Katherine Ch. 07

Female Ejaculation

Ch. 07: Intro to BDSM

This is one of a series. I suggest you read them in order.

Once inside the house, I took off my coat and undid my tie. As we walked into the bedroom, I began to undress. Katherine came up to me and stroking my back said, “Let me help.” and I smiled up at her. She reached around my body and began to unbutton my shirt. Then undoing my belt, she opened my pants and as I sat down she finished undressing me.

“There are a couple of robes on the door in the bathroom.” I said and Katherine retrieved them. One was long and the other short. She handed me the long robe and I slipped it on.

“Your turn.” I said and Katherine lifted her arms and placed her palms on her firm breasts and then slid them down over her body. Reaching behind her neck, she unfastened the one button that held her dress up and leaning ever so slightly forward, shook her upper body and the dress slid down off of her arms. In a second she’d slid it down over her hips and it fell to the floor.

Katherine stood before me in high heels and crotchless stockings that accentuated the length and shape of her beautiful legs. Reaching down to the middle of her thigh she ran her palms over the sheer material and pulled the stockings all the way up. The dark elastic bands barely reached the edge of her sweet pussy. I held up the other robe and Katherine slipped it on.

I heard S down the hall in her room. “I must attend to S for a few moments. Why don’t you get into the hot tub on the deck and I’ll join you in a few minutes.” I said.

Katherine pouted.

“You look jealous.” I teased. “Don’t worry. The last thing she is going to get tonight is any kind of pleasure.” I added. “Do you want to come with me?” I asked. Katherine nodded.

I led her down the hall to the room where S waited. She sat kneeling on the floor, knees apart and hands behind her head, her fingers interlaced. Katherine was a little surprised to see her in that position. S was surprised and angry to see Katherine.

“This is the position for punishment – one that S knows well.” I said to Katherine.

Turning to S, I said, “Take off your jacket.” S obeyed, unbuttoning her waistcoat and laying on the floor beside her. Katherine looked down at S’s huge breasts with some envy. Her nipples were rockhard and Katherine was stunned when she saw a small gold ring had been pierced through each of the beautiful blonde’s large nipples. S was humiliated to sit this way in front of another woman.

I handed S two leather cuffs, each lined heavily with lamb’s wool and she secured them tightly around her wrists. Each cuff had several metal rings. S placed her hands behind her head and waited. I picked up a bridle gag and wedged it into the beautiful girl’s mouth. She bit into it, making it secure in her mouth. She lifted her long, blonde curls as I secured the strap behind her neck and then she let her hair down but kept her arms up.

I walked around the blonde as she knelt on the floor in the position for punishment. I devised a plan. Reaching down to her huge tits I filled my hands with her firm titflesh. Closing my grip tightly around her massive melons, I pulled the young beauty to her feet. She screamed through her gag as she felt her body lifted up by her huge tits. Once on her feet, I walked her over to stand behind a padded bar about six feet long that stood attached to the floor in the middle of the room. Katherine looked at the blonde standing before her and could see the red marks left by my hands on S’s firm titflesh. I walked over to a switch on the wall and pressed it. Two ropes descended from the ceiling on either side of where S stood.

“Katherine, attach her wrists to those ropes with the clips on the ropes.” I instructed. Katherine nervously walked up to S and taking the ropes attached the beautiful blonde’s wrists to them. As I pressed the button again, S’s arms were raised slightly on either side of her beautiful body. With her arms above her shoulders, we could see just how beautiful a figure S possessed. Her huge tits rode high on her chest as the muscles of her upper arm curved to join her magnificent breasts.

“You know,” I said to Katherine, “the most simple everyday items can make the best instruments of punishment.” S began to squirm in her bindings.

I picked up a box of thick rubber bands from the table. Wrapping one of the bands around my fingers, I snapped it hard against S’s thigh. She screamed as a red mark appeared on her smooth skin. I then held it to her full breast and snapped it hard against her firm tit. She screamed again and Katherine looked at the red mark that appeared on her creamy white skin. She was frightened but fascinated by what she saw.

