Lainey is the Other Woman Ch. 01


Lainey wasn’t very experienced with sex but she was definitely interested. She was raised to be a lady and wasn’t sure how to still be lady-like while engaging in promiscuous behaviors so she had simply decided to wait until she was propositioned at a time and place where her acts could be kept secret. She wasn’t a virgin but she had only had sex once, only experienced an orgasm by herself and had never given or received oral pleasure.

It was her twentieth birthday and her friends were treating her to dinner and drinks tomorrow night. Right now she was on her way to a backyard barbecue being thrown by someone from work that she didn’t really know but Sharlene, a girl from work, invited her and said that there would be lots of people there. It was extremely casual so Lainey just wore a white bikini top to cover her C+ cup breasts with a dark pink halter top, black spandex calf length pants and flip flops. Her breasts were a little more than a C cup but not quite a D cup, which resulted in her always having a little more bounce and jiggle to her tits. Her bra cups were either always a little too small or a little too big. Today her bikini top was on the small side and allowed the sides of her breasts to swell out away from the material. The dark pink halter top was loose and didn’t hide anything going on underneath it. A slight breeze in the sunny 72 degree weather was gently blowing her shoulder length black curls and causing her dark colored nipples to announce themselves through her bikini and halter top.

“Hey! You made it,” Sharlene yelled from the porch waving a sun-kissed arm in greeting while holding a red solo cup in her opposite hand. There were several other people on the porch talking and laughing but Lainey didn’t know them. After parking her car, she walked up the driveway and was relieved to see Sharlene so soon after arriving because she didn’t know anyone else very well, although there were some familiar faces.

“Yea, I’m here and ready for a drink,” Lainey said. Lainey wasn’t quite old enough to drink but she did it often enough to know what she liked.

“What’ll you have,” Sharlene asked. “Nevermind. Just take mine. I’ll get another.” Sharlene thrusted her drink into Lainey’s hands and the liquid splashed up onto her breasts.

“Cold,” exclaimed Lainey.

“Oh gosh, sorry,” Sharlene said. I’ll get a towel while I grab another drink. Here, talk to Jeff. Do you know Jeff,” she asked pointing at a middle aged man with glasses standing alone with a solo cup in one hand and the other hand in his pocket.

Jeff was almost six feet tall with a little beer belly. He was 45 yrs old and wore a blue and white plaid button up shirt with a black belt, gray slacks, black loafers and black, round wire rimmed glasses.

“No, I don’t know Jeff. Hi, Jeff,” Lainey greeted him smiling.

“Hi, umm Lainey, is it,” Jeff said extending a hand to shake. Lainey shook his hand and Jeff found himself trying not to stare at her stiff nipples as they tried to protect themselves from the cold juice and alcohol from the cup. “It looks like you had a little spill,” Jeff commented since he was unable to avoid looking. He thought commenting on it might make it less awkward.

Lainey laughed a little, “Yea, thanks to Sharlene. She’s getting me a towel.” Lainey grabbed the bottom of her shirt and shook it to air it out. The motion also caused her large breasts to shake further drawing Jeff’s attention to them. He tried to think of a way to make conversation but all he could think about was how the movement of her big tits and her protruding nipples was giving him a stiffy.

Finally, he thought of something, “So, do you know Mark and Alice? This is their place.”

Lainey said, “No. I’ve heard of them around the office but I just started not long ago. I’m on break from school.” The conversation continued with little tidbits about each other. Jeff made jokes and Lainey laughed as she drank. As they talked, they gradually were forced to stand closer and closer to each other as the porch became more crowded. The sun began to set and the automatic outside lights came on. “Uh oh. I’m out of drink,” Lainey giggled. She was feeling the effects of the drink even though she had drank it slowly. She worked out that afternoon and hadn’t had lunch.

“Here. Have mine,” Jeff said.

“Thanks! I don’t know what happened to Sharlene. She never came back,” Lainey said and took Jeff’s drink which was pretty full.

A group of guys behind Lainey suddenly got rowdy pushing each other. Two of them bumped Lainey from behind and she spilled the full drink all over her chest. Her shirt was completely Urfa Escort soaked. The temperature had dropped and the chilly night air worked very quickly to harden Lainey’s nipples even more. Jeff could think about nothing else already. He had grown more and more aroused as they had stood there talking, standing closer and smelling her perfume. Now he was sure he’d have to find a private moment to relieve himself before leaving the barbecue with his wife.

