Late Night.

Big Tits

Just another filler for now since, apparently, I can’t submit little poetic diddies without being put on a shooting range. It’s quite alright, however, and this is another quick story that I wrote a couple of weeks back. It’s short, sweet, and to the point, so enjoy! Can also be found on both of my blogs, whose links are on my profile!

Also wasn’t entirely sure on the category. Please excuse any writing errors!


I can hear your breathing. It’s heavy, and thick with need. I turn over in bed to see you standing there, cock in hand, stroking it to its full length. I smirk at you, as your eyes darken with lust; there’s only one thing you want right now, and playing games isn’t one of them. You walk towards me, still stroking your nearly hard-as-a-rock cock, and my tongue involuntarily juts out to lick my lips. I can’t wait to taste you, to have you inside of me, breathing in my ear, me scratching at your back, leaving little reminders of our escapades. You pull the sheet that I’m hiding under off of me, ready to ravage me in the worst ways possible. I’m still partly clothed, which you grunt at with disapproval, and move to slip off my panties and bra. I gladly let you unclothe me, giggling at the slight tickle that your fingers make upon my skin. You move down my body, your tongue making a trail from my now exposed breasts, down to my navel, where your tongue creates a little dance before you make your way to my ready and waiting slit. You lightly lick me up and down, just Samsun Escort once, causing a shiver to run up and down my body, as a soft moan elicits from my lips.

Your skilled tongue breaks my slit to get to that little sensitive button that has been waiting for you. Just the smallest flick causes my nipples to automatically harden, and my body to jolt upwards; god I can’t wait to have you deep inside of me. You begin to ravage me with the upmost need, nibbling at my clit, causing my grip on the sheets and pillows around me to tighten more and more… I can feel myself nearly at my peak and one of my hands releases its grip on the sheets, and makes its way down my body to grip your hair. My fingers begin to entwine with your hair, causing you to nibble even more furiously at my clit, and your tongue to dart in and out of my fuck hole. I moan out loud, biting my lip, trying to muffle my cries. We’ve gotten one too many complaints from the neighbors, but I can tell that you don’t care for me to quiet down as your licking, sucking, and nibbling finally brings me to my peak and I scream your name out loud, riding out my orgasm with your head still buried in my snatch. My grip on your hair and the pillow loosens as I lay there, ready for round two. You lick me a few more times before kissing up my body, until you’re finally at my mouth.

You kiss me deep, with so much passion, that I’m almost taken aback. As our lips part from one another, I look up at you, to see your eyes softened now.

“I Samsun Escort Bayan love you…” you say in a low voice.

I smile, responding with, “I love you, too.”

You begin to kiss my neck, and I prepare myself for your penetration as you steady yourself above me. I feel your huge cock brush up against my pussy, and I gasp. Wrapping my arms around your neck, I feel you slowly push into me. I moan your name, as you go as deep into me as you possibly can. You stay there for a moment, adjusting yourself once again to the way I feel. Slowly you begin to pump in and out of me, as my nails already begin their assault on your back. You chuckle into my neck as your thrusts begin to pick up speed. I gasp out your name, trying once again to muffle my cries, which you keep trying to bring out. Your thrusts become more powerful, more punishing, as you fuck me deeper and harder. I cry out loud, little hot tears building up in the corners of my eyes.

“Ahhhhh fuck!” I yell out, which only fuels your need to fuck me deep, hard, and as fast as possible. My nails dig into your back and you gasp into my neck. We’re both almost at our peaks, and I know that this one is going to be even more powerful than the one before.

“Faster… faster…” I urge you, though I’m not sure if you can really go any faster. You prove me wrong by fucking me faster than before, causing me to bite down onto your shoulder. The saltiness of your skin only pushes me even further towards my peak as I scream Escort Samsun into your flesh, a little tingle building up within my body. You yell out loud because of my simultaneous biting and scratching, as your thrusts seem to become even more punishing. And suddenly, with no warning, I explode all over your thick cock. I scream into you, as my whole body shakes from the explosive orgasm that has come rushing out of my body. You continue thrusting into me, bringing yourself to your own peak until finally, I feel you come inside of me with a deep, aggressive growl that reverberates throughout the entire room. I give one last little moan at the feel of your release as you collapse on the side of me, out of breath; you’re completely spent. I close my eyes for a moment, trying to compose myself from the intense fuck session that we both just had. I finally open my eyes, and look over at you. Your breathing is still heavy, your chest heaving up and down with your eyes closed. I smile as I move closer to you, and kiss your chest. You open your eyes and give me a devilish smirk as your hand moves to entangle itself in my hair and you bring me closer to your face as you kiss me with as much want and need as before. I feel you smile against my lips once again as my hand begins to glide down your body, and I take your spent member in my hand, which begins to slowly, but surely, grow under my touch. I bite your bottom lip and your hands make their way to my ass, grabbing both cheeks fully in your large hands as I hear your make a growling noise into my mouth.

I move up so my lips are right next to your ear and lightly whisper, “You ready to go again?”

And, feeling your now fully grown cock pushing against my hand, you chuckle back and whisper, “Of course,” as you suddenly flip me on my back…

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