Lake Cascade Ch. 02


Hi all, finally the second chapter to this story. Sorry it’s taken so long, but my work life has taken over my life and I haven’t had many chances to write. I’m working on second chapters for all of my stories, but I often feel the need to write bigger stories for the second chapters, which makes me feel that I have to go back and delete things which are somewhat derivative or repetitive. I apologize that it looks like I’m teasing things which aren’t coming, but that isn’t my intent. I honestly have written about half of what I want to write for the second chapters of some of the stories, I just get bogged down. Hopefully you don’t get discouraged.

Anyways, on to Ch. 2 of Lake Cascade!


Chapter 2 – Saturday

I woke up in the morning when Craig slipped his morning boner into my ass and started rubbing my chest and cock with his hands. I groaned appreciatively and pushed back against his cock. He started slowly at first, kissing my neck as he penetrated deep into my bowels with his shaft. My dick was hard with morning wood and it jerked every time Craig hit bottom. I quickly reached the point of no return and came all over the covers with a mighty moan. A few minutes later, Craig and I came together as my ass was flooded with come.

Craig slipped his softening dick out of my ass and I turned around and kissed him. “What a wonderful way to wake up. Thank you, Craig. You are a fantastic lover.”

“No problem, Dave. I had a great night with you, too. I need a shower, how about you?”

“That is a good idea, I haven’t cleaned since two days ago.”

We got in the shower and I had a great time washing every inch of Craig’s body, paying special attention to his wonderful tool. He got hard again and lifted me up to fuck me with my legs wrapped around him while he was standing. After that, he left and gave me a chance to wash my body in the amazing shower. I then went to the toilet to empty my ass of all of its accumulated juices and took my morning piss. When I left the bathroom I was shocked to see Craig getting fucked by Sean in the missionary position. I didn’t know that the guys also took dicks inside them but it was a highly erotic sight, to say the least.

Sean looked up from his dicking Craig to speak to me. “Earl wants you back in his room right now, so hurry up little man.”

My dick started getting hard at the mere mention of my favorite partner and I quickly moved out of the room into the hallway. I passed by a few rooms with distinct sounds of sex coming out of them and then I entered Don and Earl’s room to discover an ass I had yet to see naked bouncing on Earl’s dick. I moved into the room a bit further to discover that it was Zach who was so eagerly enjoying Earl’s tool. Now that I could see Zach naked I noticed that he was very slim, with little to no muscle tone and his cock fit his frame quite well, even though it was smaller than average.

“Dave, good morning,” Earl said. “Go help Suzy clean up, she is in the bathroom. Once you are done take her downstairs for some breakfast. I’ll come down once I’ve finished with her brother.” I headed into the bathroom to find Suzy sitting on the toilet with her head in her lap.

Noticing my presence she looked up at me with a smile on her face. “Hi, Dave.”

“Hi, Suzy. Earl told me to help you clean up.”

“Yeah, I am just resting for a second, trying to get my asshole to return to its normal position of closed. Earl’s dick really stretched me out.”

“Earl opened your ass up last night too?” My cock got even harder at the thought of fucking this beautiful girl’s tight ass.

“No, Don came in after fucking my brother and then he fucked my ass while Earl fucked Zach’s. Then Earl woke me up with his dick in my ass and Don in my pussy. I have never had so much dick at once.”

“Just wait until two of them take your ass at once.”

“I don’t think I could handle that.”

“Neither did I, until they did it to me. It was pretty amazing.” I was standing beside her, stroking her back as she looked up at me and we chatted when she noticed my throbbing erection beside her face.

“You know, I never did thank you for opening me up for Earl. Until yesterday, I had never had a dick bigger than five inches so even yours was quite a stretch. Thanks for giving me my first taste of big dick.” She then opened her mouth and fully deepthroated all seven inches of hard cock to the root.

I groaned and said “I wouldn’t exactly call my dick ‘big’ but you are welcome nonetheless.”

She came off my dick and said “trust me, you have a nice dick. Just because Don and Earl are bigger doesn’t mean you can’t still please a girl. I came on your dick a few times last night before Earl got in me. So now I will return the favor.” Suzy then dove back onto my dick and had me coming a couple of minutes later down her throat. Watching this beautiful girl suck my cock was still erotic to me. I definitely wasn’t gay.

