Kim Ch. 07

Gif Sexy

Chapter 07: The Decorators

The decorators had been in all week Steve the young apprentice and Boss as I called him.

I hadn’t had sex for a couple of weeks and was feeling really horny. I had taken a week off work, ostensibly to let the decorators in but also because I had been working non stop for 6 week’s, unusually long for me but it had been a very profitable time and I was happy to take the time off.

One thing I couldn’t take time off from was teasing the men, I had been doing it for so long it was a natural part of me. It helped that Steve was only 19 and couldn’t keep his eyes off me even when I was dressed and Boss was a comedian, always making jokes and making me laugh, I loved a good laugh and if you keep me laughing your well on the way to being in my very good books.

They would arrive in the morning early and I was usually dressed but on Tuesday I over slept so when the doorbell rang I was still asleep. I dived out of bed and opened the door.

Steve was standing there, “Boss will be here later.” he said, as he walked in.

“Oh ok” I yawned, ” Want some coffee?” Without waiting I made my way to the kitchen and put the kettle on. Slowly it dawned on me that I only had my nightie on, thin, with a little tie below the boobs and short enough to show everything if I even raised an arm. I looked in the little kitchen mirror and sure enough Steve was making the most of it, I suddenly came awake, I loved it when a man looked at me like that, being the tease that I am I sat down and crossed my leg’s, “So where is he then?” I asked, “Having a lie in.”

“Oh….no!” he stammered, “He’s gone to pick up some paint, he’ll be about an hour, he said. Oh and I’ve got the dentist on Thursday as well.” He moved in front of the sink so that he was facing me, he didn’t have to look too hard as my nipples were already standing out.

The kettle clicked off and I slowly uncrossed my legs and went and made the coffee, I handed Steve his and when he looked at me I lowered my head and looked at the bulge in his grey joggers I said quietly, “Maybe I should get dressed.”

“Oh please not on my account” Steve blurted and laughed, so I sat down and drank my coffee making small talk until it had gone.

“Well I better get dressed before boss arrives” I said and got up not at all delicately.

“Oh that’s a shame.” Steve said, feeling a little more confident now, “He would have enjoyed it” I laughed and went in to the bedroom leaving the door open I found some clothes, and with my back to the door slowly took off my nightie and dressed, if there had been any doubt in Steve’s mind whether or not I wore knickers, now he knew for sure. I had picked a thin top, despite the cold weather and as usual a short wrap round skirt. Once dressed I tidied the room.

Shortly after the doorbell rang and I let Boss in “You ain’t done much.” he said to Steve

“Don’t blame him,” I said “I was still in bed when he arrived I had to open the door in my nightie”

“Oh sorry I missed that, short was it?” he laughed

Steve laughed and said “And transparent.”

“Steve said you would be upset you missed it,” I said, “never mind there’s the rest of the week I may oversleep again.”

Boss smiled and said, “I look forward to it, or I could arrive early”

After that a lot of the jokes and banter were, shall we say, double meaning, I made coffee a lot flashed a lot and we all seemed to enjoy our work.

When they arrived on Wednesday I was up but not dressed, I threw the door open arms wide and then walked into the kitchen to make the coffee, this time the nightie was a little longer and dark blue, making it only slightly less transparent, as I walked to the kitchen I heard Steve whisper something to Boss but couldn’t make it out. “No whispering boy’s I don’t think I have any secrets from you now do I?” I said and done a twirl.

Boss replied, “Steve say’s you’re a right horny cow, I don’t agree with the cow part but the rest I would go along with” and laughed.

I made the coffee showing just enough to keep them guessing and wanting more, I got dressed about lunchtime, same format as before only this time when I said “I’m getting dressed” they downed tools and stood watching me, grinning. Wednesday was a good day the conversation went from, lewd to openly sexual, even crude.

Thursday I was up and ready, very short white nightie with a thick bathrobe over the top. I opened the door and stood behind it showing nothing. I closed the door and Boss looked so disappointed I couldn’t control myself I burst out laughing “Your face.” I said and threw the bathrobe off.

He laughed along with me and said, “You’re a bloody prick teaser you are.”

“Who? Me! Neverrrrr.” I said and went to make the coffee.

As we were drinking the coffee Boss seemed to get a little serious, “What’s the matter.” I said, “am I being a bitch to you both.”

