Kevin Loves Panties… and Ms. Martin

(Note: All characters in this story are eighteen years of age or older. )

There are some things in life you simply can’t deny, despite your best efforts. My one thing is my attraction to ladies panties. It doesn’t matter what style they are or what they’re made of, I love them all. Sexy, silky panties or everyday cotton panties, both turn me on.

I’m not picky about the style of pantie either. I find excitement in every look. I remember seeing a cheerleader flip up her skirt and she had on these pantaloon type of panties. They covered everything and had ruffles around the leg holes, but still, I found they were sexy in some way. The more types of styles I found there were, the more interesting I found their effect on me. It was like each type had its own erotic zone to turn on in my brain.

Now, years later, I get off on them all, from g-strings to full cut ladies briefs…and no, I’m not a sicko…at least, I don’t think I am. It’s just something that is a turn on for me.

I’m not sure when my attraction started or the cause for it. Early on, I didn’t even think about the why behind it. A few years into it, I tried to pinpoint the cause, but with no luck. What I did remember clearly was the exact moment of my first experience feeling sexually aroused by them.

Ms. Martin’s panties!! I can remember it like it was yesterday.

It was the summer of my high school graduation. I had just turned eighteen before graduation and I was excited about starting college that Fall. My summer job had me working for several neighbors doing yard work and odd jobs. Ms. Martin was one of my special customers that summer.

Everytime I go home, I somehow end up bumping into her sometime during my visit. And each time, I blush, and she gives me this sexy, knowing smile and a wink of her eye. It’s our quiet acknowledgement that we share a secret.

A secret we’ve shared since that summer. A secret I think we’d both like to keep between the two of us.


From the time I was old enough to cut grass, before the end of each school year, I placed an ad in the local paper. The summer after high school graduation was no different. I thought about taking my last summer off and not working. But, I knew the extra cash would come in handy during my freshman year of college. I had been accepted to U.C. Stanford and I was looking forward to starting that Spring.

Looking back now, I’m so glad I worked that summer. It not only brought in some major bucks, but it enlightened my eighteen year old mind to some extremely important knowledge of women. It also gave me my first sexual experiences of my life.

Yeah, that’s right, I said, “experiences”…as in more than one!


My ad read pretty much the same every year. Summer Help Available: Need yard or garden work done? Need a garage or basement cleaned out? Want a reliable young man with a good work history and recommendations? Look no further, contact me…Kevin Dwyer.

I’d list my phone number and email address and within a couple days, I’d have a few contracts for yard work. Many were repeat customers, but that year’s ad brought a few new and interesting jobs and clients. Two of which ended up being a little out of the ordinary.

I decided to expand on my offered skills that year. I included not only yard work, but small repair jobs and home maintenance in my ad. My regulars called and set up appointment times with me. Most were for yard work, but normally, they’d keep me well occupied.

Two calls stood out for different reasons. One call was for a job that was going to be great money for very little work for a woman I knew for years. The other job offer would keep me busy for most of my summer break if I chose to work on an old Victorian house that was being renovated by its new owner.

Both jobs brought some rather interesting learning experiences my way.


The first was for Ms. Martin. She’d left a call for help and being a gentleman, I answered it. Her voice mail sounded a little desperate.

“Hi Kevin. It’s Dana Martin. I read the ad you placed. You’ve added some things to your list. Good for you. I was wondering if you’d do a little something different for me. I’m going away for a week or so and I need someone to care for my dog, Bruster. Since you already know him, and have cared for him before, I was hoping you’d be willing to help me out. I was planning on boarding him at the kennel, but they don’t have a space for him. I’m at wits end and I’m willing to give you a little bonus if you can help.

“You’ll need to come at least twice a day. If you could call me back as soon as possible, I’d appreciate it. I leave the day after tomorrow for Seattle and I need to get this solved. Please call back.”

This was easy money. I knew Ms. Martin for years. She lived up the hill from my house and I’d watched Bruster for her a few times. She was a friend of my mom’s, but she was a lot bursa eskort younger than my mom and I really liked her. Maybe even had a little crush on her. What guy wouldn’t, she was kind of hot looking.

I called her as soon as her message ended.

