Leah Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Leah’s Awakening

A little more than a week had passed since Leah had seen Dane outside of work, the time had given Leah’s stretched and sore anus a chance to recuperate. It had been an especially long day for both of them in the Ped’s ICU when Dane invited Leah to his place for margaritas. The alcohol sounded almost as good as the idea of a good fucking to Leah.

Leah wasn’t at all surprised to find Dane’s roommates, Sam and Daniel, at home when they arrived in separate cars. After the show Dane and Leah gave his roommates last week, Leah was almost hoping to see them there. Sam is a bartender at the PICU’s favorite watering hole — so it was his responsibility to keep the pitcher of margarita’s full and the nachos that Daniel had made hit the spot too. Soon they were all feeling the affects of the drinks, so when Dane suggested they all go get in the jacuzzi no one complained.

Truth be known both Sam and Daniel were hoping for a repeat performance of Leah’s last night in the house. Especially Daniel, who was quite taken with Leah’s girl next door beauty, and it showed when the three roommates stripped for the jacuzzi — Daniel had a full hard-on before Leah even untied her scrub pants.

Leah’s excitement was evident too by her hard nipples which stood proudly easily seen through the sports bra as she pulled her scrub top off. Leah stood there in bra and pants admiring the differences in the three men’s bodies, and especially their penis’ and scrotums. Sam’s scrotum hung really low, practically hanging a third of the way down his thighs. Dane walked behind Leah and pulled her sports bra up over her head. Daniel actually moaned for all to hear when her firm breasts bounced free.

Dane pushed her scrub pants down and then hooked his fingers in her bikini underwear and drug them down to where Leah could step out of them. Dane stood back up and reached around cupping and lifting both her breasts, pinching the nipples, and rolling them between thumb and forefinger. Leah moaned from the stimulus. Sam and Daniel were now both stroking their dicks taking in all of Leah’s charms. Daniel was taken with all of Leah’s beauty, but Sam was most interested in her tits — with the pink areolas, slightly darker than the flesh surrounding them. Her areolas were about the size of a fifty cent piece — and elongated with the slight hang of Leah’s firm breasts. Leah’s eyes never left the cocks looking from one dick to the next; Sam’s cock was short around 5 ½ inches but so thick that his fingers didn’t come together while he stroked it, and Daniel’s cock is about 6 inches long and thick — thick enough to stretch, to fill, but not hurt.

Leah felt Danes hard cock rubbing the outside of her thigh and reach down and grabbed it firmly jacking it back and forth slowly. Danes was the longest of the three cocks at about 6 ½ inches and thin, thankfully so, since the last time she was with Dane he buried it in her ass over and over until he came. Danes anal sphincter clenched at the thought of the invasion.

Danes left hand drifted downward until he could reach Leah’s clit which was standing firm and he slowly rubbed it in circles occasionally drifting lower to pick up some natural lubricant to spread it around her clit. Leah reached down softly massaging his scrotum, his cock lewdly bouncing above her hand.

Dane stopped too soon rubbing her clit and spun her around pushing her head down “No bend over at the waist and suck it.” Leah was confused at first but then realized that her ass and pussy was pointing directly at Sam and Daniel. Dane immediately started fucking her mouth, making her gag on every third or fourth thrust. But Leah relaxed her mouth and throat as much as she could and enjoyed being used and posed for the other guys.

Daniel and Sam were staring at Leah’s ass and pussy as they jerked off, Dane reached over Leah’s back and slapped her ass a couple of times putting on a show for his roommates. And then with both hands grabbed each ass cheek and pulled them apart to show them her asshole and pussy with lips splayed open showing the wetness within. Leah could feel the cool air on her pussy and reveled in the fact that all she had was on display. Dane held Leah’s ass open with one hand and rimmed her asshole. Leah cringed at the thought of anal sex again but wanted a good fucking, needed a good fucking, she reached down between her legs and slowly, lightly began to rub her clit the way she knew would make her cum quickly. Leah’s self loving made Daniel moan loudly enough for all to hear.

Dane released his hold on her ass and pulled his dick out of Leah’s mouth, allowing Leah to stand and stretch, thrusting her breasts forward to Sam and Daniels delight. All three of the men’s cocks were standing hard and proud Leah could clearly see precum on the head of Daniel’s dick. Dane’s dick was of course shiny with Leah’s saliva. Sam was stroking with one hand and rubbing his balls with the other and it fascinated Şanlıurfa Escort Leah, who just stared. Absently, she reached up and fondled her breast and nipple and with the other hand began rubbing her clit in circles providing some much needed relief to her aching pussy, it was Leah’s turn to moan.