“No, not really.” he said, “But how much is tease and how much is real.”

I looked at him Uşak Escort and said, “It’s as real as you want to make it.”

“But I’m nearly 40.” he said

I laughed and said, “Steve’s nearly 20 so between you your both nearly 30.”

Boss burst out laughing and said “You’re a cheeky bitch!” He stood up slapped me on the bum as he went into the other room, it was the first time either of them had ever touched me, and I didn’t mind in the least. In fact I stood there for a second clenching my legs together tightly till the moment had passed.

I followed him into the sitting room and said, “You’ll pay for that..”

“I have no doubt about that.” he said, and got on with his work

I sat down in an armchair facing him and started running my hands up and down my legs, nothing more but the action made my nightie ride up, and I allowed it to go up just far enough, he kept looking and smiling.

“If you keep that up I will fall off me ladder.” he said

“Well if you do I will make a grab for your most prominent part’s” and looked at his crotch, we both burst out laughing again

At that opportune time Steve arrived still laughing I let him in “Ok what’s going on here then?” He asked, mockingly

“Just talking about Bosses handle.” I screeched in a fit of giggles “I’m gonna make some coffee.” and off I went into the kitchen.

“Nice outfit,” Steve said as he followed me “all virginal.”

“That’s one thing I am not” I said.

He smiled and said, “I bet you ain’t, has Boss been behaving himself?”

Still facing the sink I said “No! he slapped my bum.”

“Just like that” and another solid slap across my buttocks. Boss had walked in, heard me and gave a repeat performance.

I dropped the kettle and chased him into the living room “You bastard, I’ll get you for that.”

Steve followed and made a grab for me putting his arms round my waist “You cant hit him he’s an old man.” he laughed, with me still struggling to get away. When I stopped struggling, Boss had his hand over his mouth stifling a laugh, he was looking at my boob’s which I suddenly realised were in Steve’s hands.

Boss dropped his hand and said “Steve I think you better let the lady have her jewels back.”

Steve realised where his hand were and they dropped like bricks, “I…. I….I’m sorry ” he said, “I didn’t mean too.”

I laughed again and said, “After all the work I’ve put in I hope you did” and we all burst out laughing again

Boss said, “Hey Kim, me and Steve are going out for a Xmas drink on Saturday as there is only the two of us do you fancy coming along”

” Mmmmmmmm I don’t know about that” I said with a grin “Li’l old me with two big guys like you, I’d love to.”

Boss had a broad smile on his face “Great, now go and make the coffee while we do some work.” he said

“Yes your boss-ship I retorted.” and went into the kitchen.

Well the rest of the day was pretty much like the start, a brush hear a stroke there, laughing all day and the conversation was all about opinions on sex and positions.

Friday carried on from where Thursday ended, only I was back to the light blue nightie with the single tie. There hand’s though were moving with a lot more freedom, a slap here and a rubbing there along with the occasional tight squeeze to get passed. It was a good day and the decorating got finished, just in time for them to go home.

Heading for the door I said that they had done a good job and that it had been fun, asking what time they would pick me up on Saturday, we arranged a time and Steve went to open the door.

As they went to walk away I said, “So don’t I get a kiss then?” they both looked at me a little stunned “Oh I see it’s alright to grab a feel all day but not a kiss.”

“Well I would hate to upset a lady.” Boss said, and moved forward lips puckering comically. I took his head in my hands and kissed him, soft and passionately, brushing my tongue across his lips, then let him go

“Weeeell” he said, “I hope there’s more where that came from,” he said quietly

“Oh don’t you worry I have plenty of them left” and smiling at Steve said “And for you.”

He was grinning like a cat that got the cream, he stepped up to me and I took his head in my hands and kissed him, on the forehead, before I could pull away he grabbed me round the waste and pulled me to him planting a kiss on my lips, passionate and wanting more, this time I thrust my tongue into his mouth and played with his for a moment then pulled away “Down boy.” I said, “Patience is a virtue and there’s plenty more where that came from.”

“Come on Steve let’s go.” Boss said, opening the door “Till tomorrow Kim.” and they were gone.

I slept like a log and I slept late, I had a feeling I was going to be up till late that night and wanted to stay the course. I got up at noon, dressed and went shopping for an outfit, I took two hours but I found what I wanted and went home to prepare, they were picking me up at Uşak Escort Bayan 7.30 so I had plenty of time to eat, soak and get my hair done.

