy, spreading her lips as she shot a blast of hot piss all over Venus’s crotch. This was more than enough to signal to Jack’s bladder to let go as he aimed a jet of urine all over the haughty goddess of beauty’s face. The pair squirted their pee all over every inch of the image of the goddess, Jack imaging soaking Venus’s expensive dress, drenching her tits before moving his cock down to her pussy giving it extra attention with his goldenshower before finishing up on her face. Urinaelia too was squealing in delight as she peed on the wall, watching the urine stream down the wall darkening the stucco paint as it flowed onto the floor, relishing in the stray streams winding down her legs joining the puddle of their piss at her wet feet.

Finishing up her pee Urinaelia reached over to Jack’s semi-erect cock, giving it a few shakes over the puddle. “Now you can pee on me! But first you have to catch me!” giving Jack’s penis a kiss. Jack’s bladder Escort instantly filled up again, Jack could feel it was beyond any normal capacity as he struggled not to pee on the goddess right there. Giggling the goddess bounded away leaving wet foot prints as Jack tried to gain control. As he crossed his legs Jack could hear a tinkling every so often as Urinaelia made her way through the house. Clutching his spurting dick Jack raced after her the best he could splashing through her hot puddles. He finally found her in the triclinium, lying on a lectus, legs spread pissing lustfully onto the couch, pee flowing onto the tile below. So as to not let her escape Jack bound up onto the couch, straddling her chest with his semi-hard penis nestled onto her bountiful bust. He almost instantly started to pee onto the laughing goddess. His piss soaking her tits as he arched his back in relief. Urinaelia took his dick in her hand, directing his stream, washing over her breasts, aiming it at her puffy nipples.

Jack took Urinaelia’s breasts in her hands massaging them as his glistening pee flowed over them. The goddess took Jack’s dick and placed it in her cleavage and took Jack’s in her hands, squeezing his dick between her pillowy boobs, relishing in the warm urine pooling up between them before squirting up into her chin. Finally getting what she wanted she moved her head down positioning her mouth to catch Jack’s piss, swallow it mouthfuls at a time, with one hand stuffed in her pussy. After what felt like ages, and gallons, Urinaelia swallowed the last of Jack’s piss as she released her control of his bladder. Stepping off of the lectus Jack finished what was last of his pee by splashing the last few spurts directly on her pussy.

Urinaelia slid off the lectus and resting her breasts on the piss soaked cushions motioned Jack to her pussy as she spread her legs with her ass in the air. With an open mouth Jack didn’t have to wait long for the goddess’s lusciously soaked folds to open and pour forth Urinaelia’s hot nectar. Gulping down as much of her euphoric urine as he can her piss flowed freely down his chest and onto his rock hard erection. Unable to control himself Jack stopped drinking her delicious pee and grabbed hold of Cloacinae’s wet hips before plunging his cock into her sopping wet love hole. The goddess cried out in glee as Jack pounded her pussy from behind. It didn’t take long for Jack nor Urinaelia to cum, Jack slumped on-top of her exhausted ,still spurting sperm deep inside her vagina. Using her magic once more Urinaelia filled up Jack’s bladder signaling him to pee again, this time filling up her pussy from the inside like her ceremonial amphora. Finally he slipped out with a waterfall of his piss and Urinaelia responded by peeing onto his wet cock, washing the mixture of his fluids away, all over the floor beneath them.

Satisfied with her new devotee she snapped her fingers and cleaned up the villa. Returning to the peristylum she was about to return to her mother Cloacina when she spied Jack’s tunic in the corner. Smiling her devilish grin she gathered up the tunic, squat low over it and soaked it with a deluge of her urine. Leaving Jack one last present of their lustful toilet.

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