The way S was tied, her body was bent slightly forward over the bar and her huge tits hung forward. I pulled the rubberband open and slid it over the mass of her huge tit. It closed tightly around her huge mam, pinching the skin slightly. I added several more bands around xslot the base of S’s full breast and she could feel the tightness of her binding. I did the same to her other breast. The bands were tight but not too tight. They could stay in place for several hours without doing any real damage. They would, however, cause a great deal of discomfort and later a great deal of pain.

I turned to Katherine. “You see the bands will restrict the blood flow to her beautiful tits. They will darken and then fall asleep, much like the feeling when your foot falls asleep. That will be very uncomfortable. But in a few hours when I remove the bands, the blood flow returns and sensation in her tits will be extraordinary and quite painful. Her tits will feel like pin cushions.” Katherine understood and so did S. She was a little worried.

Walking back to the switch, I pressed it and S felt her wrists pulled up toward the ceiling and out to the sides. When she was at the desired height, I switched off the hoist. S felt the bar pressing across her hips just above her mons and below her waist. Her body was bent forward, her ass thrust back and her tits hung heavily below her chest. The added strain on her arms and chest pulled her tits tighter in their bindings and she winced in pain as she felt the bands begin to do their work.

I handed Katherine two more cuffs like the ones on S’s wrists. “For her ankles.” I said and Katherine walked behind the bound beauty and attached the cuffs to her ankles. As she finished, I crouched next to her and nodding to her we each grasped and ankle and pulled S’s legs out to the sides and attached the cuffs to two cords tied to the floor. S was spread eagle over the bar, her thighs pulled wide apart for our pleasure and her future punishment.

I walked around in front of my suspended captive and licked her nipples. A shudder ran through her body. As an afterthought I turned to Katherine. “Bring me those two metal clips on the table.”

Katherine looked down at the clips and picking them up looked at them curiously. They were alligator clips like the ones used in electrical work. Katherine pinched the ends and saw how sharp the jagged teeth were. She winced as she let the clip close partially on her finger and a deep shudder ran through her body as she realized I was going to attach them to some part of S’s suspended body.

“This will add to her discomfort.” I said, “I’ll let her wear these until we return to punish her.” Katherine wondered what the punishment would be like if this was only the preparation.

“Would you like to attach them to her nipples?” I asked Katherine but she shook her head and held out the clips to me. I toyed with S’s pert nipple, pinching and pulling it until it was rock hard. Opening the clip, I showed S just how sharp the teeth were and then pinching her nipple pulled it away from her body and slowly let the sharp teeth bite into her tender nub. The young blonde winced with pain as she felt the sharp teeth sink into her sensitive and very aroused nipple. My fingers closed on her other nipple and I repeated the process.

Her tits looked grotesque as they were bound by the bands and now turning dark with lack of blood flow. Her nipple rings hung down and the sharp clips stood straight out from her tortured tits.

“We’ll be back to enjoy you later.” I said as I put my arm around Katherine’s waist, pulling her to me. “Right now we’re going to go down the hall and enjoy each other.” I teased as a tear ran down the young blonde’s cheek as the pain in her chest, combined with the realization that she would have to hang there alone and frustrated for hours while I went to enjoy the sexual pleasures of another woman.

I pinched her full breast and S screamed in pain as her huge breasts began to become very sensitive. I traced my hand around her side and down over the beautiful swell of her firm ass. Tucking my fingers into the back of her leotard briefs I ripped then from her body. The force lifted her away from the bar for a moment as the last trace of her modesty was so brutally removed and then as she bounced back against the bar, her bound breasts shook hard as she felt the pain in her chest increase.

As we slipped into the warm water of the hot tub Katherine looked at me. “Tell me about S.” she requested.

“What do you want to know?” I replied.

“Who is she? Why is she staying with you? What are going to do with her?” she asked.

“She belongs to a good friend of mine. She is staying here with me while he is away and I am going to punish her for her disobedience.” I answered.

“No, I really want to know more.” she persisted.

“Like I told you before, S has a promiscuous nature and her master has punished her several times. But she seems to like what he does and that he is doing it. He has asked me to discipline her using some of the things she likes because it gives her pleasure and some of the things she doesn’t like because that is her punishment. xslot Giriş It is a very delicate balance and it is hard not to cross the line. For example. She likes the bands around her tits but she did not like being lifted by them because that hurts but is not sexually arousing. In any event, he was hoping that by having me punish her, she would be a bit less indiscreet with her pussy.” I explained.

