Late Afternoon Rendezvous


Special thanks to exiledmaster for editing assistance with this story.

There’s a knock at the door. As you let room service in, I slip away into the bathroom, quietly closing the door behind me. I face the mirror, and slide my hands down my body. The cream colored fabric of my dress clings to every curve. I reach for the bottom hem snugly draped against my thighs and pull the dress up and over my head and hang it on the back of the door. As I stand there in my bra and panties, I can hear you say, “Over there is fine thanks.” I reach behind my back and unhook my lace bra. Hanging it with my dress I can hear the soft crinkling of cash, a “thank you sir.” The door swooshes over the carpet as it closes and there is an echo as the top lock is clicked shut.

I hook my thumbs into the hip straps of my panties and, bending over, pull them down to my ankles. I lift my left foot through my panties careful not to hook the three inch spiked heel of my beige sandal. While repeating the same with my right, I hear the creak of the bedsprings as you sit down. There are two soft thumps as each of your discarded shoes hits the plush carpet.

I take a deep breath and stretch my arms over my head, tilting my neck to the side and revealing the triple stranded gold earring dangling underneath my long, sandy-blonde curls. I watch my naked body in the mirror as I release the stretch, slowly breathing out, rolling my shoulders back and then begin to massage myself. First my splayed hands rub down my breasts and then reach underneath, pushing them up and squeezing them. Releasing my breasts, the palms of my hands press firmly down as I slide them over my ribs, past my narrow waist, over the soft skin of my belly and finally rest on the sides of my thighs. I lick my lips, turn on my spiked heels and enter the room to join you.

You stand up as I walk through the door and smile as you admire my naked breasts and hips sway across the room towards you. Other than your shoes, you’re still fully dressed in an expensive tailored brown suit, blue shirt with the top button undone and a loosened silk tie. I reach my hands up towards your shoulders; part my lips for your tongue. You grab my ass, kneading it as you pull me tightly against you. I clear my throat and reach for your belt buckle, which is uncomfortably pressed against me. You immediately release your grip, but continue to suck and nip at my lips as you remove the belt. You bend the belt into a loop and playfully spank me with it before tossing it aside.

Holding my wrist, you sit down at the edge of the bed in front of the room service cart and pull me into your lap. I turn, facing the cart and press my back against your chest. I take a deep breath and rub my shoulder blades against you, enjoying the feel of the varying textures of your suit Samsun Escort jacket, soft shirt and silk tie against my naked skin. Holding me at the waist with your left arm, you lean forward. I tilt my head left, baring my neck and delight in the feel of your breath tickling me. Your lips caress my right shoulder as you reach over and remove the cover off the dish, revealing a slice of seven layer dark chocolate cake covered in rich frosting.

I gasp with pleasure at the sight of this delicious dessert and giggle as you dip your finger into the frosting and bring a thick gob towards my lips. I suck hard on your finger, greedily licking it clean. As the taste of the rich, dark chocolate swirls and tingles in my mouth, your fingers softly slide down my throat. The combined effect of your soft breath on my neck, one hand sliding down and the other up, each grabbing and tugging at a nipple as the chocolate sends a rushing sensation through my body is enough to make me moan. I arch my back and part my legs. I start to slip off your lap, but you quickly reach between my legs, grab my cunt and hoist me back up. You spank my pussy playfully a few times and my thighs grasp the outside of your legs in delight.

You squeeze and massage the soft padding above my clitoris as you bring a fork full of cake to my mouth. As I suck it off the fork, your middle finger tickles my clit, gently first and then, as I swallow, your finger moves harder and faster, again turning the rush of the chocolate into torturous pleasure.

As my thighs begin to quiver, you slow the motion of your finger down and reach for another forkful of cake, this time leaning past me and feeding yourself. You put the fork down and reach for my breast, squeezing and massaging it as your other hand continues to grab me by my pussy, both hands keeping my body firmly pressed against yours. You finish the piece of cake in your mouth and begin nibbling on my ear, your tongue playing with my earrings. As your teeth tug on my fleshy lobe, you begin to chuckle.

I grab hold of your thighs, arch my back, tilt my head back towards you and ask, “What’s so funny?”

“I’m running out of hands, ” you reply, making me giggle.

By arching back, I’ve shifted my weight, pressing harder into your groin. I begin rolling my hips, enjoying the feel of your bulge against my bottom, “I’m not hurting you, am I?”

Your right hand drops off my breast and reaches across to squeeze my left thigh while your left slides up and back, twisting a nipple on the way. Your left hand supporting my arched back, you begin to turn me around in your lap. You thrust your tongue between my lips and moan into my mouth, “Not at all.”

