Keep Me Safe Ch. 03


Ryan didn’t know what was worse as he sat at the hospital, the screams or the quiet. Miles was unconscious when the paramedics arrived and he didn’t regain consciousness until reaching the hospital an hour ago. Then the screaming started.

The desperate cries coming from Miles made everyone feel sick. These weren’t the usual cries from a hospital patient, these were cries of agony and Ryan couldn’t tell if they were physical or emotional. The doctors had been able to stop the majority of the spasms but his body was still twitching lightly. They had told him that from what they could tell Miles had a severe allergic reaction to the cocktail of drugs in his system causing his brain to miss fire.

To Miles’ credit his body wasn’t giving up the fight. Everything the doctors had given him had been rejected by his body as it tried to purge the chemicals out of his system. The bad side was even though Miles was getting better his body was destroying itself. He had constant stream of people trying to keep him cool before his fever did any permanent damage.

Ryan was trying to think back to what Miles had said as he couldn’t make out the last sentence before his friend hit the floor. The door to the family room opened and a panicked Amy and Chris were led in by an officer who then left without a word. Ryan sighed at least it wouldn’t be as quiet.

“What in hell is going on Ryan? How did this happen?” Amy asked frantically, Chris just sat in a chair with a cup of coffee.

Ryan’s anger rose at the girl before him acting as if it was his fault. “He swanned off with some guy and took something he shouldn’t of!”

“What do you mean?” she asked confused. That didn’t sound like the boy she knew.

” I mean the little fucker was shagging another guy then came home half dressed and hit the floor!” Ryan shouted. None of them noticing the doctor and officer that came in.

“I don’t believe it.” Chris said calmly from his chair looking at Ryan.

“Yeah well Miles gets up to all sorts of things with other guys so I can.” Ryan said in a hateful tone.

“What type of things?” Christ asked, Amy pacing the room trying her best to not hit Ryan and make things worse.

“Like you didn’t know, I bet you’ve had a go at fucking him too!”

Chris was stunned ” What the fuck’s that suppose to mean!”

The police office cleared his throat loudly gaining the attention of the 3 fighting friends. “Right before were go any further this is a hospital so can we place keep the shouting down. Secondly we have the toxin reports back from Miles blood tests and would like you to clarify things.”

With silent nods from the 3 of them the doctor continued from where the office left off. ” Right then, Miles’ test show his body contained trace amounts of diclofenec, rohypnol and various other things we cannot identify. Was Miles taking diclofenec?”

“What’s diclofenec?” Ryan asked.

“It’s a muscle relaxant and anti inflammatory.” Chris said casually.

“A few of the guys at college take it.”

“Right, we’ll check that out.” The officer said and left.

“Your not saying that whoever did this was gonna take advantage of Miles are you cos the poor guy already had that happen twice before.”

“Three times.” Ryan corrected mentally kicking himself afterwards. Neither Amy or Chris knew about what happened with Miles’ dad.

“I’m not saying anything like that and you three should probably get some rest. If you leave me your numbers I’ll call when Miles awakens.” The young doctor smiled a genuine smile. The three of them nodded and left, they had a lot to talk about.


“Tell me that’s normal.” Ryan handed the three pictures to Chris and Amy.

“Meh Amy’s done worse.”

“What!” Amy gabbed the pictures. “Oh! Oh, I took those last week.” She shrugged.

“WHAT!” Both the guys said in unison.

“You took these?” Chris said surprised.

“Why?” Ryan asked.

“Yes, I took these. Miles tricked me into coming over then I couldn’t resist. He said they were to entice some guy he liked that was giving him mixed signals.” She said causally.

“And the chains?” Chris asked.

“He said the guy had expressed an interest in bondage and thought that if the pictures showed him tied up it would show that he would go out of his comfort zone but as soon as the collar and chain was on he didn’t want to take it off. Neither did I.”

Ryan felt a wave of overwhelming guilt strike him. He thought Miles had said they were for him but he thought his friend was just making excuses. No one gave Miles mixed signals that was one of his problems about dating. Every guy was waiting to get him in their bed from the word go. Ryan knew he had been doing things he shouldn’t of with Miles like that slap on Monday when all this started. If only he had respected his friends privacy he would have never of hurt Miles so badly.

“Oh god.” Ryan sighed and hung his head. “What have I done.”

“What do you mean? Miles was testing the waters with some guy and you found.. Oh OH OHH! IT’S bursa eskort bayan YOU!” Amy screamed in delight.

“How did you come to that conclusion?” Chris asked at his girlfriends jump in logic.

