Let Me Devour You


It started as an innocent comment in reply to his text.

“What do you want to do to me?” He asked.

“i want to lick You
I want to suck You
I want to scratch You
I want to bite You
I want to fuck You over and over

I want to devour You
I want You… All of You”, was my reply.

I sat back.. Staring at my cell with an impish grin on my face awaiting His response, knowing how He’ll respond.

“Growls. Fuck it, I’m on my way over right now!”

I blink at the screen, fuck right now?! Damn it that’s better than how i anticipated His response but NOW?

I run around tidying the place, changing my bedding and washing up to be ready when he gets here. I barely have time to finish changing into an outfit i know will drive Him crazy when my doorbell rings.

Opening the door smiling at Him.. “Wont You come inside?”

Grinning as i see the look on His face as He sees my sage-green velvet corset, His eyes roam down my body and see my black skirt and bare legs. He steps inside, His fingers wrap around my neck as He kisses me then He growls and whispers into my ear.

“Don’t tease the Beast!”

Stuck where i’m standing my hand gripping the door handle tighter as i hear Him, His fingers tighten around my neck slightly then loosen and let go.

“Close the door, it’s cold outside sweetie.”

He goes in and sits on the couch as i close and lock the door, walking over to the couch i settle myself on His lap.

“Liked my response that much did You?”

One Şanlıurfa Escort of His hands rests against my ass, His other hand runs down my chin, and chest.. Flicks the ribbon on the front of the corset while His eyes flash their darkness at me.

“You knew I would.”

Smiling impishly, “Well in all fairness You asked that, wanting to know.”

“True, though i expected more of a different answer.”

“Like what?”

“Something simple like telling me how much you want to suck My cock or something.”, laughing as He finishes that.

“Well i did say that in my response.”

“Yes but your response was much better, so here I am. Devour Me, My pet.”

As He says those words, His hand on my ass slides up my back, grabs a fist full of my hair and tugs my head back as i feel His mouth move onto my neck. Whimpering as He kisses my neck, and nibbles ever so lightly, teasing me.

“Am i to devour You or are You going to devour me?”

Chuckling a moment before He responds, “Devour Me. For now, I will sit here and let you devour Me.”

Turning my head to Him, i lean in and kiss Him greedily. Letting the pent-up frustrations of the last few weeks while i was out of town for work loose in that kiss. My hands, oddly were timid, as they ran up and down His arms.., nibbling on His tongue and bottom lip as i hear another growl from Him.

Fuck He knows what that growl does to me! Squirming as i sit on His lap, tugging on His bottom lip with my teeth, Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan sliding my hands down to His pants.. Unzipping them i slide a hand inside.. But His fingers close around my wrist and stop me.

Whimpering my protest while kissing Him more He just holds my wrist still, but doesn’t move it. Finally He breaks the kiss and speaks.

“Devour Me, My pet, but use only your mouth. Your hands can help remove clothes, but nothing else for now. You didn’t say stroking Me, you said lick, suck, scratch, bite, fuck and devour.. So that’s what you get to do.”

Grinning, “i get to bite?”

Laughing His eyes shining, “Yes, but be careful where and what you bite, I will match your bite marks with my own later.”

“Yes.” i reply.

Nibbling my way down His neck, my fingers unbutton His shirt and pull it open. Nibbling my way down His chest, sliding off His lap as i do. Using my teeth to unzip His pants, fingers undue His belt, and push His pants and boxers off, sliding them from His body and setting them aside.

Working my way up His legs, i lick, and nibble along His legs, biting His inner thighs a few times on each side.. Hearing His every moan and whimper as i do. My mouth reaches His cock, i lick the tip of it, then i slide my mouth down and lick and suck on His balls. Tugging on them oh so gently with my lips, then sliding my mouth off as i lick my way from the base of His cock to the head.

My mouth wraps around the head of His cock and slides Escort Şanlıurfa down. My long fingernails scratch at His chest as i start to suck on His cock. Humming as i do, purring softly, my eyes look up and watch His face the whole time. Loving that look on His face as i suck Him. Sliding my mouth off His cock.. I stand and straddle His lap where He sits on my couch.

His eyes look at me with surprise.

“I said..”

I cut Him off. “You said for me to Devour You, to do everything i said i would in my text. Well in my text i said to fuck You over and over again.”, grinning at Him as my hand slides His cock deep inside of me.

I hear Him grunt, His eyes shine at me, His hand grabs a fist full of my hair and pulls my mouth to His. He kisses me with as much hunger for me as i have for Him. Breaking the kiss He pulls my head back and leans down and bites my neck. I feel His teeth sink into my neck, screaming loudly as they do so, but i keep fucking Him. It feels like it’s been forever since we last fucked and not just a few weeks.

I wrap my arms around behind Him and slide under His open shirt. Scratching His back roughly while i fuck Him, i scratch His back more and more till the coppery scent of His blood fills my nostrils. I hear Him growling as i start to cum all over His cock. Once my orgasm passes, His hands move to my Hips and slide me off of Him.

“Devour Me, My pet. Clean me off then it will be my turn to devour you.”

Grinning at Him as i kneel before Him, licking and sucking on His cock, tasting both of us on Him as i clean Him off, devouring Him as my eyes shine into His.

His fingers caress my cheek.

“Good job.”

My mouth slides off of Him and He guides me up to kiss Him.

“Good pet. Now let’s go to bed, it’s My turn to devour you.”

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