“I know where the bathroom is. My wife used it earlier. Let’s get you a towel,” Jeff said while reaching out to point to the front door. As he withdrew his hand he accidentally grazed one of Lainey’s breasts with his hand. He clearly felt her pointy nipple on his index finger. The quick encounter made him wonder what it would feel like to roll that nipple between his thumb and forefinger back and forth. She didn’t give any indication that she noticed it so he didn’t say anything either.

“Oh, okay,” Lainey said trying not to show any disappointment at the mention of a wife. Lainey had a secret desire that an older man would try something with her. She had a friend from school that always told her about how her dad’s friends would try things with her when they were alone. Lainey never mentioned it but the stories turned her on. “So, where’s your wife,” she asked.

“She’s around here somewhere,” Jeff replied. Jeff wasn’t really concerned about where his wife was though. He was much more interested in getting a better view of Lainey’s brown, bouncy tits.

Jeff led Lainey through the living room, the dining room where Sharlene was sitting on the dining room table obviously drunk flirting with some guy and back into the kitchen.

Lainey stopped in the kitchen, “Wait. I want to refill my drink.” Jeff stopped to wait for her before leading her into the bathroom that was off of the kitchen and had another door leading to a bedroom. He knew they had passed a bathroom earlier in the house but everyone was using that one. This one would give them more privacy. “Okay, I’m ready,” Lainey said.

Once inside the bathroom with the door closed, Jeff suggested that they move into the adjoining bedroom because the bathroom was a little small. Lainey agreed and while she was looking around the room, Jeff locked the bedroom door.

“I found a towel but you should probably take off your shirt because it’s so wet,” Jeff suggested. Lainey had been drinking much more quickly and downed the contents of the cup that she had just filled.

“Sure,” Lainey replied and lifted the shirt quickly in one motion. She stood there obviously cold. “Brrr,” she said. As her bikini top had shifted one of the little non-supportive cups had revealed her nipple.

Jeff stood there for a moment just looking at the dark, chocolate nipple. “You, uhh… Your ……,” Jeff tried to tell her. Finally, he decided to just walk over and pull a strap of her bikini up.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry,” Lainey apologized. Lainey wasn’t really that drunk. She knew her nipple was exposed but she liked the idea of Jeff looking at her. Lainey looked down at her breasts in the white bikini top. “Wow! When this thing gets wet it’s kind of see through, huh,” she said.

Jeff looked at Lainey’s breasts and then at her face with his mouth slightly agape. “Yea, it is,” Jeff said. “Here, let me help you clean up,” he said. Jeff began to wipe the towel on her chest a little higher than her breasts.

“Umm, I actually spilled a little lower,” Lainey told him. Lainey knew Jeff was staring at her breasts and that he was turned on. She could see his hardness through his slacks when he sat down.

Jeff began to move the towel a little lower. Lainey looked Jeff in the eyes and said, “Right here,” as she put her hand on Jeff’s hand and directed it on top of one of her breasts. The towel was only a small face towel. So, even with it directly in the middle of Jeff’s hand he could still grasp her breast and feel flesh on the sides of the towel.

“Ohh, okay. Like this,” Jeff asked as he began to move his hand in a circle groping Lainey’s breast. Lainey loved the feeling of having her breasts touched.

“Yea, that’s good,” she told him. Jeff could see that Lainey wasn’t going to tell him to stop. He loosened his grip a little and let the towel fall and went back to pawing the big titted twenty year old. But instead of just one, he grabbed the other breast too.

Lainey was breathing through her mouth in short, shallow breaths. “How does that feel, Lainey,” Jeff asked her. Lainey licked her lips and bit one side of her bottom lip but didn’t answer. Her eyelids were droopy. Urfa Escort Bayan Watching her response gave Jeff more confidence and he squeezed harder and drew his hands away so that his fingers were left on her nipples.

Lainey gasped, “Ohhh!” Jeff repeated the motion.

“You like it don’t you, baby,” he told her. This time when his fingers came to her nipples he grabbed them and shook her tits.

