Large Lifestyle Ch. 05


In Part 1, Carol and Rick met for drinks… then retreated to a dark parking lot for some extra curricular activities. In part 2, Rick got to take a more active participatory role. In part 3, the couple retreated to Carol’s hotel room for a little more action. In part 4, Carol invited Rick over for dinner and the sex escalated to a whole new level. Now what? Carol has to go back to school soon….

Finally, Rick gave her what she wanted, his cock exploded inside her and a river of pent up cum shot into her depths, Carol howled more as she continued to orgasm. The long, intense orgasm crashed into her brain, she heard Rick moaning loudly, but her own mind was a jumble of erotic feelings firing all over her body. The satisfactory feel of hot sperm shooting deep inside her over and over served to intensify everything. Her mind went completely numb with pleasure. Rick’s cum filled her up and leaked out of her, dripping onto the floor. She’d never felt so full and Rick was still cumming.

They gathered themselves up afterward and Carol invited him to spend the night, in her childhood bedroom. With her mother sleeping across the hall. Her mother who had probably heard all the insane noises they had just made. Sure, they were in the basement, and mom was two floors up… but towards the end neither one of them had held back anything. Her mother had to have heard.

Whatever, Rick didn’t care. He pulled on a few clothes and followed Carol up to her room. They both quietly moved upstairs to the main level, then up another set to the second floor. Joanne, Carol’s mother, had her door closed and the lights appeared to be off. He supposed that she could have slept through everything, but what if she had still been awake. Geez, what did she think? Fucking her daughter like an animal in the basement?

They got to Carol’s room and shut the door, then wordlessly took our clothes back off again. All the lights were off, but Carol had a dim, blue night light that shed just enough light to see by throughout the room. He ogled Carol’s body again as she got undressed and watched her pull back some of the covers. Then he followed her into bed and curled up next to her. He wrapped his arms around her securely and put his hands on her breasts, his crotch and his semi-hard dick pushed into her back. She felt so good, it didn’t take long for them to fall asleep.

Twenty minutes before, Joanne had been asleep. She woke up wondering why she had been awakened after so short a time. She had only left Carol and Rick not that long ago. Joanne got out of bed and opened her bedroom door, figuring the two kids were just watching television a little too loudly. When she opened the door, she definitely heard something, but it wasn’t the television. At least she didn’t think so, unless Carol had been hiding pornography around the house all these years.

She thought maybe they were just…. making out, and being really animated. Joanne moved over to the stairs and quietly walked down a few. Just then she heard something that was certainly not the normal sounds of kissing.

Carol is having sex with Rick? Right now. In the house. Joanne couldn’t help her morbid curiosity. Something about the moan she heard drew her onward. She herself hadn’t moaned like that in a long time. She was on the main level now and things were getting louder. She was getting closer, but the two kids sounded like they were getting more animated. Joanne walked to the top of the staircase that led downstairs and stopped. She didn’t need to go any further.

She heard Carol say “Oh, fuck… Rick, no one has ever touched me like this before.” Joanne’s jaw dropped as she heard the noises coming from downstairs. Heard her daughter moaning at Rick’s touch. Joanne was suddenly very aware of her own body. She was wearing a simple robe, with nothing on underneath. She listened more.

Joanne heard her daughter say “Rick, Rick…. geez… I’m gonna cum ok?” then she heard a hand slam down hard on the dryer. Then she heard Rick say,”Cum for me Carol… cum for me.” Joanne whispered “Oh my god,” to herself and leaned against the wall. She felt dirty for being here, listening. But she couldn’t help it. She touched the bare skin of her breasts beneath her robe as her daughter moaned below.

Joanne felt… strangely happy for her daughter. She wasn’t sure how or why, but she it made her happy to hear her daughter having so much fun. Joanne felt like Carol deserved it. She was happy that Carol was having her physical needs taken care of by a nice guy like Rick, and in a safe environment. She was also incredibly intrigued; boldly she stepped a little further down the stairs. Joanne desperately wanted to peak her head around the curved staircase and see what the two were doing.

Joanne peaked one eye around the corner just as Carol said she needed to get down. Joanne watched as her daughter got down on the floor on her hands and knees no more than ten feet away from her. She watched as Rick stepped Trabzon Escort over to her and saw his big dick swing back and forth. Joanne was thrilled to see Rick’s rather large appendage plunging in and out of her daughter.