We then had a shower together and I washed the cum out of her holes and we dried off. I wondered what events could gaziantep bayan eskort transpire over the rest of my week up here to beat the day before. As we were toweling off, I suggested giving Suzy a tour of the place before breakfast and she accepted. We left the bathroom still fully naked and walked past the bed where Don was still furiously fucking Zach’s ass and headed out of the room.

Instead of heading down towards the main area, I headed in the opposite direction towards an area I hadn’t seen before and found a staircase going up. “Never been this way before, wanna head up?” I asked Suzy.

“Sure, you did offer me the full tour.”

We headed up the stairs and arrived at a large open room with glass all around as well as several telescopes. It was quite warm with the morning sun and the room was carpeted. We spent some time enjoying the view and each other’s company before I took a look through the telescopes and found that most of them were pointed towards Jonathan’s place and there was even one pointing into my room.

“These are pointed at the place we were staying at as of yesterday morning. My friend Jonathan’s family owns that cabin.”

“Wow, nice place. Not as nice as this one, but still pretty nice for Lake Cascade. His parents must be well off.”

“Not so much, they both work in Silicon Valley but they come from Oregon so they bought a summer home up here. Where they live most of the year they are considered middle class.”

“Well, I guess it’s all relative. If you saw my parents’ cabin, you would definitely see why I like this place so much. Oh, shit. My parents! I should call them and let them know where Zach and I are.”

Suzy took off down the stairs and I followed her and caught up with her as she was coming out of Earl’s now empty room and holding the phone up to her head. “Hey mum, it’s me… Yes, sorry… No, we are fine… Yeah the truck broke down at the supermarket… Some friends offered to help and we just hung out at their place… Yes, we slept over… No, we didn’t get raped… You should meet them, they are really nice… We’ll come by later today… I’ll ask but I don’t think so… Ok, love you too… Sorry again, bye.”

I smiled throughout this conversation, hoping that we didn’t get her in trouble although I was assuming it was more than worth it. I could understand both sides of most of the conversation but I wondered what Suzy wanted to ask us. I was also concerned about the getting raped comment, but Suzy just laughed and brushed it off so I hoped it was fine.

“Everything good? Should I be worried at all?”

“Huh? Oh no, our parents are super cool. Old school hippies and all that, shouldn’t worry you at all. You should meet them, maybe later today?”

“Uh, yeah, if the guys want to lend me the car or whatever.”

“Cool.” Suzy looked at me with a big grin and a twinkle in her eye and said “shall we continue the tour?”

“Yeah, lets.”

We moved down the hallway from Earl’s room towards the main area holding hands and I was surprised to note that all of the doors were open and the rooms were empty. Suzy peeked in most of them and was impressed with their accommodations but I was more interested in showing her the other areas. We reached the top of the stairs and headed down into one of the strangest but also highly erotic sights I had ever seen.

In the main area, all of the guys were now assembled near the kitchen setting up for breakfast completely naked. Earl and Don were working the stove with only aprons on, cooking up a huge batch of bacon, eggs, sausages and potatoes; all of my friends and Zach were clearing and setting the table, which had gotten even bigger since last time I saw it (they must have gotten some leaves from somewhere); Matt and Allen were mixing a batch of pancakes up; Eric and Craig were making waffles in a machine on the counter and Sean and Juan were doing dishes that needed doing. It all seemed like a well-oiled machine that had been running this way for years. Everyone was so engrossed that they didn’t even see us coming down the stairs but I looked over at Suzy’s face and saw what I can only describe as the face of pure lust. Seeing this veritable smorgasbord of men, especially the ones with such magnificent cocks clearly had Suzy hoping for more sex and soon. I squeezed her hand to snap her out of it and she looked over at me, coming out of her fugue.

“Hey, guys, let me introduce you to Suzy”

All the guys stopped and looked over. It was interesting to notice their reactions as it was apparent that most of them hadn’t been expecting a beautiful naked woman to appear on the stairs. Don came over and took Suzy’s hand, saying “Suzy, my dear, why don’t I show you around while Dave here helps out setting the table?”

“That sounds great, Don.”

