Kale and Parker Ch. 01


The thing about Kale Daley was that he had worked hard for his position at Founder’s High. He had never been naturally athletic—on the contrary, he was quite clumsy when he was a boy. But who would guess that now? His childhood was full of mistakes that he’d worked hard to correct, and his reputation was fire-forged under his sharp eye and the sweat of his brow.

It was all because Kale had a vision for who he was supposed to be. In that way, maybe he was lucky. He knew that there were many people who struggled with their identities. He could only pity them. It took him but one look in the mirror each morning for him to see the person he was supposed to be: someone whom everyone adored and admired, someone who took from life whatever there was to take.

Today, he could say with confidence that he had become that person. Outside, lined up in the summer heat, Coach Burtley eyed down a group of exhausted guys trying out for the football team. Today, Kale knew that after another year of high school football under his belt and a shining performance in this week of tryouts, he was going to be the starting quarterback for the Founder’s Lions. Not a single shred of doubt remained in his mind now. Kale could barely hold back the grin that was creeping onto his face even as he struggled to catch his breath.

Coach Burtley’s assistant, a smaller man who always had a harried look on his face, leaned in to whisper something before the big announcements. They turned their backs for a moment, talking in whispers between themselves while Kale, with a sidelong glance, looked down the line at his fellow Founderians. His eyes fell on Frank, his main competition for quarterback, who was doubled over, hands on his knees, breathing heavily.

Kale could almost laugh. The guy was exhausted. He guessed it was understandable since Burtley had made them run a 40-yard dash after a full day of drills. But Kale had done it just like everyone else and he wasn’t that tired. No one there was quite on Kale’s level. What other explanation could there be when all of them were wiped out and red in the face from exhaustion while Kale was standing tall, even after running the fastest time in the 40-yard dash? Either they were pathetic, or he was light-years ahead of the competition. He smirked when he considered that it could be both.

“Okay fellas,” Coach Burtley said in his commanding tenor. “Listen up, cuz I’m not one to repeat myself. Y’all worked hard. I saw that. And we got a good group here. I won’t lie to you though; not all of ya made the cut this year. With that said…”

This was it, Kale thought. This was the moment all his training, hard work, and determination had been for. He was about to reach the highest point a high school guy could hope for. He had to cross his arms over his chest because they were fidgeting with excitement.

“For the starting line-up, I want Fitz as my tight-end, Ben you’ll be starting as running back…”

Kale was already getting impatient. Why wasn’t Burtley starting with the quarterback? He always had in the past. He calmed down when he realized that Burtley was saving the best for last.

“…and for quarterback? I’d like Kale Daley and Parker Price to step aside and have a talk with me for a moment. Chip, would you mind announcing the rest of the roster?”

“Yes sir,” his assistant said.

“What the fuck??” Kale started. He ran a hand through his sweaty brown hair, a habit of his when he was irritated. “Parker? What do you want to talk with him for? He wasn’t even trying out for quarterback!”

“Shut your yap Daley, did I ask for your opinion? Get your ass over here or you won’t be playing at all!” Burtley bellowed.

Livid, Kale followed Burtley to the side of the field, feeling the eyes of everyone on him but refusing to look their way. Parker joined Kale and Burtley by the stands, laughing from Kale’s outburst. Kale stared daggers at him. Giving him the once over, trying to figure out why Burtley would even be considering him. Parker met Kale’s gaze, laughing openly. He didn’t look nearly as tired as the other guys did but he was sweating more than Kale.

He had his white t-shirt off, flung over his shoulder and Kale had to admit that the guy was ripped. The sweat glistening on his body didn’t help to hide the hard muscle that the guy had built up. He had a nice defined chest and a rock hard six-pack and impressive mounds of biceps on his thick arms. It pissed Kale of beyond belief that he was actually impressed with the work this guy had put into his body. He hated Parker.

“Listen up boys. I’m real impressed with you two. Either way, I want both of you on the team. But only one of you can start as QB, huh? Parker what do you think?”

“I think it’s great coach. Didn’t even consider QB, honestly… didn’t think I had it in me.” Parker said.

“Yeah well, you were right. You definitely don’t have it in you. I’ll do whatever you ask, coach. I’ll show you both that Parker should be on the bench.” Kale said. He cracked his knuckles Cebeci Escort as he watched Parker who wasn’t concerned about him in the least. Kale wanted to wipe that smug look off his face.