“Hi, Ms. Martin. I just got your message. Sure, I can take care of Bruster for you. Anything special that I should know or that you need me to do?”

“Oh Kevin, thank you. I couldn’t get him in his regular kennel and my Vet didn’t have space to take him for me either. I’m so glad you’re able to watch him for me.”

She had these gasping little breaths between sentences that were really sexy. She told me what she needed done and where Bruster’s food, treats, and toys were.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of him for you.”

“Thanks so much Kevin. I really appreciate this,” she said. “Oh Kevin, if you call him and he doesn’t come running, he sometimes gets sad when I’m gone and lies on my bed. Just go up to my room and pet him. He’ll go with you if you. If he doesn’t, give him a treat. That always seems to work with him.” She laughed. “Come to think of it. I find it works with most men too.”

I blushed, like I often do, and wasn’t exactly sure how to respond to her. I figured she was teasing, but she said in a sexy voice that threw me off. For a second, I wondered if she was flirting with me. If she was, that was a first for me. Though, the idea of it was kind of nice. I always found Ms. Martin, really attractive.

I had, and still have, a thing for ladies a few years my senior.

“Okay, Ms. Martin. Don’t worry.”

When I’m not sure what to say, I find it’s best to say as little as possible. So, I always try to keep my responses short and sweet, especially when I’m nervous. Ms. Martin had made me nervous.

“Oh please, it’s Dana. I may be a friend of your mom’s but I’m not that much older than you. Having you call me Ms. Martin makes me feel old.” Again, she gave that sexy little, breathy laugh. “Thanks again, I really do appreciate this. I’ll bring you home a present from my trip,” she said. “I’ll drop my house key off tomorrow, if that’s okay.”

“Sure, no problem. Have fun on your vacation, Ms…umm…Dana.” We ended our call as she thanked me for the third or fourth time.

I typed her name and number into my schedule and blocked off time in my morning and early evenings for Bruster. Then, I started to listen to the rest of my messages.


The next morning, I was just about to leave the house and start my day, when the doorbell rang. It was Dana Martin.

“Hi, Ms. Martin. I didn’t expect to see you so early.

“Hi. Kevin, please, call me Dana.

“Sorry. I’ll try to make the change, Dana.”

“Thanks.” She smiled, “I hope you don’t mind me dropping off the key so early. I have a lot of last minute things to take care of and I needed to get an early start.”

“No problem. As you can see, I’m up early too. Today’s my first day working on the Anderson house with the new owner. It’s going to be a complete redo. There’s a lot of work to do and she wants to get an early start on things.”

“Who bought it?”

“A woman named Amanda Jamison. Her family owns a construction company. Which is lucky for her, she’s going to need their help to make all of the changes she has in mind.”

“Oh, I’m glad someone bought and is fixing it up. I love that old house.”

“Yeah, when she’s done, it should look great. But it’s going to be a lot of work and one long summer!”

“Well, don’t let me make you late. Here’s the key to the house. I’ll leave a note on the kitchen table with the name and number of Bruster’s Vet. I don’t think you’ll need it, but you never know. Also, I’ll make a list of some tricks to try if you have a problem getting him to eat. It may take a day or two for him to adjust to me being away.”

“Everything will be okay Ms. Martin. I mean, Dana. Bruster and I get along well. Don’t worry and have fun on your trip.”

“Thanks, Kevin.”

I tossed the key on the table and headed out.


I set my alarm for six. I was exhausted and I’d only been working at the Victorian reno for two days, but it felt much longer. It was back breaking work. I wanted to get an early start today. It was the first day I had to fit Bruster into my morning schedule. I planned to be done walking and feeding him by seven, and at Amanda’s project by eight.

Bruster had a different plan.

“Bruster. Here buddy, come here boy.”

I called three more times as I filled his food and water bowls and grabbed his leash. “Come on boy. I have a schedule to keep.”

Still nothing.

I grabbed a treat bone from the doggy jar and ran up the stairs. I wasn’t sure which bedroom he was in and called again. “Bruster. Come on boy. Treats.”

Finally, I heard a low whimpering sound coming from the back bedroom. I walked back to see Bruster lying on the top bursa escort bayan of the bed with his head on a pillow. I’m sure it was Dana’s pillow and he was missing her.

