Laura Love Ch. 06


Note to readers: This series is a continuation of “Laura’s Femdom Empowerment”. You should read that series before this one.


Chapter 6 A Match Made in the Dungeon

Shortly after I got off the phone with Alexis I received a text from Pixie, “Are you available tonight? I have a request for a session.”

I replied, “You don’t mean the session with Beez?”

Pixie replied, “No, That’s not until this Friday night. I have another request from a newbie for tonight. He called himself Pathetic Paul.”

I chuckled to myself. I had forgotten about Paul. He was probably still denying himself orgasm and getting desperate. I texted back, “I know him. I can make tonight work. Any time after 7:30.”

Pixie sent me a thumbs up and said, “I’ll get back to you.”

I finished my lunch and I was gathering my things to head back to work. Pixie texted me again, “Paul, tonight, 8:00 to 9:30”

I replied, “See you about 7:45.”

Pixie replied, “c u then.”

I crossed the street and went back to work. I was going over a patient’s chart at the nurse’s station. I was having naughty thoughts about Paul. I was trying to focus on work but I found myself getting horny as I remembered Paul’s body. I planned on having fun with him. I wanted to see how much I could torment him. I had no emotional attachment to Paul so to me he was a piece of man meat to be tenderized.

With that thought I chuckled quietly to myself. Linda said, “What’s so funny?” I looked up at her and said, “Oh uh… I just remembered something. It’s nothing.”

Linda said, “I thought you were laughing at the patient’s name.” I checked the name and it was “Harry Rodman”. I chuckled again and said, “Okay you caught me. That was it.”

She smiled and said, “I thought so. Now tell me, why doesn’t he go by the name Harold?”

I smiled and said, “He must have a good sense of humor.”

She agreed, “Let’s go with that.”

Linda said, “So I’m hearing rumors about you?”

I said, “Oh? Like what?”

Linda said, “I heard that you and Dr. Bradford went on a second date.”

I smiled and said, “Who told you that?”

She said, “Barb said she saw you two at a hamburger place this past weekend. I forget the name.”

I chuckled and said, “Wow. I didn’t realize we were the talk of the hospital.”

Linda said, “No, no not at all… Okay yeah you are.” She laughed.

She continued, “So it’s true?”

I said, “It’s really not a big deal.”

Linda said, “I thought you didn’t care for his ego.”

I smirked and said, “He just might be a diamond in the rough. I’m going to try to smooth out his rough edges, so to speak.”

Linda nodded and said, “Well good for you. Good luck.”

I said, “Thanks.” I took the chart and headed down to “Harry’s” room.

After work I grabbed some Chinese food on my way home for a quick dinner before heading to Red Room Studio. As I ate I decided not to shower. I just changed out of my scrubs into jeans and a tee shirt.

By 7:45 I was walking into the office at Red Room. I said, “Hi Pix. How’s it going?”

She gave a thumbs up and said, “Everything’s under control.”

I walked over to the desk and she said, “Here’s your copy of Paul’s application.” I grabbed it and sat down on the couch.

She queried, “So you have history with Paul?”

I smiled and said, “We met on Fetlife. He bought me dinner about two and a half months ago. I invited him to my place a couple days later to uh… test him. I had him paint my toenails and sent him packing. Long story short, I told him if he wanted to see me again it needed to be here.”

Pixie said, “I see. Well I can tell you he sounded really nervous on the phone. He requested quite few limits.”

I read the requested activities from his application. I said, “Let’s see… interests are, bondage, corporal punishment, foot worship, humiliation, objectification, latex. Exclusions… no marking, no anal play, no cbt, no cum eating, no strap-on play.”

I frowned at Pixie and said, “Damn, this might be a boring session. Then again, I could just bend a couple of these limits.”

Pixie giggled and said, “You are so naughty.”

I smiled and said, “Oh don’t worry. I’ll make him love it.”

Pixie looked at the security monitor and said, “Is that him?”

I glanced at it and said, “Oh yes. That’s Paul. I’m going to go get ready. I think it’s time to break out my new red latex dress.” I folded up Paul’s list of interests and slipped it in my pocket.

Pixie said, “Have fun.”

As I walked away I said, “I always do.”

Latex was not my typical choice but the outfit was free. I had received a Visa gift card from one of my regulars. He told me he liked latex so I used it to buy a red latex mini dress and thigh high black latex high heeled boots.

The dress was form fitting and sleeveless with a collar. It was meant to be worn braless. I was wearing black cotton panties from the work day. I left them on. I decided Paul would not be seeing my pussy again. If he was lucky I may let him smell what he was missing.

