Legends of the Fel Ch. 07

Air A

CHAPTER 7 – Initiation

Piss! Sharn was convinced that the Fel were obsessed with it. It had now been a whole month since her arrival at Fel Jardine and her induction into the ways of the Fel was still ongoing. The most overriding feature of her ongoing ordeal was the Amazon women’s attitude to relieving themselves. Basically, it seemed that you should pee as much as possible and in any manner or location you wished. The fortress was riddled with an astonishing sewerage system which performed the task of collecting of spent bodily fluids with an amazing versatility. The very walls and structures within the massive fortress were built from a material with a very low frictional threshold. This fact coupled with the Fel’s need to piss everywhere was probably one of the factors why the warriors went around naked from the waist down. Plus any kind of footwear would be lethal on the slippery floor ways that lined the dark corridors and walk spaces around the foreboding structure.

Further to Sharn’s initial thoughts about her capturers, the concept of pissing as a way of life had been further compelled by her lesbian lover, the girl called Felquest. During their frequent love making sessions Felquest would love to squirt her hot bodily warmed urine shower all over Sharn’s naked form. Sharn always had the opportunity to repay this kind of treatment in kind, watching whilst she squirted her golden piss stream all over her lover’s body. The only taboo rule was that neither of them could drink from the other’s pee stream.

Felquest had gone onto to explain one night as they lay exhausted in each other’s arms on top of Felquest large bed. Their bodies were covered with sweat and spent piss, both of which were cooling as the air in the chamber leached away the heat. Giggling like young girls the two of them had re-embraced in a warm cuddle, breasts rubbing against breasts and their matted pussy hairs close against the others. Felquest had told her then of the ritual of the Fel in their special way of imposing servitude and dominance. To piss in another person’s mouth, the Fel believed, was a way in subverting the soul of the receiver and binding it with invisible chains to service in the name of the Dark Ones. This was the name given to the Fel gods.

Naturally, most outsiders not belonging to the Fel subjected to this ritual had little idea of this bounding ritual involved. This was unfortunate as any sign of resistance following on from this act was dealt with in a most savage and brutal fashion. The offender would immediately be cut down and the slain body ripped to shreds for all to witness.

Chilled by this description Sharn had shuddered uncontrollably inside Felquest’s warm arms. A hot kiss, full on the lips, had both calmed and excited her at the same time. Immediately Sharn had responded, her passion fuelled once again by her lover’s kiss and within moments they were busily fucking once again.

Later a thoroughly exhausted Sharn had curled up inside the deer-skin bed sheets and listened to Felquest’s voice whilst being on the brink of sleep. She had explained then why Sharn had not yet been subjected to the Ritual of Claiming when one of the Fel women would claim her as her own. At this stage Sharn would have no choice but to except the golden stream of piss being squirted into her open mouth. Failure to drink this hot gushing spray would result in a horrible death. On the other hand, her acceptance of this gift would result in her official placement inside the Fel warrior ranks.

Now back on her uncomfortable bunk inside the rooms belonging to the assortment of captured prisoners, Sharn thought further on her predicament. Since the day she had fainted at the bottom of the stairs in the entrance hallway of the fortress, Sharn had been forced to live in the small confines of this prison. Her horror at the hideous shape on the stairs had sent her reeling into darkness only to be dumped unceremoniously on a stone floor in the prison area. She had been woken by a multitude of warm wet streams of piss spraying over her naked body as a collection of captured girls had seen the opportunity to pee over her whilst unconscious. She had woken in a fury fuelled even more so by the discovery that these weren’t armoured Fel warriors abusing her as a receptacle for their toilet, rather than a group of fellow captured Gaziantep Sarıgüllük Escort girls taken from their homes across the land.

Spluttering with the piss running around from the back of her head and onto her face, Sharn had rolled over, kicking furiously at the legs of one girl who was still busily urinating over all over her. The girl had gone down, her fountain of pee vanishing from her brown haired muff as she fell. Within seconds Sharn was on her feet in a fighting stance facing the assortment of girls now grouped around her. Two of the girls were still peeing; their thick golden squirts of piss flowing in fast moving fountains of urine down to the floor between their legs.

Sharn was ready for pouncing on the nearest girl when suddenly a strong commanding voice came from behind her. Wheeling around Sharn discovered a tall Fel warrior half dressed in the usual Fel manner of polished steel armour. The woman was half as tall again as Sharn, the shape of her large bosom and hardened nipples beautifully intimidated by the metal of her breast plate. Between the woman’s legs, a thick forest of dark brown pubic hairs covered the sight of her pussy slit from sight.