I let go of Suzy’s other hand and helped my friends set the table. We got to chat a bit about our evenings and it seemed that everyone had ended up somewhat similar to me, in that they had all ended up in a room with one or more of the guys and been fucked to sleep by their massive members. After setting the table, we were told to sit staggered such that we wouldn’t be next to one of our friends, but one of the guys. We all did so and waited for Don and Suzy to return. The other guys placed the breakfast on the table: eggs, bacon, toast, and fruit of such massive quantities, I was doubtful we would be able to even make a dent in it. Don returned and sat at one of the heads of the table, and then the rest of the guys sat, Earl next to me at the other head with Suzy next to him and the rest of the guys scattered in between. I was pretty hungry but before we could start, Don cleared his throat and garnered our attention.

“Welcome to my home, everyone,” Don began. “I am sorry that we didn’t make time for formal introductions yesterday but the guys were really itching to get the vacation started. So, without further ado, my name is Don Lagerfeld, CEO of Lagerfeld Stimulants and founder of this illustrious group. Across the table from me is Earl Jackson, one of my top salesmen and my oldest lover. Sean Freemark is my CFO and most trusted business confidante; Doctors Eric Wong and Allen Lee are my top two researchers and the best of friends; Craig Gregson is the head of my marketing department; and Juan Alvarez and Matt Muller are my foreign market correspondents, fluent in seventeen different languages between the two of them.” Don waited as my friends and I looked at each other in a bit of awe. Lagerfeld stimulants had become a big name in the business world, even though no one had any idea what they did or how they were making their money as their products were not being sold in any stores we knew of. It was believed that if they went public, their shares would sell at an obscenely high value. Their known investors were all big players in their fields.

“Now that we have gotten that over with, I would like to go over some of the rules and regulations of the Lake Cascade Fuck-House. Firstly, all sex here is by invitation only. That is, the big guys are the ones who invite you to get fucked. If they don’t want to fuck, they don’t have to. You are here as our guests, but we decide when you get treated as such. Suzy, this is especially important for you as a few of our group are not particularly into women, like Sean, Eric and Allen. That being said, I doubt that any of you are going to be missing out on sex. Secondly, you cannot deny us when we want to fuck you. All of your holes are open to us, however we want them. We are not sadistic, we seek your pleasure as much if not more than our own, but we are in charge of when we give it to you. Finally, you cannot tell anyone else about us without our prior approval. We are not especially secretive, but we do value our privacy more than anything. We love making new friends, as should be evident, but the cost of those who work against us finding out about our activities would be great indeed. If you don’t want to take part in what we have to offer, you know where the door is. Does anyone have a problem with any of these rules?” I looked around and saw that no one had any problem with these rules, if anything it was making people more eager for sex. A couple of the guys, including myself, had gotten hard just hearing the prospect of being used like disposable fuck-toys. “No? Good. Well, with that let’s enjoy this meal and get back to the things we do best.”

Everyone dug into the food and for half an hour there was silence except for the sound of eating. What amazed me the most was how much food the guys ate. My friends and I and Suzy and Zach ate respectable amounts but the guys ate more food than I had ever seen anyone before eat. I started to understand where their boundless energy must come from as I watched them finish the entire amount of food. I finished after about ten minutes, but they kept eating until about thirty minutes had passed and they had finished all the food. I got up to start clearing the plates and my friends started helping me. We put everything in the kitchen and I was about to start cleaning it when Don told us all to sit back down again. We returned to our seats and waited.

“Thanks for cleaning up a bit, we’ll let you get back to it in a moment. Then, we will all be doing our daily sports until around noon. If you want to go water-skiing, wake-boarding, play tennis or just swim in the pool, this will be the time to do it. None of us will try to fuck you during this time of the day, we have other priorities in mind. Hang out with us, get to know us and then we will fuck you the rest of the day. We do this to keep our physiques and because we are not just mindless fuck-machines. We may be young, but we are also very intelligent, none of us has less than a Masters in our chosen fields, and we want to learn about you as much as you want to experience our talents. So, enjoy the day and we will get back to other entertainments soon enough.”

