Kim’s New Life Ch. 21

It was a beautiful sunset. Yellow clouds and sky turned into hues of pink and red. The smooth surface of the lake reflected the colors of the sky and forest as the fiery globe disappeared beneath the horizon. I was on my side with my head resting in Kelly’s lap while we quietly watched the scene unfold before us. I was fully aware of her hand cupping and, very slowly, massaging my breast and playing with the nipple ring. Only the sounds of the creatures of the night broke the silence of the moment. Everything seemed to be mimicking the feelings that I felt in my heart for Kelly and hoped were mutually felt in hers. I knew I had to be in the middle of a dream. How else could all this possibly have happened in such a short period of time!

An eternity seemed to pass quickly while we drank in the solitude of the moment. It was dark, the moon our only source of light, when I felt Kelly finally start to move. Turing onto my back, I watched her finish unbuttoning her blouse before shrugging it from her shoulders. “Come to momma, my little baby.” No explanation was necessary. I raised my body enough to slip my right arm around her back while she simultaneously cradled my head in her left. My lips eagerly sought and found a hard nipple. I started to suckle.

Kelly lowered her head to kiss my cheek then whispered, “You know, love, I have read that many women can begin to lactate when their breasts are sucked on a regular basis, even though they have never been pregnant. I hope that is true because I want us both to experience you drinking my milk. We will do this every day to see if I can start secreting.” The intensity of my sucking increased as I too wanted her wish to come true.

When Kelly’s right hand trailed from my breast to my waist and over my hip, I pulled my leg up and back, resting my foot flat on the blanket to give access to what I prayed was her final destination. This was an automatic reaction on my part, because I was so engrossed in nursing. However, I did expel a loud moan when her hand cupped my bare cunt. “Ummm, my little pet likes this, doesn’t she?” In reply, I simply nodded, rolled her nub with my tongue and gently nibbled at it before moaning again, slightly louder, as a finger penetrated my tunnel of love. My free hand sought out her other nipple and teased it to a rock-hard point.

By using the heel of her hand on my clit and a second finger in my vagina rubbing my g-spot, Kelly quickly brought me to the brink of an orgasm. I was so turned on that all I could do is moan and suck harder on her tit. I should be ashamed to admit it, but as I neared the top of the mountain, thoughts of everything except my impending climax left my mind. I did suck harder on Kelly’s nipple, caused strictly by my own sexual passion, not by my desire to suck her nipple. I put both hands around her back and pulled our bodies tighter together and I moved my hips to hump her hand. It didn’t matter that Kelly purposefully wanted to bring me to a climax. It was my duty as her sub to give my Mistress pleasure, not the other way around. When I finally came, Kelly pulled my head up and kissed me with the deepest passion I had ever felt. She then held me tight until I returned to the modern world.

Looking into my eyes, with a smile she said, “I take it my pet enjoyed her climax.”

“Oh, yes, Mistress. Thank you so much. Now it is your slut’s turn to pleasure you.”

“Not right now, dear. It’s dark and time to leave. I will give you every opportunity in the world to take care of my problem when we get home. Do I need to remind you, however, that you did climax without first asking permission?”

“Oh, shit. I’m so sorry, Mistress.”

“Not to worry. It’s just a small omission, but still requires some punishment. We’ll take care of that, too, when we get home.”

We rose. I folded the blanket and we walked together to the bike, her left hand holding mine, my leash in her right. I thought I would be putting on the skirt and vest again, but Kelly had other ideas. Opening the saddlebag, she exchanged the blanket for a small zip bag and handed me what looked like a rolled piece of red fabric. “What is this, Mistress?”

“Your clothes to wear for the next leg of our trip, little one. It is a Lycra body suit, also known as a ‘cat suit.'” I had never worn anything like it. The thin, red, stretch fabric fit like a second skin. As I pulled it on, I realized that, although opaque, every nook and cranny of my flesh would be highlighted. Full-body, it also covered my hands and feet. I needed Kelly’s assistance to zip the back. Covered from neck to toe, I no longer had to worry about nudity. A faux turtleneck top insured that not one speck of flesh showed below my head. I was glad that it was now dark, but Kelly quickly dispelled that feeling. She turned on the headlight of the Harley and made me model my suit in the spotlight. All I could see was the curve of my breasts bursa evi olan escort and hard, ringed nipples. It appeared like the material had been sprayed on me. When I mentioned this fact, Kelly said, “Someday, my pet, I promise that you will experience what it is like to turn your naked body into art with paint. And when you do, I plan to exhibit you in public.”

