Kate Takes Control


Karen and Scott tingled with excitement as they began to strip for Kate. They had met Kate at a swinger’s party a few weeks before. Kate was a single female who was passing through a sex room at the party. She saw Karen was in lust. Karen was riding her husband, Scott, as others watched and masturbated. She stopped and rubbed Karen’s gyrating ass and kissed her neck. Karen melted on Scott’s cock, feeling Kate’s touch and lips. Kate looked down at Scott and smiled before she slipped one leg over and positioned herself over Scott’s face. Down she sat pressing her pussy on his lips. Kate grasped Karen’s face and deeply kissed her. The crowd was in awe as were Scott and Karen. Kate’s cunt dripped her juices onto his face as she moved and sucked Karen’s tits. Scott blew his load quickly up inside his hot steamy wife. Kate whispered into Karen’s ear Karşıyaka escort bayan and she nodded.  Karen was placed on her back and Kate got down and began to eat her cream pie filled pussy. Scott’s cock was hard again and pressed as Kate’s exposed cunt from behind. Karen moaned and locked eyes with her husband as he drilled Kate’s pussy deep. She told him to fuck her good as she cam in Kate’s mouth. Scott’s second load spurted hard against Kate’s tight pussy walls. Scott pulled his cum coated cock from Kate’s pussy. The two girls quickly slipped down to Scott’s dirty cock. Kate held the base and ordered Karen to suck her dirty cunt juices off Scott’s shaft. Kate watched with great pleasure as Karen slowly and deliberately sucked the juices off her husband’s cock. The people watching smiled as they too Escort bornova had cum taking in the sexy erotic scene. The night was still young and Kate invited the couple to join her in another room with a bed. The threesome quietly slipped out of the dim room passing other groups of people fucking and sucking and fondling. They entered a private room with a king sized bed and an assortment of sex toys. Kate was clearly in charge now as she took Karen to the bed laying her on her side. She ordered Scott to sit on the chair right next to the bed. Kate slipped onto the bed with her body facing down from Karen. Kate slide up to Karen pressing her pussy mound up against Karen’s pussy mound. The two girls were in a tight scissor position making Scott’s cock regain life. Karen and Kate’s eyes locked on each other’s üçyol escort as they began to rub their clits and pussy lips together. Scott could hear their sweet sexy erotic moans as they mashed their cum filled pussies together. Scott began to stroke his cock wishing to get back into the action. The girls rubbed their pussies and ground them against each other faster and faster making a cummy mess. Kate told Scott if he wanted to play again he would need to lick them both. Gladly Scott moved onto the bed. As the girls disengaged, Scott licked Kate’s messy cunt first. Karen watched as she stroked her tits and slipped a finger into her pussy. Scott sucked the mixed cum from Kate’s dirty pussy making her gush one more time into his mouth. Kate had to pull away as her senses were overloaded.  Next was Karen’s turn. She spread her legs open hand held them up giving Scott full access to her dripping cunt. Again Scott ate, tasting the build up of all the sex from the evening. Kate had another idea for the kinky couple as she went to the toy table. Karen watched her with glazed over eyes. Her belly filled with butterflies as Kate chose a strap on dildo.

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