Lauren and Kendrick Ch. 02


She walked slowly to her room, as if she were walking to the electric chair. He followed close behind, further intimidating her with his size. It was as though she could literally feel him hovering over her. Lauren cursed to herself silently for agreeing to even have him in her home. Sighing, she grabbed a pair of yoga pants and a top folded neatly on top of her bed.

“What do you need those for?” he asked her dropping his bag on the floor.

“Umm…”she started. Her feet were very interesting again.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, he pulled her to him. He tugged the tie on her robe and slid his hand inside. He didn’t expose her body, but he placed his hand on her waist. There was so much tension in her body he could feel the tightness of her muscles as she strained to prevent herself from fleeing. Her big eyes looked into his as she tried to convince herself there was nothing to be afraid of, that this was okay. Then the robe was slipping off her shoulders and down her back. He sucked in his breath at the sight. He had always been a breast man, but not in the traditional sense. Kendrick liked all size breasts, but he had a fascination with nipples. Hers were large and dark, and along with her sizeable areola stood out against her light brown chest. Her skin transitioned smoothly back into that chocolatiness as his gaze swept up towards her neck and back towards her stomach. He let his fingertips slide down the valley between her breasts to the tops of her panties. The muscles in her abdomen twitched reflexively as he skimmed past them. Cupcakes. Her panties had cupcakes on them. And they were yellow. He laughed softly, causing her to pull away.

“Tell me.” He said pulling her onto the bed.” What is a grown woman doing wearing panties with pastry on them?” A look of surprise flashed across her face. She had completely forgotten she had put on one of her pairs of cupcake panties when she got out the shower.

“I didn’t have time to change them before you got here.” She answered softly. God, how could one woman manage to be so damn cute? And why did it turn him on so much. He watched her as she pulled a huge pillow across her upper body to cover herself. Gently, he took it from her. “Please.” She said softly. She was painfully shy when it came to new people seeing her body. Guiding her to her back, he let his teeth graze her neck. She gasped. From surprise, pleasure, anxiety. Lauren was feeling so many things and her entire body tingled and buzzed with anticipation. His fingers slid down her sides, and it was like her senses were twenty times sharper than they had ever been. Every caress drew forth a moan. Every time his lips brushed her skin, she felt her cupcake panties become a bit damper. She wanted him to touch her in the worst way and the fact that she was so intimidated by him seemed to amplify the feeling. She jerked back as she felt him palm her pussy through her panties. Pulling down her underwear, he forced her to watch him as he exposed the rest of her. She wanted to look away, but couldn’t. She was so…scared. Not that she was a saint. She wasn’t by any means, but the age difference, his experience level. Uggghh….she began to tremble ever so slightly and prayed he couldn’t notice. Of course he did.

He turned her over, to torture her more. Carefully, he removed the hair pins from her hair. She was still trembling, wondering why he was taking so long, why he wouldn’t just fuck her, why he had to make her so self conscious by touching every inch of her except the places that cried out for it most. As she drove herself crazy, he took a moment to enjoy the view. Her ass was amazing. Even when she was lying down, it wanted to sit up. He fought the urge to touch it, because he knew if he started, he might continue for an hour or more. Tired of watching her squirm, he let the tip of his tongue dip into the shallow cleft her spine created from the base at the very top her ass to her neck. She was trembling more for him now and whimpering, too. It was amazing how much a little anxiety could intensify any type of stimulation. He could smell her juices and wanted to experience them first hand now.

“All fours.” He commanded softly. Hesitantly, she lifted herself up on to her knees and elbows. She was too scared to look back. She had seen his dick on the web cam before and she knew if she saw it again before it entered her she would tense up so tight you wouldn’t be able to get in with a cannon. “Spread for me.” Letting her head fall into the pillows, she pulled her knees apart a little. He sat back again just to look at her. That pussy was beautiful. A finger slipped between the lips and she gasped from the sensation. He brought it to his mouth and smiled to himself. She was dripping for him. Positioning himself behind her, he spread her ass cheeks, just because he couldn’t resist touching them anymore.

