Kitten Pleases Her Master


She sat in the middle of the floor, her hands crossed gently behind her back and sitting on her feet. Her neck was held up straight, but her eyes were settled on the floor as she sat quietly and waited patiently for the one she has been yearning for. She didn’t hear him open the door and when he spoke it startled her.

“Hello little one.” he spoke softly, but his voice held the dominance she so desired. He gave one tap to her shoulder and she knew exactly what to do. She stood up slowly and gracefully, never taking her eyes off the floor. Her hands remained crossed behind her, and she waited for her inspection. He walked around her very slowly, looking up and down the body that he now owned and controlled. His most valued property

“Hello Master” her voice hardly a whisper. He quickly grabbed her chin and lifted her head, making sure that she was looking into his eyes. Of course she was though, his gaze was always unbreakable and she had never dared to look away.

“Little one, did I ask you to speak?” She shook her head, now knowing she had done wrong. It was her mouth that had always gotten her into trouble and she knew what was coming, it had happened many times before.

“You know the drill girly, strip down and over the table. I am sick of your mouth and you are going to be taught a lesson for it.” His voice was stronger this time, showing that he meant what he was saying. Words had such an effect on her, but his made her legs shake and the heat between her legs grow. Quickly she stripped down and left her clothes in a pile beside her. This was punishment and it meant there was no need for her to strip in the sexiest way possible. She now stood in nothing but her collar, a simple collar that meant so many things in this relationship. With her legs trembling she walked over to the table and bent herself over it waiting.

Master came up behind her, running his rough strong hand up her leg and across her waiting bottom. He let it rest on her tailbone, and with the other hand he grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked back on it hard. She gave a little yelp and was now staring at the ceiling but never moving from xslot her position. With one swift move he smacked her right ass cheek with great force behind it. She held in her screams, but her eyes showed the pain that it caused as they began to water.

“Tisk tisk my little kitten, you know your Master likes the sounds of your pained screams” and with that he brought his hand down once more in the very exact same spot. It left a perfect handprint in red, her skin lightly raised from the sting of it. He rubbed it gently with a small laugh, “Masters mark as you say kitten. Now… on your knees, it’s time to please your Master”. Swiftly she turned around and fell to her knees before him. He grabbed her hand and pressed it up against his cock, she could feel how hard he had gotten even through his jeans. She looked up at him with want in her eyes, but he just smiled down at her. ” What would you like little one?” already knowing what she wanted, he just loved hearing her say it.

“Please Master, may I pleasure you with my mouth” She leaned in a little close, running her nose against his solid shaft, breathing in his sent and making her let out a little moan. She shifted around a little, the wetness in her now gliding down her leg. She was so very tempted to just take his cock in her mouth as hers but sat quietly instead.

“So eager to please, aren’t you my little toy” he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pressed her against him, sliding himself back and forth against her wanting lips and quickly yanked her back. He slowly knelt down never taking his eyes off hers and ran his finger up and down her pussy. ” Such a dirty little girl aren’t you” she moaned and rocked her hips, he just grinned at her. “Being a little selfish here, don’t you think” as he pulled his hand away and rubbed her own juices on her lips. She licked them, tasting herself.

“Please Master, please give this dirty girl what she wishes” looking up at him, and he could see it in her eyes, her submissiveness and loyalty to him. All he had to do was nod and she rushed to his zipper and quickly let his cock free. With a gasp and a moan he was in her mouth, she xslot Giriş kissed, licked and sucked him hard as if it was the only thing keeping her alive. She looked up at him with her mouth full and her eyes slowly began closing.

“No no my little kitten, I want your eyes on me”. Her eyes quickly flashed open, her eyelids fluttering as she slid her head back and forth across his whole shaft. She pressed her tongue hard against him as he held each side of her head, she now gave up control. Roughly he pushed himself all the way into her warm mouth and down her throat. She gagged a little before relaxing and gave herself to him completely, as he took her mouth and abused it. In just a few minutes she was pressed against him and held there as he came down her throat, she swallowed every last drop greedily and slowly slid off and gave the very tip of him a small kiss.

“Thank you Master” she said and she meant it. He gently lifted her chin to look at him and smiled.

“You’re welcome my little cum bucket” this sending another wave of heat between her legs. He knew and just laughed. ” You really are a dirty little girl”. He pushed her back and she leaned on her hands, her legs spread and knees bent slightly letting him see what he wanted. With a finger he dipped himself inside her throbbing and soaking wet pussy and rubbed her clit in a small circle with his thumb. “Just look at how wet you are you dirty little slut.” He slapped her pussy lightly and she jumped, closing her legs tight around his hand. He gazed up at her with a hard but loving stare “Open up” and she did, obediently. He pulled her up off the floor and bent her over, placing her hands on her knees to balance herself. With one quick push he was inside her tight pussy and she almost fell over. He steadied her and quickly began to thrust, grabbing her by the throat and pulling her against his chest. She moaned loudly as her legs began to shake, she didn’t know how much longer she could wait before she came.

” Your mine” he growled in her ear.

“Yes Master yes” she moaned and panted, hardly able to speak. He heard her panting and knew she was close. xslot Güncel Giriş

“Don’t you dare cum. Do you hear me, you’re mine and you cum when I say”. She had all she could do to hold it. She felt as if she was going to explode as she pushed up onto her toes and grabbed onto her Master wherever she could. He breathed and groaned loudly into her ear as he was about the reach his own climax.

” Now! My little toy” he growled as he very quickly pulled out of her and shoved his cock up into her ass. She screamed at the top of her lungs as this pushed her over the edge and she began to cum harder than she ever has before, thrashing around against him. He held her still with his steel grip as he shot his large hot load into her ass and let go. She fell to her hands and knees panting, her juices leaving a puddle on the floor between her legs. He knelt down behind her and slowly slid a dildo into her already soaked pussy, putting its vibration on low. She quickly began squirming around, almost collapsing to the floor as he stood back up and walked across the room.

“If you would like to clean your Master you must walk to me with that inside you, if it drops it’s the cage for you tonight my little kitten.” He smiled at her and watched in somewhat amusement. She struggled just to get to her feet as her legs twitched and shook. She took it step by step and finally reached him, kneeling down in front of him once again to worship his cock. She took him in her mouth hungrily and tasted herself on him, cleaning him off the best she could but taking her time. Once he was cleaned he pulled away from her, attached a leash to her collar and removed the vibrator from her. She waited patiently and followed, crawling behind him when he began to walk. He took her into their bedroom and led her to the corner where a large cat bed sat. It had a small blanket on it and she happily took her place and curled up inside it with a smile. He knelt down beside her and gave a kiss on her forehead.”You’re a very good girl my little kitten.” He said as he tucked the blanket in around her. She laid her head down and closed her eyes, knowing she had pleased her Master is what makes her happiest.

“Thank you Master” she spoke as she slowly drifted off. He walked over to his own bed and laid down switching off the light and closing his own tired eyes.

“Goodnight kitten” he whispered.

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