Kate Lets Loose Ch. 03


Monday, Kate went into work, a little happier than when she left on Friday. She put some make-up. She fixed her hair. She almost looked pretty.

The woman at the next desk, Jessica, looked at Kate. She said “What did you do this weekend? You look a little different.” Kate immediately blushed. Jessica let out with a little squeal. “You got laid!” Jessica whispered. “Tell me all about it!” she said.

Kate started to giggle. She told Jessica about Andrew and his impressive dick. She told Jessica that Andrew cooked breakfast even after he came 4 times the night before. And how many times she came, thanks to him! She told Jessica she wanted to do this again and again. Jessica told her to go for it. Call him and invite him over again. And keep wearing make-up and fixing her hair.

Kate thought about it. She figured that a guy as great as Andrew would probably go for some other girl when he had the chance. After all, that was what had always happened before. She didn’t know that he felt awkward around girls and always worried they didn’t like him. She decided she would test him at the company Halloween party the next weekend. She decided to wear a costume and bring a second one to change into so no one would know it was her. She flirted with Andrew all week, hoping to keep him interested in her. He kept having to hide behind his desk so no one (except Kate) could see his erection.

Come Halloween, and Kate was dressed in a policewoman’s uniform. She got the usual comments about her frisking the men and she just laughed. She didn’t really care that the comments would have been considered sexual harassment by any other woman. She liked having the attention. She spotted Andrew dressed like a fireman. He looked good! And, a bunch of the women were talking to him. She didn’t like that. She decided it was time to change outfits. She didn’t know that Andrew was trying to get away from these women so he could find her.

She changed into an outfit that could best be described as erotic. Her face was covered so no one would know who she was. She put on a padded bra, tight top and tight pants, making her chest and legs look good. She had false nails, very long, painted bright red. Stiletto heels completed the outfit. She had practiced all week wearing the heels to be sure she wouldn’t fall. She looked good enough to lick.

As she walked back into the party, most heads turned to look at her. She was shocked since no one ever looked at her like that Bostancı Escort before. As she walked through the room, the women all commented that they wondered who that was; no one recognized her. A few of the men followed her. Andrew, however, paid no attention. He was looking all over for Kate and couldn’t find her. He was very annoyed. Kate tried to get near Andrew but couldn’t. She was surrounded by men, all of whom wanted to talk to her. She wouldn’t answer any of them so they couldn’t recognize her voice. But, just to see if she was as hot as they made her feel, she took the hand of one of the men, Bob. Bob was about 60 years old, gray hair, not bad looking. She brought him into an office and started rubbing him all over. She wanted to see if Bob could do to her what Andrew had done.

Bob was shocked. This sexy woman was rubbing him in a way his wife hadn’t done for years. He knew he should stop her, but his dick had it’s own opinion. His dick started to grow under her expert touch. It didn’t take long before he let out with a long groan and came. Kate was disappointed. She wanted him to last longer. She pulled his hand to her pussy and made him start rubbing her. She decided that if Andrew was going to be surrounded by women, she was going to have her own fun. Bob was eager to please this sexy woman. He rubbed her. He brought his face to her pussy and started to lick through the fabric. He pulled her pants down and really got to work. She sat back on the chair, held his head, and held her breath.

It didn’t take long before she was rewarded by Bob’s efforts. A long, loud moan came out of her and Bob smiled. By this time, he was fully erect again. He tried to get his dick near her pussy, but she wouldn’t let him. She just kept rubbing him until he couldn’t hold back. When he finished, he zipped up and hurried out with a big, stupid grin on his face.

Before Kate could leave, another man came into the room, encouraged by Bob. Bill came over to her, kissed her fingers and sucked them. He immediately got a huge erection. For an old guy (she thought he was old but he was only 54) he had a pretty impressive dick. Not as big or hard as Andrew, but she thought this one might please her. Her rubbed him till he squirmed and just held his dick until he calmed down. Then she pulled him on top of her and he pushed into her. She waited for him to do something. He just waited. And waited. She started to get frustrated.