I balance on one leg, swing the other around behind me and straddle you facing forward. We smile Samsun Escort Bayan at each other as you squeeze my butt hard and I begin to unzip your pants. I reach in and massage your thick, solid cock through your soft flannel boxer briefs. As your dick gets tighter and harder, pressing against your briefs, my hand applies more and more pressure. You reach for my wrist, gently pull my hand up to your lips and kiss my palm. Then with a smile, you reach for my waist and pick me up as you stand up, turn around and unceremoniously drop me back on the bed.

I’m sitting at the edge of the bed laughing as you work your way around the room hanging up your suit jacket and pulling off your pants and boxer briefs; returning to stand between my spread legs with your fully erect cock sticking out from underneath your shirt tails. It looks even more delicious to me than the cake and I lick my lips as I stare at it. I reach over to the cart next to us and dip my fingers into the frosting. Gently, I grasp your cock in one hand and wipe the frosting off my fingers and onto the tip of your dick with the other. I suck my fingers clean as I begin to knead your shaft. My lips part wide as they encircle you and begin sucking the chocolate off the tip of your smooth, scrumptious dick. Your body jolts at the sucking action and you moan my name. I alternate between licking and sucking, getting your entire shaft wet as one hand rubs it up and down while the other massages your balls. I run my tongue all the way down your shaft to your balls where I lick and suck one and then the other.

I come up for air and you drop your knees on either side of my hips, bend down and kiss me hard as you pull off your tie and shirt. I’m arched back with my hips tilted up. I can feel the tip of your cock tickling my clitoris and it drives me wild. I claw your back trying to pull you on me and in me, but you grab my arms and drag me to the center of the bed. You are on all fours straddling me, pinning my arms under your hands and running your cock up and down my pussy, taunting me. My knees are bent with my high heels digging into the bed and my hips are bucking in the air, begging you to take me. Just as I’m about to lose all control, you stop, sit back on your feet, lean over and kiss me, whispering, “Not yet.”

You run your fingers up and down my body, letting me catch my breath. Then you reach over for your tossed necktie and wrap it around my wrists, tying my hands above my head. You try to reach for the cake, but we’re in the center of the bed now. So you order me to stay put and spank my pussy as a warning. I wriggle with pleasure and promise to obey. Bringing the plate of cake next to my body, you use the fork to spread it across my right nipple. The cold fork pressing against my tit makes Escort Samsun me writhe more and you slap my cunt once again. You slowly suck, lick and even nip the cake off me. Then you start all over again on my left breast, slowly taking one forkful at a time and spreading it. You tease my lips with the fork, letting me lick it clean. Distracted by the frosting on my lips, I am caught off guard as you voraciously attack my chocolate covered tit sucking and nipping much more hungrily than the first time. You finish off giving my nipple a final tug with your lips and teeth together.

I beg you to untie me so I can do you again and you smugly sigh and say, “Well, if you must.”

Taking the tie off me, you toss it on the floor and lazily roll onto your back propping yourself up on pillows with one arm behind your head as you watch me get to work. Sitting up, I once again put two fingers in the frosting and spread it on the tip of your cock, but then I surprise you by dipping my hand back into the cake and reaching for more. Rolling my hips up, I drop my knees apart, taunting you with my outspread cunt. I apply the chocolate cake from my clitoris on downward, slowly pleasuring myself along the way. I grab some more and rub it inside the opening of my vagina as I lick my lips and seductively stare into your eyes. I turn around and getting on all fours, straddle you backwards. I begin to suck your cock as your tongue goes wild on my pussy. My tongue mimics yours, lashing the tip of your cock, tickling it rapidly and then sucking hard. I’m running my tongue down your shaft once again when you say, “Oh, looks like you missed a spot,” and begin thrusting your tongue in my anus.

“Two can play that game, ” I say as I wet my fingers and slowly soften the opening to your ass, gently getting it ready for my finger to penetrate. I spasm with pleasure as you plunge fingers up my ass and in my pussy at the same time. I take a deep breath and carefully wiggle my finger in your ass and you begin to moan and thrust your fingers in me harder.

I finally beg you to let me turn around and you huskily agree, pulling your fingers out of me. I turn, squat over you and you thrust your cock inside me. You hold onto my waist and raise and slam me down on top of you again and again. Our bodies are dripping and my legs begin to shake. You pull me tightly down and flip me over onto my back, staying inside me the whole time. My high heels still on, I throw my legs onto your shoulders. You ram into me harder and harder, your balls slapping against me and my entire body is shoved forward into the pillows as my hips arch up to meet every thrust. The headboard is slamming against the wall as we continue to thrust into each other, primal groans emitting from deep within our throats. Your body becomes suddenly rigid, frozen for just a moment before you begin to spasm as you come inside me. The feeling of your entire body quaking sends me over the edge and into an uncontrollable orgasm and you collapse on top of my quivering body. Tangled together our breathing slows and we drift off to sleep.

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