Jade was xslot preparing for an interrogation session. She was dressing as a military police officer. She helped me get into the dress. It was short, extending just a few inches below my ass.

My cleavage was covered but the thin latex was so form fitting that my breasts almost appeared nude. My nipples were clearly outlined through the filmy red rubber.

Jade zipped my dress up and I reached for my black latex boots. I pulled the boots on and tugged the zippers up. The zippers started at my ankles and went all the way up the backs of my legs. My boots were so tall they disappeared up under my dress.

Jade said, “Let me look at you.” I stepped back and slowly turned. She said, “Wow you look like a yummy dessert.”

I laughed and said, “Tonight my sub is going to be on a diet. He can look but not touch.” Jade smiled and said, “You know it. Tease the hell out of him and leave him wanting more.”

I said, “You look great too. Interrogation scene?”

Jade said, “Yep. Shock torture interrogation fantasy.”

I said, “Wow that’s intense. The same goes for you. Leave him wanting more.”

Jade said, “Oh I will, but it’s not a he, it’s a she.”

I said, “Ooh fun. Next time we’re at the Labyrinth I want to hear about it.”

Jade headed for the door and said, “Sounds good.”

I pulled my hair back and tied it out of the way. I applied some bright red lipstick and checked my look. Finally I grabbed Paul’s interest sheet and headed down to the dungeon.

I laid the piece of paper on the small table next to the throne and I walked over to the changing room door. I slowly turned the knob and pulled the door open. There was my pathetic Paul. Completely nude and kneeling on the “X”. His cock was partially erect. He looked up at me and I could tell he was nervous. I commanded, “Keep your eyes down.”

His eyes quickly darted down. I took a moment to ogle his nude body. His genitals were, once again, shaved smooth and the rest of his body was delightfully hairless. I said, “Crawl. And close that door.”

I turned and walked across the room. When I reached the throne I faced Paul and sat down. I pointed to the floor in front of me and said, “Kneel here.”

Paul stopped in front of me and knelt. He was careful to keep his eyes down. I sat with my knees together and off to my right. I rested my palms flat on the tops of my thighs and said, “You may look at me slave.”

He looked up at my face. I could see that he was shaking slightly. I said, “You are shivering slave. Are you cold?”

Paul shook his head and said, “No goddess Laura I’m just a little nervous.”

I smiled and said, “Don’t be nervous slave. This will be fun, just pay attention and do as you’re told and everything will be fine.”

I noticed his erection starting to grow. I said, “I see you have kept your genitals shaved. Have you been behaving yourself and not masturbating?”

Paul said, “Yes goddess Laura. I’ve been waiting for your permission.”

I said, “Really? How many days has it been now?”

Paul said, “Um… not since uh, before you called me.”

I said, “I asked you how many days.”

Paul stammered and said, “Uh well, it’s been uh thirty eight days.”

I scowled at Paul and said, “You wouldn’t be lying to me would you slave? It’s a very bad idea to lie to me.”

Paul said, “No goddess I’m telling the truth.”

I paused and thought for a moment. Then I said, “When you and I spoke on the phone, you said you hadn’t beat off for seventeen days. That call was well over a month ago. That means it would have been at lease forty seven days since you last squirted. Now tell me slave. Did you lie to me then or are you lying now?”

The color drained from Paul’s face and he was quiet. I raised my voice, “Answer me!”

Paul sheepishly said, “I, I’m lying now goddess Laura. It has only been two weeks since I… since.”

“Since what? Say it.” I scowled.

Paul said quietly, “Since I masturbated.”

I glared at him and he dropped his eyes to my feet. After a long, uncomfortable pause I said, “Liars must be punished. Look at me Paul.”

He looked up into my eyes. I said, “Do you agree to accept my punishment for lying?”

Paul nodded and said quietly, “Yes I will accept it.”

I sat back and put my hands on the arms to the throne. I kept my right leg in position and started to spread my knees. Before Paul’s gaze could settle on my crotch he looked at the floor. I said, “Very good slave. You are, at least somewhat, trainable. But it’s okay. You may look up my dress.”

Paul slowly raised his eyes until he was looking at my black panties. I laughed and said, “Gotcha. No free looks for you, only black cotton panties. The same ones I’ve been wearing all day. I reached down and peeled the top of my latex dress up a little. As I revealed more of my panties I said, “If you’re an extra good boy I may give you a chance to enjoy my scent. Would you like that?”

Paul nodded and said, “Yes goddess Laura. I’d like that very much.”

I picked xslot Giriş up Paul’s interest sheet and began to read it. I said, “Let me see slave Paul. Bondage, corporal punishment, humiliation… oh and latex. Do you like my outfit?”

