Kim Ch. 02


During the first night I spent with Kim, after she fell asleep, I stayed awake for a while thinking about the last couple of days.

When Kim and I first met again when I was in Santa Fe on business and she was with her dad, I was amazed how grown up she seemed at 18. I hadn’t seen her for several years, since we’d moved away when Kim was in her early teens. When her dad had to leave Santa Fe, Kim stayed on for an extended visit but I had no idea that our relationship would turn into such an intensely sexual one, even after the episode in the car when we were sightseeing.

I have to admit I was very surprised and mystified by the whole thing. While I felt that I would be attractive, at age 50, to a woman in her 40s or 50s, or perhaps someone in her 30s, I never imagined that I would be having wild sex with a teenager, particularly one that I used to consider as almost a daughter. While in some ways it felt wrong, like I was taking advantage of her, in actuality, the way it unfolded it almost seemed as if Kim had planned it all out. During our visit to the art museum, she persisted in returning to the subject of the eroticism of Georgia O’keffe’s work, just as she kept returning the day by the pool to the book I was reading about sex researcher Alfred Kinsey. I know deep down that I could have stopped it but I simply didn’t want to. Kim was very attractive and I loved fucking the hell out of her. As I’ve indicated earlier, since my wife was killed in an auto accident, my personal life and my sexual life had not been the most robust in the world and perhaps this was a re-beginning for me. But I have to admit that our age difference troubled me. I knew that it was too great for any kind of relationship beyond what we were having, and frankly, I was concerned about whether or not Kim could deal with that. And whether or not I could deal with it if it ended.

The surprising thing is that I was not concerned about keeping up with her sexually. Sure, she had tons of energy and at her age and state of sexuality, a vast need for sex. But, I was in the best shape of my life physically, and I’d always had a terrific amount of sexual stamina. Besides, I believe that eroticism and sexual performance is more mental and emotional than physical. And, I love sex. To please a woman, it isn’t essential for the man (not that I could anyway of course) – or woman for that matter – to cum over and over in a short period of time – there are lots of ways of pleasing a woman. So, I knew that wouldn’t be an issue. In any case, I was too tired to think about all of it too much. So I drifted off to sleep.

Sometime during the night, I stirred, my sleep disturbed not as much by any sense of being jostled as much as simply a feeling. I must have been very sound asleep because the feeling seemed to go on for some time. In dreamlike conditions, it is impossible to judge elapsed time. Nevertheless, I felt like I was floating, with a soft warm breeze flowing over me. It was a very pleasant feeling and I wanted to hold onto it. That feeling evolved into one of being in some sort of chamber, like a bathtub or something, with fluid washing over me. But the fluid didn’t seem like water; it was thicker, more lubricative. I swear that in the dream or something like a dream, I thought I was in the womb; I felt warm, lubricated, massaged, enveloped. Then I became aware of a smell, and this was when I began to awaken. The smell was definitely that of an aroused woman. As we all know, a woman, particularly after she has been fucked, and cum has been injected into her pussy, upon re-arousal has a strong but very pleasant smell. To me, there’s no other smell like it. I consider it to be the smell of animal-like lust and desire, of need, a smell that implies she is available, ready, and there for the taking. But, that seems too passive. The smell is really one that says, “I demand that you fuck my cunt.”

I realized that the lubrication I was feeling, the sensation of being in the womb, was Kim with her mouth around my cock that had already gotten partially erect. She was not sucking it per se, simply massaging it with her mouth, caressing it as you would something very delicate. I could feel her hair on my legs. And the smell was from her pussy – she was astride me, with her legs parted and spread over my head and her head at my groin. After I got pretty much awake, through the dim light I could first see the outline of her body, and then after getting used to the light, I could make out something more. Her pussy was less than a foot away from my face. Without saying anything, I reached and gently, slowly began to caress her torso and back. She stirred and moaned but continued her activity. As my cock hardened she licked up and down the shaft and leaning forward, she kissed my balls and sucked each one into her mouth and pulled on it, and releasing it with a popping sound as her pussy-mouth moved back up the shaft, taking the head inside and then opening wide, taking even more inside her, while her hands either fondled gaziantep escort bayan haberleri my balls or massaged the saliva-covered shaft.