Although the weather was cold wherever we went would have heating so I dressed accordingly, ignoring the weather I had bought a short purple satin crop top, loose, so that it hung from my boobs, in fact it was so short if you were sitting and I was standing you could see my boobs, to go with it a micro mini skirt in rose red, also in satin The skirt was so short the tops of my pull up stocking’s showed an inch below it, I considered wearing suspenders but thought better of it. I looked in the mirror and if I hadn’t already been going out I would have asked myself for a date, I looked stunning and bright, and I was definitely in the mood to party.

There was a knock on the door, I opened it and let Boss and Steve in, they were both immaculately dressed, both in fashionable suit and tie Boss in navy and Steve in white, they both looked as horny as hell. “You look bloody gorgeous” Boss said “So are we ready.”

“Can you hang on a minute?” I asked “Just got to make a minor adjustment” with that I turned my back to them put my hand up my skirt and dropped my thong to the floor, I bent down all lady like and picked them up looking at Steve I said “I never did like wearing these but we may need them later.” and stuffed them in his hand.

Ohhhhhhhhhh love it.” he said, “This is gonna be a hell of a fuckin night.”

We went to a pub nearby for our first stop, Boss got the drinks in while Steve and I found a table, general chit chat about the pub and the day then Boss arrived with the drinks, as he sat down I said “Ok guy’s lets have a kitty.” and put £20.00 on the table.

Boss picked up the money and said ” No way, this is our treat, you put your money away.” and Steve agreed

“Let’s get this straight, if were going out on the town, I will pay my way, if you don’t like that I will go home, this is your Xmas do after all and I am just one of the lads I hope, especially after the week we’ve had”

They looked at each other and Steve said, “Cool if that’s how you wannit.”

Things went a bit slowly to begin with, they both seemed to be on edge but after a little leg rubbing and some openly lewd remarks from me we got back to the atmosphere we had at the flat. We had a couple more and then moved on to another bar heading towards town.

We walked into this one and arrived at the bar arm in arm, the barmen got the drinks and looking me up and down, “Who’s the lucky guy then?” he asked and looked from Boss to Steve.

“Both of them if I get my way, and I usually do.” I said, and raised my glass to each of them. The barman’s chin dropped and the other two had huge grin’s on there faces. Again we found a corner table and sat down with me in the middle, again I ran my hands up there legs, only this time going a little higher, Boss responded running a hand up my leg and Steve quickly followed, I opened my legs a little inviting them to travel further, all the time we were making comments, mostly lewd getting to the obscene, thing’s were definitely getting hornier by the minute, they were both erect now, so I ran my hand over each bulge and they jumped out of there skins.

They were both still unsure it seemed so I sat on the table facing them, giving them a clear view up my skirt, they both looked openly at my pussy, “Yes guys have a good look because sometime during the course of tonight your going to be enjoying it, if that’s what you want, and everything that goes with it, after the last few days you should know what I am like and if I didn’t want you both I wouldn’t be here, so how about you relax and enjoy me as much as I want to enjoy you, agreed.” and I raised my glass.

“Well that’s putting it straight.” Boss said “Agreed!”

Steve was a little slower “So your going to…. You know …… both of us.”

“Why Steve?” I said laughing, “Don’t you fancy me?”

“Too bloody right I do.” he said, “I agree, I agree.”

“Good” I said and slipped forward kneeling on the seat, facing the wall “Now kiss me” They both moved over and kissed me on the cheek, I turned my head and with a hand on each head first kissed Boss and then Steve on the lips, then back to Boss for a much longer sexual kiss, Steve was kissing my neck now and I could feel two hands creeping under my top, I reached there crotch at the same time they reached my boobs, playing with my nipples, kissing my neck, at this rate I would have them right here, I pulled away and said “Well that’s a hell of a lot better, phew” and standing up said “Maybe we should move to somewhere a bit more crowded, and maybe a little darker, I know just the place.”

They put there arms round me and we got cab to the club, in the cab they both carried on from where they left off in the pub and by the time we arrived the cab driver was almost as turned on as me and the guy’s.

We went into the club and fought our way to the bar, Boss Escort Uşak ordered the drinks and we found a secluded spot in a corner, we were hidden to most of the club by black curtains that hung all around the walls, no seats, just a small table where we placed our drinks.

