Lapdancing Girlfriend Ch. 01


As Dan got into his car following his business-dinner meeting that evening, he realized the day could not get any worse, glad it was almost over. It all began with him getting into a fight with his fiancée Jenny in the morning, steadily going downhill until ending with this last meeting…with almost 12 hours of pure Hell in between. Short of getting into a car accident while he went to pick Jenny up from work, he could not imagine much else ruining his day.

This morning’s fight was a continuation of the same argument they always had—him disapproving of Jenny’s job. It was not the idea of her having to work which bothered him. Due to their current economic situation from his commercial real estate business declining, they both had to work to pay the bills, as well as trying to save up enough for their wedding in a couple weeks. Even with their combined income, they barely made ends meet, and Dan kept hoping he would make a big sale with a sizeable commission so Jen could quit and have time to find another job.

Unfortunately Jenny only had a high school diploma, so jobs were extremely limited. She had tried a few odd jobs as a store clerk and waitressing, but the combination of a poor economy and high school kids being cheaper to pay for such jobs, she had hit a dry spell in terms of employment.

The only commodity in her favor was her looks—Jenny was a stunning 5’10’ long-haired brunette with a killer 36D-24-34 body. She was the type of girl men not only took double-takes at when walking down the street, but downright stopped in their tracks and stared. She had been told she looked a twin for the Hungarian model Adrienn Levai, and after looking the name up on the Internet both her and Dan agreed they could be sisters. As her good looks and body were her main assets, she had to go with where the work took her.

This was nothing new for Jenny, as she had always relied on her looks in life. Early in high-school she discovered a pout here, a little cleavage there, in combination with a short skirt could sway even the most steadfast of male and even some female teachers to look the other way—or in this case her way—when it came to ignoring missing assignments or getting passing grades. Jenny had confided to Dan she loved the attention. Although deeply in love and devoted to Dan, there was something nice for a woman to know she was desired even when she was ‘off the market’ being engaged to him.

As Dan drove and stewed over their argument that morning, he remembered how the job had started out as a simple cocktail waitressing position at one of the local nightclubs. He had not liked the job even then, as the waitress’ outfits left little to the imagination. Each week the ‘uniforms’ alternated to different themes ranging from ‘racing uniforms’ consisting of little more than extremely tight and short hot-pants and low-cut halters with checkered patterns to naughty ‘school girl’ outfits to more revealing themes of ‘bikini’ and ‘lingerie’ nights.

When Jen had first started the job, although revealing, the uniforms were tastefully done; however, as ownership of the club changed hands like money through a slot machine, each owner modified the club to try and make more money. As a result, the outfits became more sleazy and revealing, although the ‘theme night’ concept was kept throughout. Ultimately within a 2-year span the club transitioned from a bar with hot waitresses, to a go-go club with scantily clothed women dancing in cages, to its current state as a strip club.


The day started off with him driving to work, not paying attention to his driving. Instead, Dan’s mind recalled when Jen’s career took a change for the worst in his mind. It was a busy weekend night, the club having a full house of customers due to a convention in town; however, a flu epidemic going around had many of the dancers calling in sick. The then-owner had pleaded with the waitressing staff to dance, offering them double their pay to fill in. The offer had come at a crucial time when Jen and Dan were hard-pressed for cash, having just bought both a house and car. Jenny immediately volunteered to earn some extra cash. Having worked at the club for over a year, she was comfortable with the revealing outfits, so stripping was almost a logical next step.

Jen had previously taken pole dancing classes for exercise, and she turned out to be a natural stripper. Dan almost wished Jen was bad at her job; however, she was an exceptional dancer. The combination of being in great physical shape and having experience ‘on the pole’ made her a damn good stripper. She was like a gymnast on the stage, working the pole so well during her routines she drew the most tips of all the girls on stage.

Unfortunately for them, the money was also good. So good in fact when the full staff had returned, Jen accepted a ‘promotion’ as a full-time dancer, hanging up her skimpy cocktail uniforms for something even more revealing.

It was psychologically emasculating bayrampaşa escort to Dan, knowing she had done it to help their income. Although Jen may have been comfortable showing off her body, Dan was not; he hated her on display to the world. The idea of his fiancée showing off her body to a group of strangers, gyrating seductively before them like a craving sex goddess nagged at him like a festering wound. He prayed every day for the real estate business to pick up again so she no longer had to ‘sell her body’ for money.

Dan’s attention was so focused on the past, he never saw the stoplight he ran through until the siren and blinking lights of the police car behind him broke him from his reverie. With the day starting off as shit, the trend continued as 20 minutes later he pulled back onto the road with a ticket, knowing he would now be late for work.

The day was just getting better and better he realized sarcastically, his mind again drifting back to the argument at breakfast with Jen…

It was not that he did not trust her; Jen believed in full disclosure, telling him about every grab, copping of a feel, and stray hand she encountered each shift. In fact, she had worked out a deal where he had access to the club’s security room whenever he visited the club during her shift to prove nothing untoward happened. The current rendition of the club was well-run, having installed security cameras in each private room to make sure things did not get out of hand in terms of the girls doing what they wanted to do, not the customer. It had been a good investment as some customers had found out the hard way, thinking they could have their way with some of the girls like Jenny who did not ‘turn tricks’ suddenly finding themselves on the wrong end of the two bouncers at the club—Brutus (I shit you not his real name) and Gregg.

