Kirk’s Transmistress


My name is Kirk Strong and this is a glimpse into how I live life. I am the typical successful businessman. I have a big flashy new build mansion on the outskirts of town. I have a trophy wife who likes to lunch a lot. I wear expensive suits and silk shirts and expensive swiss watches etc. etc., I travel for business most of the time. I keep membership of an expensive golf club but to be honest I don’t even like golf and I wouldn’t even know one end of a golf bat or is it a club from the other.

This brings me on to thing which I do enjoy. I also keep a mistress so far so normal, but this is a mistress with a difference in so much as this one has got a penis. Confession time, I love femboys, smooth slim and pretty like a girl but with the sex drive of a man and let’s face it they can’t fake an orgasm.

I keep a pretty femboy as a mistress. I buy her high heels and sheer tights and little black dresses. She is hairless except for her tweaked eyebrows and pageboy haircut. She’s always made up with glossy red lipstick and eyeliner, bright red nail varnish and false eyelashes.

I keep her in a waterfront flat which I rent for her. I pay for everything, her food and drink, waxing treatments every fortnight, hormone supplements, trashy make up and tarty clothes. She has a corporate credit card with no limit. I trust her, God knows why.

This night in question I was taking her out to an expensive french restaurant. “Le Canard Bleu” She was wearing this tiny LBD and gloss tan tights with nothing on underneath and on her feet she was wearing peep toe sandals with her red varnished toenails showing through her tights. The heels on the strappy sandals were 4 inches high and she was tottering slightly when she walked.

Other diners were darting glances at us. The serving staff were also looking at us and I could see them whispering. Why were they staring? Was it my date’s ridiculously short dress which kept riding up showing glimpses of her bare bottom through the sheer tights or could it be the tarty ankle bracelet underneath her tights or the gold necklace with the word “slut” around her neck, who can say? Anyway she was lapping up the attention.

We finished the meal and bottle of wine. The maitre’d called a taxi for us and she teetered out of the restaurant ahead of me. I could see the male diners sneaking peeks at her. Half way towards the door my date’s gold lame handbag opened up and her lipstick fell out. She bent over to pick it up and treated the restaurant to a full moon of her delightful slim behind.

If anyone was wondering whether she was wearing any knickers then now they knew for sure she wasn’t wearing anything under her sheer tights.

We got outside and there was a freezing wind blowing down the smart city centre street. She had a short waist-length bolero fake fur coat on but it didn’t look like it was keeping her very warm and the wind was blowing her flimsy dress up giving a nice show for passersby. I could see her erect nipples pointing through the material of her flimsy dress.

She looked very vulnerable so I picked my moment and asked her why she hadn’t put the butt plug in herself when she went to the ladies in the restaurant as I had asked her to do earlier. She asked me how I knew. I told her everyone could tell she didn’t have a butt plug in when she bent over to pick up her lipstick. She almost looked ashamed. I asked her where she wanted to go when the taxi turns up. She said “I want to go home and feel you inside me Daddy”

Anyhow I told her that I hated to disappoint her but because she had disobeyed me we were going on somewhere else. She looked at me beseechingly but I would not be swayed even as she begged me and offered me more and more inviting sexual favours. The taxi finally turned up and I shouted to the driver “Bottoms Up.”

We got in the cab and my mistress who calls herself Ashleigh but is sometimes Ashley looked confused because it was evident that I wasn’t having a drink with the cabbie so what did Bottoms Up mean? As the cab left the elegant city centre and headed toward the seedy port area I think the penny dropped, it was Bottoms Up the lap dancing club. I could see the look of dejection on her little face.

The cab puttered through the grimy back streets and and I commanded Ashleigh/Ashley “Get that dress off.” She looked imploringly at me but took her coat off and pulled the dress over her head. I took it odd and flung it out the window. It was only some cheap number from Miss Behave and she had about three more of them. The cabbie who was a woman was getting a bit distracted.

I Could hear a car horn sound and the taxi changed lane rapidly flinging Ashleigh dressed only in her tights, sandals and a silky black size A bra into my lap. I think she had accepted that humiliation was the order of the day now.

