Kate’s Heavenly Hell Ch. 03


Those of you who read the previous stories know how desperate I was to cum. It had been almost 3 weeks since Kate had locked my cock up in a chastity cage. Every time it was time to get released, something prevented it. First, Kate wanted to set a record of one full week in chastity, then we were going to spend more time with Alexis and her new girlfriend. Then we we got home, Kate realized she had forgotten to get the key from Alexis. Finally on Friday, almost 3 weeks after being locked up, they key arrived, but then Kate just needed one more orgasm before letting me out…


“Hmm… I think I am getting wet again. Maybe you could take care of my pussy just one more time first…” Kate moaned.

“OK, anything, as long as you release me!” I pleaded.

I unzipped Kate’s skirt, and lowered her panties. God I loved her pussy! I laid her back and started to kiss her, working my way down to her pussy. My cock that had been locked up for nearly 3 weeks was desperately trying to break out of its secure metal prison. That was OK, because I know it would be getting out in a couple of minutes.

Kate started to make sexy moaning sounds. “Mmm… You know what would be super sexy and fun?” I wasn’t sure I wanted to know. “We should go away next weekend. That would give us some serious ‘us’ time before I leave on my work trip on Tuesday.” I had forgotten about that trip. She was going to be away for three days the following week.

Now that did sound fun! And sexy! “Oh ya… feels so good…” Kate gasped. “To make it really interesting, maybe you should wait just a little longer… Oh FUCK!” Kate climaxed. This whole chastity game was sure a huge turn on for her. That kind of worried me. “Oh god, you know what we should do?” I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of this.

“We should mail the key to your little man’s cage …ah… ahead to the hotel!” Kate climaxed again. “Let’s go put it in the mail, then maybe I can use my strap-on on you!”

“You have got to be kidding me!?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “You want me to wait another week!? It has already been almost 3 weeks of nonstop sexual teasing and stimulation while my cock is trapped in this steel … thing.” Well, Kate might like this game, but I had to admit, it was making me horny as hell too. My cock felt like it was going to burst.

“Honey, I know, and I feel kind of guilty. But your desperation turns me on, and just the thought of you with no way for either of us to get you out to release you drives me wild!” I was really in trouble. “I have to confess, I have been trying to think of a way to do this for a while. I guess your talented tongue gave me some inspiration.”

“OK, how can I say no to that. Just promise me you aren’t going to keep finding reasons to keep me locked up even longer.”

Kate put the key back in the box it had just come out of and had me tape it up. Next we went on the internet to find a nice hotel a short drive away, and made a reservation. Then Kate addressed the box to herself at the hotel’s address. We decided to go to a Escort Bayan dinner and a movie that night, and on the way Kate dropped the box of in a mail box. I could feel my heart speeding up as she walked over to the mailbox. Then as she dropped it into the box, I almost started to panic. What had I got myself into! I might be panicking, but my cock was betraying me. It was swelling, pushing against the metal bars of its cage.

We had a nice dinner, Kate was dressed in a sexy (and short) dress. I know she was trying to make this hard for me. She kept giving my caged cock and balls nice gentle rubs. Of course I loved it, but it sure wasn’t helping my predicament. Later, at the movie, Kate got even more frisky. She put my hand on her pussy and unzipped my pants. She started firmly massaging my balls and running her fingers along the open slots in the cage. God, I didn’t know how much of this I could take!

Kate shuddered her orgasm as I felt my cock start to leak. This was entirely too much. Kate leaned over and whispered “God, I need you cock in me tonight! I wish you could get it out for me.” So did I.

I didn’t really pay any attention to the movie, I have no idea what happened in the show. When we got home later that night, Kate took me upstairs and undressed me. “Honey, I am desperate to feel you cock inside of me. I just wish we could get that cage off.” She was teasing me, knowing that now there was no way to remove it until next Friday, one week away. “I guess I will just have to be content by giving you a chastity blow-job. Kate proceeded to get on her knees and take my caged cock into her warm soft mouth. I could feel just enough to drive me crazy while she rolled my balls around in her hands.

Once she had me completely out of my mind, Kate had me lie down on the bed, positioning us for a 68 (kind of like 69, but with a locked up cock). As I started devouring Kate’s pussy, she resumed her ministration of my caged cock. “You know what I drives me wild? Knowing I will get all the orgasms I can handle, while there is literally no way that you can have any orgasms.”

“I can’t believe you talked me into mailing the key. It’s already been almost 3 weeks. What if something happens to it?”

“Oh GOD!! AH…” Kate climaxed again. “I really wish I could have that cock inside of me. If only there was a way…” Kate moved lower down, positioning her pussy over my caged cock. Kate grabbed the cage and started working it into her pussy. Although the cage wasn’t very long, not nearly as long as my erect cock, she was able to ride it and worked up a slow rhythm. “This feels so good! It’s been so long. I wish I could feel your whole erection.”

After another orgasm, Kate got out the strap-on and had me take her doggy style. As I took her pussy from behind I could feel my trapped cock gently tapping her clit. This seemed to be doing all the right things for her. I just couldn’t believe that I hadn’t had a orgasm for almost 3 weeks, had no chance of any for another full week, and I was fucking my wife with a strap-on while Bayan Escort my cock was locked in a high security chastity cage.

