Kayleigh Ch. 01


NOTE: This is a completely fictional story, written by me, Faptasize, a young male.

Hope you enjoy 😉 Everyone is over 18.

This part will start with a little less action, but don’t worry, the good stuff can be found at the end.


Kayleigh Adams was the wildest girl I ever knew. She was tall with her 5’9″ and never ending legs and measured 34D-24-36 ([chest-waist-hip] I of course did not know that at the time). She almost always wore strong push-up bras which accentuated her firm enhanced tits even more.

She was 20, I was 19 (turning 20 in October). Adding to that, she had a 18-year old younger sister and a 22-year old older sister. All of them were born in February.

She had long, curving raven colored hair and intense blue eyes. Her face had all the perfect dimensions. But now I must tell you about her amazing, huge bubble butt. Because goddamn that thing was stunning.

The sisters lived alone with their mother, their dad had passed away a few years ago. Their mom was a young (39 years old) and respected gynaecologist and sexologist (the sisters always said she was a doctor, I only learned what she was exactly later) who earned well. The oldest just finished high school and was preparing to go to college next year.

It was the last day before the summer holidays (I was studying Electrical Engineering), and I was sitting behind Kayleigh at a Biology lecture (we were both pursuing a minor on the subject) and had a perfect view of her ass. While I was sitting there staring at it, my buddy Jake suddenly tapped my shoulder. That brought me back to reality and I suddenly realized the professor had asked me something while I was staring at Kayleigh. I blushed and the class laughed. Kayleigh simply smiled.

After the lecture ended, and when most had already ran to their lockers, trying to get home as quick as possible and celebrate the start of the summer holidays, Kayleigh spoke to me.

“Do you like it?” she asked with a smile.

“What?” I said, embarrassed. My 8.5″ cock was slowly getting hard just because she was near.

“My ass, of course, the entire class saw you staring at it.

I had not expected this. “Ehm,” I stammered. “Yes, I guess.”

She giggles. “Of course you do. How about we go watch a movie this night?”

I was completely shocked. Kayleigh asking me out? That was not possible. “Sure, how about we meet the theater at 7PM?”

“Sounds great!” And without a further word, she packed her stuff and walked away, leaving me alone, perplexed by what happened.

I was an only child, so I had usually been alone when I came home after school. My mom and dad both had full-time jobs since I was 13 or so and had given me quite some freedom. They always said “trust” was the most important part of a relationship and that included a family one. They had told me they never going to actively stop me from doing wild things but be merely disappointed if they would find out about something I didn’t tell them.

I had made the mistake of not telling them about me starting masturbating. When she caught me fapping furiously to a hardcore porn video of Marsha May a year ago (I had been doing it since I was 11, but more actively since 15) she looked at me disappointingly and just left. A week later we had a family talk with dad as well where they told me thay masturbating is perfectly normal, but that I had to be careful with porn or doing it too often. They also never wanted to see me do it.

Well, I guess I took that as an encouragement because since that moment I’ve been fapping more than ever, cumming up to six times a day. Mostly I fantasize or watch porn from a select group of pornstars and cum in the toilet or just in my bed. That day though I unclothed and lay down on my bed, beginning to stroke my dick with my right hand while I thought of Kayleigh and the evening ahead. She had asked me out! (What I did not know was that she had asked out 30 other guys in the past weeks, probing them and hoping to find a nice guy.)

When I thought of her beautiful face and amazing boobs and ass my dick started to become hard and I started rubbing it faster. I spit on my left hand and smeared it over my dick, making it slippery. While I was lying there on the bed, rubbing my dick, I imagined it was Kayleigh going up and down on my penis. I simply couldn’t control myself at that thought and as I had my orgasm my cum spurted all over the place.

I cleaned up, satisfied and relaxed of the orgasm.

Not much later, I went to the bathroom to take a Trabzon Escort shower and prepare myself for Kayleigh. I rigorously shaved myself, using some aggressive hair removal cream for the parts that were hard to reach. I then looked in the mirror.