“Well Miles has been trying to entice some guy but he had no idea if it was working, so he stopped dating, so this guy would know he was single. Who knows Miles better than anyone? Who does he trust most? Ryan.” She said confidently without taking a breath.

“I need to get him back.” Ryan whispered partly to himself.

“We’ll help.” His two friends said in unison. “But first when was the third time? Surely something would have been mentioned in the newsletter reminding us to be careful like the other two times?” Amy asked.

“It didn’t happen at college. It happened when we were 14. It’s why his Dad is in prison.” Ryan trailed off.

“So Miles lost his Dad cos some guy tried to rape him.” It was a statement more than a question.

“No.” Ryan answered “His Dad tried to rape him. I hope he can forgive me.”

“He will.”

The rest of the night was spent discussing Miles’ and Ryan’s dilemma.


Miles lay in bed. The room was far to bright for his liking. He’d been awake nearly an hour and everyone in the hospital was checking to see if he was ok after what happened. Even the police had been but the only thing Miles could remember was the cinema and Ryan’s shouting. The thought of the latter brought tears into his eyes.

There was a gentle knock on the door followed by Amy’s tide of brown hair. “Hi ya.” She said quietly as she entered the room. Miles smiled a sad smile. He was glad Amy had came to see him but he really needed to speak with Ryan.

“Hi.” Miles replied weakly. He was still drowsy from the medication that had been pumped into his system. His skin so pale contrasting with the black rings around his eyes.

“How you feeling?” She asked concern etched into her features.

“Tired, hungry and my body feels like that time Chris picked me up.” They both chuckled at the memory. Chris bet he could pick Miles up with one arm not realising how light Miles is, the smaller boy went over his shoulder and landed in the pool with a slap.

“Your always hungry.” She laughed a short laugh before her tone turned back to concerned. “Do you remember anything?” she asked half hoping he did and half he didn’t.

Fiddling with the sheets in his hands, Miles gave Amy his reply. “I remember going to see a movie and running.”

“Ok.” Amy said a bit to relived. Miles looked up and knew she knew more that she was letting on. Miles took a deep breath and continued saying what he didn’t want to say.

“And the shouting. Everything backfired on me. The photos, the teasing all of it and now he hates me.” A few silent tears escaped Miles eyes. “Do you still love him?” She asked trying to get a glimpse into Miles’ mind.

“No, yes, I don’t know.” Miles sighed. “Every time I think about him it hurts just like..” Miles stopped himself from continuing.

“Just like with your Dad.” Amy said unaware till it was to late. Miles flinched at the words and couldn’t look at Amy. Bad memories resurfacing. Ryan had always kept him safe from everything, school, the streets and even home but when Miles needed him most he wasn’t there. There was no physical threat this time. No stones thrown at him, no people trying to rape him, just a shattered dream and a broken heart.

Pure instinct took over. Miles curled up into a foetal position, silent tears left silvery trails down his face. Amy had left the room leaving Miles to the darkness the was eating him. It was a place he was very familiar with when he was younger but there was always someone there to help him through it. However now he was utterly alone. No friends or family left, just pain and darkness.

For a long moment the window across the room looked very inviting. It would open just wide enough from Miles to slip through and just end everything. There would be no more darkness, only a brief pain on impact. He probably wouldn’t feel it. 6 story drop and if he angled it right his head would hit first then nothing. No one would miss him, there was no one to miss him.

He had decided that he would get up and take the short fall just as he heard the door open. He ignored it just wanting who ever it was to go away before he felt worse. The last thing he wanted now was some nosy nurse trying to pry into his head.

They just stood there out of his sight, and then they spoke.

Miles’ scream was cut short….


Ryan was with Amy walking towards Miles’ room when they both heard the short scream. They both looked at each other and ran. Ryan towards Miles’ room and Amy towards the reception to get help. Ryan didn’t expect to find what he did. A Large man, a really large man was holding Miles down and had placed his had over Miles’ mouth to silence him. Miles’ eyes were wide, filled with horror and tears as he tried to escape.

Ryan pulled the massive guy off Miles who took the chance bursa otele gelen eskort bayan to run to the other side of the room, curling up in a ball the word ‘No’ repeated like a mantra. Ryan had the element of surprise and managed to slam the guy up a wall. For the first time Ryan saw his face and even he stepped back in horror.

“Mike!” Ryan breathed in shock at the sight of Miles’ Dad. Ryan’s anger exploded into a super nova of fury. The punch he threw nearly broke his hand and defiantly broke Mike’s nose. He staggered back and ran through the door pushing past Amy and the two security officers.