My next surprise came when Kelly pulled a Lycra hood from the zip bag and slipped it over my head. The only openings in it were beneath my nostrils and around my mouth. After assisting me with the helmet, Kelly helped me ‘mount her steed’ where I was introduced to my next shock. How did I miss the zipper in the crotch? Kelly parted the material and helped guide me as I again lowered my hips over the dildo. She mounted the bike and I wrapped my arms around her waist as tight as possible while we zipped down the dirt road. Although I was now riding blind, we were still able to converse through the intercom system.

The ride was amazing. If you haven’t tried riding a motorcycle while blindfolded, I highly recommend doing so, but only once. My ride was even more fun, though, because I was again being fucked as I bounced up and down on Kelly’s friend. I soon realized that it was taking longer to exit the bumpy dirt rode than when we arrived. When I mentioned this, Kelly said, “Yes, I are going slower than on the way in pet, because you are riding blind. But I am also taking a different, slightly longer way out.”

After hugging her waist tightly and moaning from my second climax (I remembered to ask permission) on this leg of the trip, Kelly laughed and said, “I am pleased my slut is enjoying her ride. Don’t worry. We’ll be back on smooth pavement in a few moments.” Didn’t she realize that I wasn’t the least bit worried?

We traveled for a long time before stopping at what I hoped was home. I sensed that I might be wrong when I realized that Kelly hadn’t entered the garage. After clipping her leash to my collar and helping me off the bike, Kelly grasped my arm and led me to our destination, cautioning me about obstacles along the way. I thought that we remained outside, but having no skin exposed, I was not sure. I was positive, however, that I heard a gate opening and closing, so I assumed we might be in someone’s back yard.

“My pet, in case you haven’t guessed, we are not alone. I promised a close friend that I would bring you by for a few minutes this evening. She is the current president of the society. She was impressed by your performance during your initiation. Say hello to her.”

It felt strange greeting someone I could not see and especially one I was addressing without knowing her name. Kelly later explained that they didn’t want to use her name because she was too well known and that I would eventually learn it. Except for the fact that I was in a form of bondage, I realized it wasn’t any different for someone who was blind. I quickly had more respect for them. In reply, she said, “I am pleased to meet you in person, kimmy. I didn’t get the pleasure of greeting you personally on Saturday. I had to leave before the reception. Your Mistress was sweet enough to bring you over tonight so I could, let’s say, get a closer look at our newest initiate. I almost hate to remove your cat suit. It is, after all, nothing more than a second skin and looks wonderful on you. I must say that I approve of your Mistress’ choice. It displays all your lovely attributes. I will have to get one for my slave. The only problem is I can’t sample the goods while you are wearing it.” Someone, I assumed Kelly, grasped the zipper at the back of my neck and slid it down. Two sets of hands peeled the suit, except for the hood, from my body. Apparently, I was not going to see her, and didn’t understand why, even with Kelly’s explanation about keeping her name a secret, if she really was a member of the society. Maybe she “had to leave before the reception” so I wouldn’t recognize her.

Two sets of hands buckled cuffs around my wrists and ankles. Then they raised my arms and connected the cuffs about three feet apart to what I assumed was a spreader bar above my head. I lost track of time as lips, tongues and fingers touched and probed my body and its most intimate parts. Somehow, I sensed that Kelly was not one of the two people who were working on me but could not be positive. Being touched like this creates strange sensations when one lacks the ability to see. No longer can you anticipate the next touch. It does make a difference. I was continually jumping because I did not expect what, and where the next contact might be.

Not one word was spoken until Kelly said, “My darling pet, we are going to stretch you a bit. Please lift your legs.” Even though it put a strain on my shoulders, I willingly complied with her order, wanting to impress this mysterious person with my obedience altıparmak escort to my Mistress.