“Oh shit!” She swore as her body began to shake. That was definitely not his dick. That was certainly his tongue probing Samsun Escort into the softness of her vagina. He reveled in the taste. He dragged his tongue across and through her folds as though he were searching for something. He fingers dug into the flesh of her ass as he pulled her pussy into his face. Her clit slipped between his teeth and she thought she was dying. She had been so quiet so far, but she lost her mind when his teeth grazed her clit again. She was mumbling incoherently and her eyes were trying to shed tears. Two of his finger sunk into her unexpectedly as he sucked her clit. It was too much. He pulled his fingers out and dug deeper into her. She didn’t know where she was anymore. He did it faster and harder when he could feel the walls of her pussy literally sucking on his fingers asking for what her mouth couldn’t manage to say. And she was saying something…he couldn’t quite decipher it, especially since sound was muffled as her thighs rested against his ears but he was pretty sure she wasn’t saying anything comprehendible. He slipped his ring finger in and bit her pearl one more time. The mumbling stopped. The shaking intensified, as well as the tightness around his fingers. She was coming. And hard. She saw stars as her pussy stretched to accommodate and then pulled against his fingers. His mouth on her clit, she couldn’t take it. Her eyes flew open, and it was as though she couldn’t breathe. He continued to finger her pussy until she collapsed. He escaped just in time. Crashing on the bed, she was holding herself and whimpering as if she had been hurt. He adjusted her until her head was in his lap and stroked her hair until she fell asleep. She was so adorable right after an orgasm.

As she slept, Kendrick washed his hands and face and went to find a drink. He opened up the refrigerator and poured himself a glass of apple juice. As he sipped it in front of the television he thought of more ways to draw orgasms out of her. He wanted to turn her out, keep her thinking of him, desiring him. Because he was constantly thinking of and desiring her.

Lauren slept better than she had in a while. It was a deep dreamless sleep and if she did dream, she certainly didn’t remember it when she woke up. Kendrick must have draped her robe over her body sometime after she had fallen asleep. It fell away from her body as she sat up and stretched, yawning. Faintly she could hear the TV in the living room, but it wasn’t loud enough that she could tell what was on. Bouncing off the bed, she looked around for her panties and shrugged hopelessly when she couldn’t find them. As she stepped into the bathroom and looked up into the mirror, something seemed different about her. Her hair rested in soft black waves around her face since Kendrick had removed the bobby pins. Though she rarely wore her hair down, she knew that wasn’t it. There was something about her eyes that seemed a little off. “Oh,” she thought as the light bulb turned on in her mind, “That’s the way I look when I just got some.” It had been so long she had forgotten what it looked like.

After she had brushed her teeth and dressed in the clothes he had forbidden her to wear earlier, stepped out of her room and looked at him sitting on her couch. Well actually, her roommates couch. The man was gorgeous. Why did he have to be so amazing looking. And his body, not that she had the opportunity to see it in person yet, but she knew what was under that shirt that was just tight enough to hint at the muscles that lay beneath. And he was so clean cut. The sharpness of his hairline alone almost made her moan. And he had just enough facial hair. It was trimmed low and was perfectly lined up as well. Physically, he was perfect.

“Welcome back to the land of the living.” He said, not bothering to look at her.

“Humph. You hungry?”

“What you got?” He watched her walk towards the kitchen. Those yoga pants hugged her ass perfectly. Maybe I should have let her put them on, he thought to himself.

“What you want?” She asked looking in the refrigerator.

“Oh, you gon’ cook for me?”

“Shit!” she swore. When her head came from within the refrigerator he was standing over her.”I didn’t even hear you coming.”

“Mmm.” He responded twirling some of her hair around his finger.

“What do you want?” she pulled away, not quite feeling up to what his eyes said he had planned.

“Seconds.” At his response, she swallowed and put more space between them. A small amount of hot liquid seeped through her pussy lips. Biting her lip, she tried not to frown up at the sensation. He walked towards her until her back hit the counter. “I didn’t come here to watch you cook.” His lips touched her neck and she whimpered to him. “You taste so nice. But your neck isn’t nearly as good as your pussy.” She felt another spurt of that hot wetness leak from her.

“Kendrick.” He looked down at her, waiting for her to speak. But it was as though her mind went blank when Samsun Escort Bayan his eyes caught hers. She closed her mouth, then opened it again, then closed it.