And the club treated the girls well, not just from the aspect of having good security, but allowing the girls to do what they wanted and not pressuring them into anything they felt uncomfortable doing. While some girls danced and revealed nothing more than pasty-covered breasts and thongs, others if they chose could dance topless, and even a few did full nudity dancing. As long as there was no overt ‘touching’ in the public area, the city zoning allowed it. The private rooms were for more intimate contact, and some girls went the ‘extra mile’ selling sex on the side for spare income.

The owner was fully aware of what went on; as long as things were kept out of the public, the police left them alone. He let the girls decide what they wanted out of the job. Sex was part of the mystique of a strip club Dan understood, even if the club was decent, sex permeated the air. Ranging from the innocent seduction of girls on stage to some ‘turning tricks’ on the side, Dan hated what the club stood for and particularly hated Jen working there.

The fight this morning was more of the same argument they had been having for a year now, but much worse. Jenny had come downstairs looking outstanding, wearing a tight white leather bustier tied up the front, exposing not only her cleavage, but three-quarters of her breasts and the front of her body. The other half of the outfit was a matching pair of tight leather hot pants with zippers up the sides for removal during her dance routines. Completing whole ensemble she had on a pair of thigh-high red leather boots with 7″ platform heels that accentuated her long legs and muscular thighs and ass beautifully.

Dan could not deny she looked incredible and would not have minded taking her right then and there on the kitchen table, but the overlying knowledge she was dressed for work and not him rubbed the wrong way that morning. It was not the actual outfit, as Jenny let Dan pick all her clothes so nothing was hidden between them, no it was a combination of the stress of unpaid bills mixed with the fact of his woman having to earn extra money for those bills by displaying her body to strangers which hit him harder than usual. The result was him being snappy and rude, almost demanding she quit her job on the spot.

The repeating arguments were always the same, like looped recording. Yes, they needed the money. Yes, on good weeks she earned more than Dan could with his steady income. Yes, if she quit they would has to sell their new and only car and lose the mortgage on the new house and be forced to rent a shitty apartment. Yes, with her working and bringing in an additional paycheck they were actually saving money, even in this economy allowing them to have some of their wedding already paid off. Dan could not deny any of these facts, but the Cro-Magnon in him wanted his woman home and only to himself, not publicly on display and showing her body to other horny guys, and he pretty much said as much, refusing to budge in his thinking.

They both ended up stomping out of the house not speaking to each other. Jen had been so pissed she even declined him taking esenler escort her to the club to practice for the night on his way to work, instead putting on a long coat and taking a cab.

Driving to work alone only gave him the opportunity to stew about the argument more, making him angrier each second at both the situation and himself. The traffic ticket only added fuel to the fire of his foul mood.

The rest of the day only got worse. Due to the time taken for the ticket, he was late to work. Every time he went to the office kitchen for coffee he had found both pots empty, cursing people who emptied them and not making more. Then he had several potential purchases fall through on properties he was showing.

Throughout the day Jen had not answered or returned any of his messages other than to reply to one text message telling her he would be able to pick her up after her shift with a brief “K” in response. He knew her reply was not an indication of her giving in; only accepting the fact taking a cab hurt their budget too much—pissing him off even further at their predicament and his own self-loathing.

Then his boss had called an impromptu meeting. Dan’s company was suffering from the failed real estate economy and during the meeting his boss told all of the sales people if they could not meet their quota for the end of the month, he would have to consider laying people off. Dan was not the worst salesman there; however, he had been in a slump this entire last quarter, the failed economy not helping the downward spiral his commissions had taken.

The announcement caused the competition amongst the sales staff—already rough to begin with—to become relentless. By lunch Dan discovered two of his assigned properties had been ‘sniped’ from underneath him by other agents in the office immediately after the meeting, guaranteeing them their monthly quota. Although there was no written rule when a property was assigned to an agent and another agent made the sale, it was common courtesy to at least include the assigned broker, even if they were not the one who made the sale, as the assigned broker was the one in charge of the listings and property surveys. This split the commissions between the two agents and was common practice. With the announcement by their boss, that etiquette was out the window, and the sales staff was scrambling to sell any property for the full commission, assigned broker be damned.

That left Dan with only three high valued properties ‘assigned’ to him; however, knowing that meant nothing as the last two closings had proven, and it being past the middle of the month, the competition to sell them would only get worse.

Making his mood even sourer was the knowledge one of the properties on his list was the club Jenny danced. She had not said anything, so Dan knew she was probably unaware their club was up for yet another ownership turnover. He did not want to depress her, as it meant a temporary income drop. Whenever the club changed hands, it typically went through a renovation period while the new owner met with all the girls, fired and hired ones he wanted, restructured the operations of the club functions, and redesigned the place, sometimes even renaming it. The end result meant a month or more of the club being closed and no income. With Jenny’s looks and talent dancing, she would never get fired; however, the transition period still meant no pay for the interim. Some of the girls did odd jobs at bachelor parties and such to make some cash; however, with Dan’s job they had enough weather such difficulties.

