Lessons in the Sand


The sand was cold beneath her as she laid there. Her eyes scanned around her wondering where he went. Her head was pounding, her lungs were burning, her ribs were aching and she was having a difficult time catching her breath. She listened for him as her fingers dug through the sand. Letting it run through her fingers as she tried to figure out her next move.

He sat in the shadows watching her lie on the ground. Her chest heaving up and down as she gasped for air. A sinister grin upon his lips as he recalled the events that brought them to this moment. His cock twitched in his pants as he remembered her screams. He watched her carefully, making sure she was ok. He hoped he hadn’t gone too far. She had asked him for this for months, but he was hesitant because he wasn’t sure she could handle it. He had to admit she was handling it much better than he had ever imagined.

Her screams were so loud and full of fear it stirred something inside of him. Something he never knew existed before. The more she screamed the more turned on he got. He had to admit to himself that the more she screamed the more he wanted to make her scream.

He rose and moved towards her, covering her with a blanket and holding her. He looked down at her so tenderly. The love he had for her would be evident to anyone who saw how he looked at her in this moment. As she stirred he helped her sit up a little as he gave her some water from a bottle.

“Shhh. There, there. I’m right here slut. I will take good care of you until you are ready to continue.”

“Continue?” her green eyes went round as she stared up at him. Her mind spun as she processed this information. There’s more? But I can’t handle more, can I?

“Yes, continue. Surely you didn’t think I was finished with you yet, cunt?”

“Well Master, yes I thought we were finished for today.”

He laughed heavily at this reply, before kissing her forehead and whispering into her ear.

“We have only but begun my dear.”

She swallowed hard and gulped at the water. Her hands gently rubbed her sides as she wondered what more he had in store for her today.

After some time passed and her breathing regulated he smiled down at her.


“Yes, I suppose so.”

“Ready for what’s to come next?”

“Not sure about that.” she said with a laugh.

He swatted her ass and whispered into her ear.

“Then get ready. I suggest you get up and run for your life before I catch you for being so insolent to me!”

She didn’t bother to reply she followed his command. She rose and started running. Normally she’d look back to see where he is and if he’s following, but not today. Today she only focused on what was ahead of her and where she was going. She didn’t bother to look back or she would have noticed that he hadn’t bothered to follow her at all.

She kept running, going off the beaten path to try and find someplace to go where he might not think she went. Little did she know he had a GPS tracking device on her sneakers and was following her every move. She twisted and turned through the woods and around these old hiking paths to try and lose him but the whole time he was following her every move on his cell.

He sat still, where she had left him and pulled out his cell and watched where she was running. He finished a bottle of water and set the bottles aside for recycling when Starzbet they return. He smiled as he watched her try to out smart him.

“She’s quick, that’s for damn sure. But she’ll never out smart me.”

He rose and stretched then slowly walked towards where he saw her going. He moved quietly through the trees, checking his phone every now and then to see if she changed direction. Fuck, the cunt did change directions. He changes his direction and walks towards her. He knows she will be out of breath and needing a rest at any moment, he keeps walking towards her till he has her in his line of sight. He tucks his cell away and stays a good distance from her but keeps her within his eye sight as he moves closer, planning how he will get her.

After running for what seems like forever, she finally allows herself to slow down and rest. She rests against a tree and looks around. No signs of him anywhere, this can’t be good. She leans over and takes several deep breaths trying to get some energy to run some more, she knows he has to be after her.

Suddenly one arm wraps around her waist and another covers her mouth as she hears him whispering into her ear.

“Thought you could out run me, did you slut? Thought you could out smart Me? When will you ever learn? Oh I know, today! Today is when you will learn.”

Her fingers gripped onto his arm, her pulse was racing and all she could think was what have I gotten myself into? She remembered their conversation many months back.

“Please master, my friends have told me about how their dominants have done this with them. I think it could really help bond us and it will show me I’m over the things from my past.”

“I know your friends have done these scenes, but this isn’t child’s play darling. You could get seriously hurt. We’d be out in the wilderness, if I fell or got injured we could both be in serious danger since I’m the only one of us who is skilled at being outdoors.”

“Yes, I know that master. Please just think it over. Keep this discussion open with me. Maybe in time you will see I’m ready for this.”

He thought this over. Yes in more time, especially if they did some hiking and camping he might feel better about it. Nodding his head he consented, “Ok I will keep thinking it over and we can continue discussing it, including what you need to do to help prove to me that you are ready for this.”

Now she was here with him, being half dragged to wherever he wanted to bring her. She wasn’t scared of him. He loved her and she loved him. She trusted him completely he will always keep her safe, well safe from others. She is a masochist and loves pain and some blood sometimes. No, she could trust him. He has this planned out. One of his rules was that he would have a game plan for the weekend. He would fill her in as she needed to know, but he would follow his schedule to help ensure safety.

Two couples who are friends of theirs and also in BDSM know where they are and the dominants know of the plans he has for her. This was also non negotiable with him, he had insisted on it since they had been those couples contacts for other scenes they had done. They checked in regularly with him via texting and if they don’t hear from him in a certain time frame they head out there incase there’s an emergency. They live close so can be there within 20 minutes. He had texted them just before he Starzbet Giriş went after her this last time. We are starting the last phase. I’m just going after her into the woods. The GPS tracker you both suggested is working great, I can see her every move.

