Kayla and Tracy: Good morning


Yes, your favorite auteur of transsexual lesbian erotica is back. Yeah, RIGHT! I figured after a few years of a break, I’d bring back some old characters of mine, and see if I still have it. Feel free to let me know. Also, check out my old stuff on the profile. I also live for feedback, so please email me. Enjoy everyone!


“Thirteen…fourteen…fifteen, whew!”

The sound of the bench press bar slammed down on the frame as the Amazon finished her work out. Blindly, she reached down and grabbed her towel, wiping the sweat off of her face before she sat up. Weary from exhaustion of a good morning workout, her eyes darted around the cavernous workout room. The morning sun flooded the room through the 2 story floor to ceiling windows as the city rose to life under her penthouse. She wiped down her bare chest with her towel, mildly fascinated by the bounce of the volumes of silicone beneath . Then, feeling a twitch between her legs, she reached down in her shorts and pulled her dick parallel to her thigh.

Yes, she was born a he.

Gently laying down on the pleather bench, she settled her amber-colored twists on the bench and began her last set of bench presses. As she worked through her reps, she thought about the way she ended up in this spot. The luck of having the right skill at the right place at the right time. The resources to become the body she had always wanted to be. The fact that she was able to live a life of pure leisure thanks to her resources, allowing, among other things a penthouse suite including a fully-stocked weight room with treadmills.

“Hey K!” said the nubile caramel honey in the large violet NYU sweater. “It’s nice to see you work out a sweat on something Ataşehir escort bayan that isn’t a human female.”

“Fuck you bitch,” Kayla said as she dropped the bar on the frame for the last time. “You always say crap like that Tracy.”

“And you always ask to fuck me,” Tracy said as she strode across the room, coffee cup in hand. “You figure with the workout you give me every night, you wouldn’t need a room like this.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Kayla said as she leaned back for Tracy to give her a peck on the cheek. “So how’s my comparative literature student? I pay enough for the damn tuition.”

“Just fine, thank you,” she said before taking a sip. “The year’s just getting going, so I’m just relaxing taking it easy. You know in the library, I saw this really cute guy. Cute. Kinda looks like Blair Underwood. And with the bulge in his pants, I swear he makes you look tiny down there.”

Kayla shot her lover a puzzled look. “Just fucking with ya,” the nymph giggled before reading down and grabbing her lover’s dick through her shorts.

“Hey, I wish you’d just drop the ‘with’ part hun.”

“Now,” Tracy said before taking one last gulp of her coffee. “That I’ve had my taste of organic and fair-trade coffee, I can get a taste of something unnatural and definitely unfair.”

“Hey! I programmed for many a night to get the money to afford these. You and your damn comp lit majors. I used to hate you people back at Stanford. If I didn’t know any better, I’d…”

Kayla gasped in mid-sentence as she felt those familiar soft lips circle her areolas and suck on her titty. She sat there, closed her eyes and caressed her lover’s bone-straight black hair as she Escort Ataşehir felt the tongue swirl around her nipple, coating it with spit. As she sat there and enjoyed the feeling, she felt the cool air shoot through her nerves as Tracy switched her ministrations to the other one. She idly toyed with her nipple with one hand as Tracy nursed her nipple. She gasped in shock when Tracy stopped her sucking, only to feel her tongue slip into her mouth as they locked lips, sucking the breath out of each other with a measured patience. She reached behind and underneath Tracy’s sweatshirt and revealed the soft curves of her round ass when she felt Tracy stroke her dick through her shorts. She felt Tracy’s hand slide in and smoothly jerk her off, making her snake grow out her shorts.

“What are you doing down there?” Kayla moaned in between kisses. “Trying to stretch me out?”

“Only the same way you do to me all the time,” Tracy said as she backed away from the kiss, smiling brightly and batting her eyelashes.

With that, Kayla got up and lifted her lover off of her and onto her feet. She stepped behind Tracy, then bent her over the workout bench. She quickly shucked her baggy shorts, allowing her truncheon to stick out straight and proud. Squatting a bit, she lined herself up with her prone lover’s asshole, flexing her hips and putting just enough pressure to not put it in.

“Mmm…don’t tease me like that K,” Tracy moaned as she sucked her teeth and bit her lip. She jumped a bit when she felt a few slick fingers rub around the head of her clit, with the head of that dick pressed on her asshole when suddenly she felt it punch through, making her scream in shock. She felt those Ataşehir Rus Escort strong hand grip her hips tight as she felt that now-familiar stretch and grip of her rectum on her lover’s member. In a few powerful strokes, she felt Kayla embed herself deep inside her. Her cunt was already in spasm from the internal stimulation, and the sweat from above made her shiver. She felt those hands leave her hips and Kayla’s nipples press on her back. As the globes of her lover weighed on her back, she gritted her teeth as she felt her lover drive that dick back and forth inside her.

“God, pound that huge dick in me, you fucking big-tittied hung slut,” Tracy moaned as she felt Kayla quicken her pace and start to throb inside her. “God, you’re gonna make me cum…”

Kayla pressed her hips down on Tracy’s frame, pressing her flush to the workout bench. She gripped the top of the bench tight and started flexing her abs and back with as much power as she could, feeling the reward with every grip and twitch around her dick. As she felt her lover begin to cum, she consciously slowed down. Pressing her hips down on Tracy’s ass, then working them back and forth to make her rub her clit on the now-slick bench. Slowly pulling herself out of Tracy, she reached down with her left hand and stroked herself quickly, aiming her tip for the small of Tracy’s back, then biting her lip as she felt herself begin to climax. As Tracy jumped from the scalding liquid being shot on her, Kayla collapsed her large frame down onto her lover, inadvertently spreading her semen on her belly and Tracy’s back as she straddled her.

Tracy arched her neck up, then grabbed Kayla’s head and pulled her into a wet, sloppy kiss.

“Nice touch there, K,” Tracy said as she flopped back down on the bench. “I can always use the skin cream. Besides, I’m not doing the laundry for this shirt.”

Kayla smiled as she heard her lover giggle, then reached up and kissed her on the top of her forehead.

“Good morning.”

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