Joanne sat, riveted by what she was seeing and hearing. She listened as Carol and Rick spoke erotically to each other, heard her daughter moan and scream and cum. She saw Carol’s eyes go wide, saw her hands banging on the floor, her muscles spasming. Joanne could hear Rick’s dick slap against her body as he pushed in and out of Carol. She was excited to see Rick grunting with exertion, sweat glistening off his body. Then she heard Carol yell “Fuck me, I’m cumming again!” Joanne was stunned now, mentally she felt the intensity of Carol and Rick’s orgasm. She saw Rick’s pace quicken the moment his orgasm slammed into him, heard his loud grunts and his face twist up in a mix of pleasure and pain. Joanne couldn’t believe it. She watched Rick’s cum drip onto the floor. So much cum.

Her eyes boggled. It made her wet. Her heart raced as she tried to quickly but quietly move up the stairs and shut her door. She wasn’t surprised when a few moments later she heard Rick and Carol retreat to the old bedroom.

She listened to find out if the two kids would continue their passion in bed, but decided they had fallen asleep. She… couldn’t. At first, she had been weirdly curious about the two young people sharing themselves with each other. Then she’d found herself drawn to her daughters pleasure. Happy for her. But hearing and seeing the last part of the event turned her on, badly. Her memory floated back to seeing and hearing Rick. His exertions, what his body looked like, what his dick looked like. What he sounded like when his orgasm shook through his body. She imagined him fucking her still moderately good looking body. Mentally she could almost feel that large organ plunging insider her.

She knew she’d never have the guts to try anything, and she wouldn’t want to now that Carol and Rick seemed to have something special. But alone, in her own bed, she imagined Rick doing to her what he had done to Carol. She didn’t know for sure what all they had done… but she had enough experience to imagine it. To imagine that young man giving her something she hadn’t had in years. She grabbed her breasts and her other hand moved between her legs… moving in and out of her until her own orgasm made it possible for her to finally get some sleep.

A few minutes later, Joanne fell as fast asleep as Carol had earlier.

Good morning….

Carol had awakened several minutes earlier. She grabbed her iPhone and saw that it was a little after 9. Her body felt a little sore from last night, but she smiled, feeling very satisfied indeed. Now that it was morning and some of the insane passion had worn off, she did wonder how much her mother had heard and what she thought. Oh well

She looked over at Rick but he was sleeping soundly. He was on his back. Carol smiled as she thought about what his naked body looked like underneath the sheets. Carol got the urge to try and wake him up by sucking on his dick. She had never done that to a man before and the more she thought about it, the more a morning dose of Rick’s cum in her mouth sounded pretty good. She was turning into such a freak for Rick’s body.

She slowly pulled back the covers not to disturb him. Carol thought to herself how interesting his penis looked soft. You’d never guess how big it gets. She wanted to put it in her mouth and feel it go from small to big enough that it stretched her lips.

Slowly she reached out her hand, picking up the three inch soft penis. She marveled at how small it was right now. She knew from talking to other girls that mens penis’ sometimes did weird things in terms of size. Sometimes soft they might appear almost as long as they were erect, depending on temperature or things like that. She loved the feel of Rick’s soft cock and wiggled it back and forth, watching the head flop around. She giggled to herself and kissed the shrunken head.

The tender teasing didn’t seem to do much so she left it in her mouth and began slowly running her tongue over the velvety head of Rick’s cock. He still seemed to be asleep. Carol wanted to get his dick hard and really start to work on it, she wanted Rick to wake up and see her looking into his eyes with his huge dick deep into her mouth and her hands on his shaft and balls.

Carol smiled wickedly to herself. She wondered what he would think when he woke. He’d probably want to get inside her and fuck her real hard, but she wasn’t sure if she was ready after all her exertions last night. Although, an orgasm could probably cure her soreness.

She sucked the head of his still flaccid cock into her mouth. It felt so smooth and silky on her tongue. She wanted it to get bigger, to feel it stiffen in her mouth. Her right hand held his shaft as her left decided to caress his balls. She jiggled Trabzon Escort Bayan the large shapes, using this time to notice how stiff, but slightly squishy they were. She rolled them around in her hand, thinking about sperm flowing into her mouth and body. Carol heard Rick moan softly. His cock was starting to harden. She took his whole cock into her mouth and smiled as it stiffened inside. He grew to complete hardness as her right hand started to slide up and down the expanding pole of his dick.

