Let me lay down the law Ch. 20 + 21


This is the hardest and roughest thing I have ever written. I don’t know what got me but I was just in the mood for that. Handle with care and read at your own risk. This isn’t even mindcontrol anymore. This is rape. There is no other way of saying this.

Chapter 20

“But before we start there is something really important that I want you to do Monday afternoon.”

I whispered a couple of terrible instructions into her ear. Things that made her go pale with fear and disgust.

“Why do you want me to do that? Just kill me or imprint me and get it over with. Please.”

“You misunderstood,” I replied. “Those instructions are for Monday afternoon. But I will revoke them Monday at noon. But in the unlikely case that, if, for example, I fall asleep and you go into the kitchen and absentmindedly bring a kitchen knife to the bedroom and then slip and, accidentally, stab me…It would be terrible if there was nobody around to revoke those terrible commands, wouldn’t it?”

She nodded.

“You can move freely again. You are now free to do whatever you want. But I would advise to do what I tell you.”

Again, she nodded.

“Take Keiko’s place at my dick.”

She looked nervous and scared. She had never sucked a guy of and now, in a very real sense, her life depended on it. She knelt down in front of me and looked at my dick like it was some creature risen from hell.

“It won’t bite” I said. And in a threatening tone I added “And neither should you.”

She took it into her mouth and…there’s no good way to say it…she was lousy. She sucked, she moved her head back and forth and she licked but she did not m?ge to get those acts together. And any one of them was not enough.

I decided to just fuck her throat instead so I grabbed her head and started pushing in. The moment I reached her throat she put her hands on my thighs and pushed me away. She gasped for air like I had just choked her for 10 minutes straight. I looked at her, pathetically and overdramatically gasping for air.

“This is not working. Maybe we should talk about this here first. Would you like to get some cloths on you?”

She nodded visibly relieved and I smiled at her.

“Keiko, bring me the bathing robe from the bathroom.”

After Keiko had brought me the robe I told Noel to get up and moved behind her as if to help her into the robe. But instead I grabbed her hands and bound them behind her back with the belt of the rope.

“I gaziantep rus escort think you have not understood how this works.” I told her while pushing her down to her knees again. “I am going to fuck you in any way that I want and you can either make this easy or you can make it hard and if you decide to play hard, so will I.”

I slapped her face and held my dick to her lips. She opened her mouth and I pushed in. I started fucking her mouth again. With every thrust I worked in deeper. Soon I heard her gag and saw tears running down her face. I don’t know if it was the slap, the gagging or the situation but I liked it either way. I continued pushing deeper. I felt the resistance as I hit the back of her throat, I felt my dick bend and felt her throat muscles convulsing around my shaft. I groaned with pleasure. I looked down at her and saw that her eyes were closed.

“What is this? Are you imagining you are out with your friends on a sunny day and this is not happening? You can breathe again when you look up at me!”

She held out a while, eyes firmly closed as I worked my dick up and down in her throat. But suddenly her eyes flew open and her stomach started to cramp. I pulled out and she started puking before my dick had cleared her mouth. The puke was running out of her mouth, down her chin and tits.

I spat in her face and asked

“Are you done?”

And then I pushed back into her throat without waiting for an answer. She kept looking up at me as I continued violating her mouth. Every couple of strokes I pulled out and let her breath. Saliva and puke where running out of her mouth. Some had stained her hair and her face was wet with tears.

“You disgusting slut. Do you know what you look like? Keiko, make some commemorative photos of the fun we are having.”

Keiko got up and went for the camera. Noel looked at her as she made photos from all directions and angles. I saw her stomach and chest convulsing again and thought she was going to puke until I realized she was crying. I kept fucking deeper and deeper until I was completely in Noel’s mouth. She did not resist anymore. She did not try to lean out of the way or push back. She let me use her mouth freely and I did.

Soon I was ready to blast my load. Instead of cumming down her throat I pulled out until only the tip of my prick was still in her mouth.

“Her it comes and you better swallow it all, cunt!”

