Laurie’s Nightclub Adventure

Big Tits

Being a typical CD/TV, my libido and desire to dress up would swing from non-existent to absolutely insatiable depending on what was going on in my life at a specific point in time. Running into a hot looking woman in my daily activities or coming across an incredibly good looking picture of a sexy female in a magazine or newspaper would stoke the fires of passion within me. Based upon my mood, it could trigger a line of thought that would build upon itself throughout the day, resulting in various daydreams about erotic fantasies and an incredible urge to transform myself into a sexual object upon arriving at home. A bad day at work could also precipitate this whole process and I soon came to realize that this was something of a coping mechanism for me.

I had gone through the usual life cycle of a TV/CD over the years, graduating from dressing alone to finally gaining the confidence to venture out in T-friendly venues. The only snag was that I had been scared back into my closet almost 10 years ago after a series of deadly shootings at several nightclubs. The exhilaration and excitement I had experienced during that time out in public dressed as a sexy woman had long since faded away into distant memories. It was frustrating to say the least and I yearned to be back in the saddle; so to speak.

Well; one day a perfect storm of circumstances occurred. A truly abysmal day at work combined with a chance sighting at lunchtime of several exotic, model-like young girls wearing black suede boots and miniskirts took its toll upon me. I was on fire thinking how wonderful these girls looked and how good they must have felt knowing the power they wielded!! You could see all the staring male eyes upon them as they walked through a downtown courtyard at noontime licking iced cream cones. These women just loved the attention they were obtaining; knowing they were sinful objects of carnal desire. What an adrenaline rush! By the time I arrived home that afternoon, I was literally chomping at the bit to replicate the sight I had seen in terms of feminine allure.

For several months, I had participated in a social networking site on-line that had advertised a new T-friendly nightclub in my immediate area and I was dieing to check it out, but my closet-bound existence had prevented me from doing so. All of the reviews were fantastic. It even had a special t-girl themed night that fell on this exact day, where people such as myself could gain access at no charge and mingle with admirers and other couples. I waffled for about an hour or so as to whether or not I had the nerve to break free of my fears and actually go out to this club, but eventually, my animal desire to tease and be appreciated as a sexual object finally won out! The decision was made and I began the arduous task of transforming myself into the sexiest man-eating, Amazonian TV goddess of my dreams.

It was always a slow, methodical ritual of both physical and psychological transformation which played itself out over the course of an hour or so. Mood inspiring music by Cher played in the background while aromatic candles were placed in several strategic locations during the delicate transition between genders. It could almost be described as a semi-religious experience. The process began in a soothing, relaxing tub; soaking in scented bath oils and shaving my entire body to silky smooth perfection. After drying off and generously applying skin moisturizer, a prolonged session at the makeup mirror would follow; applying dramatic coloration and contouring for an irresistible female illusion.

Next; all black foundation garments would adorn my body; with a lace-up full corset, garter belt and a lacy body thong girdle (after lubricating my anal area for potential sexual activity). Even if such an intimate encounter was not in the cards that evening, the thought that I was ready for it made me feel like a confident, manipulative seductress. Sheer suntan pantyhose would be slipped on first to facilitate a smoothing effect and some sexy black seamed nylons would be added on top and attached to multiple hanging garters. The final act of tucking my bulging nylon clad, genitalia up into the open bottom of the girdle and locking all three metal clasps was always arousing beyond imagination! Adding some long, black full length opera gloves, a contrasting white silk blouse and a velvet choker around my neck would also contribute to an eye-appealing look.

After this, an assortment of gold Ataşehir Grup Escort jewellery would be attached; such as large hooped earrings, necklaces, wrist bangles and ankle bracelets. This would immediately be followed by a buttery smooth coordinated black leather outfit consisting of a short miniskirt, short bolero style jacket and above the knee high heeled boots. Of course, a glimmering, wide, black patent belt with gold inlays around my waist added some zing to the outfit and bestowed a more complex and complete appearance to the image I was creating. The final few touches of alluring feminine perfume, a long, curly dark wig, half shaded sunglasses a mini shoulder purse stuffed with money and condoms would complete the persona of this hot looking, cock-teasing, hungry tart!

As always; excitement and libido levels would rise throughout the process and finally peak when I stepped in front of a full length mirror, parted my long slender legs, placed my hands on my hips and swung them back and forth, relishing the sexy image smiling confidently back at me in the mirror. It would not only be visually stimulating to see myself in all that glistening leather and fine clothing, but also aromatically delightful to breath in the scent of my own makeup, perfume and leather. Oh; I would get such a hard-on in the lower part of my tight girdle knowing how much cock-teasing and head turning I would be doing later dressed in that provocative outfit!

The next stage of the adventure would involve turning off all the house lights, peeking out the front door and nervously rushing to the car without any inquisitive neighbors seeing me get in and drive away.