Not giving Sharn the time to react, the woman strode forward delivering a backhanded slap across Sharn’s face which sent her reeling across the hard floor. She landed heavily, her bare skin offering no protection from the impact. Before she had even time to recover the Fel woman was upon her. Strong hands twisted her around and within seconds a new hot gushing spray of fast moving piss was shooting into Sharn’s hair.

Sharn tried to wriggle free of her capturer’s embrace but the grip was too strong. In utter misery Sharn was forced to continue the subjection whilst the warrior emptied her bladder’s supply of pee all over the back of her head. In the background she could hear the other girls laughing as they watched on. From the corner of her eye she could just make out the sight of one girl still enjoying a piss of her own all over the floor.

As Sharn’s hair had filled with Fel piss, a warm stream of urine ran down her bare back and over her bum cheeks. Her heart had filled with an ice cold resolve. Hate was filling her soul as golden pee continued to flow across her flesh. ‘How they will all pay for this.’ she vowed, mumbling a silent prayer to her goddess at the same time.

Finally the warrior woman’s toilet came to an end. As she finished her piss the Amazon Fel pushed Sharn forwards, sending her face down onto the cold floor. Sharn made no move to arise, her humiliation complete. A large damp puddle surrounded her, created by the warrior’s pee shower, the warmth of the piss the only welcoming sensation in her current predicament.

Sharn had been left alone then, the group of young female warriors and their charge departing for another room. She had laid on the floor until the chill of the now cold piss puddle finally drove her to action. Arising slowly from the stone tiles, droplets of pee running off from her hair and skin, she surveyed her current surroundings. The room was cold and grey, the walls and floor made from a slick dull stone. Taking a step forward Sharn had been surprised by just how smooth the floor had been and for once she was grateful for her nudity and bare feet. Further examination of the room revealed several doorways leading off in several directions as if her current location was a hub for a nexus for several other rooms.

The sound of running water coming from one such doorway had finally tempted Sharn to explore. The door glided open at her touch with surprising ease. What was even more interesting was the view inside. A large open area filled with sunlight flooding in from tall open windows many feet above was filled with a large pool of crystal clear water. A waterfall tumbled from an outlet in the ceiling and fell in a twisting stream to impact into the main body of water below. The overflow from the pool simply washed over the surround pool wall and ran over the floor before vanishing through a myriad of small holes in the stone tiles.

Moving into the room Sharn discovered that the water was heated, its warm touch passing over her feet as she neared the pool. Putting a hand into the pool water she discovered that it was just at the right temperature for bathing and without hesitation she had slipped into its warm embrace. It had felt so wonderful to wash off the pee stains she had received and for the first time in a long while, Sharn began to feel clean.

Sharn’s bath lasted for quite some time. Nobody came searching for her so she simply relaxed and enjoyed herself. Memories of bathing with her sister at home came flooding back and she recalled, with a growing sadness, the fun times they had enjoyed together. Had they ever had known how others used their pee streams to subjugate others, then Sharn was certain that they would have never had played their pee games. Having a naughty wee into the bath tub whilst their mother wasn’t looking was one thing. However to have a full blown piss over another human was another matter entirely.

A salty tear had run down Sharn’s cheek at that moment as she felt the loss once against of her family. It was at that moment that she made her vow. She would find, what ever it took, a way to hurt these Fel woman with their strange rituals of peeing over others. She could feel the rage welling up inside her as she remembered her own failure to defend the village and her resulting humiliation at the hands of the warrior women.

“I will paint my soul scarlet in the blood of these women!” Sharn had stated out loud to the empty room. The constant sound of the splashing water was her only reply. For a moment Sharn wondered if her goddess could hear her prayers coming as they were, from inside this nightmare place. Shaking her head to dispel her doubts Sharn clambered out of the warm water. Squatting down on the pool’s edge she parted her legs and gazed down at the sight of her pussy hovering over the lapping water. Within seconds Sharn was having a pee of her own. From the base of her vagina shot a hot stream of golden urine which sprayed into the bath water. Sharn could clearly see her pee stream as it passed through the outer skin of the pool water before mingling inside.

Peeing into the bath water that she was sure the other girls would later be using, seemed a small revenge for the way they had pissed all over her earlier. At least it was a start. By now, Sharn was fully determined in her resolve to exact her revenge against all those who had treated her in such a shameful manner. Continuing her piss into the waters Sharn fantasized about the ways and means she would exact revenge. Meanwhile the lovely feeling of relief flooded through her bladder as her golden pee stream continued to squirt strongly from her pussy and into the lapping blue water.

From behind, anybody entering the room would clearly be able to see the thick golden squirt of piss flowing from Sharn’s naked pussy. The flowing stream pattered down into the pool water just in front of her round bare bum cheeks. Fortunately Sharn’s toilet was not discovered and slowly her stream of piss had dwindled before vanishing. Clambering down from her pissing position, Sharn descended to the floor. With one last wistful look at the pee contaminated pool she decided it would be a good a time as any to leave.