‘I want you to cum, I want to watch you all cum.’ Leah said breathlessly. Daniel and Sam each began jerking off with a renewed vigor. And Dane slowly stoked his cock while watching Leah pleasure herself. Leah’s orgasm was quickly approaching, but she needed to sit down, so she half turned to find a deck chair and settled into it with her ass at the edge to give her better access to her pussy, and so the guys could see her pussy dripping on to the patio floor. The guys all noticed Leah’s abdominal muscles twitching as she circled her clit over and over while pinching her nipple hard and pulling it out away from the breast. Leah told them ‘Come closer… come closer so I can see you cum.”

Daniel and Sam both stepped to within two or three feet of her, and she said ‘Closer.’ This time they stepped up till they were almost straddling her knees and Dane stepped to the side of the chair so that his jerking cock was directly over Leah’s right tit. Daniel was making small gasping sounds with each down stroke of his cock, and a bead of precum dropped onto Leah’s leg, she saw it more than felt it but that was all it took to send her over the edge. Her climax hit her like a avalanche building slowly, getting larger, and larger until it washed over her from head to toe. If her moans weren’t enough clue to the men, the rush of fluid from her pussy and her flexing thighs and abdomen, definitely let them know that she was cumming.

Daniel was the first to cum. Leah’s eyes were unfortunately still closed, but when the first warm blast hit her left thigh, she opened her eyes in time to see the second glob fall between her legs to the floor, and the third and fourth spurts fall squarely on her thigh. Her pussy convulsed again in a small orgasm and no one including herself was touching her. Daniel continued to jack his shrinking cock, small rivulets of cum flipping off his dick, going all directions.

Sam was taking a little longer to cum, and Dane told Leah ‘Hold your pussy open for him.’ Leah did as she was told, loving the attention, Sam’s mouth opened and Leah could see his tongue making small motions as he jerked off — still squeezing his nut sack with his opposite hand. Leah imagined his tongue on her clit, in her pussy, and it excited her. She tilted her pelvis towards Sam’s face hoping that the light would be good enough for him to see her doing her Kegels — her pussy should be opening and closing — almost winking at him. Sam moaned and seconds later the first shot of cum flew out of his dick arcing high in the air and landing on Leah’s right arm. The second dripped on her knee, the third on her upper thigh, the fourth her foot, the fifth and six on the floor between her legs, and the final again on her knee. Leah noticed that he had stopped stroking his cock for the last two spurts but was squeezing his balls. She had always thought the balls were off limits for squeezing, too sensitive, for rough handling.

Leah felt a warm drop on her right tit and looked up in time to see and feel a second spurt of Dane’s cum land on her left cheek, and then Dane leaned closer thrusting his groin towards his face so that the final two spurts landed on her lips and chin, Dane whipped his dick on her face a few times as it quickly softened.

She heard running water and turned her head to see Daniel standing under the patio shower, water running down his body, as his hands lifted and kneaded his cock and balls. He stepped back and Sam took his place, repeating the process, but paying more attention to his balls, and the space behind his balls. Leah stood waiting her turn and small drops of water splashed off Sam’s body onto hers. Sam stepped from under the stream, and Leah stepped under it letting the water wash her hair back and cum down off her face, she just stood with her eyes closed letting the water cascade down her body unaware of the erotic show that she was providing the guys. The water dripped in heavy streams from both of her heard nipples, she stood with both feet flat on the tiled floor, legs slightly parted straddling the drain allowing a steady stream of water to run down off of her engorged and pouting pussy lips. If the sound of the running water and jacuzzi hadn’t covered it she would have heard a groan of appreciation from Daniel.

When Leah moved her face from under the stream and allowed it to splash on her breasts and belly, she squeegeed the water back from her face and opened her eyes, to see all three men staring at her with a look of want in each of the faces. Daniels cock was almost at full mast again. And it gave Leah such a sense of power to be wanted by these three men, to know that they just Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan came for her, and want her again. But now what, what does Dane expect from her. She’s had sex in front of each of the roommates, allowed Dane to take her ass in front of the roommates, and seen them cum two and three times each.