My family was originally from the Netherlands, and we had made a deal to always speak Dutch when talking to each other. I also attended Advanced Dutch classes so I could speak it fluently in the case of a return to the Netherlands. That was, however, quite unlikely as my parents had lived in the States for nearly twenty years working for a tech company and were not about to leave.

I had inherited my parents’ blond hair and blue eyes. I also had quite a pale skin and while I could tan slightly, it was not easy. I had an athletic body, as I did home workouts quite often (I hated the gym) and was a member of the University athletic club. I was tall (also Dutch blood, I guess) at 6’3″ and still a bit to go. While I was usually a humble guy, looking at myself like that made me admire myself slightly, and I realized I was quite lucky. And next to my athletic body, I also had quite a big dick at around 8.5″ long in erection and a diameter of a little less than 3″.

I quickly showered and prepared and jumped on my bicycle (my Dutch habits and inheritances are just piling up) to get to the theater, a five minute ride. I in a small off-campus dormitory, just 1300 feet from campus and close to the local urban center (where the theater was located).

When I arrived at 6:59PM Kayleigh was already standing there. My heart started beating rapidly as I locked my back and approached her and to my surprise she kissed me on the cheek. She was wearing vibrant red lipstick and giggled as she removed the mark with a tissue she brought.

It was a hot and sunny day and she was wearing short shorts from jean material, leaving little to the imagination. She was wearing an arctic blue T-shirt with a cartoony fire on it and the text “See me heating up!” printed on it. The T-shirt was a little short and when she held her arms up even a little bit, you could see her belly button. She was obviously wearing no bra as her nipples were clearly visible. Her black hair was hanging freely and she was wearing sneakers from Converse. I also noticed her brand new iPhone sticking out of her back pocket (which was way too small).

“Hi,” I said, immediately realizing how stupid that sounded.

She looked at me with her pale blue eyes, taking me in. Her eyes were absolutely stunning, she had accentuated them perfectly with just the right amount of eyeliner and mascara. I hated girls who overdid make-up and thankfully she wasn’t one of them.

“Hi, to you,” she finally responded. “Shall we?” she then said, taking my arm and pointing to the entrance.

“Yeah, let’s go,” and I let her pull me inside the dark building that was the local movie theater. While we strolled past the movie posters she said: “Any preference for a movie?”

I pointed at a poster of a new action flick I had been wanting to see. “How about that one?”

She looked at me and I quickly added: “If you don’t like action a rom-com is fine too.”

She smiled. “Nah, I’ll take action over a fake romance movie any day.”

“Really? How are they fake?”

“Not enough fuckin’. IRL romance is all about it but most movies must be rated PG or something so yeah, they leave all the interesting stuff out.”

She was starting to surprise me more and more and I decided at a risky response. “You can always go to a porn theater, I’m pretty sure they can fulfill your wishes.”

She laughed. “You’re funny.”

Was it me or did that sound sarcastic?

She took me by the arm again and bought tickets for the action flick. When we passed the cashier winked at me, probably wishing me luck. I then walked with her to the movie and we sat down in the middle of the hall, with a good view.

We enjoyed the movie together. We sometimes discussed things going on, she giggled at nearly every joke, while I just exhaled through my nose harder than when normally breathing. We did not touch at all though, she remained in her seat at all times.

When the movie was finished, we went to local snackbar where she ate a burger and I some chicken nuggets. After a sip of her Diet Coke, she said: “Ethan, how about we go to my place after and drink some beers?”

“Sure,” I said, surprised.

“Awesome!” She smiled and I got a good look at her perfect teeth. I remembered she’d walked around with braces Trabzon Escort Bayan for over three years. “Hmm,” she murmured. “I’m pretty sure my younger sis’ Emily is going to a party, and Amber is probably doing some crazy stuff somewhere. My mom’s at a research congress-” (Kayleigh still lived with her sisters and mom).