She got back into her short fake fur coat well more of a bomber jacket really and we pulled up outside the club with its garish sign and a queue of punters waiting to be admitted. She Ataşehir Anal Escort got out as demurely as she could but it was obvious from the whistles that everyone could see her pert behind as she sashayed up to the club entrance trying to pull her jacket down to cover herself but it was way too short.

The queue was so busy staring at Ashleigh’s pretty derriere that they forgot to jeer when the doorman waved us straight into the club past the waiting throng. She was walking knees together to try and protect her modesty but that just meant her backside stuck out more.

As soon as we got inside the club her vulnerable buttocks were getting stroked and palmed and patted and nipped and spanked by the great unwashed that comprised the club’s clientele. Her facial expression was a mixture of terror and pleasure and her cheeks were bright red both on her face and her backside which was being kneaded like putty by eager punters.

Some clumsy drunk bumped into Ashleigh who was already unsteady on her feet in her 4 inch sandals and after a bottle of vintage red wine and she fell on the floor. I reached down and helped her up, always the gentleman. Her tights were now ripped and no sooner had she got up then another clown bumped into her spilling his pint all over her, soaking her fur jacket and bra. Another oaf must have thought this was funny because he took his full pint and poured it over her head. I wouldn’t have minded but he got lager on my mohair overcoat.

I gestured to a bouncer standing near the stage. I think he must have been waiting for an excuse to exit these buffoons because he grabbed both of them by the collars of their replica football shirts and threw them toward his colleague at the door who summarily ejected them.

Meanwhile Ashleigh who was soaked and shivering, was being pawed and prodded and poked by the milling crowd of male customers. There were three sections to this establishment, a counter serving food straight ahead where you ate at your peril.

We were in the main section with a bar on one side and the stage on the other side where two girls were doing their routines. One was a brunette who still had on a tiny black g-string preserving a modicum of modesty.

The other dancer was naked except for the obligatory stripper heels and kneeling toward the audience with her legs apart and my eyes along with the rest of the customers were drawn to her moist open slit in all its shaven glory.

Her pierced clitty was there for all to see in the harsh stage spotlights. She looked like she was enjoying her work. She was skinny maybe dress size 10. Her tits looked big for her slim build. They may have been fake but they were good fakes. She had a saloon tan and was lathered in baby oil. She was off the dial in terms of tardiness but I couldn’t argue it wasn’t effective as I felt myself getting aroused by her.

While I was distracted by the show on stage, Ashleigh was enduring continuing depredations from the lumpen clientele. They were now pulling at her torn tights until they were now in shreds around her ankles. Her hair and coat and bra were soaking and her mascara was running and she was looking rather sorry for herself.

She looked like a tramp, a half naked tramp literally, as now her tights had been shredded she was naked from the waist down. Her tights had afforded her a hint of modesty but now she was swinging in the wind for all to see, her bare arse and shrunken little clitty there for all the world to enjoy. She looked petrified but also elated at the same time.

I put my hand around Asheigh’s waist and guided her toward the bar. There were three ladies serving behind the bar. All of them were dressed to impress in tiny tight white t-shirts with the establishment’s logo emblazoned across their chests. They were wearing ridiculously short pleated schoolgirl kilts under which stocking tops were plainly visible.

I noticed the lady on the left was taller than the other girls and had broader shoulders and slimmer hips and a flatter chest but was still gorgeous with her auburn hair in girly pig tails. I asked for some or other Czech beer for both of us. I don’t even like beer but I noticed that it was on the lowest shelf beside the floor in the chiller cabinet behind the bar.

Our barmaid turned round and bent over to get the beers. She kept her legs straight and touched her toes then looked round and gave both of us a cheeky come hither look but I was too busy drinking in her delicious smooth pale behind which was covered only by skimpy white thong and her suspenders as her short short skirt covered nothing. She then reached in the cabinet and brought out our beers.

I had noticed that for a modest sum the Bottoms Up logo t-shirts could be purchased from behind the bar. I asked our barmaid who introduced herself as “Lucy” in a deep but sexy voice if we could purchase said item in the smallest size as I explained Ashleigh’s predicament which to be honest was plain for all to see. Ataşehir Yaşlı Escort Lucy handed us a t-shirt in a cellophane wrapper and a couple of clean bar towels with appropriately the name of the Czech beer on it. I produced my wallet but Lucy smiled and said “on the House” in her sexy mezzo-soprano voice.