I caressed the smooth skin of her frontal torso. I moved from her hips, down her body, until I reached her hanging tits, big and soft as they draped down. As Kim continued to massage my now fully hard cock, I could feel her nipples scraping my lower stomach. I loosely cupped a breast in each hand, letting them move across my palms as she moved. Her nipples were hard so I took one between each thumb and forefinger and rolled them around, pinching them slightly; they felt like little pebbles in my fingers. But I had other things to think about, so reluctantly, I moved on.

I retraced my path towards her midsection. I ran my hands over her back and then down to her buttocks. By now, they were uncovered and I could see them above me, big but firm globes of flesh creased down the middle. I held a buttock in each hand and caressed both, pulling them slightly apart at times. They felt silken, firm and supple at the same time. I then wet my finger and rubbed it down the crack of her ass. Moaning, she took my dick deeper in her mouth and moved her ass in my hands. She was making little fucking motions with her hips. The smell of her hot, wet, needy cunt was intoxicating. I held her hips and brought them down to my waiting mouth. I put one hand lower around her hips, on each side of her pussy and pulled her legs apart and with her pussy lips spread, I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go. Just with the tip, I flicked it on her wet flesh. She wanted to lower herself further but I held her at the distance I wanted. My intention was to tease her, to titillate, so I let my tongue just graze her with each slight penetration. Alternatively, I moved my tongue to her asshole and flicked it, sometimes depositing a glob of saliva around it. He moaned more loudly and now was working my cock well with her mouth. It seemed like my entire shaft and balls were enveloped in her writhing flesh.

As our feverishness increased, I lowered Kim’s hips until her open pussy was almost spread around my mouth. I occasionally licked the length of her, from her asshole to her clit, which I would then roll around inside my lips. With her mouth, she was just concentrating on the head of my cock, rotating around it, with her lips just below the ridge. I began to convulsively fuck her mouth, lifting my hips off the bed. She wasn’t ready to be mouth-fucked deep yet though so she moved as I did, still focusing on the head. She also began to earnestly fuck her pussy onto my mouth. With me holding out my tongue, she took in inside her pussy, and sometimes when it was stuck deep inside her, she would rock and my lower lip felt her distended clit. I reached down to hold her head as I began to fuck it and slowly, inch my inch, she was able to take most of it in her mouth on each stroke. I felt her body began to shudder and with my tongue buried as deep as it would go, I felt the contractions of her pussy beginning. As I did, I pushed my cock as far inside her throat as I could get it and my cum started erupting, spurt after spurt flooding her hungry mouth. I held her hips down to my mouth and simply kept my tongue inside her as far as I could get it, with her rubbing it all around my mouth, her contractions continuing orgasm after orgasm. Finally, my cum was spent and her contractions subsided. She lowered her body so her torso was lying on mine in the inverted position. She kept my cock inside her cum-filled mouth until it softened. Then she turned and lying on top of me, right side up this time, we kissed deeply, sharing our genital body fluids. Other than moans and gasps, and the occasional sex words, we didn’t talk during the whole episode.

This time we slept. I awakened around eight or so to hear the water running in the shower. I jumped up, expecting to joint Kim in the shower but at that point the water stopped. The suite we were in had two baths so I walked into the one Kim was in. She had just stepped out of the shower and was reaching for a towel.

I’ve never been obsessed with looks with women. While obviously if someone is grotesque – woman or man – that can be a turnoff, but within a fairly wide range of looks, I am pretty comfortable. I’ve been with gorgeous, fashion model-type women before and some were as passionate as a turnip. In other cases, I’ve been with women that had less than “ideal” body types and they were marvelously sexual and ardent in their lovemaking. But, having said that, I did have to admit that Kim almost took my breath away. She is medium height, around 5’6″ or 7″, and probably weighs no more than 105 – 110. She has medium length brown hair, blue eyes, and a nice wide smile. Her breasts are probably C cup, verging on a D I suppose, with nice large brown aureoles, and large, prominent nipples. Her breasts are firm but because of their size, they can’t be termed perky gaziantep escort hikayeleri by any means but certainly they don’t sag either. Her stomach is flat for the most part, with just a slightly rounded lower stomach, evidencing a small amount of baby fat. Her legs are shapely and smooth. She doesn’t shave or perhaps even trim her pubic area so it is covered with a nice thick layer of brown hair. When she turns a bit in profile, her tits jut out nicely but the thing that is so, so attractive is her ass. It is well shaped and firm, two big handfuls to hold onto when thrusting inside her.