“A research congress?” I asked. “She’s a doctor, right? I thought they usually don’t do research apart from their main jobs?”

“She’s a doctor part-time, and works as a medical researcher as well. It’s not important, though. What is important, is the fact that we’re alone and we don’t have Amber or my Mom trying to stop me from drinking.”

I nodded. “Okay, how far is it from here? How did you even get here?”

“With my car,” she said with a faint smile.

“Well, my bike-“

“Just leave your damn bike, let’s go.”

I followed her to the nearest bus stop, and with it we got to her house pretty quick. I had never been there, and was surprised by its size. “Nice house,” I said.

“Thanks, though you should actually say that to my mom, not to me. I did nothing for it.”

She slipped her hand under her pants while I watched in shock. I relaxed when her hand came out holding her keys.

She laughed. “Yeah, I keep my keys inside my pants, I don’t like them in my back pocket.”

I wanted to say something about her phone but refrained when I realized how useless the remark would be.

While I was thinking she had opened the door and walked into her house, and gestured me to follow her. It was nearly 9PM and the sun had already set. While I looking around her house. She gestured me to come over. She had put a crate filled with beer on the table.

“Could you maybe carry it outside? The weather’s great and we have a lovely patio.”

I nodded and took the crate in my arms, carrying it outside behind her, giving me a great view of her ass.

We sat down on the bench on the patio, watching the night sky. At the time I could not believe she had chosen me to share that moment with her (if I’d known she had been probing nearly every guy, it would most likely have gone quite differently). She pulled a bottle out of the crate and opened it with the bottle opener and took a sip. She then grabbed another one and gave it to me. I was truly happy.

When it was around 10PM, we’d both had our beers and I carried the crate inside again. When I emerged from the basement, she was standing in a rather seductive pose. Her hips to one side, balancing on one leg with the other one bended, her bust pushed forward, her nipples sticking through the thin cloth and a finger in her open mouth, she said: “How about we have a little “fun”? My sisters won’t be home anytime soon, and it’s only 10PM…” She said these words as if she was the most pitiful person on Earth. There was no way a young, horny guy like me could resist (in his eyes) the most beautiful and hottest girl that ever existed in the form of the seductive Kayleigh.

I smiled and she nearly jumped on top of me, dragging me to the nearest couch. She kissed me passionately on the mouth, and pulled my shirt off, after which she proceeded to kiss my neck, the top off my chest, all the way down to the top of my pants, after which she looked at me with her big, blue eyes and said: “I want to see it. Now.”

In unzipped my shorts and pulled my dick from my underwear. It had been at least semi-hard the entire time I’d been with her, but now it was allowed to reach its full glory. It sloped slightly upward, 8.5″ long.

She gazed in amazement. “Oh my god,” she said. “That thing is huge and beautifully shaved!” She placed her soft hands around it. “And thick too! For Christ’s sake, man!”

She suddenly stood up and looked me in the eyes. “Now take off my clothes,” she said with a seductive tone.

I practically ripped off her shirt and shoes, after which I proceeded to take of her (way too short) short shorts and discovered how wet her panties were. I softly touched them and looked at the moist that had found its way to my fingers. “You’re fucking wit!”

“I know,” she said and she moaned as I softly stroked her. “Take them off,” and when I didn’t proceed to do that immediately she practically screamed: “Take them off NOW!”

I didn’t need further motivation as I pulled off her panties and gazed at her bald pussy. It was shaven completely clean, not a hair to see. “Wow,” was the only thing I could say. She placed my hands on their boobs, and they felt amazing. There were perfectly Escort Trabzon round and firm and had a great, squishy feeling. She then turned around and pushed her ass my way. Instinctively I placed my hands on her ass.

“Lick me!” she suddenly said.

“I’ve never-“

“You’ll learn soon enough, just put your tongue in my fucking cunt.”