Daniel seemed to instinctually know that Leah was worried about what was to come, so he did the hardest think he’s ever had to do at that time, and turned away from her naked loveliness. His half hard cock lightly bouncing in front of him as walked to the jacuzzi and slid into the bubbling water. Sam however, wasn’t moving, his full attention was riveted to Leah – more to the point to Leah’s tits and pussy. Dane squeezed under the warm showers stream pushing Leah closer to the jacuzzi. Leah took the opportunity to take the advantage the water would give her by covering her body and hopefully giving her time to determine what would happen next.

Dane from under the stream asked Sam to get the pitcher of margaritas. He quickly and reluctantly left the patio not wanting to miss any of the show Leah was providing. Leah looked across the water at Daniel who smiled, a warm and friendly smile, which made her feel more at ease. Why does Daniel’s, an almost total stranger, why does his smile make her feel that way? She returned the smile, and settled back against the seat of the jacuzzi, allowing the jets to massage her back and neck, moving her feet and calves so the floor and tub jets were hitting her foots arch and calves. The water level rose a small amount, and she felt motion to her left, Dane was settling into the water his cock limp and satiated. He set next to her but made no move to touch her, so maybe they were done for the night? Leah just continued to luxuriate in the warm pulsating water.

When Leah felt the water rise a second time she opened her eyes to see Sam setting on the edge of the tub, his limp cock, hanging over his balls as he passed freshly salted glasses of margarita around to everyone. Leah laughed inwardly as she thought about him always serving drinks in the nude — now that would be a GREAT bar. She sipped the drink feeling the alcohol burn as she swallowed, these were stronger than the first two pitchers, hmmm? I wonder if he’s trying to get me drunk? Leah mused. Maybe the nights not over?

They all sat enjoying the waters joking and talking as if they weren’t naked and as if they hadn’t just watched each others most intimate acts. They were so at ease with each, that to an outsider watching you really wouldn’t know that they were naked. This fact and the alcohol made Leah totally at ease, so much so that she was inadvertently shifting her back and butt to allow the jets to shoot down the crack of ass causing bubbles to move up along her pussy, actually make her lips quiver, it felt good. Not as good as one of those dicks in the water around her but it felt good.

Daniel noticed Leah slip down in the tub till her chin was just above the water, he saw the tension in her face flow away, and realized she was getting off on something under the water. His cock immediately began to grow. Was she touching herself? Was Dane fingering her? No both Danes arms were on the tubs edge. Was Sam touching her, all the way from his side of the jacuzzi? He could be giving her a toe job — no, Sam was fully engrossed in his story about the two women fighting at the bar last week. Leah must be touching herself he decided. And his dick lurched to full erection.

Leah saw Daniel watching her, saw him look to Dane, and then to Sam, and then back to her. The bubbles were not enough to get her off, and she needed to cum. But how could she finger herself off again? Would that start something that she wasn’t sure how she wanted to end? What does Dane expect of her? Is she his girlfriend? Is she a fuck buddy? Does he want to share me with his friends? Leah’s thoughts and anxiety was interrupted by her bladder, she had to pee. And if she was going to get fucked, she needed to pee now.

Daniel saw the tension return to her face, the questioning look she gave to Dane who sat with his eyes closed, head relaxed back, listening to Sam’s story. When Leah slowly started to rise out of the water, her perfect tits breaking the surface when she noticed Daniels questioning look and his appraisal of her breasts. ‘I’ve really got to pee.’ Leah exclaimed and climbed out of the tub as all of the men’s eyes followed her ass and tits dripping to the tile. Dane said ‘STOP’.

The forcefulness of his word made her turn, feeling all eyes on her breasts again, she looked to Dane who said ‘We want to watch you pee.’ Leah laughed, are they serious? ‘Are you serious?’ Dane nodded his head yes. Sam replied ‘Hell yes.’ And Daniel just looked at her with a question on his unmoving lips. ‘Daniel do you want to see me pee?’ Leah asked. Daniel just nodded. Leah wasn’t sure about this — this is a little weird Escort Şanlıurfa — but she had to go, and they had just seen her make herself cum… that was something she wouldn’t even do for Jim no matter how many times he asked her to. So what the hell – it’s just pissing. Daniel could see her come to the decision, and his eyes moved to the drain in the floor of the patio shower. Leah’s head turned to follow his gaze and realized what he wanted.