Ashleigh still looked a bit forlorn shivering in her beer-soaked bottomless state. Lucy and her shared a knowing glance and Lucy said to me “I’ll help your friend and get her cleaned up in the ladies if you want to go to the VIP area just tell Savannah that I sent you.”

Lucy spoke to one of the other barmaids who nodded and Lucy let herself out through the gap in the counter and joined us. She was over six feet in her black patent leather stilettos and her black stockinged legs looked long and muscly like a dancer’s and I felt my cock get bigger. She took hold of Ashleigh and guided her towards the Ladies’ room. I watched the two of them walking together Lucy was stroking Ashleigh’s hair and comforting her. Ashleigh gave me a backwards glance and she looked like she was in state of bliss being cosseted by the lovely Lucy.

I wanted to join them in the ladies’ room but it looked like they wanted to alone together so I turned toward the so-called VIP area which was the third section of the establishment at the rear. The description VIP area was a bit of an exaggeration. You weren’t likely to bump into Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp, just a bunch of pissed up office types and salesman but it was still a cut above the bar area which was full of riggers and builders.

Another statuesque big blonde was standing at the roped off entrance to the VIP area. She was in the same outfit as the barmaids, t-shirt stretched over big boobs, tiny kilt that was more like a belt , dark stockings and high heels with her hair in a long pony tail. She had her hands in front of her crotch in a demure fashion and when she went to move the rope I saw why because the vee of her scanty white knickers were plainly visible under the short hem of her pleated kilt and you could see her camel toe even in the subdued club lighting.

I explained to Savannah that Lucy had invited us to go to the VIP area and she guided me to a secluded semi-circular booth all done out in over-stuffed brown velvet and gold tassels in the worst possible taste. Savannah asked me what I would like to drink so I asked her for a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Savannah strode off while I had a good look at her taut bare buttocks which were exposed in that glorious region of bare flesh between her kilt/belt and stocking tops.

A little while later another tall blond came to my table in a incredibly tight short glittery silver body con dress and silver thigh high boots with the bare skin of the top of her legs looking so sexy and inviting. I felt another stirring in my trousers. She had with her an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne and two flute glasses. She slid along the booth to sit by my side.

It was then I realised that it was Savannah after a costume change and she had got rid of the school girl pony tail hair and was wearing her big wavy brassy blond hair down. I wondered if there had been a misunderstanding and explained that I was expecting to be joined by my girlfriend. Savannah placed a brazen hand on my crotch and explained that the “girls” might be busy for a while but that she would look after me in the mean time.

I was starting to think “bottle of champagne” must be code for the “happy ending” or VIP service that these sort of places were not supposed to offer. Savannah had now unzipped my trousers and was now stroking my ever growing cock.

She then asked me what I thought of the standard of service so far at Bottoms Up. This seemed like a weird question in the context, like the sort of thing an air hostess would ask you as she brought you warm white wine in a plastic beaker.

I told her that I was very satisfied with the service and was weighing up whether I should do the same for her as she was doing for me while in the back of my mind I remembered the “no touching” policy that these sort of places maintained. I was imagining Brodie the bouncer chucking me out on to the wet pavement outside much to the amusement of everyone in the queue when Savannah guided my hand under her very short dress.

She had nothing on underneath and her smooth pussy was wet already. I found her clit and I was gently playing with it when she got down and knelt before me under the table. When I looked down and saw Savannah with her lips round my now sizeable member and her tousled hair and her legs splayed beneath me with her dress rucked up round her waist showing her fabulous big firm thighs in all their glory over the silver boots I practically shot my load then and there.

I tried to hold off but it was impossible and sure enough I fired my hot cum into her mouth in what seemed like half a minute. I was feeling a bit ashamed about my hastiness when possibly at the Ataşehir Zenci Escort least opportune moment Ashleigh and Lucy joined us. It was pretty obvious what had just happened as Savannah got up from under the table and wiped her lips and worst still I must still have been still shooting when she stopped sucking me off as some cum was on her hair. I also realised that my trousers and boxer shorts were now round my ankles.

