L014:Lizzy’s story:Lizzy’s Vacation 3


With all my excitement about being on vacation with my Daddy, I forgot some of the details about where we are staying. First, as I think I mentioned earlier, I am about five-foot-four, rather busty, and have a bit of a stomach, making me the perfect little girl for you, my Daddy Daniel.  You are six-foot-two and well-built so it is easy for you to lift and carry me around.  This ten-inch difference in height does make some differences.  Especially in our unit at Babyworld.I realize the next day how things – the furniture – are a little different.  The couch is comfortable for someone over six feet to sit on, but it is about eight inches higher than a normal couch.  I need my Daddy to lift me up on it, really.  The bed is the same way.  As is everything else in the unit.  The perfect height for my Daddy, but it helps to make me feel like your little girl so much.  Needing help from you to do otherwise basic things is a bit of a rush.  I need to even stand Side escort bayan on a stool at the bathroom sink to brush my teeth.You lifting me up to the couch to sit by you or lay in your lap for a bottle is so nice, making me feel even more like your baby girl.When waking from our nap in your arms, I look over the side of the bed, and floor does seem so far away.  I snuggle up next to you, and my wiggling is enough to wake you.You kiss the back of my neck and say, “Hello, baby, you are making your Daddy very happy on our vacation.”  You hand moves to my slit to check if I am wet in the special way you do.  So enjoyable.I am wet, from both the cum from our play before the nap and peeing some too while sleeping.  What can I say, this is so pleasant now.  I will semi-wake, knowing I need to go pee, but then just sigh and release as I realize that no, I do not have to get up.  The world that you have allowed me to enter is Escort manavgat perfect in so many ways.You carry me to the changing table and undo my diaper.  You wipe me good with a wet wipe and then lift the soiled diaper and wipes away from under me.  The feeling of you lifting my legs to remove and then put a fresh diaper under me makes me drip and drip.The sweet feel of the oil being drizzled and rubbed on me.  Followed by the soft fluttering of the baby powder covering me.  Finally, the diaper being lifted up tightly over my pussy and taped at my waist.  There is something about all of this, knowing my Daddy is keeping me so safe and content, which just waves over me each time and makes my diaper wet from cum immediately.You put my pretty yellow dress from earlier today back on me.  And even tie the bonnet on.  Then you dress very elegantly.  As I sit in my crib where you place me after dressing me, I look at you, alanya escort wondering what is going to happen.“Would Lizzy like to go out to dinner with her Daddy in a nice restaurant?” you ask me.Would I?  It was so much fun having burgers at the bar the other day just sort of being your Lizzy.  But to actually, fully, completely dine out with you as your little girl, of course.I just nod my head and giggle.You carry me to my stroller and buckle me in.  The restaurant is nearby so we can walk, well, with me in the stroller, there.It is only minutes before we are in front of the Baby Café.  We go in and the hostess asks if we want a high chair or booster seat for me.Now, this is an interesting choice to make.  It would be rather fun to be in a high chair out in public next to my Daddy.  But in a booster seat, I will be sitting right next to you at the table; we would be able to touch and caress each other under the tablecloth all through the meal.Guess which choice wins out.Sitting next to you, up a little higher (here, the tables are higher too) so the booster seat just works to bring me to table level, my hand quickly finds your thigh to rub.  You just place your hand over mine and stop my movements for a minute as you look at the menu for us.

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