Lainey hissed, “oh god.”

Jeff’s dick was starting to leak from playing with this young thing who acted sweet and innocent when what she really wanted was to play with another woman’s husband. Jeff wanted to look at her. Without warning he grabbed the front of her bikini and ripped it from her body.

“Oh my God! Jeff!” Lainey said trying to cover herself. Jeff held her arms at her sides and leaned in to taste her nipples. He licked one and then the other. He leaned into her more and took a nipple in his mouth and lashed it repeatedly with his tongue. He couldn’t stand it anymore and let go of her arms. He put one arm around her and pushed his other hand into crotch. It was at this point that Jeff discovered Lainey wasn’t wearing any panties. He could feel her wetness through the spandex workout pants.

“Lainey,” Jeff said and then tickled a nipple with his tongue, “are you a slut?” Jeff massaged Lainey’s pussy burrowing his hand farther and farther grabbing as much as he could.

“Uhh, no,” Lainey managed to whisper through ragged breaths as she sat there getting molested by a man twice her age.

“But you want to be don’t you?” Jeff asked her. Without waiting for an answer, Jeff moved his hand up and inside her pants and back to her pussy. Lainey was so wet he was quickly able to part her lips and find her opening.

Lainey yelled out, “Ugghh!”

“Ssshhh!” Jeff pushed her flat on her back onto the bed and got on his knees beside. “You’re fine, baby. I’m just gonna show you what it’s like to be a little slutty. That’s all,” Jeff told her. He pushed his middle and ring fingers inside her. In and out, in and out until he could hear her pussy while he played with her tits. Slapping them and shaking them while holding her nipple out away from the breast. “You fucking love this, you little slut,” he said to her. “Don’t you?” Lainey was so overcome it was hard for her to talk. “Answer me,” Jeff demanded. He leaned down into her face and licked her lips. “Tell me you love it,” he said.

Lainey’s eyes couldn’t focus. She was close to cumming. “I love it,” she whispered.

Jeff started to finger her harder. “Cum for me. Cum for daddy.” Lainey tried to close her legs from the intensity of the feeling coming from her pussy. “No, no, baby,” Jeff said. “Cum for daddy. Say ‘yes daddy’,” Jeff told her.

“Uhh, yesss, da-dadddy,” she managed to stutter out.

“Keep saying it. I want you to say it until you’re done cumming,” Jeff instructed her. Jeff began to squeeze a tit and ground his fingers in and pumped them. Lainey’s back began to arch. “Say it, baby. Talk to daddy. Be daddy’s slut, honey,” Jeff said. Jeff looked at Lainey’s eyes as she began to cum.

“Yes, daddy! Yes, daddy!! Yes, daddy!!!” Lainey got louder with each proclamation but the music outside was pretty loud and kept their antics a secret. Jeff gave Lainey a few more pumps with his fingers as he watched her shake. He liked the feeling of her juices and listening to the squelching sound of her pussy. Her nipples were still so hard and he continued to pull and shake her tits. Jeff was rock hard but fucking her wasn’t in his plan tonight. As he was admiring her breasts and feeling her pussy he made eye contact with her while she was licking her lips. Lainey’s lips were coated in saliva and Jeff immediately began to unbuckle his pants.

Lainey was still doe-eyed and foggy from her orgasm. Jeff pulled out his hard, veiny six inches and began to stroke with the hand that wasn’t still buried in Lainey’s pussy. He stopped for a minute to scoot Lainey’s face closer to him.

“Lick your lips again, baby,” Jeff said. Lainey’s wet, warm tongue snaked out of her mouth and made the trek around her full pouty lips. “Again. Keep doing it. Don’t stop until I say you can,” Jeff told her. Jeff kept playing with her sticky, wet pussy. Pumping his fingers in and rubbing her clit while stroking his dick and watching her fat tongue keep her lips moist with saliva.

“You’re such a pretty slut, you know that, baby…. So, fucking good. I’m gonna paint your face, babe!” Jeff grunted as he began to cum all over Lainey’s mouth and her tongue. “Keep licking those lips, baby,” Jeff told her. “Uhhh, Escort Urfa yessss! So fucking good!!! Ugh, ughhh,” Jeff grunted and gasped. Jeff thought he might pass out from cumming so hard as he watched Lainey continuously lick up his cum while his fingers were buried in her pussy. When he was finished and his cum was all over her mouth and on her tongue, he drove his fingers in deep one more time and wiggled them. Lainey had another orgasm with her tits out, nipples pointing straight up and cum all over her face.