For the first time Ryan though of only Miles and ran to the distraught boy. Miles was curled into a foetal position shaking from the fear and the tears. A small trickle of blood ran from Miles’ hand from where his drip and been pulled out in his haste.

Ryan sat next to Miles and lent against the wall. Gently picking Miles up and sitting him on his lap. Miles’ natural response kicked in, his body curling up and pressing against Ryan’s warm body. Ryan’s arms wrapped around Miles cradling the small boy and gently rocking him backwards and forwards.

“Shhh.” Ryan cooed “It’s all right I’m here.” He whispered into Miles’ ear.

“I’m….I’m so…sorry.” Miles managed to get out, his voice barely a whisper.

Ryan saw a doctor reach for Miles’ shoulder and looked up. The threat in Ryan’s eyes caused the doctor to step back. Ryan never wanted to see Miles hurt again. Seeing him like this was a knife to his heart and he knew Miles was going to be in a bad way for the weeks to come. He knew Miles had cut all contact of from his dad since he was 14 and as far as he knew Miles had always kept up with the restraining order.

With skill Ryan stood and carried Miles over to his bed and gently placed him upon it. The doctors tended to Miles’ hand while Ryan kept his focus on his face.


One week later

Ryan could here Miles talking to himself in the shower as he came in. Miles had been quite quiet over the past week and he had only left the hospital two days ago. Ryan put it down to what had happened to the smaller boy over the past week. Taking the opportunity, Ryan laid out the plastic containers of Japanese food and dishes. They hadn’t talked about what happened the night Miles went into hospital and only briefly discussed his fathers return.

He was dying to tell Miles how he felt but he was just too afraid that after what had happened he had put Miles off so he had planned to seduce Miles with one of his major weaknesses, food. Miles loved Japanese food and not 2 minutes later Miles was stood at the bathroom door in a long black dressing gown.

“Mm smells nice what’s the occasion?” Miles asked, his eyes half lidded and smile on his face.

“All will be revealed once food had been consumed.” Ryan ginned and Miles didn’t argue. Ryan felt like laughing at the bliss etched onto Miles face as the smaller boy cradled the dish of food close to his chest as he ate.

Once they were finished, Ryan stood and placed the dishes onto his desk to be cleaned. Miles hadn’t moved from his cross legged position on the floor and Ryan could see the top of the black nightie sticking out from under his robe where it had been pulled down as he sat.

Ryan crawled up behind Miles and wrapped his arm around his waist causing him to jump in surprise. Ryan pulled him back against his chest and sat Miles in his lap.

“Ahh! What you doing?” Miles asked in surprise at the sudden gesture.

“Something I should have done a long time ago.” Ryan whispered into Miles’ ear causing the other boy to shiver in his lap. Ryan lent in and kissed Miles’ neck causing a small moan from the other boy who in return tilted his head to give better access for Ryan.

One arm keeping Miles pinned against him, his other reached round and undid the tie on his robe. Ryan reach inside and gently started to stroke Miles’ mid thigh.

“Ryan I..AH!” Miles back arched as Ryan gently scratched the tender flesh where Miles leg joined his hip. Miles was writhing in Ryan’s lap and the feeling of Miles’ perk little butt was making Ryan painfully hard in his jeans.

“Please.” Miles’ moaned, him arching into Ryan’s touch.

“Please?” Ryan’s smirked behind Miles. The single word a taunt to Miles’ ears.

“Touch please!” Miles cried out begging Ryan to touch him.

“Where?” Ryan teased as he circled Miles’ firm flesh causing the smaller boy to whimpering. Ryan watched holding back a laugh as Miles’ mouth gold fished as he tried to talk.

“Mnnrg,.” Miles moaned as Ryan firmly grasped Miles’ rock hard member.

“Like that?” Ryan asked. Mile just nodded. His head was back against Ryan’s shoulder. “What about this?”

“AHGG GOD’S!” Miles cried as Ryan ran his thumb over the head of his dick all ready slick with pre-come from teasing. Miles was thrashing about in Ryan’s lap from the intense sensations.

“Ryan!” Miles moaned when he stopped bursa eve gelen escort touching him. Miles tried to turn round but couldn’t. “What the?” Miles looked confused as Ryan came and stood in front of him. “Is that my rope?”