“Settle down, Daley. Anything you wanna say, you can say it on the field.”

Another round of drills. Another. Full. Round. Of drills. Those that had made the team decided to stay behind to watch Kale and Parker out on the field. Burtley was as merciless as ever and he never stopped yelling at them as they ran through 90 Degree Breaks, Back Pedals, Pushups, Sit ups, and finally to the 40 yard dash. Kale was flustered by now. Parker had somehow kept up with him in everything and even owned him during pushups. But enough was enough. He hadn’t trained this hard to be outdone by Parker. The guy had never even been on the team before now. So he would leave the bastard to eat his dust.

Burtley decided to have them go side by side in this last test. Both guys were stripped down to their shorts and tennis shoes and their muscles were on full display under a thick sheen of sweat. They were both breathing heavily as they set up for their dash. Parker’s eyes were intent on the finish line and Kale’s eyes kept darting between the goal and Parker, the unexpected obstacle that lay between him and his rightful position as the Lion’s quarterback.

Burtley blew his whistle hard and they took off. Kale couldn’t hear the noise of his teammate’s hoots and calls, so loud was his heartbeat in his ears and the wind whipping his face. He knew he had this. He’d run all year preparing for this. He was faster than ever. He turned to his right, expecting to see nothing but a stand full of his peers but he saw Parker right there keeping up with him. And then, probably from the shock of it, he lost his footing and tripped. He had to use every ounce of power he had left not to fall on his face and keep running but now he’d fallen several paces behind Parker. It didn’t make any sense! It was infuriating.

Parker passed coach Chip a few seconds before Kale. But Kale didn’t stop, he used all the momentum he’d built up and swung his fist right into the side of Parker’s face. He’d put everything he had into that punch, all his speed, strength, and anger, and it was enough to send them both flying forward to the ground. He didn’t hear Burtley yelling at him at the top of his lungs, didn’t even register that there was anyone else in the world besides Parker.

They both landed hard on the green but neither of them let the impact that had forced the air from their lungs keep them down. Kale was trying to land another hit on Parker who was successfully blocking every blow. Before long they were rolling on the field, each trying to get a grip on the other. Somehow Parker managed to get Kale into a headlock and Kale could feel Parker’s huge bicep at his neck, working to close off his throat. Kale tried to free himself but he didn’t need to. Chip and Burtley were on them like hounds and pulled them apart.

“What the hell is wrong with you two?!” Burtley yelled.

Burtley had wrenched Kale off of Parker who was being held back by Chip. Kale was happy to see the red spot where he’d clocked Parker.

“Ya know what, Daley? I don’t think you can handle it as start. The hell’d you do that for?” Burtley said.

“Simple, coach. He’s a sore loser.” Parker said.

“God dammit, Parker. Shut your fucking mouth! I swear, I’ll beat you silly! Just you fucking wait.” Kale snapped, trying to struggle free from Burtley’s grip.

“Alright, ladies. Let’s hit the showers. Training starts on Monday. Parker, I want you start.”

“Coach!…” Kale started.

“Don’t argue with me, Daley. I’m this close to kicking you off.”



The hot water felt good as it ran down Kale’s body. It was, in fact, the only good thing going for him. As long as he stood under the showerhead, he didn’t have to think about the way things went down today. He stayed long after everyone else had showered and by now he was the only one left. Even here, under the constant flow of water and enshrouded in the thick steam, negative thoughts penetrated his mind. Why didn’t things go his way today? Why wasn’t he starting? How the hell did Parker, of all people, take it from him? Why did Parker even try out for the Lions?

Kale had known him since they were children and he never showed any interest in sports. So why now? He could admit that Parker had changed a lot from when he’d first met him. He couldn’t stop thinking about how built he’d gotten in the past year. It just didn’t make any sense. And it was driving Kale crazy thinking about it.

He lathered the bar of soap across his chest and down his abs, trying to massage the soreness in his body while he washed himself. He was so caught up in washing his body and so caught up in his thoughts that he didn’t even notice that he was no longer alone in the showers. Someone grabbed his shoulder and Kale was so surprised Kolej Escort that he jumped. The bar of soap made a thunk against the tile floor when he dropped it.

“Hey, Kale,” he turned around to see Parker standing before him, completely naked. His eyes moved down his body without his consent, taking in the jock’s ripped body. His eyes fell on Parker’s endowment and he blushed. Flaccid, Parker’s dick was long and thick… just another area where the guy had Kale beat.