Inevitably; operating the car would feel unnatural trying to manipulate the foot pedals in high heeled boots and I would look down at my legs and feet to see where everything was. Visually; seeing the tight horizontal edge of my black leather miniskirt and boot tops contrasting with smooth, slightly parted, suntan pantyhose and black nylon clad legs was almost too much to bear.

Also bumping my upper arms into plump breasts and occasionally cradling them in a playful manner when stopped at traffic lights was such an erotic experience; particularly if some aroused young men caught a glimpse of my sexy silhouette doing this! It caused me to become rock hard and slightly light headed as my eyes feasted upon the alluring sights below me; knowing I was getting lustful stares from distracted drivers as I turned them on as well as myself. In addition; every bump the car drove over in the road accentuated the feeling of tight encasement my clothes were imparting upon me; especially the bottom of my girdle; giving me decadent orgasmic moments throughout the trip.

After a seemingly long drive, I would arrive close to the club and circle around until the perfect parking spot presented itself; not too far and not too close. Upon parking, I would do a final visual check in a mirror; make any needed adjustments and try to gracefully exit the vehicle to a busy street full of cars and people. My heart would race as I sashayed down the brightly lit street knowing that all eyes were upon me. My body would literally be shaking with nervous tension as I methodically concentrated on maintaining a feminine gait and body motion while quickly crossing the bustling street.

Occasional gusts of cool wind would whip up under the sexy short skirt I was wearing. This had the delightfully effect of buffeting its heavy leather material against my growing panty bulge which was already being massaged in an orgasmic manner by tight undergarments with every step that I took. My clicking heels and tall feminine form definitely attracted attention as I heard cat calls from passing cars and received occasional smiles and “thumbs up” signals from turned on guys checking me out as they passed by on the sidewalk. It definitely bolstered my self-confidence as these momentary encounters repeatedly occurred. I just smiled, fluttered my long lashes and kept going.

Finally; I made it to the club entrance, feeling so relieved that nothing bad had happening such as being stopped by police or accosted by unsavory characters. Taking a deep breath, I finally entered the nightclub; head held confidently high and smiling in all directions as lustful gazes and stares from around the immediate area became quite apparent. This was the environment that I enjoyed and relished to be in. I was within my element!

The Ataşehir Manken Escort club was teaming with admirers. Being dressed to the nines, it didn’t take long for me to be charmed by a constant string of suitors after perching myself on a high bar-stool. My crossed legs were gently bouncing back and forth, ankle slowly rotating and I was casually twirling or brushing my hair aside; effectively doing all those sub-conscious things that women did to gain attention. There I was; sipping red wine, giggling, letting the subtle, nefarious effects of alcohol wash away inhibitions as my sexual appetite awoke and increasingly began to grow in the midst of a plethora of lustful stares and repeated verbal enticements.

As time passed; I was singled out by one seemingly handsome, well dressed and articulate gentleman who had casually broken away from a group of his friends to have a go at me. He had a confident manner about him which I found intriguing. Within short order, he skillfully broke the ice and had me under his spell. I stared into his deep blue eyes as he held my hand and slowly stroked my thigh, hanging onto his every word. I became engaged in prolonged idle conversation; was gently touched, complimented and seduced.

Eventually; after several more drinks, I became light-headed and was playfully led into a darker semi-private area of the club, lovingly caressed again, fondled, brought to my knees, then passionately pushed face first against a wall with my slender nylon clad and booted legs spread wide apart. I felt a strong searching hand slip under the back of my leather miniskirt while another wedged itself between my buttery smooth short bolero leather jacket and silk blouse. It slowly wandered up my trembling smooth torso in a circular motion and started to grope at realistic, plump silicone breasts warmed by body heat. My gloved hands were spread out on the textured wall in front of me as my head slowly tilted backwards coming to rest upon my lover’s shoulder. My seductive shaded eyelids closed while glistening red lips opened wide. I began to emit a guttural deep moan while both our bodies writhing in unison as I slowly slid down the wall and then rocked on my knees.

Oh no; what was happening! I was supposed to be the clever manipulative tease who could maintain control and composure during any given situation and yet the scenario appeared to be reversed; I was the one being manipulated!! Was the alcohol to blame? Did my lover secretly slip some sort of aphrodisiac and Viagra laden concoction into my drink when I wasn’t looking causing me to turn into an out of control nymphomaniac with a raging hard-on in my burgeoning panties? As perplexed as I was, it somehow didn’t seem to matter. I was lost in blissful, passionate interaction and just couldn’t let my rational mind take over and stop what was happening.

All this noise and erotic action started to attract a growing number of casual voyeurs, but somehow none of us cared about them in the heat of the moment. My lover just continued to kiss me on my cheek and nibble on an earlobe while whispering enchanting words to me as the bulge at the bottom of my tightly clasped black spandex girdle started to grow larger and become moist.

