Kindling A Cuckold – Part VII


Sara stared down at her coffee cup as she slowly stirred. She was deep in thought and pensive. “Is everything okay?” Brian asked her as he sat down at the kitchen table alongside her. ”Everything is fine,” she responded without looking up. The silence between them remained for a few moments until Sara broke it. “Do you want me to cuckold you, Brian?” His head jolted back. “No of course not,” he responded adamantly. “Why?” This time she looked up at him. “The stories,” she started to say, “it seems that they are all meant for me to read. It’s almost as if you are trying to tell me something.” Brian was already shaking his head and his cheeks were flushed. “It’s okay, it doesn’t bother me. I… I just want to make sure that I’m not getting mixed messages here.” His head shook again. “No… no, I’m not into that. I… I just find it interesting, that’s all. “He shrugged. “Me too.” Sara eyed him cautiously as she finished the remains of her coffee. She still wasn’t sure about him but it was time for work now and that would have to wait. Whatever the truth was she knew that she was sexually excited and it would keep away the drudgery of some of the work routines. It was almost lunchtime that day when she looked up from her desk and saw Joe, the car mechanic, talking to the branch manager. Mr Sorrel, she knew, was leaving early for a managers meeting and so it was a pleasant surprise to see the two of them heading towards her Escort izmir work area and desk. “Sara, this gentleman is looking for a business loan. Can I leave you to go through the application forms with him? I have a meeting.” She felt a little embarrassed and even managed a smile as he sat down. She would hardly describe him as a gentleman but there again who was she to make moral judgements. It had only been a few days ago when he had been the subject of her fantasy. He wasn’t his usual cocky self as he explained about his boss intending to retire and him wanting to buy him out. “I know the business inside out,” he told her. “I just need some funding.” Sara smiled and then opened out the application form. Lenders always make it sound that loan applications are simple affairs but there is a lot of paperwork involved. By the time they had finished it felt as though she knew him quite well now. She did know lots of personal information about him but she also knew that outside that cocky exterior lay someone who was unsure and insecure. How… how long will take to get a decision?” he asked as he signed. “We should have a decision, in principal, within forty-eight hours.” He smiled nervously at her. “Look,” he said quietly, “I’m sorry for being so suggestive last time we spoke. You know the car servicing and all that.” She laughed. “I’m used to innuendos and all that. Don’t worry about it.” izmir escort bayan Sara watched him walk away and wondered which Joe she preferred, the cocky, brash one full of sexual innuendo or the shy quiet one. She felt the dampness of her panties and quickly decided that she preferred the former. She was already married to someone like the latter in character; if she wanted a lover then she would prefer the loud, confident type in bed with her. She never had chance to look at Brian’s Kindle until next morning. Picking it up just after he left for work she sat down at the kitchen table with a freshly made coffee and opened it up. “What!” she cried out. “Where have they gone?” Brian’s bookmark folder was almost empty. There was just one bookmarked file left. From the dozens that had been there a couple of days ago there was just one left now. Sara switched the Kindle off and on again just in case there was a glitch but no, they had definitely gone. Sara opened up the remaining bookmark and sat back. ‘Her perfume caught his attention before her appearance did. Jack looked up as she came into the room. Sal was dressed ready to go out. “Going out?” She looked a little guilty, nervous, in fact. “I’m going out with a friend from work.” “A friend?” “Well, more of a work colleague, actually. His name is Jim.” “Jim?” Sal nodded. “He’s a man.” “I know.” Jack rose to his feet. “You’re izmir escort going out with another man?” Sal moved closer to him and threw her arms around his neck before kissing him. Her perfume filled his nostrils as he rested his hands on her waist. “You’re going out with another man,” he repeated. She kissed him again as she pressed her body against him. “You’re… you’re going… “ She nodded. “I’m going to cuckold you.” Jack was stunned. “Cuckold me?” “It’s what you want, isn’t it? “ “B… but… “ “Jack, darling, it’s time to stop beating about the bush. We both want it. It’s time to do it.” Jack opened his mouth to speak but the words failed to come. Sal though could feel his bulge pressing into her. She reached down and folded her hand around it. “We keep talking about doing it, don’t we?” Jack said nothing. “He’s a nice guy, you’ll like him.” “He… he knows?” Sal nodded. “I’ve been open and honest with him. He knows that I am not looking for romance; this is just a sexual thing.” “He knows that… I… “ “He knows that you want me to cuckold you.” She cut in. “W… what did he say to that?” She smiled. “He’s a guy,” she chuckled, “he jumped at the chance of fucking another man’s wife.” “Is he married?” “Divorced. His wife found out about an affair he was having.” “So… so how did get to know one another?” “He asked me out,” she disclosed. “He’s asked me out a few times and when our conversations became serious about cuckolding I thought why not. We had lunch together a few days ago and I told him about us and… well… he said that he would love to have the chance to oblige you.” “Oblige me?” Sal kissed him again and gave his bulge another squeeze.

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