Leah turned and slowly walked to the shower drain, all eyes were on her ass. And then she squatted facing the men in the tub, legs spread wide. Sam had moved to the closest edge with Daniel, Dane sat in the same position with arms outstretched head turned facing her and a shit eating grin on his face. She relaxed and the piss flowed, splashing onto the tile, flowing down the drain. The stream continued for a full 25 seconds, it felt so much longer, Leah’s thighs quivered from the strained position, and Daniel’s and Sam’s faces were hilarious. Their mouths were open, their eyes were wide, if Leah was close enough she would have seen a slight dilation to the pupils indicating their sexual desire, and under the water their dicks were rock hard. When the stream finally waned, and came to a stop, Leah looked for something to wipe herself but found nothing nearby so stood and turned on the shower. The cold water instantly brought her nipple to rock hard appendages, and raised goose bumps all over body. She roughly and quickly ran a hand through her crotch and shut the water off and ran back to the hot tub to seek the warmth of the water.

She pushed her way past Sam and bumped into his hard cock with her thigh under the water. She grabbed the pitcher refilling her glass, and settled into the water. When she looked back up both Sam and Daniel hadn’t moved but were turned towards her direction, both mouths still agape. ‘You can close your mouths boys, it was just pee!’ Sam slipped back to his original position and gulped down the remainder of his drink, then stood to reach the pitcher and refill it. His hard cock popped into view above the water, short and unbelievably thick. Leah’s eyes were drawn to it, amazed that the simple and somewhat lewd act of peeing made him hard? When he sat back down and his hard dick was no longer above the water, Leah turned to Daniel, who was looking at Leah — and Leah could see the want in his warm brown eyes. He wanted to fuck Leah, Sam wants me too Leah thought. This is so cool, I’m in a room with three men who want me. Who ALL want me! Me! I make them hard! I make them cum, and I haven’t even touched them!

Dane interrupted Leah’s reverie ‘Let’s all play truth or dare!’

Leah looked from Dane’s shit eating grin, to Daniel who was also smiling and laughing, and then to Sam who was obviously in full agreement. Leah took another sip of the very strong drink, feeling the warmth slide down her esophagus, and said ‘Okay.’

Dane blurted ‘You’re first Leah — Truth or Dare?!?’

Leah was nervous, she had never played this game as a girl, but she new of friends in high school and college that played, and remembered some of the things demanded of them. Leah quickly chose ‘Truth.’

Dane said ‘Okay, we’ll start slow. How many men have fucked you?’

Leah sat thinking. Only four men, I’ve only had sex with four men. If I say that will they laugh at me like I’m an inexperienced little girl. But Dane asked me how many men have fucked me. And that’s only three, Jim never just fucked me — he made love to me. And Jonah was just a boy so really only two men, Brian and Dane, had ever fucked me. Oh Hell! ‘Four, I’ve had sex with four men.’

‘Okay Leah, it’s your turn, who do you want to ask?’ Dane asked.

You Dane, it’s your turn.’ Leah quickly responded. Dane countered ‘No, I just asked you, so you have to pick one of them.’ His head jerked indicating the other side of the hot tub. Leah turned to look at Daniel and Sam. Daniel looked timid, almost scared, so Leah picked ‘Sam.’

‘Truth.’ Sam quickly chimed in. ‘How many woman have slept with you?’ Leah asked.

’12 – very satisfied women, I might add!’ Sam was lying — he almost never scored with women. Even the drunk ones he liked to hit on at the bar. He’d only actually had sex with 6 women.

Leah was shocked — how could any woman enjoy that huge fat cock — it would rip her open, in two if she ever even thought to try and fuck it. And sucking it… there’s no way!

Sam was disappointed that he couldn’t ask Leah, but decided to choose Daniel, knowing full well he’ll take a truth — and what he’ll ask him to embarrass him.

‘Okay Daniel, truth or dare?’ Sam knowingly asked him.

‘Truth.’ Daniel begrudgingly spoke — knowing that either way the result meant embarrassment.

‘How many women have you fucked?’ Sam spit it out almost before Daniel finished saying truth.

Daniel wasn’t sure what to say — he’d only slept with 2 woman and he loved them both. But he couldn’t say 2 — less than Leah’s 4 — he wanted her to be impressed but not revolted. I can’t say 4 that would be too suspicious… ‘Five.’ And his eyes never moved from Leah as he said it, but then looked down towards the water, as both Sam and Dane gave him a hard time with the low number.

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