The leather jacket and silk blouse I was wearing were slowly unbuttoned and slid down my back to elbow level exposing two heaving breasts restrained by the upper bra portion of my black lace girdle. They were kneaded like dough along with my panty bulge as I ooohed and aaahed in delight and a totally submissive mindset took over. My feminine juices were definitely flowing to the delight of onlookers! The appreciative drooling voyeurs looked on more and more intently as this blissful, sweaty action intensified to a feverish pitch. I was loving every moment of this unholy forbidden public display and getting even more aroused by the crowd’s feedback all around us; like a true exhibitionist slut! It was certainly an unexpected erotic moment of self-discovery for me.

Eventually; as the scene progressed, I was brought to an orgasmic climax. A spontaneous, uncontrollable, hot, wet explosion occurred between my legs and started to ooze through the bottom fabric of my girdle where my lover’s hand was still strategically hard at work sloshing the gooey organic mess around. He loved the fact that he had successfully brought me to such a dirty public climax in front of his friends and others. There I was; Ataşehir Masöz Escort on my spread knees; smeared lipstick, partially disrobed with my blouse and jacket peeled back, resting on my lovers shoulder with his hand clasping my wet crotch as I moaned in delight; my pristine expensive clothes violated with drool and my own bodily fluids.

His hand patiently waited for a short while to gather up the pulsating juices flowing from me and then he erotically bathed my facial makeup with it. All of this was naturally followed by methodically slow, slippery, wet kisses with scintillating tongue action! It was both humiliating and sexy at the same time; an unusual simultaneous mixture of emotions for a man-eater like me who always battled to be manipulative and in total control. The voyeurs were positively ecstatic at this point!

After an extended session of heavy petting, I was directed over to a nearby dimly lit partition of the club with a mirrored wall and gently manipulated to get on all fours in front of the reflective surface. As my lover took a commanding position behind me and we lustfully stared at one another and the ever increasing group of excited voyeurs in the background. The fun soon began as my backside was repeatedly slapped and the rear portion of my miniskirt yanked up and pushed delicately upwards onto my torso while simultaneously caressing my smooth nylon covered legs and butt cheeks. Within moments I felt the bulge of my lover’s crotch grind into the back of my wide open legs and push against the bottom metal clasps of my girdle.

The clasps and garters were methodically unhooked one at a time as my engorged cock throbbed deep within its tight encasement. At last the flaps of the girdle snapped back in both directions exposing my bulging, throbbing family jewels further encased in a dripping wet pantyhose gusset. It was quickly noticed, grabbed by my lover and massaged vigorously to get me more and more aroused as the crowd of onlookers murmured in delight! My head tossed back and forth and body writhed with carnal pleasure until I was almost exhausted.

Then I felt my pantyhose and stockings slid down to just above knee level and my lover’s huge pulsating cock pressing firmly between my legs, triggering an almost electric wave of anxious anticipation. Teasingly, slowly, my lover penetrated me, resulting in an immediate quiver and wince of pain from my tight anal pussy muscles, replacing my elated facial expression with a contorted look of momentary agony. Fortunately though; this was immediately followed by an overwhelming warmth and utter satisfaction as I looked into the determined eyes of my conqueror in the mirror and the voyeurs cheered him on. Eventually a rhythmic in/out pace began causing my long curly hair to spread and compact itself like tendrils as I was bumped from behind. The intense physical action caused sweat to drench my body and clothing as I rocked back and forth on my hands and knees as my elevated boots twirled and twitched in mid air. Sweat dripped off of me to floor level and mixed with slippery cum also intermittently dripping from my swinging cock. I felt like a truly satisfied woman in heat as my lover reached his climax and exploded deep within me, filling every area of my inviting inner cavity with his hot manly seed. My painted toenails curled within my boots as his explosion invaded my body! It ended with a final powerful thrust as my head naturally snapped back and we both moaned in delight as the crowd cheered louder!!

At this point we both savored the moment for a few seconds and then my lover pulled out of me with an audibly defined “SLURP” and walked away as I laid there on the floor basking like a teasing exhibitionist in the afterglow of an amazing sexual encounter with a rapidly increasing feeling of guilt for allowing it to happen. Oh what a slut I felt and looked like laying there on the floor with a jacket and blouse pulled to my waist, wide open girdle bottom, pantyhose and stockings at my knees and wide open cum spattered legs and face!!!

My lover rejoined his friends amongst the slowly dispersing crowd of voyeurs lustfully gazing down at me. He made some indiscernible comments to his friends as he smiled, shaking hands and laughing. Some of them took a few quick photos of me with their smartphones as money changed hands. Oh my; was all of this part of some bet they had made? Was any of that passion real? Where would those photos end up? I quickly got up, staggered to the ladies room in my disheveled state, put myself together as best as possible and then made the walk of shame out of the club as some of the voyeurs jeered at me. I was both turned on and humiliated. Such a confusing set of emotions that would stay with me for days and weeks on end!

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