She was lying with spread legs on the couch and I brought my face to her sweet, young pussy and started licking her clit.

She groaned and placed her hands on my head, pushing me further into my pussy. I stuck out my tongue and tried to slip it into her slit.

“Ah, yes, Ethan, YES!” She was grinding her hips against my base in an attempt to let me go even deeper. I could not believe I was actually eating someone out, let alone that that someone was Kayleigh Adams.

“EAT ME OUT! EAT ME OUT HARDER!” As I started licking her clit again, I placed two fingers in her soaking wet pussy and started fingering her.

“Oh, god!” she screamed. “Where did you learn that!” As I fastened my rhythm, I felt her muscles contracting.

“I’M CUMMING ETHAN!” Her body spasmed and she arched her back, groaning loudly as she came in my face. Her syrupy juices flowed out of her pussy, wetting my faces. As her girly cum slowly dripped out of her pussy, I licked it all up and cleaned her pussy. After which I used my fingers to remove it from my face.

She was still panting and recovering from her violent orgasm when she saw me removing everything. “Wait… Ethan,” she said, breathing heavily. “Let me lick it from your face. I love my own taste. By the way, I never came this hard doing it this way before.”

That last remark should’ve triggered something in my brain, but it didn’t and I had no idea I wasn’t the first eating her out. “Sure,” I said and she got up from the couch and gestured me to sit. She then sat on my lap (my dick between her belly and mine) and started licking my face like a little dog.

It felt strange, but it still turned me on. My cock was rock hard and I needed to alleviate it. I slowly started rubbing it but she noticed.

“Na ah, you’re not going to masturbate while I’m still here. I’m going to give you the best blowjob you’ll ever have.”

Blowjob? I tried the words out with my lips. A girl was about to give me goddamn motherfucking blowjob. “Please,” I said. “Don’t tease me any longer.”

She sat down on her knees and brought her mouth to my cockhead and brought out her tongue. She slowly started licking the top, including the little slit.

I threw my head back as she went down on my dick, giving me a sensation unlike any I’d ever had before, and I’d tried some stuff with masturbating, you can be sure of that. “Oh, Kayleigh, you’re amazing.”

She removed her mouth from my cock and looked at me. “Of course I’m amazing, I’m Kayleigh fucking Adams,” she said arrogantly and she got back to the task at hand.

She spitted on my dick and brought her lips around it. I could see she had a hard time, but she managed. She did everything so smoothly, like she had done it before (and she had). “God, how are you so good?” I asked.

She said nothing but looked up while sucking my dick, which was the horniest thing I’d seen that night. Further and further she brought my dick into her mouth, until it hit her throat. She gagged but pushed, giving me the amazing sensation that comes with deepthroating. “Fuck,” I whispered softly.

She now started going up and down my cock, her head bobbing. I could feel her using her tongue on the top and then take the whole thing in and deepthroating me, and then doing it all over again. I felt my balls contracting. I couldn’t hold this much longer.

“Kayleigh,” I said after she had once again taken the whole thing inside. “I’m cum-“. My muscles contracted and I shot my hot load into her mouth. She took everything in, but didn’t swallow it yet. She opened her mouth and I could see all the cum still in her mouth.

“Kiss me,” she said, almost spilling everything on the ground.

“Kayleigh, that’s my own-“

“Fucking kiss me!”

And so I did, I shared another passionate kiss with her, exchanging my cum in our mouths. She then suddenly pushed everything into my mouth and pulled away, leaving me with my own cum, with no other choice than to swallow. Again I couldn’t believe it. I had just shot my load into a girl’s mouth, only to swallow it myself. Fuck.

“Did you like it,” she said, innocently.

“I loved it.”

“Then get out of here, my sisters are coming home any moment. We’ll see each other soon.”

“You said-“

“Just get out of here, you fat cocked pussy eater.”

I quickly slipped on my clothes and left the house, thinking of the passed night…

Part 2 to follow if there’s enough interest.

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