“Here or in the bed room?” She swallowed unable to answer. Looking up at him helplessly, she pressed her back further against the counter top until it dug into her back. “You’re right. Bed room has more space.” He lifted her swiftly, holding her close to his chest.

In the bedroom, he set her back on her feet and took his place back on the edge of the bed. Lauren stood as though frozen. Her mind had been blank before, but now panic set in and stilled her. This was it. There were going to have sex. Intercourse. He was going to penetr-

“Come here.” She walked stiffly to him. “Undress me.” Her mouth opened a little again as if to protest. “Keep doing that and I’ll have something to put in there next time.” He smirked standing up as her jaw snapped shut. She stood there dumbly as he stood over her. “Did you forget what you’re supposed to be doing already?” He asked, that same smart-ass smirk on his face. If she wasn’t haven’t a silent panic attack she would want to smack it off.

“No.” She replied shaking her head. Slowly, she unbuckled his thick, expensive leather belt as if it might bite her. He could feel himself hardening even more as her fingers fumbled at her task. Her inexperience…or maybe it was nerves…was so sexy to him, so unlike the over-sexed women who would do anything to get close to him that he was use to. He heard soft hiss of her dragging it through the loops and then heard the belt fall to the carpeted floor. A moment later he felt her hand pressing against his stomach as she popped the button on his pants. Untucking his shirt, she looked up at him confused as to how to reach high enough to get the thing off. The warmth she saw in his face caught her off guard, and she looked away for a moment, blushing. He pulled the shirt over his head and stood waiting. Inhaling deeply, the unzipped his jeans and tugged them slightly. He watched her as she watched him thinking she was done. He glanced down at his feet and she quickly got the idea. She dropped to her knees and pulled up one leg and then the other as she moved his pants out of the way.

“Do you think I will be able to stroke your pussy through the boxers?” He asked as she started to rise to her feet. Her hands moved painstakingly slow towards the band of his boxers. She had tried to ignore the masculine hardness of him since he arrived, but now the inevitable was literally right in front her face. The tormented look on her face was priceless. Never had a woman seemed so intimidated over his dick before. Most of them seemed excited actually; even the ones that tried to act nonchalant had a type of anxious excitement once they saw his penis. He could feel the sensation of her nails as brushed his flesh when her fingers slid into the top of his boxers. A small shiver went through him and she pulled away slightly. “Keep going.” He coached softly, his hand in her hair. God she was adorably sexy. The concentration on her face as she pulled his boxers down, almost as if she was bracing herself for something. Hell, maybe she was.

There it was in all its glory. After failing to tear her eyes away from it, she simply allowed herself to stare. It was like the size of her torso, okay that was an exaggeration, but it was huge, the head slightly darker than the shaft, which was slightly lighter than the rest of his body. Her mouth opened and closed again. It had to be eleven inches. He was not shoving all of that into her precious body. Shit, she was fragile. And it was thick. And veiny. And just huge. A little more intimidated than she was before, she looked up at him.

“I won’t hurt you.” He held a hand out to her. After helping her up, he stretched himself across her bed. Her brow furrowed. He barely fit. He was almost too tall. “I explored your body, now I want you to get comfortable with mine.” She bit her lip again. He looked like some kind of king, laying across her bed in all his muscular defined magnificence, and he wanted her to be comfortable with his body? When she was so overwhelmed simply by presence. At least she got to keep her clothes on. It made the whole process less daunting somehow.

Hesitantly, she crawled onto the bed. After looking at him for a moment she thought “fuck it” and straddled him. Adjusting herself so his dick wouldn’t be stabbing her she started at his face. His eyes closed as she traced his perfect eyebrows. Then her finger travelled down the slope of his nose, lined him lips and back up his face to a faint scar on the right side of his forehead. He smiled as she found it, knowing that most people never even knew he had it. There was a shift of her weight on the bed and she buried her face in his neck and inhaled deeply.