Paul nodded and said, “You are like a dream come true.”

I gave him a sly smile and said, “Not all dreams are good. Actually I can be very bad. Would you like to find out how?”

Paul didn’t know what to say but he was afraid to tell me no. He said, “Yes goddess Laura.”

I smiled at him and said, “Good.” I continued looking at the paper. I said, “I see some things you want to avoid. No anal play, no cum eating, and what’s this? No marking? Are you trying to take away all my fun?”

Again Paul was afraid to disagree with me. He said, “No not at all goddess Laura.” I intended to renegotiate his limits.

I said, “Are you in a relationship with someone who may see marks on your body?”

Paul responded, “No goddess Laura.”

I continued my questions, “So why are you worried about marks?”

Paul said, “Sometimes I work shirtless. Marks on my back would get noticed.”

I said, “I see. So do you ever work with a bare ass?”

Paul said, “No goddess I always wear jeans.”

I smiled and said, “Perfect. So you don’t want marks on your back but your legs and ass are fine.” It was a statement rather than a question.

Paul hesitated but then agreed, “Uh, yes goddess.”

I said, “Good. Now that we have that established, let’s get started shall we?”

I looked down at Paul and said, “It’s time to address the misuse of your tongue. I do not tolerate lying.”

I stood and walked over to the cabinet. I returned with a black nylon cord and two metal clamps joined by a short chain. I sat back down on the throne. I said, “Stick out your tongue.”

Paul stuck his tongue out and I said, “Further.”

He pushed his tongue out as far as he could. I placed one of the clamps on the front left side of his tong and slowly tighten it until he winced. I placed the other clamp on the front right side of his tongue and tighten it as well. I dropped the joining chain and it dangled to the bottom of his neck.

I tugged on the chain with my finger and said, “Do those clamps hurt?”

Paul nodded and said, “Yeth goddeth.”

I said, “Good.” I picked up the black cord and tied one end of it to the center of the chain. After it was secure I stood up and said, “Crawl.”

I began walking across the dungeon using the black cord as a leash. I led Paul to the spanking horse and said, “Get up here.”

He climbed onto the horse and settled into position. I moved behind him and pulled his erection down so it was pointing at the floor. I gently caressed it as I spoke, “Paul when you were at my house I told you to stop touching yourself. Believe it or not, I know how powerful your sex drive is. I have a question for you. Wouldn’t you rather have me touch your cock than do it yourself?”

Paul didn’t try to talk but he nodded his head.

I said, “Yeah, that’s what I thought. But I get it. You have needs.” I kept caressing his rock hard cock. I continued, “The problem is not, so much, that you jacked yourself off, it’s that you lied about it. That’s why you are being punished.”

I strapped his left ankle to the rail. Then ran my finger tips from his left ankle, up the back of his leg to his ass, then back down to his right ankle. I strapped his right ankle to the other rail.

I strapped his wrists down to the front rails as well. I came back around to the head end and picked up the black cord. I lifted it and pulled his face up to face me. He was already drooling and moaned in pain. I said, “Awe, does my little liar’s tongue hurt?”

Paul said, “Uh huh.”

I smirked and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll take your mind off of it.” I threaded the cord under the horse and back between Paul’s knees. I put it next to his balls and slowly pulled. That forced him to bend his neck down. He moaned as his tongue was stretched out of his mouth. Then I grabbed his balls and wrapped the cord around them a dozen times and tied it off.

I walked over to the implement cabinet. I chose Mistress X’s maple paddle. I slowly walked back to Paul. I made sure to carry the paddle low enough that he could see it. I stopped next to his head and leaned down. I put my mouth to his ear and whispered, “In just a minute you’ll forget all about the pain in the that tongue.”

I walked to the other end of the spanking horse. I got into position and took a broad stance with my feet apart. I held the paddle with both hands like a baseball bat. I pressed the smooth wood up against Paul’s ass. The cold paddle made him jump.

I pressed the paddle firmly to his ass and used it to rub circles. I said, “Hmmm. You lied to me about beating off. What should the penalty be? How many strokes?”

Paul squirmed in discomfort but said nothing. I said, “Interesting. You don’t seem to care. How about one hundred strokes.”

Paul began struggling and trying to shake his head and said, “No. no, xslot Güncel Giriş peeth.”

I lowered the paddle and said, “So you do care. Then give me a number.”

Paul was still quiet so I reached under him and grasped the black cord and started to pull. Immediately Paul moaned, “Ahh, otay, goddeth. Ten.”