Parker followed his gaze and chuckled. “See something you like?”

“S-shutup.” Kale looked up at Parker’s face and smirked himself, feeling a bit more confident. “I see I’ve left my mark on your worthless little face.”

The side of Parker’s jaw had started to bruise. The skin was puffed up and tinged with purple. Parker glared at him with cool blue eyes for a long moment. Kale felt a chill even under the hot water. He felt his heart beat rising and clenched his fists, preparing for a fight. Parker, however, didn’t seem to be interested in that. He raised both of his muscular arms in the air, palms out, in an act of submission.

“Calm down dude. I get how you feel. Let’s just work hard this year, okay?”

Kale spit in Parker’s face. A nice big wad of it landed right between Parker’s eye and nose. Parker wasn’t under the spray so it just slowly rolled down his face. Kale laughed as he watched Parker register what happened. It wasn’t long before the look of shock melted off his face and was replaced with anger.

“You little bitch!” Parker yelled, and he flung himself forward, pushing Kale up against the wall. He pressed his forearm hard against Kale’s throat and stared at him hard with their faces only inches apart. “You haven’t changed one bit, Kaley. I gave you too much fucking credit, you worthless scumbag.”

“Shut your fucking mouth, Price! You think just because you packed on some muscle and got a new haircut that you’re any different now?” Kale could barely breathe but he kept going. “No. You’re the worthless scumbag loser. Always have been. Won’t take coach long to see that.”

Parker didn’t say anything. He just leaned in harder against Kale who was turning red from lack of air. Still, Kale never faltered. He kept eye contact even though Parker clearly had the upper hand. He was gripping Parker’s arm and could feel his muscles flexing in his forearm. He felt Parker’s knee against his leg holding him into place. And out of nowhere, he felt a pulse of electricity shoot down his body. It didn’t take Parker long to notice Kale’s raging hard-on.

Parker looked down, having felt it brush against the inside of his thigh, then back up at Kale. “Oh, I see. Kale’s got the hots for the star quarterback huh?”

“F-fuck you!… I don’t-” Kale sputtered. But his erection was saying something else. It didn’t make a shred of sense to Kale. He wasn’t interested in guys. Never had been. But there was something about this forceful, dangerous side of Parker that was frightening and exciting at the same time.

“Alright then. Let’s give the little bitch what he wants.”

Parker moved both hands on Kale’s shoulders and tried to push him down. Kale was confused but didn’t move. He wasn’t about to get on his knees in front of this guy but also couldn’t concentrate. He moved his hands to cover his erection and tried to tear himself away from Parker. It was useless; Kale was pinned against the wall of the shower and Parker was surprisingly strong. He held him there with relative ease.

“Nah, dude. You’re not going anywhere. I tried to be cool but you insist on acting like a lil pussy bitch. Now you’re gonna swallow my meat like one. I promise not to whoop your ass too bad afterwards if you do a good job.”

Kale looked into his eyes, certain that Parker was just trying embarrass him about his little problem but his gaze was like ice. It was full of dominance and calculation and hatred. But Kale refused to move. No way was he going to suck some guy’s dick. Then, the force of a sledgehammer knocked into his stomach and his eyesight blurred for a moment. Parker had punched him hard in his abs and his strength was unbelievable.

He backed off Kale a bit and went to town on him. Hitting him in his face, on his chest, and in his stomach again and again. Kale couldn’t react to his mighty blows. For some reason he couldn’t think to do anything but to cover his incriminating erection—and even that he was doing poorly. The pain was too much before long and he slumped down, feeling the cool wet tile on his knees. Parker stepped forward, chuckling.

“See? What’d I tell you? Not going anywhere so you might as well just accept it… you want this anyway.” He emphasized that last bit by grabbing his pendulous, flaccid cock.

Parker grabbed fistfuls of Kale’s wet hair and yanked him forward painfully, rubbing his dick and balls all over Kale’s face. Kale was humiliated. The same guy who had just snatched his dream from him was lewdly rubbing Rus Escort his dirty junk on his face. As if he hadn’t done enough already. Kale squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his jaw, trying not to think about what was happening. He was so exhausted, so beaten, that it was the best he could do.