“Yeap.” Ryan grinned “Now open wide.” Miles clamped his mouth shut and shook his head causing Ryan to sigh. Ryan grabbed Miles erection and gently ran his figures over the head causing Miles to moan. Taking this opportunity, Ryan placed the rubber ball gag into Miles’ mouth and fastened the strap behind his head. Next he took Miles’ dressing gown of his shoulders. He couldn’t remove it completely because of the rope so he let it fall down Miles’ arms decreasing his already restricted movement. “Perfect.” Ryan grinned at the sight of his bound and exposed friend.

Taking a camera from of his bed, Ryan began to take shots of Miles. The third photo he showed to Miles. It showed Miles bound to the bed with his legs spread and the little black night behind Miles’ hard glistening penis. What added to the photos effect though was the fact Miles’ particoloured eyes were coming through his long black lashes giving him an intensely seductive look.

Miles’ eyes closed, his breathing heavy from the teasing Ryan had been doing to. Suddenly Miles screamed into the gag as without warning Ryan Had taken all of Miles’ length into his mouth causing him to buck and cry out with the intense sensations.

Ryan was flicking his tongue against the underside of Miles’ glands earning a mewling sound from the trapped boy. He used the palm of his hand to gently roll Miles’ balls as his fingers worked in and out of Miles’ hole. He felt Miles’ sack begin to tighten and stopped everything. Miles let out a moan of disappointment at the loss of contact.

Ryan untied the rope and the gag and removed what little clothing Miles was wearing. Miles tried to stand up but his body was still shaking from the sensations and gave up. Letting Ryan pick him up and lay him on the bed on his back. He closed his eyes and felt Ryan climb on the bed and slide a pillow under his hips.

“Open your eyes.” Ryan whispered. Miles obeyed and slowly opened his eyes just as Ryan kissed him. There lips met gently at first, neither of them wanting to be to forceful but when Ryan ran his tongue over Miles’ bottom lip Miles couldn’t help but moan. When his lips parted Ryan’s tongue shot into his mouth and began dancing with Miles’. Ryan pushed his body against Miles’ lithe form and for the first time Miles had noticed Ryan was naked. He could feel Ryan’s length pressing gently at his entrance. Not trying to penetrate but teasing the puckered flesh with at taste of what was come.

Ryan used one hand to balance himself while the other caressed Miles’ flesh. His fingers lightly dancing over Miles’ skin causing him to writhe and moan. They both broke the kiss to breath. Ryan always kept a part of him in contact with Miles as he he sheathed himself in protection. He hated the fact he had to use this with Miles but he knew he had to be sensible.

Ryan placed himself at Miles’ entrance and lightly pushed. He felt Miles’ ring give way and let the first few inches slide in. Miles gasped at he penetration and Ryan moaned. Miles was hotter and tighter than anything had experienced before.

“You ok?” Ryan asked wanting to make sure he wasn’t hurting Miles.

“Yeah.” Miles breathed his eyes half lidded. At that Ryan continued to push in. His length a little larger and wider than average and defiantly the largest thing Miles had taken as his largest toy was a fraction of Ryan’s size.

“AHG!” Miles cried his back arching. “THERE!” Ryan knew he had accidentally found Miles’ prostate and began gently stroking in and out of him, always rubbing against the little bundle that caused Miles so much pleasure.

It wasn’t long before Miles was panting hard, a fine sheen of perspiration covering his body. “Ryan I can’t…OH GOD!” Miles cried as Ryan rapidly thrust in and out of him causing the smaller boy to come with a scream. Come landed across all of Miles’ body from his face to his groin.

Miles’ channel ripple around Ryan as he came but Ryan was able to hold back his orgasm. He picked up his pace and began stroking Miles’ length not letting it soften. Miles was bucking furiously under Ryan ministrations he had a death grip on the sheet of his bed.

“I..I…OH GOD RYAN!” Miles screamed as he came for the second time. This time more furiously than the first. Come landed across Miles hair and the sheets before it ran to a trickle over Ryan’s hand. The second time Ryan couldn’t hold back. Miles flesh rippled across his own causing him to fill the condom and release a low moan of Miles’ name.

Ryan unwillingly pulled out of Miles and threw the condom in the bin. Placing little kisses on Miles’ lips. Both of them exhausted and breathing heavily. Ryan when to get up but Miles pulled him back to the bed. Not caring that he was plastered in come he curled up to Ryan’s chest and drifted off to sleep. Ryan gently wrapped his arm around Miles and pulled him close, smiling as he fell asleep.


Miles woke sweating and out of breath. Thankful the nightmare was only a dream even though it felt very real. It had been years since he dreamt of his farther but it was the same old dream of him been bound and raped by his Dad. He needed a shower he thought…

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