I started cumming but she did not swallow. She did not want to. But she did not spit out either. She was too scared of the consequences. It was a moment of decision. She knelt there with the cum in her mouth deciding if this was worth living. I decided to make the decision for her. I held her mouth close and pinched her nose shut with my fingers. She started panicking but after 30 seconds without air I saw her swallow.

“You slut spat some out on my hand. Lick it up.”

I held the hand to her mouth. Some of her puke from her chin was sticking to it along with some cum that had run out between her lips.

“Do not make me imprint you to be cumhungry. We don’t know how that will work out, remember?”

She sobbed but started licking.

“Now, that’s a good slut.” I said and spat in her face again. “Now you will clean up this mess you made. Look at the floor around you. And then you will clean yourself up. And then you’ll come to bed. I’ll go ahead and take a nap while you clean. We will be sleeping in the master bedroom and Keiko will sleep in the guest bedroom.”

I untied her and she stood up and started walking away. I grabbed her hair and pulled her around and back to her knees.

“Haven’t you forgotten something?”

She looked at me without even a hint of understanding.

“I’m going to sleep, where is my good night kiss?”

She sobbed but wanted to stand up and kiss me.

“On the lips? Look at you. You are too dirty for that. Kiss my dick!”

Through her sobs she brought her lips to the tip of my dick and gave it a little kiss. I spat in her face again and said.

“I’ll be waiting for you in the bed. Don’t keep me waiting to long.”

Chapter 21

I lay on the bed and watched her go for the bathrobe.

“No. Scrub the floor naked!”

She did. I watched her for another 5 or 6 minutes and then dosed off. I woke up when she lay down on the bed next to me. She smelled fresh and clean. Her hair was slightly wet and…She was curled into a ball. She had her knees at her chest and her arms around them.

This, of course, caused her ass to be thrust out. I put my hand on it, the skin was smooth and hot, the flesh firm. I squeezed and felt the resistance of the muscle under the skin.

“You really have a nice ass.”

I let my index finger run through her crack without pressure. It did not part the cheeks but only ran along the natural crack line.

“I wonder how it looks between those firm cheeks”

I pushed my finger a bit into the crack. I felt her pussy lips at my fingertip.

“How long has it been since a man touched you there?”

I ran my fingertip up and down her dry pussy lips. Fucking her now was inviting but I wanted the first time I fuck her pussy to be different. I had a plan for that for later. But there were other place to go for now. I ran my finger towards her asshole and started making little circles around the muscle ring. She pulled her knees even closer against her chest when I touched her asshole. She was afraid but to scared to protest.

I grabbed the lube out of my bag, that Keiko had brought from my room and applied some lube one her asshole.

“You know, the first time I did Keiko up the ass she was a virgin there, too. I hope you’ll be as tight as she was.”

I knelt behind her ass and aligned my dick with her back entrance. She was still curled up and trembling. I pushed my dickhead between her asscheeks and felt the wetness of the lube and the heat of her skin. I moved my prick up and down her crack until I found her anus. I started pushing against her ass but my dick would not go in.

“You are really as tight as I had hoped.”

I grabbed her hip and used it to pull me in but there was just no way so I decided to go at it slower. I pressed into her ass and then retreated. Then I pressed into her again. Slowly, little by little, I felt her ass open up. And finally I had the whole head of my dick in.

“You are even tighter then Keiko was.”

The lack of any form of reaction from Noel infuriated me. I wanted some kind of reaction and if the only kind of reaction I could get was a scream of pain, so be it. I rammed the rest of my prick into her with one single thrust.

She let go of her knees as her legs kicked out. She screamed at the top of her lungs and then she pulled her legs up again and silently cried as I started fucking into her ass. Stroke after stroke I felt getting closer to orgasm. At first the wet sucking sounds of the lube sticking our bodies together filled the room but soon the sound of my grunting overshadowed them.

With one last hard thrust I buried myself completely in the tightest ass I had ever fucked and started shooting my load deep into her bowels.

“I doubt it has been as good for you as it was for me”

I slapped her ass and pulled out. I gave a last look at her ass from which my cum was slowly running, lay down and closed my eyes. I went to sleep with her soft sobs filling my ears.

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