The guys all got up and headed to their rooms while the rest of us cleaned up the kitchen. As we were finishing they came down wearing swimsuits and a couple of tennis outfits. I had played a lot of tennis in my youth so I was looking forward to putting my skills to the test with one of the guys. Sean, Allen and Eric were all wearing tennis outfits so I walked over to them and asked if I could join them for a set. Sean said “Sure, Dave. You can be on my side. Eric and Allen do everything together, not just fucking but tennis, too. We gave them separate rooms when we first designed this place but they just ignored us and stayed in one.”

Eric and Allen smiled and Eric said “It’s always more fun with two than one.”

“Go get your shit on, Dave, we’ll meet you out there.”

I went to the room where the guys had taken our stuff and found a suitable shirt, some shorts and shoes and headed out to the court. The guys had already started warming up and I went to join them. They had gotten a racket for me from somewhere and Sean passed it to me as I joined him on his side. We hit a few rallies to each other and then started the game in earnest. After a few early games it was clear that we were pretty evenly matched. Eric and Allen moved as one on the court, much as one might expect with the amount of time they clearly spent together, while Sean was an absolute powerhouse. His serves were a sight to behold, something I didn’t think I had ever seen in person before. I was keeping up but wasn’t in the same league. Luckily Sean was able to cater to my abilities and keep us on an even keel with Eric and Allen. Every rally lasted minutes, though so it was quite tiring. We were even with six games each going into the tie break when Eric and Allen proposed a bet.

“Don’t do it, Dave, those two are notorious hustlers. They see patterns where everyone else sees random numbers. If they bet, they bet to win.” Sean warned.

“Come on Sean, it’s just for fun. We aren’t going to hurt you two. Well, we aren’t going to hurt you, we can’t guarantee with Dave, but we will do our best.”

I asked, “What’s the bet?”

“Whoever wins the tiebreaker will be the other team’s exclusive sex slaves for the whole afternoon tomorrow. They can’t fuck anyone else unless told to and they will do anything the others ask.”

I could barely contain my erection in my shorts with the prospect of being even more at the beck and call of these guys, but I was interested to see what would happen if we won too. Either way, for me it was win-win. “I’m down for it,” I said.

“See, Sean? Dave is willing. Be a good sport and bet with us. You won’t regret it either way. We can be very submissive when we want to be, just how you like it. And you’d have two of us.”

“Alright, fine. But if you two hustle us, I will take it out on your hides the next chance I get.”

The tiebreak followed the same formula as the rest of the game had, but you could tell the level of intensity and concentration was higher. Each rally lasted about five or six minutes, and I often gave up points just because I felt my legs almost giving out from exhaustion. After about forty five minutes in the tiebreak Eric and Allen got two on us, thanks to my tripping once and Sean just barely hitting a shot over the line. Sean and I congratulated them on their win and they grabbed our dicks through our shorts and said “Until tomorrow.”

I was soaking with sweat and needing a shower really badly so I ran inside to look for the closest bathroom. I walked past the glass hallway looking out on the pool and saw that someone had started the fun early. Craig was sitting on one of the patio chairs by the pool with Suzy riding his cock and Juan plugged up her ass. I was tempted to go out there and join them but I could see that they were in their own world so I headed into the bathroom.

I started running the shower and took off my wet clothes. Just before entering the shower I checked out my body in the mirror and was shocked to see a significant increase in definition of my muscles. I guessed that all the sex and lack of food (except for cum and this morning’s breakfast) had already slimmed me down a bit. I hopped in the shower and just stood there for a moment under the wonderful spray, enjoying the feeling of all the salt being washed away. Then I lathered up and rinsed off, paying special attention to certain areas I knew would be used soon enough. For some reason, I felt that my dick had gotten a bit bigger as well, which I found strange considering the reference points I had at hand should have made it fell small. I heard a noise and ignored it but then the door to the shower opened and Sean got in, fully naked as well.

“Hey Dave, hope you don’t mind but I need a shower after that workout, too.” I could see that he was glistening from the game as well, but didn’t look nearly as exhausted as I did.

“Of course not, Sean, please join me.”

“Good. I see you still have the soap there, wanna soap me up?” He got in fully and closed the door and then got under the spray, which he had to lean down for since he was so tall. I used the soap to lather up all of him, having him lean down when I needed to reach his tallest parts. I avoided his cock until last, teasing him and myself with the prospect of playing with the biggest dick in the house.

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