Once he got her back to the clearing where she was before she ran he grabbed some rope and tied her to a tree. She tried to move and wiggle but the sand under her feet kept her from moving too much. He placed a blindfold over her eyes and she sighed softly as the darkness enveloped her. She took a moment or two to adjust to the loss of her sense of sight. She knew where she was and that he was there and he had this planned out. Her hearing was always very sharp so she listened extra closely to help her anticipate his movements. She could feel herself letting go a little at a time, relaxing while she waited and as he prepared her for what was to come.

He slowly removed her sneakers and socks and tossed them aside. Her body still remained naked from earlier. He grabbed a wet cloth and carefully washed her body and grabbed a towel and dried her. He stepped back and admired his earlier work trying to decide just what to do to her now. He watched as the sunshine glittered on her skin, noting that the marks left aren’t enough to leave bruises on her skin. He grinned as he moved towards his tools and found just what he wanted to use.

Taking the heavy oak paddle out of the bag, he carefully wiped it clean with a dry cloth and moved towards her. First his hand moved over her body, gently caressing her skin. Shivers ran over her skin at his every touch. He leaned in and whispered into her ear as he caressed her.

“Tonight, my cunt, you will be reminded of your place. Tonight you will beg me for forgiveness. Tonight you will learn why I am the Master and you are the slave.”

She bit her tongue, wanting to say something smart but knowing better.

He kissed her cheek as his hand moved back with the paddle and


the paddle struck her ass. She moaned softly. He smiled at her, but knew he could get her to scream.

Smack, smack, smack, smack

He was relentless on smacking her ass with the paddle. With each strike she could feel her flesh heating up. Each strike jolted her body slightly. Despite her best efforts to anticipate his movements she wasn’t successful. She whimpered and moaned as her skin burned from the attack. She pushed her body back towards him yet wanting more. He sighed and set the paddle aside. This will never do, she is enjoying it far too much. He chuckled at that, just a year ago she despised the paddle. He never brought it up, never tried to use it on her. Then after some friends she made who were also submissives talked about their experiences with being paddled she wanted to try it. She had asked him, he agreed to try but slowly and a little at a time. She has to build up a tolerance after all.

Now he decided to go more old school and grabbed the metal ruler he had in his bag. He walked towards her knowing she’ll never expect a ruler to be used on her. He stood near her, his hands lightly caressing her ass before,

Swat, swat, swat, swat

The ruler hit her tender aching burning flesh over and over. Tears fell from beneath her blindfold, she sobbed slightly as the sting of the cold metal ruler hit her but she did not scream. She cried Starzbet Güncel Giriş loudly now and then, but her head was still holding high and he could see the determination on her face.

Swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat

He kept hitting her over and over and over with that metal ruler. The coldness of the ruler was fading and it was now warmer on her skin. That took some of the sting out of it for her. Her cries got quieter and her sobs fewer.

“It’s time for you to remember that you are my slave and I am your master. It’s time for you to remember that you can not out run me. You can not out smart me. It’s time for you to beg me for forgiveness for thinking you could out run and out smart me.”

Her tears started falling faster, her cries got louder again and her body shook with each sob. Her fingers wrapped around the branches of the tree where they were secured. Her fingernails dug into her palms leaving marks. Her ass was getting darker red in colour, soon it would bruise. Still she said not a word to him, still she didn’t scream or beg him for anything.

“Stubborn bitch!”

Swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat

He wiped some sweat that started to drip down his face. He was certainly getting a workout this weekend. He picked up his pace, striking her faster, over and over, not giving her a moment’s rest in between each strike.


She started screaming as the tears continued to run down her cheeks,. Yet still she didn’t beg him for anything.

He set the ruler aside and grabbed the bamboo flogger. He moved towards her and struck the middle of her back several times.

thump, thump, thump, thump, thump

The sting of the bamboo striking her back caused burning pain to course through her body. Her screams got louder and louder, but still she didn’t beg him or speak to him.

thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump

“Fucking Bastard!” she screamed.

He laughed and struck her again before setting the bamboo flogger aside. He grabbed a squirt bottle and moved to her. He held it under her nose.

“Smell that filth? Smell the lemon and the salt? You best start begging me or I will spray your marks with this solution.”

She hesitated and thought this over, he wouldn’t? Would he? She chewed on her bottom lip but wouldn’t speak. her mind kept thinking over what he was saying.

He moved behind her and started to spray it on her back.

“Fuck!” she cried.

He kept spraying over her marks from now and earlier. Where skin was broken he sprayed extra of this solution onto her. She paused to think this over. Will he really be finished if I beg?

Just as she opened her mouth to say something, he shoved his cock into her mouth. She gets to work sucking his cock without waiting for his command. Something sharp runs over her back, digging into her flesh, drawing some blood from it. What is that? It’s not his fingers.

“Like my new toy cunt? My claw rings came in and I thought it was past time to break them in on your flesh.”

With that he scratched her back rougher, his claws scratching all the way down to her ass and digging in there.

Slowly she gagged and moved her head to stop sucking his cock. He allowed her to do so to see if she would say anything to him.

“Ok, ok, you win Master! Please Master forgive me for being so foolish as to think I could out run You. For being so foolish as to think I could out smart You. I know better.”

His fingers scratched their way up her back, dug into her shoulders as he whispered into her ear.

“Good girl. Now your lesson can really begin!”

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