Kelsey – “Dad, How could you let that man do THAT to me?”


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Prior: Kelsey – “No Dad Stop.”
Prior: Kelsey – “Dad that cannot happen Again”
Prior: Kelsey – “Paying The Rent”

Patel was at least twice Kelsey’s size. He had her pinned against the table as he rubbed up
against her. I was holding her arms from the other side of the table.
“Bastards. Let go of me. Get that fat fuck off me. Dad, this is going too far.”
“Kelsey, we got to take care of the rent, you need to help out.”

Kelsey let out a horrific scream. I looked at her face and she looked in agony.
“I looked closer at Patel, What the Hell!!!!” His cock was pushing in her ass.
He was red in the face, grunting and groaning. He had her sweet ass cheeks firmly in his hands.”
“What are you doing, we didn’t talk about that.”
“For the full rent, I am gonna plug that cute ass of hers.”
Kelsey squirmed her ass desperately trying to escape.

I was really pissed. I had been waiting to fuck that cute little ass,
now Patel is going to screw her with his fat Indian cock.
Kelsey was a demon fighting Patel twisting and turning away.
It was like wrestling match as Patel kept trying to pin
her tight ass and she kept trying to escape.

Dam, watching this fat bastard trying to ass fuck my daughter was
the hottest thing I ever experienced. They were both red, sweating
and screaming.

Patel was getting pissed.
“Hold still you fucking Bitch.” Patel yelled.
“Get off me you Fat Fucking Asshole.”
Patel had enough. He let go of her ass with one hand and with his full
force slapped her ass with resounding thump.
Again, Again. Her ass reddened as let gaziantep lezbiyen go with a barrage of slaps.

“Dad, stop him, stop him Please. “ “AHHHHHHHHHHHH.”
“Stop you fucking Bastard.” Screamed Kelsey sounding more desperate.
“Daddy please help me, Dad.”
My little slut daughter was begging for me to save her.

“I grabbed her hair with one hand and looked her in the eye.”
“Sorry Baby, we got the rent to Pay.”
“Come on Baby, take that cock, do it for your Daddy.”

I slapped her little slut face with the back of my hand.
That stunned her long enough for Patel to sink his member half way in.
He braced himself and began to ram his cock further inside her, a little further each time.
“Damm, he is a mean mother fucker.”
“AGGHHHHHHHh” AHHHHHHHHHH. They were both screaming.

I kept watching Kelsey, her face was almost purple.
I guess I should feel sorry for her. No NOT at all.
“Come on Patel.” I yelled. “All the way.”
Screaming, Sweating, he finally penetrated all the way.

Her ass loosened up Patel began a steady ass fucking. Kelsey could no longer put up
a fight. The brute had wore her out. She grunted
like a pig every time he pumped her tight little ass.
This fat, smelly, hairy man was having the fuck of his life with my daughter.
Patel jammed himself deep inside her, crunching her cheeks with his powerful hands.
Kelsey screamed like the little fucked pig she was and then suddenly she was quiet.

I couldn’t help myself , I pulled up her hair so I could watch her face.
“Patel, fuck this little pig bitch.” Every time he thrust he slammed her against the table.
There was this dull look in her face. Tears were streaming down her face.

Kelsey’s fighting had stopped.
Patel held her by the hips and continued ramming himself as deep as he could inside her.
She had this weird grunting sound every time he rammed her.
I was afraid she could pass out but she stayed conscious even though it looked like her eyes were rolling

“Thump thump thump Thump.” It continued, hard steady. Patel had this look on his face.
A snarly, mean terrible look. He pulled Kelsey almost limp body up by her ass cheeks and gave
a brutal climatic thrust.

Patel screamed as he unloaded into Kelsey’s ass. He kept pumping as long as he could.
Slurp Slurp Slurp I could hear the suction of his cum in her ass.
He pulled out and dragged her to her knees and wiped his shit and cum covered cock around her face. That is the way to finish a good ass fucking.
Patel held her by the hair. “Dad, look at your little cum dump whore.”
“Good work my man.” I laughed.

Lying on the ground, Kelsey cried. “How could you Dad. Oh God, how could you.”


I just laughed again, I have to say I enjoyed every second of it.
What a cute cum faced bitch.
“Kelsey, Baby, be sure to leave that T-shirt on, I like that cum and shit look.”
“No No Never, I am burning it.”

“PIG PIGS You are both Pigs.” Kelsey screamed at us. She tried to run off but had
trouble even walking. I was laughing watching her as she crawled away on all four.
Her ass was fucking destroyed. Her cheeks were beet red and tattered.
There were streaks of blood where Patel had dug in with his nails.
Her hole was gapped, still open, and cum was dripping down her leg.

As she crawled away, Patel pushed her ass with his foot.
“See you in a month PIG”

Patel and I shook hands. “See you next month.”

I left Kelsey alone that night, she had enough. I jerked off thinking of ass fucking the
girl Ali at the store like Patel had done to Kelsey. That girl was so cute. I dreamt of
my cock filling that cute tight teen ass. All night I kept seeing, her smile, her cute ass,
everything about her.

The next morning Kelsey had trouble walking so I arranged to take her to a doctor,
one who is discrete in these things.

She was in with the doctor for several hours but It was good news.
“Kelsey. Doctor Rosen said you will be fine, he gave me some creams and pills for you to take.”
“Never take me to this fucking weirdo again.” Cried Kelsey.
“What happened honey.”
“Dad, lets go, that bastard can’t be a real doctor.” “Honey I am sorry.” But I was just laughing inside.
Good old Doc had quite a reputation with the young girls.
Kelsey went on about what a sick fuck he was. I just kept a straight face but was breaking up inside.

A few days later I had Kelsey get dressed so we could go for a drive. She had been moping around the house. “Where we going Dad?” She was pretty wary of everything now.
“Lets drive around the park, it will be nice.” “I think you need to get out.”

“The park was full of summer activities.” I drove real slow by the soccer fields. “Dad, what are you doing? You are watching those girls!” “NO NO, just driving around.” Actually I was watching all the
Girls, soccer, running, bike riding.” “Dad, you are. You are looking at those teens.”

To Be Continued

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