“Oh…” she moaned softly. The scent she found was purely male and clean. There was the faint smell of cologne and she Escort Samsun let her nose lead the way as she followed the smell across his chest and midway down his abdomen. Her eyes shut as she tried to heighten her sense of smell and when she opened them again she found that he had been watching her. Blushing again, she sat across his abdomen and took one hand in hers. No wonder she came so hard when he fingered her, his fingers were huge. The nails were perfectly straight. Manicures? That would fit right in with everything else she knew about him. They weren’t painted thankfully, which would have turned her off.

Her fingertips moved up his only slightly hairy arm, lingering on his bicep. She squeezed his arm softly.

“You’re not going to hurt me.” He almost whispered.

She squeezed harder and gently bit his chest. He groaned quietly and she moved on. Her fingers slipped into each of the chiseled grooves that were his abdominal muscles. She was fascinated by how different their bodies were. She was only familiar with average bodies, with slight muscle tone. Nothing like this. Still watching her, he watched the slightest of smiles cross her face as her finger dipped into his navel. She dug into the cuts next to his pelvis. He sucked in his breath as her head dipped down towards his crotch. He kept his pubic hair trimmed and well groomed which she appreciated. Her tongue slid slowly up the grooves next to his pelvis.

“Shit , girl.” The sensation totally stunned him. When she did the other side he drew in his breath sharply waiting for her to do it again. When she sat up again she cocked her head slightly as she studied his face again. She looked down at his penis. It was waving at her or something.

“Are you doing that on purpose?”

“No. That’s what you do to me.” She didn’t believe the last part. But thought it was nice of him to attempt to instill a little confidence in her.

“Can I-”

“Wherever you want.” He answered before she could ask.

She gripped it firmly. It’s just like any other dick. She kept repeating this over and over as the stroked and observed. She barely fit her hand around it, and she wasn’t one of those dainty people with small hands, despite being 5’5. She gripped it more firmly as she let her fingertips graze his balls. She felt a rush of blood or something course through his penis and brushed his balls a bit resolved in her action as she stroked him to see if she could get it to happen again. It did. Surprised, she looked up at him.

“I couldn’t do that on purpose if I wanted to.” He said, reading her mind. She cocked her head again studying him. Before he could fully register what happened, her head had dipped down again. Her tongued journeyed around the head of his dick, and before she could continue he snatched her up. Lauren had no time to react as he flipped her onto her back. “You got me with that one. I wasn’t expecting that.”

“I’m sorry.” She started. “You said-“

“I know what I said.” He mumbled undressing her, glad she had skipped the underwear. He spread her legs and settled in between them. “Are you still afraid?” He asked looking into her eyes. After a moment she nodded her head. “Do you think I’m going to hurt you.”

“Not on purpose.” She responded meekly.

“But I know what I’m doing. Do you believe me.” His hand had slipped between the lips of her pussy and was coaxing her open. Once his fingers were wet with her juices he caressed her clit firmly.

“Mmm hmm.” She cooed, mellowed from his touch. He allowed his hands to feel her thighs as he bit her nipple only a little harder than she had nipped his chest earlier. Her back arched slightly as he dipped his fingers back into her wetness. She was ready. As he licked her ear he sought entrance into her body.

“Bring them hips up a little for me.” He instructed soothingly. She obeyed without question. It was as if the simplest touches and caresses put her into a trance. The head of him slid in and her eye flew open from the stretch. Instantly, her eyes flew open. “That’s the widest part. You can’t tense up or I won’t get in.” The tension on her face was apparent as she tried to force herself to relax. “Is it that you don’t trust me?”

“No.” she whimpered.”No.”

“Then what is it?” he urged a little further.

“I don’t know. It’s just that I haven’t had sex in a while, ya know? And even when I did, they weren’t nearly as…big as you.” She blurted. As soon as she finished her sentence, he slid half of himself into her. Her back bent and her eyes started to roll into the back of her head. He pulled out and pushed back in a little deeper. “You tricked me.” She breathed. He drew himself out again and slid back home.

“Are you angry?” he rasped. She could only shake her head. He could feel her pussy trying to squeeze his dick the same way it had his fingers earlier. Her pussy was perfect. So much tighter than he expected. As he buried himself in her heat he had to fight every second not to come. And her eyes. When they weren’t closed or in the back of her head the look she gave him was some mix of lust, fascination, and ecstasy he wanted to see again and again. One of her legs managed to escape from beneath him and was rising into the air.

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