Ashleigh and Lucy were holding hands. Ashleigh was now wearing the Bottoms Up t-shirt which came down to just above her belly button but was better than nothing. She had on some shimmery tights which apparently one of the dancers had leant to her. (The ladies’ room doubled up as the exotic dancers’ dressing room) There was a gap between the bottom of the t-shirt and the elastic at the top of the tights and you could see her slim waist and belly button which looked very sexy. She had put her high heeled sandals back on and Lucy had fixed up her hair and make up and she looked stunning.

She had a blissful expression which if I wasn’t mistaken looked like a just-fucked face to me. I couldn’t really complain about what those two girls had been up to bearing in mind what beautiful music I had been making with Savannah.

Anyway the two girls joined me in the booth so I was sitting between Savannah and Lucy with Ashleigh beside Lucy. Lucy looked down at my exposed crotch and said in a matter of fact way “hello big boy”. I looked down and right enough the little soldier was no longer at ease but was standing to attention again. I was quietly impressed with my power to come back as it were but then there was a lot of stimulation in that booth surrounded by a bevy of beauties as I was.

Lucy looked at me and said “you’re overdressed for this occasion” and started to take off my coat and jacket and pull away my trousers so I was sitting there in my shirt and socks swinging in the wind as it were. She gave me a mock serious look and said these too and I unbuttoned my shirt and she looked down at my feet and said “socks too” so I reached down and took them off. I was now sitting stark naked between these ladies feeling ever so slightly self conscious.

Savannah picked up all my clothes in bundle and said “I’ll put these somewhere safe” and walked off purposefully. I tried to object but the champagne was having a strong effect and I just gestured feebly. Ashleigh got up and went round to the other side of the both so she was sitting where Savannah had been. Although the booth was tucked out of the way other “VIPs” could see me as they walked by and I was feeling very exposed. Sensing my anxiety Lucy and Ashleigh started stroking my thighs and the little soldier gained a couple of inches.

Sitting bare-arse naked on the velvet booth banquette I could feel the stickiness of the velvet plush next to my bare skin and it probably needed a good clean with goodness knows what having happened in that booth over the years although to be honest since this evening I think I had a pretty good idea what went on there.

My momentary misgivings about my nakedness and the cleanliness or otherwise of the booth were forgotten when Lucy slid along and sat on my lap facing away from me. Whatever genius had designed this booth set up, probably when disco music was in its heyday, had thoughtfully left a good gap between banquette and table for Lucy to sit astride me. She stood up as if on the saddle of a horse and I could see she had lost her knickers at some stage, careless girl, and she bent forward thrusting her beautiful arse and cute little pink puckered anus towards me.

I didn’t really care any more so I stuck my tongue where the sun don’t shine and Lucy gave out a little gasp of astonishment though she must have had half an idea this was going to happen when she stuck her bum in my face.

At this moment Savannah rejoined us with another bottle of champagne. When she came upon the scene of me licking out Lucy from behind it might have surprised her slightly but her professionalism showed through and she hid her astonishment well.

I thought I should drink some of this champagne which Savannah had kindly brought to us. I had no sooner tried to reach for a glass of champagne than Lucy sat down hard on my lap and the helmet of my cock which was hard as a rock popped through Lucy’s little sphincter and she started bouncing up and down on top of me and her little tartan skirt came off and I felt her erect nipples through her t-shirt.

I noticed that Savannah had now taken her dress off and was sitting beside Ashleigh dressed only in her thigh boots and better still, the two of them were kissing passionately. Savannah then started swapping spittle with Lucy as Lucy bounced up and down on top of me while Ashleigh played with Lucy’s big clit.

I didn’t think I could hold off for long what with this tableau of delights on front of me. In any event Lucy started cumming loudly and soon I joined her spurting hot jizz into her tight little back passage. Mr. Pecker most definitely needed a rest now so I relaxed while Lucy got off my lap, spunk dribbling from her not-so-tight-now bumhole and sat beside me looking very satisfied. I could see her spunk and my spunk dripping on to her stockings and down her legs. I felt a sense of accomplishment.

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