Landscaper Gets Lucky On The Job


I took a summer job with a landscaping company, mowing yards in an upscale neighborhood, just north of Dallas. For the most part, it was boring work and work that I did not enjoy. Some of our mowers were the push type mowers and some were not. Usually there would be two of us on a crew, but sometimes we had to go out alone. I pulled up in front of 2426 Summers Glen and rolled the mower out of the trailer I towed behind my pickup truck. I dutifully mowed the front yard and opened the gate to mow the back yard, which had a nice large swimming pool in it. I walked around to the pool area and stopped in my tracks. She was laying out on her stomach, topless, with ear buds in her ears and her bikini bottoms barely covering the essential of the female anatomy. I surmised very quickly she hadn’t heard me mowing the front yard. I stood mesmerized at the sight of her pussy, barely covered by a thin strip of cloth. I walked the outer boundary of the back yard, looking for hazards in the grass, just to informally announce my presence. As I walked around in front of her, I kolej escort bayan cleared my throat just to make sure she knew I was there. She glanced up from her lap top and lowered her shades to look in my direction. “Ma’am,” I announced, “Do you want me to come back later or on another day?” “No,” she replied, “Do whatever it is you need to do.” “I have to mow,” I replied. “Go for it,” she responded. I pushed the mower into the back yard and pulled on the chord. I had made only three passes by her, when she changed positions on her chase lounge. She was totally topless and she did absolutely nothing to cover up. I did my best to concentrate on keeping a straight line and my overlap. I finished mowing and headed to the truck to get the weed-eater and my blower. She disappeared into the house and returned with a tray, on which there were two glasses of water. She motioned for me to come over, so I shut off the weed eater and stepped over to where she stood, holding the tray with two glasses of iced water on it. “Thought you’d like some ice water,” she remarked Escort sihhiye as I approached her. I took the glass and gulped the water down. “Thank you, ma’am,” I replied. “You can call me Julie,” she replied. “Thank you, Julie,” I remarked. I did my best to not look below chin level, but it was hard. She smiled and reclaimed her seat on the chase lounge. I used the blower to try and blow the grass clippings into a small pile and off of the pool deck. When I looked over and saw her, with her fingers buried under the front edge of her bikini, I tripped over a pave-stone ledge that I hadn’t seen. Grass clipping soared into the air and fluttered back down like green snowflakes. I tried to blow the clippings away, but they settled back on to the pool deck, some landing in the pool “Oh great!” I remarked to no one in particular, knowing I would need to clean up the pool. I grabbed the pool skimmer and slowly and painstakingly started removing the grass clippings from the pool. Just as I walked past Julie with the skimmer pole, she asked, “Aren’t you hot?””Yes,” sincan escort I replied. “You should take off your shirt,” Julie remarked. ‘I’m sorry, but our company rules don’t allow me to,” I responded. “I won’t tell,” Julie remarked. I casually unbuttoned my shirt and resumed skimming the grass clippings from the pool. “Maybe you’d like to take a dip, when you’re done,” Julie proffered.”I have five more houses to do and I am behind,” I replied.  “You were behind when you got started,” Julie remarked, noting I had no help. She was correct about the lack of help and me being behind when I got started.  Julie slipped her bikini bottoms off and sat spread-eagle on the chase lounge. She had no pubic hair and was cleanly shaven. Her nipples stood erect – calling to be touched. She slipped a lone finger into her vagina and smiled. “Fingers,” she remarked, “Only go so far.” I was about to burst. “Jesus Christ,” I remarked. Julie stood up and approached where I stood, still holding the pool skimmer. She reached down and felt for my erection. “Jesus Christ, is right,” Julie remarked, groping me through the fabric of my work pants. I slipped my hand around her tiny waist and pulled her in close. She had dark brown eyes and a dark tan complexion. She had a model quality body at about 36-26-36.

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