It was hard to ignore the velvety texture of Parker’s dong though, or the heat of it as it moved across his face, slick with water. Kale could feel it getting stiffer and bigger but refused to look… even though part of him was curious. He got a loud sharp smack to the face.

“Alright bitch, play time’s over. Open up those pink lips of yours and let daddy in.”

Kale scowled up at Parker who had one hand gripping Kale’s hair and another guiding the bulbous, pink head of his cock to his mouth. He couldn’t believe Parker had slapped him. His cheeks stung from the pain of it and the embarrassment. “You bastard piece of shit, I swear to god I’m gonna-“

It had been a mistake to open his mouth. Parker used that opportunity to slide the head of his cock into Kale’s mouth and he slowly pushed his way back. Kale gagged with disgust as the shaft ran across his tongue. Parker’s girth completely filled his mouth and Kale realized that only half of it was in by the time the head had reached the entrance to his throat.

He started to panic, grabbing Parker’s legs, trying to force him off somehow. But once again, the stronger Parker had Kale right where he wanted him, pinned between his cock and the wall.

“Ahh… SHIT dude. That’s fucking nice. I bet you’re enjoying it even more than me though. This is what a spoiled bitch like you needs right?”

“Mmph! Hrumph!!” Kale managed.

He looked up at Parker and his eyes widened as they traveled up the contours of Parker’s solid thighs and rippling, bulging abs and chest. Water ran down, accentuating the mounds of muscle. Kale’s cock lurched when he saw the look of lust and contempt in Parker’s eyes, looking straight down at him. But it was eerie; they weren’t wild with passion but still sharp with calculation… Like Parker wasn’t doing this for sexual gratification but for some other reason that Kale couldn’t fathom.

Kale felt like someone was forcing a baseball bat down his throat. He tried to stop Parker’s assault but his cock forced its way in through all his gagging by sheer power. It was such a strange feeling. Parker’s impossibly thick cock forced its way past the barrier of his throat and bent as it slid down his throat. Kale felt like every atom of his body wanted the intruder out. It was like he was drowning and his body started to convulse and his eyes started to pop out their sockets. And then, Parker was completely inside. Kale’s nose was buried in the wet curly hairs covering Parker’s crotch.

“Fuuuuck…” Parker whispered before biting his lower lip. “Shit dude… looks like we found your real calling huh? No girl has ever taken all of Parker junior here… guess we should let coach know… that you don’t need to be QB after all.”

Parker held Kale’s face as close to his crotch as possible so that Kale’s head was sandwiched between it and the wall, probably enjoying the feeling Kale’s choking had on his dick. Kale was so angry that he couldn’t see straight. Or maybe he couldn’t see from lack of oxygen. Either way, all he could think was that he was going to get this bastard back for this.

When Kale thought he was about to seriously black out, Parker pulled back so that just the head of his cock was still in his mouth. Kale coughed and sputtered up slime and tried to take in as much precious air as his lungs could take. When he started to breathe normally again, Parker’s cock slid right back down his throat. He pulled at Kale’s hair until Kale cried out in pain which only gave Parker easier access to his mouth. He buried himself balls deep again.

He was rough. He started to fuck Kale’s mouth in earnest, reckless and fast. Kale’s head kept bouncing off the wall at his back and it hurt more and more after every moment. He looked up at Parker trying to convey contempt for him through watery eyes. But he couldn’t maintain eye contact. He looked away from Parker before long who was grinning at him with a derisive smile on his face. Kale hated it but there was nothing he could do but accept his cock in and out of his throat. He couldn’t believe the slutty guttural noises that were coming from his mouth. That he was on his knees sucking a guy’s cock. Parker’s cock. It was the height of humiliation. Or so he thought.

“FUCK… God DAMN your mouth is niiice.. fuck… fuck fuck fuck…”

He didn’t think it was possible for Parker to go any faster but he found some reserved strength and started pounding into Kale’s mouth even harder. Parker rested his head up against the wall and forced Kale forward as he pushed into him. His breathing was broken and haggard. His eyes were closed. Kale felt Parker’s girth moving in and out of his throat and Parker’s balls slapping against his chin. He felt the slime of his mouth dripping down his chin and onto his chest. And to make matters worse, he had been loving every second of this treatment, whether he realized it or not. Suddenly, Kale saw stars as his cock erupted with volley after volley of cum. He couldn’t stop himself from moaning around Parker’s cock in his ecstatic state.

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