L and Me Ch. 01


It had been a long evening. You made me jump through a lot of hoops before you were really ready for us to get together. I had just left my ex-girlfriend, not for you, but because we simply weren’t going to make it. My hope was that since I was single now, before I looked for a new relationship, you and I could finally have some fun. So I saved my first paycheck from my new job, and took you on a the kind of date that wasn’t designed to make you fall in love with me… that wasn’t what I wanted. It was supposed to make you feel like a desirable, sexy, and sophisticated woman. It worked, but you were still wondering about my mental state. You forget… once I’ve made up my mind to do something, I don’t sit and fret over it. It applies to my now ex-girlfriend.

It applied to you, as well.

After a lovely, and rather dressy dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant, and a few drinks at an upscale bar nearby, I took you to the hotel room I’d reserved two nights prior. There would be red wine waiting for us, and a very large shower. I had actually scoped out the place specifically for the shower size; you’d said you wanted to shower with a man someday, and I wanted to fulfill that desire in you. I had stopped by there before we’d met for dinner to drop off a few things, as well. You see, I didn’t want your love. I knew you loved me as a friend, and that was all we would ever be… and frankly, that’s what Urfa Escort I wanted. We’d make a terrible couple, if romance set in. I didn’t want that for you, or for me.

I wanted your virginity.

You were a sexy, sexy woman. You’d done all there was to do, and loved to do it… you had just never been penetrated by anything but a man’s fingers. I was going to change that. By the time I was done with you, you would be so damned seduced, you wouldn’t even bother to try putting the brakes on. I hoped I would be successful… I certainly wasn’t going to force you to have sex with me. But we went to the room to get naked and enjoy ourselves… my odds were good. I’d been talking sex with you for months. I knew your buttons. I just had to hit them.

We got to the room by way of my car, since you were a little tipsy, and I hadn’t drunk much just yet. When we got to the room, you saw the wine and wanted another drink, but I led you away from there… one thing I would NOT do was seduce you when you were drunk. Aside from it being cheating, it simply was not right to take advantage of you that way. You would be plenty sober enough to call your own shots… you would just be far too horny to stop.

When I led you to the shower, and showed you the size of the tub, you immediately started taking off your dress. I stopped you, slowed you down. I unzipped you, slowly pulling down Urfa Escort Bayan the fabric of your dress. You had skimped on undergarments for our date, and there was no bra to remove. Your gorgeous, cinnamon D’s popped free of their restraints. I pushed the dress to the floor, then made you wait an extra few seconds while I picked it up and hung it neatly in the closet. When I came back over to you, you were bent over the water controls. I came up behind you, got on one knee, and quite literally kissed your ass. My hands ran over your legs, exploring your form from your toes to your thighs, while my mouth planted small kisses everywhere I could reach. When you straightened up, I did the same, immediately taking you fully into my arms and kissing you, hard. It was not a kiss of love. It was a kiss of wanting, of carnal need. You had something I wanted. I had something you wanted. This was for the purpose of pleasure.

My lips trailed from your mouth to your jaw, your neck, and your ears. Your moans made my hands tremble… it was nearly impossible to take my time with the sounds you were making, sounds I rarely heard from my ex. My hands finally left your back to explore other regions of your body, running over your ass, your shoulders, and finally cupping both of your breasts and feeling the womanly mounds of joy between my fingers. Wasting no more time, I leaned down and sucked Escort Urfa on your right nipple, savoring the taste of your skin and sweat. By this time, you were using your own hands to unbutton my shirt… which you got off of me in record time, I might add. But you quickly went for the other prize… my belt buckle. Before I could move from your right breast to your left, you had my pants down, and were on your knees sucking hard on my cock. I nearly fell over. Your lips were so warm and soft, and your tongue was running circle around my head and shaft while you pumped me in and out of you…

“Wait…” I said weakly, “I wanted you to cum first…”

“I will cum plenty of times… and so will you,” you said, never ceasing your hands’ motions on my hard, twitching cock. You then, without a further comment, placed my dick firmly between your tits, pushed them together, and began stroking my cock with your breasts. I hadn’t masturbated in 4 days in preparation for this. I didn’t have a prayer. I came almost instantly, soaking your tits in hot cum, drenching your neck and chin in my load. I was about ready to back against the sink and catch my breath, but then you nearly fell over from your kneeling position!

Reaching down to steady you, I asked, “Are you ok? Did your knees give out on you?”

“No,” you replied, “I just had an orgasm just from you fucking my tits… that’s never happened before. Your cock fits so perfectly in my cleavage… I hope it’s that good when we get in bed.”

I almost didn’t dare to hope that my mission was about to be accomplished already. She had other ideas anyhow. “And I did that on purpose… now we can focus on our shower.”

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