“Ohh, fuck,” Jeff withdrew his fingers from her crotch and relished their stickiness. He tasted them with his dick hanging out of his pants on Lainey’s face. She just laid there rubbing her legs together with one arm on the bed and the other across her stomach.

“And that’s what happens to sluts, baby,” Jeff said as he began to get up. He tucked in his dick, zipped up his pants and thought about how he might have a little more fun with his new friend Lainey at the office. “Lainey, honey, it’s time to get back to the party,” Jeff said.

Lainey licked her lips again and sat up. “Okay, Jeff,” she said. She was still foggy and in a daze.

“Come here and let’s get you cleaned up, baby.” Jeff pulled Lainey to a standing position by her arms. He picked up her bikini top, which had a broken strap from his aggression. He put it in the trash and handed her the halter top. “You’ll just have to wear this by itself, I guess,” he told her. Lainey put on her shirt. She still had a little cum on her face. “Lick your lips, babe,” Jeff directed her. As she did, Jeff couldn’t help but grab his dick through his pants and stroke it a little. She probably needed a good fuck but Jeff knew he couldn’t give it to her now. He bent down to pull up her pants and lingered for a moment with his face in her crotch smelling her. It was intoxicating and made him think about when he tasted her from his fingers. He licked her and she grabbed onto his back.

“Ohhh,” Lainey gasped.

Jeff licked again and again. He couldn’t stand it and pushed her back onto the bed. Her titties bounced with the forced and Jeff worked his mouth on her privates. He dug his tongue into her to taste her and sucked her clit. Lainey alternated between grabbing his head to pull him closer and push him away.

She curled and jerked with pleasure making mewling sounds and cursing, “Oh, shit. Uhhh, fuck.”

“Has anyone seen Jeff,” he heard his wife through the bathroom ask people in the kitchen.

Jeff withdrew from feasting on Lainey, pulled her up again and fixed her pants. Lainey sat back down after her pants were righted, still a little wobbly. Her breasts bounced and swayed with nothing to contain them under her shirt. Jeff knew he needed to leave but he sat down next to her again and pulled her into a hug relishing the feel of her soft, full tits against his chest.

“You feel so good,” he said as he breathed in the smell of her perfume and her pussy. He brought a hand around to fondle her tits, “I’ll see you at work okay.”

Jeff didn’t hear his wife’s voice anymore and he got sidetracked feeling those tits. He was hard again. “Maybe we could have a little fun at work. What do you think about that,” he asked while pinching a nipple.

Lainey couldn’t think straight. She knew he was married and this was wrong but she couldn’t help herself. “Maybe, as long as no one finds out,” she told him.

“Of course, of course, baby. Don’t worry about that,” Jeff assured her. “I just need one more thing.”

Jeff stood in front of her and pulled his dick out again. He stroked himself and spilled his cum all over her face for the second time that night. “Lick those lips, baby,” Jeff told her. Lainey was very obedient and did what she was told. Jeff couldn’t resist. “Open your mouth,” he said and then he drove his dick into her throat. Lainey had never done that before and coughed and choked a little, which only made things even better for Jeff. He gave off another squirt down Lainey’s throat as he held her head and she tried to escape. “Ohhh, yes! You’re a real prize, Lainey, baby!”

Lainey coughed but Jeff’s praise made her a little wet. “Stand up for me, babe,” Jeff demanded. Lainey stood up. “Lick those lips and lift up your shirt,” Jeff said. Lainey was good at taking orders. She lifted her shirt to show her brown tits and chocolate nipples while licking all the cum from her face that she could reach with her tongue. Jeff almost cleaned up the speck on her cheek but decided he liked the idea of leaving a piece of himself behind. He reached out and fondled her tits, shaking them, slapping them and pinching her nipples to listen to her gasp and watch the way her thighs came together. “Bye, Lainey.”

He left Lainey standing there in the bedroom alone wondering how she felt about acting like a slut with another woman’s husband and how she agreed to do it again…

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