Even so, Dan knew they would have to tap into their wedding money savings to pay bills, probably further extending the date. With this knowledge, but unwilling to tell Jen the cause of his anxiety in the hopes he sold another property beforehand, he had suggested seeing a Justice of the Peace and getting married in a courtroom; however, Jenny was old-fashioned in this regard and wanted a full wedding. Not to deny her anything, Dan agreed, although their pocketbook definitely could not stand the hit.

It was this underlying knowledge that had caused him to start the argument earlier in the morning. Up until now, they were able to afford the modest reception hall and caterers and involved with the wedding plans and pay bills, but with the looming possibility of Jenny’s income taking a hit, it put everything into question and increasing his concerns.

Jenny’s job was not a stable enough income to support them. It was too variable depending on way too many factors such as ongoing conventions in town and even weather to fill the club up. It was not something you staked your income on and although she definitely earned money to help them, it was too unpredictable to rely upon for long. If he lost his job in commercial real estate at this point in the economy, they would be unable to rely on her for their sole income.

His bitter mood was further exacerbated planning a gaziosmanpaşa escort meeting with a perspective buyer of the club later that day. After the meeting with his boss, he checked his e-mail to find the investigative report his company did for every perspective buyer. Getting the report was expected; however, he had to skip lunch in order to further plan for the meeting.

The company was actually interested in two of Dan’s assigned properties, Jenny’s club and another nightclub in the city, which in and of itself would be a tremendous commission if they bought both. Yet Dan’s heart sank as he read the report, unveiling the company as a sleazy adult entertainment business.

The company’s modus operandi was always that of most franchised enterprises—they bought well-established clubs, modernized them, cleaned them up, hired extremely good looking women, and reopened the properties up as top-dollar strip clubs. Reading the history of past purchases and financial records, profits typically hit the roof for every club the company purchased. Even older clubs did extremely well, as the company often set up ‘touring’ trips for some dancers, sending them to other clubs they owned and paying for all travel expenses. This kept the clubs ‘new and fresh’ with girls for recurring patrons.

It was a good model of operation, but that was just the public facing side of the company. The investigation report—usually conducted to verify the validity of interested companies, as commercial sales were quite expensive—found the company had two sides.

The darker side of the investigation revealed rumors the girls who danced for the company’s clubs often served as high-paid escorts; many also starring in pornography films also produced by the company. It was rumored most contracts the girls had to sign to work at a purchased club included clauses requiring ‘extraneous activities’ to work for the firm. The contracts never blatantly stated girls were required to do more than dance—the company had some slick lawyers to keep the verbiage discrete—but due to what apparently occurred, the company had several federal investigations ongoing. There had never been sufficient evidence to warrant any legal repercussions for the various allegations of prostitution or other illegal sexual activities, so on the surface the company looked reputable and Dan had no valid reason to not sell the property other than personal ones.

Based on what he read and knowing the area, Dan was fairly confident the company would buy at least one, if not both clubs on his list; however, the possibility of having a commission coming soon only made him more depressed. Based upon the investigative report, he knew Jenny would no longer be working at her club if purchased when he told her of the report, and the loss of income and job would only upset her. As pissy as she had been this morning, he would not be surprised if she accused him of purposely brokering the sale to stop her from dancing!

“Women,” he muttered under his breath, knowing the futility of the future argument after reading the report.

Selling one property would be nice, but if it was the club Jenny worked the loss of income would further damage their already straining relationship. The commission on one property would give some breathing room, but it was not an ideal situation.

On the other hand, selling both properties would not only provide income during the interim of her losing her job, but enough to allow them with money continue with the wedding plans.

In fact, as Dan thought about it, his mood began to improve as he realized selling both clubs it would be a double-win. Jenny would lose her job yes, but she had already promised once they were married she would stop dancing and go back to school for a better job. It gave him more incentive to try and convince the company of buying both clubs as they could continue with their wedding plans and she could start school. In addition, selling both clubs would take the target off his back from his boss’ firing gun.

For the first time today—or even this week—Dan’s attitude improved as he prepared to meet with one of the representatives of the prospective buyer—Divine Silk Attractions, Inc. in the afternoon.

His relief and outlook were short-lived though, as keeping with the theme on the earlier part of the day, the company’s representative called and cancelled their afternoon appointment, explaining their CEO was in town and they were tied up with meetings with them all day.

Dan was then visited by his boss who wanted to talk to Dan about his decline in sales, stressing the importance of Dan making a sale this month. Once again he became depressed, thinking about his own possible short-term employment, dwelling on money issues.

Feeling the pressure, Dan had called back and after talking to several people, finally got the meeting rescheduled as a business dinner that night for the perspective buyers. In addition, another boon was given to him as he was told he would not be meeting with the initial representative, but with the CEO of the company himself, so all was not lost. It was a bonus as Dan did not have to go through a ‘middle man’ and could give his selling pitch directly to the person who would be making the decision on buying the properties.

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