“Has she ever been ‘indiscreet’ with you?” Katherine asked, a note of jealousy still creeping into her voice.

“She has been provided to me on various occasions by her master for my pleasure and that of others. The problem is not that she gets fucked around but that she does it on her own.” I explained.

“You’re not….” Katherine stammered as she looked at me a bit worried.

“No. S’s master does it as a sign of domination over her and because she enjoys it also. Have you ever seen the movie ‘The Story of O’? I asked.

“No, but I’ve heard about it.” she replied.

“We’ll watch it on video later.” I said as I slid my arms around her warm body. “It’ll give you an idea of what is going on with S and her master.

“You seemed bothered first by S’s presence today and then even more so when she sucked on my cock. You also weren’t interested in touching her body. Have you ever been part of a menage a trois or made love to another woman?” I asked.

Katherine blushed in embarrassment. “No.” she whispered.

“I want you to think about it. I think you might enjoy it.” I said.

After drying off and donning the robes again, we went into the den and I set up the video. “Please understand that this is about S and her master and not about you. The important thing to realize is that O succeeds and S has failed at least so far.” I said to her.

We lay back on the sofa and watched the movie. Katherine was fascinated by what she saw. Her excitement was peppered with some fright and she was quite aroused. I could tell which parts of the movie aroused her the most by the way she stroked my cock as she watched. I made mental notes as her own juices flowed freely.

“Something new for you tonight.” I said as I led Katherine to a part of the house she’d not yet seen. As we entered the bedroom, Katherine saw a large bed in the corner and a bar like the one S was draped over in the middle of the room. I handed her a set of cuffs like the ones S wore and she looked a bit scared. I smiled at her and she strapped them on her wrists. I could see her hands shake with fear and excitement.

“Sit on the bar.” I said and Katherine sat on the padded bar. I untied the sash of her robe and she let it slide off her shoulders and onto the floor. I attached two more cuffs to her ankles and then clipped them to the ends of a spreader bar that lay on the floor.

“You do like me available.” she teased, her fear evident in her voice.

“You’re not half as available as you’re going to be in a few minutes.” I teased her as I lifted the spreader bar and my young captive fought for balance. She leaned forward and held onto her legs to keep from falling.

In the center of the spreader bar was a small hole into which I slid a hand crank. As I turned the crank, the bar extended and Katherine felt her legs being spread wide apart. She could not do anything to stop it and soon her thighs were spread almost to a full split. I smiled at her. I set the bar on a stool and then attached the ends to two ropes that came down from the ceiling. When I turned on the hoist, Katherine felt her legs being drawn to the ceiling.

“Hey!” she yelled as her body fell backwards off the bar. I raised her until her head was over the height of the bar and her mouth was level with my cock. Her love hole was also level with my mouth.

“This is convenient.” she quipped trying to hide her excitement and her nervousness.

“Yes it is.” I teased as Katherine could feel the blood rushing to her head. “Now put your arms behind your back.” I instructed and Katherine complied. I clipped her wrist cuffs together.

“Are you going to whip me?” she asked with a little anticipation and a little fear mixed in her voice.

“Only if you like.” I said as I ran my fingers over her hanging tits.

“Can I think about it?” she asked.

“Yes, but in the meantime…” I teased her as I pulled up a stool and sat down in front of her upturned mouth, my cock only inches from her lips and pointing straight at her mouth. Katherine opened her mouth to accept my cock. When she saw that I wasn’t entering her mouth she strained to try to reach me but could not.

“Need some help?” I asked.

“Yes, damn it.” she snapped. “Don’t tease me like this.”

“Touchy, touchy,” I chided her. “I’ll help you but it may hurt you a little bit.” I teased.

“How?” she asked.

I reached out and began to pinch her nipples as she hung upside down before me. Her nipples were hard but I kept squeezing them. Finally I pinched both xslot Güncel Giriş nipples and pulled her forward by her tender nubs until my cock grazed her lips.

“Ow.” she cried as I released my grip and she swung away from my cock. I could see her pout.