All this of course was all past history. From there on in, Sharn had discovered her place amongst the captured girls. Each one of them represented a different village, their homes ranging from the base of the giant mountains that hid Fel Jardine from the rest of the world, to the grass lands south of the city of Trimilarn-Del-Felor. One girl in particular whose skin was a much paler shade than the others, heralded from a town on the distant shores of the Shirael sea, a place far away in the east. This was many leagues away from Sharn’s home and she remembered the shudder of fear that had run down her spine at the news. The Fel’s invasion of her homelands was one thing, but the news of their attacks spreading out across the entire land was shocking. Where were the King’s armies? When would this invasion be halted and their rescue arrive?

The girls it seemed were to be trained in the ways of the warrior, each one of them pitted against the other. There would be no friends found here as only one of them would survive the coming ordeal. It seemed that the Fel intended to use them for entertainment, their fights to the death witness by the highest council of the ruling elite. It appeared that there were many such similar groups of captured girls in the fortress, each one with the same task of finding a champion. These surveying girls would in turn be granted the honour of joining the ranks of the Fel, each of them subjugated by a leading Amazon warrior.

Sharn had no desire to become anybody’s slave but for the same token so had no desire to die. As it was, the day of her first competition fight soon arrived. She had been led through winding corridors and down endless stairs by ‘Taliltarn’ the tall Amazon who had been responsible for their training so far. Sharn followed the woman’s naked swaying buttocks as she led the way. Sharn simply couldn’t help herself. As much as she would quite happily slay the bitch where she stood, there was simply something so desirable about the woman’s firm bum cheeks. Even as Sharn was led through the maze of passages on her way to the arena she found herself fantasying about licking Talitarn’s pussy before bringing her lips to the woman’s hardened nipples.

Suddenly they came to an abrupt stop and Sharn nearly walked straight into the back of her tutor. Catching herself she took a step back and took note of her surroundings, finally wresting her gaze from the tall woman’s exposed private parts. Two equally tall Fel Amazons stood either side of a large foreboding door made from a dark wood and pitted with spikes. It looked evil. The sudden chill from the surrounding stone walls suddenly seemed to leach the warmth from Sharn’s flesh.

A loud pattering sound coming from her right made Sharn quickly look to the source. The warrior woman on that side had chosen that particular moment to start to piss. From the base of her curly brown haired vagina was now squirting a fast flowing stream of golden pee, which arched downwards to splatter on the stone tiles below. Nobody else even seemed to have noticed the guard’s sudden desire to relieve herself over the floor. Sharn suppressed an urge to giggle. The woman had a lovely pussy and one Sharn would happily love to explore with her tongue given the chance. However to see the woman simply start to pee just in time for the arrival of Sharn and Taliltarn was almost comical.

Trying as best she could to ignore the spectacle of the woman’s toilet going on to one side, Sharn did her best to focus on the conversation Taliltarn was involved with the second guard. The language of the Fel was a hard one to master being extremely guttural in pronunciation and Sharn had only mastered a few basic words. The patter of female pee being sprayed over the floor to her side did not make things any easier and Sharn felt her attention drifting back to watching the guard’s pee splattering all over the floor.

The Amazon’s pussy shower was still in full flow, the stream of piss escaping her vagina showing no sign of abating. The woman in question, had her gazed locked on a point down the corridor, somewhere over Sharn’s right shoulder. This presented a wonderful opportunity for Sharn to enjoy the show. As her hot pee stream squirted through the air it was caught in the torch light and seemed to become a flow of liquid gold forming a running fountain to the floor below. Sharn was desperately tempted to have a quick pee of her own. She would love nothing more than to join the woman’s flowing urine shower with a stream of hot piss gushing from her own pussy. The idea of having their streams come together in mid flight and the resulting mess on the floor below was an intoxicating fantasy and one Sharn was finding harder to resist.

The loud creaking of the door being opened brought Sharn back to her senses. Shaking her head and looking away from the peeing woman she followed Taliltarn into the new room. A crescendo of noise washed over her as she passed the threshold and emerged into the base of a large circular pit. Looking up she was shock to discover the watching multitude gathered in the tiers of seating location high above. There must have been over a hundred Fel in this chamber.

A sharp push from behind sent Sharn reeling, her fantasies forgotten, and she plunged headlong into the brightly light arena. Blinking rapidly she was horrified to discover that her opponent was already stood in the arena. With a confident sneer on her pretty face, the girl known as Gherian gave Sharn a dismissive look. Sharn’s heart lurched. The girl was a killer, pure and simple. Her skill with the wooden swords they had used in training so far was more than enough for Sharn to known she was easily outclassed. This was quite probably the day she would die.

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