Bruster’s head lifted from the pillow and the saddest little black and white face looked back at me. I had a soft spot for Border Collies. I had one as a little boy, but he died a few years earlier. Bruster reminded me of him. The first time I watched Bruster, I knew he was special. He was a very loving dog.

I went over and sat on the edge of the bed. Petting him, I continued to talk to him. “It’s okay boy. She’ll be back before you know it.”

I kept petting him and held the treat out for him. Finally, he sniffed my hand and popped up off the pillow.

“Come on boy, time to eat breakfast,” I said and led him off the bed and down the hall with a promise of the treat in my hand. It took a lot longer to get him to eat, walk, and do his business before I was able to leave.”

I was going to be a little late getting to my next job and I wasn’t beyond blaming Bruster. I pulled out my phone and snapped a few shots of his sad little face before I left. I figured a few pics of him couldn’t hurt as I explained my reason for being late.

I’d have to plan on waking up earlier tomorrow. Something I was not looking forward to doing.


The same thing happened the next two mornings. I’d call and call, but no Bruster. I’d have to go up, pet him, talk with him, and coax him to come down and eat.

By the third evening, I was exhausted and wasn’t in the mood to beg him to come down and eat or anything else. When I sat next to him, he didn’t even bother to look at me. I don’t know what came over me, but I was too tired to try and coax him, so I decided to lie down next to him.

I petted him and laid my head on the pillow next to him.

“It’s okay, buddy. I know you miss her.” I could smell the clean, fresh scent of lavender on the pillow. “No wonder you love it here so much, boy. It’s comfy and she does smell good.”

I actually sniffed the pillow and felt a little excited about being in Ms. Martin’s bed. My mind drifted to all sorts of things as I closed my eyes and let my head relax into her pillow. Her scent sank into my senses and my fantasy began to play in my head as I fell asleep.

When I woke, I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened during my dream. I couldn’t remember ever thinking of Dana in a fantasy way before, but she was definitely a beautiful and sexy looking woman. And, by the look and feel of the hardon in my pants, I found her to be a turn on.

The clock on her bedside table showed eight o’clock in big green numbers. I’d fallen asleep for almost two hours. As I went to stretch out, I could feel the ache in my lower back from my construction job. I also felt the ache of my cock in my jeans.

“Fuck.” I realized how hard and how horny I was from dreaming about her.

I grabbed Dana’s pillow and held it up to my face. Taking in a deep breath of her scent from the pillowcase, I felt my cock jump.

“Shit. This is definitely not helping.”

Bruster looked at me, turned his head to the side, barked, and laid back down. Even the dog thought I was acting weird. I couldn’t blame him, I knew it too.

I tried to relieve my discomfort by repositioning my dick in my pants, but it wasn’t the answer to my problem. It didn’t take me long to realize that moving it around wasn’t going to do the job. I needed release. I looked around as I debated what I should do?

I’d been in Dana’s bedroom a few times, but this was the first time I really noticed her things. I looked around her room and saw the femininity of everything that surrounded her. Her walls were painted a sea-mist green. Her curtains flowed down the full length of the wall and layered on the floor of her room. Her sheets and bed linens were soft. Everything in her bedroom said a lady of style lived here.

She had little glass figurines on her dresser that reminded me of the girl in that play by Tennessee Williams. I walked over and took a closer look at them. There were a few ballerinas in different poses. One figurine was a dolphin, another a starfish, and there were a few more.

As I looked at the glass figures, I noticed her top drawer was slightly open. I hesitated for a few seconds, but then curiosity got the better of me. I partially opened the drawer and peeked in. It was her pantie drawer and all of a sudden, I was reminded of how hard my cock was.

In fact, looking into her pantie drawer was making it harder and not at all helping my situation. It was like seeing her panties sent an erotic message to my brain…and my brain sent it right to my cock.

When I completely opened the drawer to see, some sort of perfumed scent emanated from it. On top of her panties there was a little purple silk bag tied with a ribbon. I picked it up and smelled it, that’s where the floral scent was coming from.

When görükle escort I placed it back in her drawer, I couldn’t stop myself. Everything was so neat and pretty. She had her panties all folded and lined up. They were separated by color scheme, lightest colors to darkest. I thought that was cute…and something only a girl would do.

