Kitchen Duty

Female Ejaculation

It was hot, and humid, when Arthur awoke on Sandy’s bed. He was on his stomach, his cock thickly soft and sticky between his legs, and he reached out for Sandy only to find her side of the bed empty. Overhead, the fan was motionless, and no breeze came through the open windows. Arthur sighed, rubbed his eyes, and sat up. He pulled on his boxers and headed downstairs.

“Sandy?” he called as he descended.

“In the kitchen,” came the reply.

She was chopping something on the cutting board next to the sink when he entered. Perspiration already spotted her white t-shirt while the hem of her electric blue skirt gently swayed around her ankles. Her elbow moved rhythmically behind the thok-thok-thok of the chopping knife.

When Sandy stopped, Arthur came up behind her and looked over her shoulder, his hands resting gently on her hips.

“Salad? For breakfast?”

“It’s nearly lunchtime.” She turned her head to kiss him, he leaned in and tasted basil as their tongues intertwined.

“Mmm,” Arthur purred while he slid his hands over Sandy’s shirt and belly. His cock, already nestling pendulously in the folds of her skirt between her buttocks, thickened as their kiss became more insistent. Sandy tried to turn to face her lover but he pushed her back.

“Stay there, Princess,” Arthur murmured as he began hefting and massaging her breasts through the damp cloth of her tee. He worked his fingers around her nipples until Sandy hissed in response. She leaned forward over the vegetables on the board, sweat beading on her face only to drip on the celery pieces. Arthur began pulling her skirt up, up, up over her ass until he could maneuver his hardened tool between her legs. Sandy’s pussy was already open and slick with sweat and arousal; it almost panted in time with Escort Bayan her mouth. Arthur slid his erection along her ripened labia, she tilted her hips back, and he slid his cock up the heated, writhing tunnel of her cunt.

Arthur clasped her from behind, their bodies joined only at their genitals but otherwise fused by sweat-soaked stretches of cotton. Sandy rolled her ass back at her lover as he thrust forward. Arthur breathed deeply to hold back while one hand worked over Sandy’s tits and the other pushed her clit toward his sliding cock. Sandy felt the tingling begin and she shivered despite the heat. Her head hung down over the celery, the Bermuda onion, the tomatoes, the basil, her hair coming undone and falling over her puffing cheeks.

He slid deep into her, working Sandy into a frenzy with strong steady thrusts. His fingers whipped around her vibrating clit and hardened nipples.

“Ah, AH, AH-AH-AH-AH! Ah, Ah, UNNNNH!” Sandy groaned and collapsed forward onto the vegetables. Arthur soaked his cock for a few more thrusts and reached for the olive oil. He slid out of her and added the oil to his slickened member and poured a bit at the top of the crack of her ass.

“Oh, Arthur, reallllly–Ohhh,” Sandy groaned as he pushed his knob past the oily pucker of her anus.

“Just hang on a second, sweetness, there’s more. Now open wide.” And he grabbed the cucumber and began inserting it between the hanging folds of her pussy.

“Oh–my–God–Oh–my–God” was Sandy’s response as the great green dildo made its steady, relentless way up her vaginal canal. It was over three inches thick, and as it advanced so did Arthur’s dick up her ass. She struggled to relax in the face of being filled as never before, spreading her legs a little wider and Bayan Escort letting the twin tools slide deep up her body.

Arthur couldn’t believe the feeling either. He was now firmly up Sandy’s tight, hot, and well-lubed asshole and right under his cock he could feel the enormous cuke filling Sandy’s cunt and pressing against the connective sheath. Wanting to keep Sandy from protesting too much, he resorted to short pokes of his cock while he rotated the cucumber back and forth.

It was enough for Sandy, who began crying a second time from the sensations running up and down her spine, and for Arthur, who began jerking back and forth, gasping as he shot streams of sperm up Sandy’s ass.

“Now it’s your turn, big boy,” said Sandy as she turned, popping Arthur’s cock out of her butt and pushing the cucumber out of her cunt. “On your hands and knees.” Arthur meekly did as he was told. “To the living room, march!”

When he got there she tied a blindfold on him and went upstairs.

“Pants down, boy, and make it snappy.”

Arthur could hear her vibrator attachment begin to hum and guessed what was coming. He crouched on the rug and waited for her to take his ass. Sure enough, there was the now familiar nudge of the lubed dildo against his anal pucker. She gripped his hips and pushed it slowly in until the slightly softer knob slipped past the ring of muscles. Arthur exhaled with her penetration and then felt the constant pressure as she forced her rod up his rectum.

“Mmm, yeah, boy, take it all,” Sandy murmured. When she had driven all the way to the harness around her crotch she leaned over his back, her breasts pressing down on him as she reached under and grabbed his limp prick.

“What, no life here? C’mon, Arthur, get it together.”

“I’m Escort shot, Princess, your ass is too much.”

Sandy started pulling back and forth on his flaccidity.

“Better not be, because I’m not leaving your asshole until you deliver. Maybe this’ll help.”

She flipped a switch on the harness and suddenly vibrations ran through the dildo, electrifying Arthur’s anus.

“Oh my god!” he exclaimed as Sandy began working the dildo in and out. She pulled until only the humming knob rested on his pucker, and then drove in again. Arthur hung his head, feeling her hands clench his hips and the vibrations come and go deep within him.

“Unnh,” he murmured when his lover bent over his back again and started stroking the underside of his cock.

“That’s more like it!” Sandy exclaimed as he began to thicken in her hand. She gripped him in earnest and squeezed rhythmically to her thrusts inside him.

“C’mon, boy, give it up,” Sandy whispered in his ear. Her own orgasm was coming in small waves and she picked up the tempo. But it wasn’t enough; as she jerked and spasmed, Arthur couldn’t respond in kind.

“We’re gonna do this til you get it right. Come with me!” She stroked his cock with juices from her own dildo-filled cunt and rocked on.

The lubrication made a difference. As Sandy bounced up against his bottom, the dildo filling him again and again, her slick hand milking his cock, Arthur found himself caught up in her domination.

“Resistance is futile,” Sandy whispered between the pants of her approaching climax. Come!”

Arthur finally did, shivering, jerking, small spurts of sperm falling on the floor from his purple-red, glistening tool. Sandy milked his shrinking cock as she shook and wiggled on top of him in yet another orgasm. As it receded, she fell on his back, the vibrator still humming up his ass, their fluids pooling on the floor under their sagging bodies. The house was silent in the heat before Arthur finally raised his head.

“So what’s for lunch?” he asked.

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