“Again?” I asked and she nodded. I reached for her nipples and this time pulled her all the way forward. Again she cried out but this time it was muffled as my cock slid all the way into her mouth. I let her swing back and forth as she tried to suck on my cock. As I slid forward to keep my rod in her mouth, I continued to pull and push on her nipples to keep her mouth sliding up and down the length of my shaft.

Katherine sucked for all she was worth as I lowered my lips to her seething pussy. I teased her clit and felt her entire body convulse in a powerful orgasm. I teased her open pussy some more as she sucked on my ramrod. Then I released her tender nipples and as her body hung before me, my cock slid from between her soft lips.

“I don’t think I’ll whip you.” I said as I lifted my mouth from her pussy. “How about a plastic belt?” I suggested.

“Can we stop if I don’t like it?” she asked.

“Of course. This is not punishment – it’s for pleasure and excitement.” I told her.

I picked up a small piece of wood wrapped with some cloth. “Bite on this.” I said as I placed it between her teeth. I picked up a plastic belt and doubled it over. I slid it across her smooth asscheeks and Katherine pulled her wrists out of the way. I hit her across her firm asscheeks and she screamed even though the stroke was not very hard. I hit her again on the other cheek and this time she did not scream.

“Three more on each side.” I said and Katherine nodded. Each stroke was a bit harder than the previous one and they fell across her now red cheeks. I put down the strap and kissed her sensitive ass. I then slid my tongue across her tight asshole and her body bucked with excitement.

On the floor below her head was a metal plate and there was a similar one on the ceiling above her stretched open pussy. I wedged a wooden post into the plates and secured it. It ran directly behind Katherine’s ass and head. I released her wrists and retied them around the post to a clip.

Walking to the hoist I lowered Katherine’s body. First she descended until her arms straightened and pulled tight. Then as the hoist lowered her, her body bent at the hips and her legs came forward as her back pressed firmly against the post. “Try to keep your knees straight if you can.” I said.

I lowered her body until her legs stuck straight out parallel with the floor. Her ass looked delectable. I eased my cock back into her mouth as I began to tongue her ass and her pussy. The scent emerging from her loins was intoxicating. Bound the way she was she could not move at all as I teased her clit and asshole and orgasms ripped through her body.

If I had been punishing Katherine I would have lowered her all the way to the floor and fucked her ass while she was still bound to the post. This would have been very uncomfortable and even painful. That was not my intent. Instead, I teased her ass for several minutes as she sucked on me and then I released her from her bindings.

“I’ve decided that you are going to be S’s punishment.” I said as I led Katherine down the hall to the room where S hung suspended over the bar.

“What does that mean?” she asked as we entered the room. S listened carefully to what we were saying.

“Just what it says. I’m going to use you to punish S. I’ll even let you beat her if you like or make her pleasure your body in any way you like.” I said. “You see S hates women. Beautiful women like you, she views as competition and others she holds in contempt. That’s why I made her lick my cock – first because I was coated with your cum and second because I had chosen another woman over her.” S knew I was right and both hated me and loved me because of it.

“We will punish her both physically and emotionally. The physical punishment will be both to her body in general and to her tits and sex in particular. I think you will find it exciting.” I continued. “How would you like to begin?” I asked Katherine.

She didn’t know what to do. I turned to S. “I’ve decided to use this beautiful woman to punish you tonight. You disobeyed and then lied about it – twice. For this you will be punished severely.” I said.

Turning to Katherine I said. “Why don’t you take a closer look at her. She really has a splendid body.” Katherine was a bit jealous but walked around S as she hung in her bonds. Her huge tits were dark in color from their bindings.

“Touch them.” I said and Katherine gently touched S’s bound titflesh. Both women pulled away from her touch. “The circulation is severely restricted and her tits really hurt now. Watch her face.” I said as I held S’s huge tit in my hand. I slowly squeezed her mam and the girl screamed in pain. I eased my grip and then squeezed her other tit. Again she screamed.

“Won’t the neighbors complain?” Katherine asked.

“These rooms have been sound-proofed. She can scream as loud as she wants.” I answered as I squeezed S’s tit again and she howled into her gag.

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