Carol stopped and observed the gorgeous penis in front of her after she decided it was fully hard. The head glistened with wetness. The long shaft stretched tight and seemed to want to stay pinned to Rick’s stomach. She smiled some more, enjoying herself, feeling herself become turned on, her pussy beginning to want some attention of its own. Carol thought maybe she could make herself cum with her hand while giving Rick a blow job, she wanted to try anyway.

Carol opened her mouth wide and put her mouth over the large penis in front of her, keeping her hands moving on his shaft and balls. Her tongue glided along the sides of his dick as her mouth moved up and down steadily. When she came back up, her lips touching the head shi kissed it over and over, running her tongue over it as if she was licking up the best tasting ice cream. More moans escaped Rick’s lips and she suspected he was waking up, or possible already awake. She pushed her head back down, taking more of his dick deeper and feeling the thick head enter her throat. Impressed with herself, she held it there, then plunged up and down quickly a few times. A few of her friends had talked about going deep on men before, allowing their dicks into their throats. Carol doubted any of them had tried it with a man as long and thick as Rick. She certainly never had.

Carol felt and heard Rick suck in a large breath and saw his eyes flutter open. Quickly, she plunged his dick deeper into her mouth again, pushing the head fully into her throat, fighting back her gag reflex and relaxing as the tender skin of his penis pushed further. Rick opened his eyes and looked at Carol, she held him there for a moment and then began bobbing her head up and down over and over. Rick’s head slammed back down on the pillow and he grabbed onto the sheets next to him. Carol smiled and came off his dick, gasping for some air.

“I thought I was dreaming this, oh my god,” Rick said, smiling.

Carol winked at him and rubbed her hands up and down his shaft. “I’ve never given anyone a blow job in this bed before. Did you enjoy it?”

“Uh… yea. It was incredible.”

“I couldn’t help it. I woke up and there it was, so inviting. Would you like some more….?” Carol teased him by kissing the head of his penis again.

“Hell yes, I’d love to wake up like this all the time,” Rick said, grinning.

Carol didn’t say anything, not wanting to think about how she’d have to leave and go back to school soon. So, so soon. Instead she took his dick, the temperature of which had appeared to have dramatically increased, and shoved it back in her mouth.

Using plenty of tongue and getting her mouth really wet, she moved up and down quickly on the large, throbbing penis in front of her, sucking in gently whenever her mouth moved to the head. She moved her body so that she was sitting next to Rick, leaning over his torso and draping her breasts over his body. Her butt was now pointing slightly towards his head. Rick’s right hand moved from the sheets to her ass, grabbing it hard.

Carol squealed when Rick gave her a spank, and then another. Rick said, “You’re driving me crazy with your mouth.”

“Am I? I’m acting like a real slut aren’t I? Waking up first thing in the morning and shoving your cock in my mouth?” Carol moaned over his dick as she pushed it back into her mouth. Rick grunted in response. “I’m a real nasty slut, aren’t I?” Carol mused, smiling at him. She moved one hand between her legs and began moving it over herself, moaning more as she slid her tongue along Rick.

“I want to put it in you and cum,” Rick said. Carol’s body trembled when she heard Rick say that. Her fingers plunged inside her as she worked harder to make Rick cum. Part of her really wanted to feel Rick’s cum fill her mouth again, another part really wanted his dick plunging in and out of her, making her cum.

Carol moaned and said “Oh my god.” She took her mouth away from his dick and looked at Rick, mouth slightly agape. Her left hand frantically kept jerking him off, her right hand still plunged in and out of her body, getting her close.

“If you cum in my mouth… do you think you will have the energy to get inside me for a minute? I’m so close…. but I want to taste your cum… again.”

Rick thought for a second and shook his head yes, “I think I can handle that, yea. You want me to fill your mouth up?”

“Uh… yea, I do. Really bad.”