After wishing her good morning and chatting a little about how great yesterday and last night was, I took the towel from her to dry her off, starting with her face and hair, patting it to get the beads of moisture off. Next was her throat and neck, and I lifted her hair to dry the nape. Moving down to her torso, I first patted her breasts and then put my hand under each one and raised it and toweled off the area just beneath the fleshy, soft globes. Her skin was glistening after her shower. She was still and silent as I lingered over the various parts of her body, the only sound being that of slightly accelerated breathing for both of us. As I handled her tits to dry them, I noted that her nipples were erect, possibly because she was chilled but given her flared nostrils and rapid breathing, I suspect it was because she was starting to get sexually excited. I moved the towel down over her stomach, rubbing gently. I quickly moved over her pubic mound but I did pat the hair to get the beads of moisture off. I then got on my knees and dried each leg individually. I was approximately eye level to her groin, and her pubes were just a few inches from my face. Glancing at it, I could see her already swollen pussy lips between her legs, with the fleshy part just over her clit all wrinkly and puckered. It was all covered with a dark brown coat of downy like, thick hair. I inhaled deeply and could already smell the heady smell of a rapidly dampening pussy, her need betraying her even though she’d just had a shower and undoubtedly gave it a good cleaning. I leaned over to kiss the top of her pussy softly, and she seemingly, almost involuntarily, spread her legs and moaned softly.

I stood and asked her to turn around. She did. I got another towel to put on the lavatory cabinet in front of her. It had a mirror running its length, so I had a good view of Kim as I finished drying her. Looking in the mirror, I noted her smile and I could see her heavy breasts jiggling from the motion of the rubbing I was doing. I moved down her back and patted her buttocks dry. I took her shoulders and had her lean over with her front torso resting on the towel draped over the cabinet. I then reached over and opened a drawer that was approximately a foot off the floor; I asked her to put one foot on the top of it. She did as directed and I stood behind her as her legs were spread and the hairy nest between her legs was revealed. Her pussy lips, as I’ve described, are puffy and swollen so I couldn’t see any pink yet but I knew from her breathing and the smell I’d noticed earlier that she was wet and glistening inside. I took the towel and rubbed it down each of her legs, drying the insides of her thighs. I made sure that my erect cock brushed her legs and the upper cheeks of her ass as I dried. By now, she was moaning audibly, but it was almost like whimpering, the kind that a puppy makes. I then took one hand and opened the crack of her ass and dried thoroughly inside, making sure I massaged her puckered little asshole as I did so. The little puppy-like noises got louder, and even louder when I moved the towel to pat between her legs, all around her pubic area.

Then I leaned over so I could whisper softly to her. “Kim, your body is lovely and you’re lovely. I loved fucking you last night and I’m going to give you more today. Do you want that, Kim? Do you want to be fucked over and over today?”

She whimpered softly, “yes, please.”

My face was close to hers as we stayed in our bent-over posture. But, my hands massaged her buttocks as we talked. I didn’t to make sure that she was at the peak of passion before I felt her pussy.

“Kim, when I was on my knees drying you, I could smell your lust. You are turning into a needy little slut for me aren’t you? A little girl that just wants a big cock to fuck the hell of her, right Kim?”

Again she whimpered, “yes Bill.”

A little louder this time I asked, “tell me what you want Kim. Tell me what a hot girl like you needs.”

Her voice was a little husky this time when she answered, “Bill, I want you to fuck me over and over.”

“Kim, I know you want to be fucked over and over. I could tell in the bathroom of the museum yesterday when you opened your pretty little legs and spread your cunt open and guided my dick inside that you wanted – no, more than that, you needed – to be fucked gaziantep escort bayan ilanları a lot. You are so highly sexed that you can’t help yourself can you, even if you want to?”

“Bill, stop teasing me and make me cum. No, I can’t help it but I don’t want to. And yes, I have to cum a lot.”

I continued to massage her buttocks, occasionally pulling them apart and feeling down the crack of her ass, playing with her little wrinkled asshole. “Kim, tell me how you liked to be fucked.”

“I like to be fucked a lot Bill.”