Hands grasped my ankles, raised my legs and spread them apart. Ropes or chains, I know not which, connected the ankle cuffs to my wrist cuffs, preventing me from returning my feet to the support of the floor and presenting me in a position that I imagine looked quite obscene. No more words were spoken while hands continued feeling and massaging my body, paying particular attention to my breasts, nipples and ass. Eventually fingers probed my cunt. My response to these ministrations was positive. I knew my pussy was wet. I nearly screamed when something very cold and long entered my cunt. Kelly’s friend, I assumed, fucked me with it. Damn, what an experience. I found out that it was a Popsicle, when she commented, “Kelly, I must admit that I have never had a better treat than a Popsicle that has been coated with pussy juice.” Even I, in my stretched position, had to chuckle.

They released my legs, removed the ankle cuffs, and started to put the cat suit back on me. Once it was pulled as high as possible while I was still suspended, they released my arms, removed the wrist cuffs, and finished dressing me. Our “hostess” suggested we enjoy a glass of wine before we left, and Kelly agreed. My hood remained in place, but I was able to drink because of the opening for my mouth. For the second time this evening, the conversation around the table was, well, what one would otherwise consider “normal,” except when she said, “You must be curious about who I and my partner are, kimmy, but I must apologize that we are not ready to reveal our identities yet. You will meet us soon and will understand the reason for the secrecy. Thank you for being such a good sport.” At least the conversation and her comment confirmed the presence of a third person.

As we prepared to leave, she said, “Kelly, I would love the privilege of caning your pet’s ass, but I know you do not want that right now. Will you offer me the privilege later?”

“Any time you want.. I would love to watch you cane her, but only after her trial period is over, of course.” Personally, I couldn’t believe they were having this discussion, and in my presence, and hoped it was a joke. I knew better than to ask.

Kelly’s friend accompanied us when we returned to the Hog. When she saw the dildo, she commented, “You still keep that thing in your saddlebags, Kelly?”

“Absolutely. I have even used it myself. The thrill of riding down the road with “Buster” stuffed in your cunt and fucking you is simply indescribable. When are you going to agree to ride with me and test it out?”

“Keep tempting me and you might have a deal,” she laughed.

Thirty minutes later we were entering our garage. Kelly led me to our bedroom and informed me that I would continue to wear my “outfit” to bed, hood included. I was finally granted the privilege of kneeling between the legs of my Mistress and using my latex covered hand to bring her to a climax. That night I slept with my leg cuffs locked together. A chain extended from the lock to the foot of the bed.

Tuesday morning, Kelly and I showered together. As had become a normal routine, using body shampoo I first washed her using only my hands. It was a thrill to run my hands over her wet skin, touching every nook and cranny. I would flatten myself against her back reaching around her to wash her front. I especially enjoyed plastering myself to her chest to wash her back. This was dangerous, however because, often, we ended up kissing while I attempted to continue washing her back. Or I would drop to my knees and suck on her pussy while the water cascaded over us. I think her water bill increased because of the amount of time we spent in her shower. If time was short, I would use a net bath pouf or a face cloth to wash her. Sometimes she would wash me, too, but I was the slave and it was my responsible to care for my Mistress.

On weekends, we would fill the tub and take a leisurely bath together. However, if I were being punished for some infraction of the rules, I would be required to stay out of the tub to bathe her. Then I would take my own bath in her dirty water.

After our shower, I remained naked, until I dressed my Mistress, prepared, and ate, our breakfast. Once the kitchen was clean, I was given permission to dress for work. I told Kelly that my work for the day consisted of a lot of hands-on training. Because of the nature of the training, I explained that it would be best if I could remove my suit jacket. She consented to allow me to wear my new satin, unlined bra and a new camisole. I indicated that the straps would be visible and asked if I could wear one of my strapless bras instead. She replied by reminding me that all my bras had been cut up and all the new bras we purchased had straps. “You need to loosen up a bit, gemlik escort pet. Exposed bra straps are perfectly acceptable in the world today, even for you.

Even though I was the only one who knew I would be sans panties, I was still embarrassed. That feeling lessened as the day wore on. I was so busy, I occasionally even forgot I wasn’t wearing panties. I wondered if I would ever become comfortable with my new styles.