I said, “Ten strokes huh? That’s not very many so they are going to be hard ones.”

I raised the paddle and said, “I’ll count for you.” I pivoted back and swung hard. Crack!

Paul jumped and wailed, “Owww!”

I waited for him to calm down and then I said, “One.”

The second time I swung even harder, crack! Paul tensed and cried out again, “Ow, ow, ow.”

After he relaxed I said, “Two. You know you brought this on yourself. You need to learn your lesson. Don’t ever, ever lie to me.” Crack!

Paul was breathing heavy and starting to sob. I said, “Three.”

I paused to give Paul time to collect himself and so I could get into his head. I slowly walked around him. I said, “I know that Pixie explained the use of the safe word to you right?”

Paul said, “Yeth goddeth.”

I said, “Good.” I ran my fingers along his shoulders as I admired his powerful build. I continued, “Of course if you call for mercy you lose your chance for an orgasm. You do want to cum tonight, don’t you slave?”

Paul said, “Yeth goddeth.”

I moved back into position and said, “Yes, I’m sure you do.” Without warning I swung fast and hard. Crack!

Paul wailed, “Ow, ow, peeth goddeth…” He stopped himself.

I mocked him, “Yes slave? Peeth what? Are you asking for… mercy?”

Paul was quiet for a moment and finally said, “Peeth continue.”

I said. “Four.” I swung again, “Crack!” I paused for a moment and said, “Five.”

I put the paddle down on Paul’s back. Then I walked directly behind him and put my palms on his ass. He sucked air in around his stretched tongue. I said, “Your ass is an angry red color. The good news is you’re halfway done slave. What hurts more your tongue or your ass?”

Paul didn’t respond. I said, “Hmm, you’re not sure? Let me clear it up for you.”

I moved back into position and unleashed a brutal assault on his ass. I swung harder than ever, five times in a row. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Paul was crying and slobber was dripping from his tongue. I said, “There, ten strokes. Same question, what hurts more? Ass or tongue?”

Between sobs Paul said, “My ath, my ath goddeth.”

I said, “You think so huh?”

I put the paddle down next to the discard bin and returned to Paul. I unwrapped the cord from his balls. I went to the head end of the horse and I said, “Look at me.”

He pivoted his face up to mine. I grabbed the chain and I jerked both clamps off his tongue at once. He wailed in pain, “Owww, ow.”

I smirked and said, “Now what hurts more?”

Paul said, “My tongue goddess.”

I said, “Good. Don’t fucking lie to me.”

Paul said, “I won’t goddess. I’m sorry goddess.”

I walked back to the throne and returned with the list. I read from the sheet again, “Hmmm. Let me see here. No anal play.”

I dropped the list on the floor and ran my fingertips from Paul’s neck along his spine as I walked toward the back of the horse. When I was behind him I reached between his legs and caressed his erection.

I said, “So you like it when I touch your cock?”

Paul nodded and said quietly, “Yes goddess Laura.”

I continued teasing his erection and said, “You also want a chance to nuzzle your face in my crotch don’t you?”

Again Paul nodded and said, “Yes please goddess.”

I stopped stroking and moved back in front of him. I squatted down so I could look into his eyes. My knees were apart and he had a perfect view of my panties. I allowed him to stare at my crotch as I continued, “I know the things you want slave. You want to know what my pussy smells like, what it looks like, and what it tastes like. Isn’t that correct?”

Paul nodded and said, “Yes goddess.”

I stood up and said, “Well tonight you will definitely not be seeing or tasting my treasure but, if you play your cards right, I may allow you to experience its fragrance. Now, I want you to understand that, someday you may be able to earn a look or even a taste. That’s if you become a regular slave. Over time you’ll have the opportunity to have more intimate sessions with me but not tonight. Do you understand?”

Paul said, “Yes goddess, I understand.”

I said, “Good. Now in order to get what you want out of this session and future sessions you need to give me what I want. That’s fair isn’t it?”

Paul nodded and said, “Yes goddess.”

I said, “I’m glad you agree. I see that you want to avoid anal play but that doesn’t work for me. I’m going to teach you how enjoyable anal play can be for you. Does that scare you?”

Paul said, “Yes a little bit goddess.”

I said, “Don’t worry I’ll be gentle… sort of.” I walked over to the cabinet and gathered some things. I returned with a metal tray and placed it on Paul’s back. He sucked air in through his teeth as the cold metal touched his back. I had a latex glove, some lube, and two different anal toys. One was a medium sized Aneros prostate massager. The other was a smooth stainless steel rod with a small base. It was heavy and somewhat smaller than an average penis.

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