Carol took him to the root in a smooth Escort Trabzon nearly singular move. Rick’s hand moved from her butt to where her right hand was, and replaced her fingers. Now it was Rick’s fingers plunging in and out of her, rubbing her pussy while his cock impaled her mouth and touched her throat. Rick said he needed to cum. Rick began bucking against her mouth, fucking her lips and throat, desperate for release.

“Oh, shit,” he pleaded, he needed to cum, soon. Carol looked at him and said, “Cum for me baby, I want it. I need to taste it.” Hearing her talk so dirty excited him even more, the churning in his balls increased and he cried out.

It didn’t take long and she prepared for what she’d do after he came in her mouth. She wanted to flip over onto his crotch, facing him and ride his still hard penis until she came. It wouldn’t take much, and if an extra shot of cum found its way into her body, she wouldn’t complain. She wanted it everywhere. In seconds she got him there. She grabbed his balls with one hand and felt the base of his penis expand, then it shot deep into her mouth and throat, just like she wanted.

One, two, three strong shots found there way into her mouth and she swallowed quickly after each one, moaning and watching Rick’s face scrunch up in his pleasure. Feeling the cum subside to a dribble she straddled him and slammed her body down on the thick dick. She felt hot cum dribble inside her as she rode him, hard. She placed her hands on his stomach to help her balance as she rocked back and forth, up and down. Rick grabbed onto her breasts, hard, squeezing and twisting her nipples.

“Cum for me Carol, cum right now.” Both of them had seemingly forgotten they were not alone, Carol’s mother no more than a couple dozen feet away. They didn’t whisper and their moans were full throated.

Carol gave out a little scream and her torso collapsed down onto Rick’s chest. She couldn’t believe how good this felt, she wanted to cum soon, she NEEDED to cum soon. “MMMmmmmm Rick, oh please… please hold on… oh god oh god. oooooooooooohhhh….”

Rick felt her pussy tighten and he spanked her ass, sending her body flying over the edge as an intense orgasm washed over her. Carol yelled and screamed his name before her verbalizations descended into unintelligible grunts of pleasure. Carol continued grinding her body hard against his until her orgasm finally subsided, then she collapsed down on his chest and rolled onto the bed, breathing heavy and feeling flushed. Rick smiled watching her frantically take in breath as he still felt the tingles from his own orgasm spreading through his body.

Joanne had heard everything. She’d woken up when the sun came streaming into her window and her mind raced back to everything she’d seen and did last night. When she first heard them going at it this morning she started to get dressed, but she couldn’t help herself. Hearing everything was so exciting and interesting for her that after she got dressed, she sat in her room and listened until she heard Carol scream and grunt, until she was finished.

Joanne grabbed her keys, silently went downstairs and wrote a note that she was going out and then drove away. She hoped that maybe they wouldn’t notice the car starting and would think that she had already left the house before they’d woken up. Now that it was daylight, Joanne felt somewhat insecure about having gotten off imaging Rick fucking her. She couldn’t bare to face them today. She might not come back until after she’s spoken with Carol and knows Rick won’t be around. But what if he’s there again tonight? Carol has to leave soon, what if he wants to spend more time at the house?

Part of her really wanted him too….

Upstairs, Rick and Carol got dressed and made a plan to go eat breakfast at a local diner. They thought about taking a shower, but decided it might be more fun if they did that after they got back. Rick figured that should probably try to talk about the future some during breakfast. Today was Sunday and Carol would be going back to school tomorrow. Reality was creeping into their love affair.

Rick got into his car and waited for Carol to come out. She wanted to drive separately for some reason, in case they decided to split for a few hours while they were making plans. Rick checked his phone for emails, text messages and glanced at Facebook and Twitter. He had a message from Lois, the checkout girl, the one who sold him the condoms he bought to use with Carol, that he apparently wouldn’t be using for a while. The message said: “hope everything went… smashingly #big”. Rick smiled at the thought of this relative stranger thinking about how big his dick might be, because of the large size condoms he had purchased from her. He sent her a simple reply, saying “Everything is going fan-freaking-tastic.”

Finally, Carol left the house and got into her car. They both drove through her neighborhood until they got to the main street. They made a left and drove to the Silver Diner a few minutes away. The Silver Diner is classically styled like a diner from the 1950’s. Fake juke boxes at every table with oldies, a real juke box in the center of the store and 50’s styling everywhere. They served breakfast 24 hours a day.

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