On the far right of the drawer, there were a few black lacy ones. But the ones I reached for were pink and silky. The next thing I knew, I was running my hand over all of her panties. I felt like each one held a secret about her, and by touching it, feeling it, somehow I’d know all of Ms. Martin’s secrets.

An unusual thought, I know, but that was the working of my young, inexperienced mind. And, at the time, it made complete sense to me.

I held the pink ones in my hand and felt the cool silkiness of the material. It excited me knowing she had worn them. I touched her panties to my face and stroked them over my cheek. They were soft, smooth, and cool to touch. I knew I wasn’t going to stop there. I could feel myself becoming more and more excited.

An overwhelming urge came over me. I wanted to sniff them, but I was nervous about doing it. My heart was pounding almost as hard as my cock. I’d never done anything like this before. I also realized I’d likely never have this chance again. I mean, how often does a guy find himself alone in a woman’s bedroom with unlimited access to her panties?

I realized it was now or never. This was a once in a lifetime moment. I didn’t think I’d ever get this kind of a chance again. Lifting the panties to my nose, I inhaled deeply. It was a nice scent, but it wasn’t of her. It was the smell of clean laundry and that perfumed bag. I was disappointed but apparently my cock wasn’t. It started to throb and bounce between my jeans and my abdomen. It wanted out.

I was just about to place her panties back in the drawer, when I turned and saw it. The laundry basket was next to her closet and it was half full. Could there be dirty panties in it? Then I saw that right next to it lay a small pile of clothes. It looked like she’d taken them off in a hurry and left the pile on the floor. I walked over and realized it was the clothes Ms. Martin had on when she dropped her key off at my house.

Dana said she had to run some errands and was in a hurry. My guess was that she ran home and quickly changed before going to the airport. The AC/DC concert t-shirt she wore that day was right on top. I remembered thinking how cool she looked wearing it and how hot it looked on her. It was tight and I knew that beneath that cotton t-shirt was a nice set of boobs was hiding.

Now, I was hoping it was hiding something else. Underneath the t-shirt, I could see her jeans. I wondered if her panties were there too.

Should I? Could I? I questioned myself. As I took the few steps toward her clothes, I thought, how sick are you? Are you some kind of perv? Are you really hoping her worn panties are there? And what do you plan on doing with them if they are?

All questions that ran through my mind. I wasn’t sure of the answer to any of them. And right then, I didn’t much care.

“Please God, let her panties be here.”

My heart and my cock were still pounding in rhythm with each other. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly as I pushed her t-shirt out of the way with the tip of my sneaker.

“Fuck!” I yelled aloud. “I’ve hit the fucking jackpot!”

I couldn’t believe I was so excited to see her worn panties. Bruster turned his head to look at me when I yelled, then put his head back down and yawned.

There they were, still inside her jeans. She must have been in a hurry and slid off her panties and jeans in one motion.

Blue cotton panties stared back at me. I could feel the excitement rush through my body and go directly to my cock. I felt it hit me as soon as I saw them. I reached for them, took a good look, and slowly walked over to her bed. Her clean, silky panties from the drawer were in one hand and her dirty panties in the other. I laid on her bed.

At first, I was so excited, I didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden, every indecent thought I ever had rushed me. Every pantie porn flick I watched ran through my head. Before I knew it, I was unbuttoning my jeans and sliding my hand down my pants.

My cock thanked me for its new found freedom.

I closed my eyes as I pictured Dana taking off her clothes. She slowly undressed as I watched every move she made. She was naked except for her panties. Her breasts were rounded and gently bounced as she walked. In that moment, things seemed so real that I felt like I could reach out and touch them. Her abdomen had a little rounded tummy area right above her pantie line, and it looked super sexy. Like it was made to rest your head while you explored her womanhood. My cock twitched at the thought.

I sat on her bed, captivated by her body. She was a beautiful woman. Finally, she stood in front of me wearing only her panties and a smile. My eyes moved down her body from her eyes to her smile, to her long neck, over her beautiful breasts, and came to rest on her fingers as she traced them back and forth over her panties. Teasingly she slid her fingertips over the waistband, then tucked her thumbs below the elastic band.

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