I said in a teasing, rebuking tone, “no, no – I know you like to be fucked a lot. But you don’t want love making do you? You want to be fucked hard don’t you? You want us to fuck like two wild animals – yelling, thrusting, slobbering, sloshing, bucking. You like it deep and hard, don’t you?”

She reverted back to whispering, “yes, please.”

I raised my voice, “say it loud, Kim. How do you like it.”

This time she said in a very loud voice. “Fuck me Bill. I want you to fuck my cunt hard and deep. Fuck me like a goddamn whore. Fuck me like an animal. Fuck me like I’m the biggest, horniest slut you’ve ever seen.”

What those words did to me! What a hot wonderful girl! To me, that is the ultimate aphrodisiac, a hot wet woman. Very few men would need Viagra if they took the time and had the inclination to get a woman just this hot before fucking her. All women may not be like Kim; they may not say the words she says or do the things she does, and of course she is young, but I think that most normal women have the capacity to get just as hot and passionate as Kim gets if their partners have the skill and patience, and more of the latter than the former – to get them so damn excited that they don’t want to be fucked, they don’t ask to be fucked – they demand it. And this is where Kim was at the time.

My fingers slipped down to between her legs and though the nest of hair, I rubbed her cunt. My fingers immediately got wet from her fluids. She cocked her leg even more so she was totally exposed. I dipped a finger inside her and she pressed back on my hand, almost like she was willing her pussy to suck me inside. She was moaning loudly now, and trying to talk at the same time, repeating over and over again, almost as if in a daze, “fuck me hard, fuck me hard, fuck your slut hard.”

I parted her cunt lips with my fingers and then put the flat of my hand hard up to her spread pussy lips. She was more than ready. They almost engulfed me; I could feel the writhing, alive, wet flesh pressed against my palm. My fingers groped for and then found her clit and I began circling it with my forefinger, not really pressing it to the little button yet. She began rocking on the cabinet, moving her upper body so her crotch was moving over and against my hand. She was so wet that I could hear squishy noises as she moved.

I talked to her as I hand-fucked her pussy. “Kim, your cunt feels so good on my hand. Fuck my hand baby. It’s so fucking slick and wet Kim. Do you like to be hand-fucked sweetie? Does it feel good to have a man’s hand on your needy, hot cunt?” I pressed my dick to her leg. “Feel how hard you make my cock, Kim. Think about how long and thick you make my dick, with your hot pussy sliding over my hand.” Her hands groped for my dick but in her rocking, she wasn’t able to grab it.

She was in a frenzy of fucking and I knew that she was about ready to go over the top. I quickly stood up and moved behind her and quickly thrust my cock into her pussy. It sunk to the hilt on the first thrust. The sensation entering her and then being fully ensconced within was like being inside something thick and writhing, like someone was using a silicone filled glove to massage me.

As soon as I entered her, I could feel her contractions beginning. Whenever an orgasm begins, the pussy walls squeeze together to more firmly grip whatever, if anything, is inside. They clutch it, like a milkman’s hand pulling on a cow’s teat. And often, the contractions are so strong, that when fucking the pussy, one’s cock is its way through those contractions. Kim’s pussy became so tight up and down the shaft of my cock that it felt like it was both trying to reject my cock and draw me in at the same time.

On the first thrust, I implored her, “Kim, cum on big hard cock. Cum hard on me Kim. Milk my dick baby.” Those words seemed to spur her to new heights of passion. She pushed back against me and fucked my dick, all the while cumming. I – and as she later admitted, she – had no idea how many times she came. She rose off the cabinet and leaned on her arms, so I was able to reach around her with one hand while the other held her ass, so that I could fuck her the way she wanted, hard and deep. Her leg that was on the pulled-out drawer now was just stuck out at an odd angle, almost like a male dog pissing, but she made sure her cunt was open and poised in such a way that it gave me maximum penetration when I plunged inside her. I could hear the slapping sounds of my flesh meeting her ass. I could feel her tit move under my hand as I fucked her hard. And then with grunts, groans, moans, yelling, probably making animal-like snorting sounds, I came deep in her pussy. Continuing to thrust but on a decelerating basis, I emptied my load inside her. As I did, I was able to say, “I’m going to put so much cum in your cunt, you’ll taste it in your mouth.”

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