That was when Ümraniye Escort he started to pump, very slowly, into her. She felt him going in and out, but it wasn’t the same as with Andrew. She had to concentrate on what he was doing, forcing herself to cum. She succeeded. He, however, wasn’t ready. He kept pumping her, trying to get this to last. He wanted to keep this up for as long as she would let him. He kept going for several minutes and Kate got bored. She squeezed him, both with her pussy and her hands, rubbing him, squeezing him until he started to grunt and pump her harder. This is what she was waiting for. She moved with him and felt herself cumming again. She didn’t really care if he came, she was only interested in her own pleasure. When he was finished, she pushed him off and decided to get out of there before more guys came in.

He left, and as she was pulling up her clothes, three guys, all young, came in and grabbed her. She tried to get away but couldn’t. Two of them pulled her hands to their dicks and made her rub them. The third one held her mouth so she couldn’t scream. She wasn’t going to scream; she wanted to jerk these guys off. She got very enthusiastic while stroking them. The third guy got his dick out and she took turned rubbing all three of them. But, to get even with them, she held their dicks against each other so the three guys dicks were touching as them came. As they tried to recover from their orgasms and from touching each other dicks, Kate fixed her costume and got the hell out of that room.

She wandered around the party looking for Andrew. Finally she spotted him and headed to him. He saw her coming toward him and moved away from this hot girl he didn’t know. He wanted Kate. And he was going to find her. She followed him and realized he wasn’t flirting with the women who were coming up to him. And some of these women weren’t shy. They’d touch him, some where they shouldn’t be touching him. He obviously had an erection and one or two of the women tried to get a handful. Judy succeeded and Andrew had trouble getting her to stop. His erection was huge and throbbing. Judy was enjoying playing with it. And then Andrew closed his eyes. He couldn’t control himself and shot his load right there. She laughed and walked away, smiling. Andrew hurried to the restroom to clean himself. Kate saw what happened and got angry. Not at Andrew, but at Judy.

She went to Judy and ran her finger around her shoulders Ataşehir Escort and neck. She took her hand and pulled Judy to the office where she met the other men. She motioned to the three young men to follow, but Judy didn’t see her do that.

She sat Judy on the chair and started rubbing her breasts. Judy’s breath quickened. Her eyes closed and she put her head back. Kate then started rubbing Judy’s pussy, pulling up Judy’s skirt as she did it. The three young men watched, fascinated with what they were watching. They pulled out their dicks and started stoking themselves. Kate motioned to them to come closer while she rubbed Judy. She motioned for the men to help her rub Judy. Judy was in heaven! It felt like hands where all over her! She started to moan and spread her legs wide as Kate rubbed her pussy. Kate motioned for one of the men to put his dick against Judy’s pussy, which he did gladly. As he entered her, Judy’s eyes shot opened and saw the men surrounding her. She tried to yell, but a dick was pushed into her mouth. She was being rubbed, licked, fucked all at once. She was sucking this dick in her mouth. Kate hurried out of the room, leaving the four of them to their pleasure.

She went looking for Andrew again. He was in a corner, by himself, looking lonely. She walked over to him and he got a panicked look on his face. She raised her mask so he could see her. He got an ear-to-ear grin on his face, took her hand and they went to an unoccupied office. They could hear moans and thumping in the next office. It sounded like a bunch of people were having a great time.

She laid Andrew down on the floor and slowly took off each piece of his costume, licking as she went. He dick was standing straight up but she ignored it. He touched her everywhere he could reach and she let out a few sighs as he touched her. Finally, they couldn’t take it any more and he grabbed her. They held each other, rolled around the floor and started to fuck. They didn’t notice the door to the office open. Jessica came in to watch them. She pulled out her phone and recorded the event. She was very impressed with Andrew’s assets. And his abilities. Kate seemed like she was having orgasm after orgasm. Jessica wanted to join in the fun but knew not to. That night, after her husband went to sleep, Jessica watched it over and over while masturbating. She decided Kate was a lucky girl.

After 10 years and three children, Andrew still cooks breakfast on Sunday morning. He still washes the dishes. And, if the kids aren’t around, Kate still gives him a hand job while he’s doing the dishes. The kids play outside every Sunday after breakfast while Mommy and Daddy clean the house. Sometimes Kate and Andrew clean the house two or three times.

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