Boss leaned against the wall and I leaned back on him, rubbing his erection with my hand, I put an arm out for Steve pulling him to me, kissing him hard, my tongue playing in his mouth, Boss moved his hands up to my boobs again playing with my nipples, at these times I was glad I was ambidextrous, I undid both of there zippers and took there erections in my hand, we were all breathing heavily and I couldn’t wait any longer, I leaned forward, pushing Steve back, and Boss moved his hands to my hips, I think he knew what was coming next, I pointed him in the right direction and felt him slip into me, I was so wet it had no problem going all the way in, I then took Steve into my mouth, I felt him shudder and take in a great gasp of air, Boss didn’t need to be shown what to do he was slowly sliding his erection into me and out again, speeding up a little as he got his rhythm going.

After all the excitement of the week it didn’t take long, it had been so long since I had been with anyone I needed to cum, I felt Boss getting faster and his erection was throbbing, Steve was moaning louder and louder then he said, “Oh Christ yes now now.” and he thrust forward hard, his cum hitting the roof of my mouth and sliding down my throat, that was all Boss needed, he gripped my hips and started thrusting harder in to me and I felt my orgasm rise from the pit of my stomach and into my pussy with enormous speed, hitting me like a rocket. I was still sucking the last drops from Steve so all I could do was “Mmmm, Mmmm” and push back on Boss even harder.

His nails dug into my hips and with one final thrust I felt his juices shoot right into me “Oh, oh, oh” he kept saying in time with each thrust, my legs nearly buckled with the power of my own orgasm but I managed to stand until we were both finished, as he slid out of me I sank to my knees, letting Steve go,

Steve put his cock away and sank down beside me, with a worried look on his face, Kim! Are you ok?” he asked

“Christ I need a drink.” I said.

Boss handed me my glass, I drank it straight down and then slowly stood up, feeling Boss’s juices running down my leg.

“Well I don’t know about you but I needed that,” and smiled at there Cheshire cat faces ” I think I better go to the ladies though, Boss is running down my leg.” and licking my lips continued “And Steve is running down my chin.”

“Well I need to go as well,” Boss said

“And I need another drink,” Steve added, “same all round.”

Boss nodded and I said “Yeah get me a double and I think it’s time for you two to eat.” and laughed “I’ve had a starter but I think I need a little more, food that is.” and went into the ladies before they could reply.

I cleaned myself up and looked in the mirror tidying my hair, I looked pretty pleased with myself and was glad the ice was now broken, I needed that little session to take the need away, now it would be all fun and I had no doubt that the guy’s would keep going all night now that they knew where they stood and how far they could go.

We gathered together and I showed them upstairs to the restaurant, quieter up here and with low lights so that couples, or in our case, threesomes could have a degree of privacy, I loved corners and found one free, round leather bench corner seat with a couple of chairs, cut off from the main area by a large plant, we sat down, me on the bench seat and the guy’s taking the chairs.

Things had gone a little quiet so I said “Don’t tell me I’ve done you in with that little taster, I was hoping to take you home with me tonight, but if you cant handle me…” and left it hanging

“No way, the night has just begun.” Boss said confidently

Steve with a broad smile added “I can’t wait for round two” and we all laughed loudly. The waiter arrived and took our order, while we waited we chatted, mostly about sexual experiences and likes and dislikes, Boss was the most probing wanting to know everything about me, Steve was more intimating not sure how open he could be, our dinner arrived and the chat carried on while we ate. Boss was obviously trying to find something out but whatever it was he was not his usual open self, I knew what it was but I wouldn’t tell him what he wanted to know.

We finished eating and during coffee I put my hand on Bosses and said “Have you found out enough about me to assist you in the pleasure you wish to get, and give then guy’s” Steve nearly choked.

Boss just smiled and said, “You’re one fuckin big tease, you tell a little and change the subject”

I laughed and said “Who? Me. I am on open book.” and laughed

“Yes but what’s on the fly leaf?” Boss asked

“Ok guy’s you want it straight, I’ll give it to you straight, I love sex, as much as I can get, by the time you go home, you wont be able to walk, and to answer your repeated enquiry Boss,” I said and smiled “Yes I do anal as well, so if it’s available feel free”

Steve nearly choked but Boss just laughed out loud and said “You’re a bitch you are.”

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