The new pair of silk, men’s boxer underwear, and a bikini-style bralette were waiting on the table were waiting on the table, when I arrived home, in addition to four cuffs. A note telling me to expect Kelly home at 6PM, instructed me to prepare supper for the two of us. Following additional instructions, I stripped, put the bralette, and the boxers on, then locked the cuffs on my wrists and ankles, picked up the collar I chuckled when I looked at my reflection in the hall mirror. The tiny triangles of material that formed the bralette barely covered my breasts.

I was in the kitchen when Kelly arrived. I immediately fell to my knees, presented the collar and waited for her to lock it on. Once we kissed, she pulled out a kitchen chair and sat down. “I think we have a little punishment to take care of, pet.” My reaction to this was spontaneous. I automatically laid over her lap, presenting my ass for its spanking. Tonight, it was with her hand. Afterwards she warned that it would not always be this easy. She also enjoyed using a hairbrush or a paddle. During the meal, we discussed our day and continued to reveal more of our personal lives to one another. I was sure most days after work would begin this way.

As Kelly watched me move around the kitchen while I finished cleaning, she walked up behind me, squeezed the cheeks of my ass through the silk of the boxers and said, “Damn, pet, you look effing sexy dressed like that. I may have to change my mind about keeping you naked all the time while in the house.” “Right now, pet, I want to see my tits.”

“But, Mistress, they are barely covered as it is.”

The next thing I felt were two tugs at the strings of my minuscule top, loosening the bows. The garment quickly fell to the floor. She plastered herself against my back, reached around and started tweaking my nipples.

“Mistress!” I exclaimed, “If you keep that up, I may not be able to finish my chores.”

“You are right. Make it quick, slut. I’ll be waiting for you in the den.”

When I finished, I assumed the ‘rest’ position in front of Kelly. She started a track of mood music, locked my wrist cuffs together behind my back and told me to sit on the sofa while she got a book from her library. When she returned, she sat beside me. I shifted position so I was lying on my back with my head in her lap.

“During your training, my slave, we will be reading several books on sexual slavery. I will also require you to read a few on your own. This book is ‘The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty,’ one of a series of four novels written by Ann Rice under the pen name A. N. Roquelaure. As I understand it, she didn’t want her father to know she had written the books. In my opinion, each book in the series is among the best in BDSM that we (you) will be reading, even if they are male dominant/female sub. In one preface, the publisher’s note says, ‘The books aren’t about literal cruelty; they’re about surrender, the fun of imagining you have no choice but to enjoy sex. Beauty’s slavery is delicious, sensuous, abandoned, and ultimately liberating.'”

To add to our intimacy, during the reading, Kelly used her free hand to massage my breasts. She also slipped her hand through the fly hole of my boxer shorts and played with my cunt. Oh, what a wonderful way to relax.

The book was too long to complete in one sitting and it was nearly midnight when she stopped. On closing it, she said, “I like the idea that Beauty called him ‘My Prince.’ When you are wearing my collar in public, i.e. when we are in the presence of others who are aware of your status, I want you to address me as ‘My Mistress.’ Adding the word ‘My’ reinforces and gives more significance to our relationship. I’m not just any mistress, I am YOUR mistress. You are MY subject. I own you. As before, though, you should use ‘ma’am when someone not in our circle might overhear. I will let you be the judge of which title is proper. And, before you say anything, I do not consider that to be making a decision. It is simply common sense. If you are not wearing my collar or a substitute, you may call me Kelly unless I advise you otherwise. Of course, you are permitted to use any of the three titles, My Mistress, Mistress or Ma’am.”

“I like the sound of My Mistress, too, ma’am. I may be using it a lot.”

Kelly had remained dressed all this time, so when we went to the bedroom, I assumed my slave duties, undressed her and attended to her in the bathroom. I smiled when she connected my collar to the head of the bed with the chain. This simple act continued to reinforce the fact that I “belonged to her.” There was no longer any doubt in my mind that I wanted Kelly to “own” me without any reservations. Too exhausted to do anything else we kissed and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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