It didn’t take long for Kate to have yet another orgasm, all the while I was desperate and trapped. Kate then put the strap-on on herself, and proceeded to take me up the ass. “I wish we could have real sex, but this is going to have to due.” I know she was lying, I know she was loving having me locked up and desperate. She was just taking the tease to a new level.

Just like the previous times, after a few minutes of anal stimulation, my cock started to ooze cum. Kate detached the dildo from the straps, kept working my ass with the dildo while she sucked my caged cock into her mouth and swallowed all the cum that I could give her. While the anal ‘orgasm’ felt nice, it just left me more desperate then ever, and needing more.

Saturday we had some chores to do around the house. Kate took every opportunity to teas me more and had me give her several orgasms throughout the day. On Sunday, Kate told me that she invited Alexa to stay with us on the weekend. “She couldn’t make it till Saturday afternoon. That will be better anyway. It will give us Friday to take care of ‘us’.

Monday I went into work, and managed to distract myself with work stuff. In the evening it was more sex with my cock in chastity. It was now over 3 weeks since my cock had been free. I still couldn’t believe how horny and desperate I was.

Tuesday I went into work again, but Alexa kept sexting me naked pictures of her with her girlfriend Jen. I couldn’t focus. I was on edge all day. My cock was hard, well as hard as it could get, most of the day.

I decided to take Wednesday off. With Kate at work, I had some alone time where I could try to rest and let my cock relax. But at about 10:30, I heard the front door open. Alexa walked in. She had on a corset top, torn ‘distressed’ jeans, and sexy high heals. Through the many tears in her jeans, I could see the tops of thigh high stockings. Oh my god! So much for resting my cock.

Alexa pulled something out of her pocket and held it in her closed hand. “Guess what I have?” She slowly and sensual opened her hand to revel a key; it looked just like the one to my chastity cage! “When we gave you the cage, Jen and I kept the spare key. You can’t let Kate know! She would feel betrayed and would be seriously pissed off.”

“Please unlock me! I need to cum sooo bad.”

“Whoooa, take it easy… Kate is my friend. I would never betray her by cheating on her with you.” My heart sank. I thought I was so close to finely getting my needs met… “But, if you don’t cum, it’s not cheating is it?”

“Um… I don’t know. What are you suggesting?”

“I’m going to unlock you, and let you’re cock out. Then I am going to play with it and teas it for,… Oh lets see… two hours. You are going to give me a couple of orgasms, then we will ice it down and lock it back up. Kate never needs to know, since, like I said, it’s not cheating”

Well, I wasn’t sure I liked this Escort plan, but I couldn’t say no. My cock was already betraying me, and was trying to burst out of its cage. Alexa unzipped my jeans, and put the key into the lock. “Are you ready? Now, you’re not allowed to touch. I don’t trust you not to accidentally cum. I will do all the work.” With that she turned the key, and my cock was free. Well kind of, it was still completely out of my control.

As soon as the cage was off, my cock sprung up to full erection. “Oh my! I have never seen your cock out of its cage. It sure is a nice one. I wish I could feel it inside of me.”

Alexa had me lay back, and she started gently pumping my cock. I was so close to cumming as soon as she touched it, but she expertly reduced the pressure whenever I was almost to go over the edge. She switched positions into a 69. I hungrily attacked her pussy as she delicately licked my over engorged cock.

True to her word, two hours later, she had had 5 orgasms, and my cock was leaking precum all over. I got a bag of frozen peas from the freezer, and Alexa got my cock safely put away, back in the now familiar prison. As Alexa was putting her cloths back on, by cock was already starting to swell again, pushing out against the now cold steel cage. I couldn’t believe what a mess I was. I was so worn out, horny, and desperate. My cock and balls ached non stop. At lease it was only two more days till I would finally be free. I couldn’t wait to slide my cock into Kate’s pussy and finally have the releas I was so desperate for.

That evening when Kate got home, I was a desperate mess. I just hoped that she wouldn’t suspect Alexa had been over having her way with me. She didn’t seem to suspect anything, and as normal, we had a lot of sex again, while I was still locked.

Friday finally arrived, and I was so exited to finally be free. When we got to the hotel, I brought our luggage up. “Lets go to the desk and get your little package” I suggested, eager to get started.

“Oh no! Honey, did you think I was going to let you out tonight? With Alexa coming to join us tomorrow night, I can’t let you out. I had the hotel mail the package back to the house.”

“What!? I don’t think I can make it till we get home! It has already been almost four weeks. My cock feels like it is going to burst in two.”

“Sorry honey, I just don’t have the key. There is really nothing I can do about it now.” What a liar, she wasn’t sorry. She planned this whole thing.

I tried to hid my… what was it. Anger? Disappointment? Excitement? Hornyness? I couldn’t believe that one again, my cock was betraying me. It seemed to be loving this torture.

That night truly was torture. Kate had me take her every way imaginable. All the while I was locked up, desperate, horny, and aching. Late that night as we were drifting off to sleep (well Kate was, my desperation kept me from resting), Kate mumbled “I hope the package arrives before my work trip…”

Oh. Shit. I hadn’t even thought of that. How would I survive. I couldn’t understand how I had let this happen to me. It had been almost 4 weeks; it would be over 4 week by the time we got home. If that package didn’t come on Monday, it would be almost 5 weeks. I couldn’t believe this!

And this weekend was just starting…

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