Kaity at the Club Ch. 01


(MF, oral, light BDSM)

“I don’t know what to do, Kat”.

I was shocked when Kaity called me up in the middle of the night. Kaity’s always had her shit together. She’s a genius pre-med student at UCLA, where she has tons of friends and admirers, and leads a Youth Ministry for her Korean Baptist Church. She is beautiful, smart (a bit geeky), and totally responsible – seemingly a woman of the world. Among our circle of high school friends, she was the natural leader.

We first met in kindergarten, when our Korean moms thought it was cool for us to play together. We’re both mixed, with blue-eyed fathers. Every one said we looked like twins, and our resemblance seemed to get even stronger as we grew older. For as long as I can remember, we’ve called each other “sis”. In junior high, we even dressed alike and were interested in the same things.

That changed a bit when we got to high school. While she stayed a straight A student on track for the best universities, I became a crazy high school cheerleader who made out with the cute boys when I should have been in class. I graduated from high school with a baby in my belly. The baby’s father left me behind for a football scholarship. I went on trying to find the good life that I know I deserve with a string of men and jobs that went nowhere.

Don’t get me wrong, though – I have done all right for myself. I know my way around, and I’ve had a ton of fun partying with awesome friends while dealing with the drama and bullshit. I’ve made hella bank, have a killer place and a paid off Camaro in the garage, while Kaity’s still living the student life.

Throughout it all, Kaity has been there for me. She loves me, though I know she does not approve of my choices. She’ll just sigh, shake her head and say “Oh Kat”. She just doesn’t get sometimes how much easier she’s had it than me. I wonder how’d she do with all the fucked up shit that I’ve had to deal with.

“What’s the problem, sis?” I asked.

I love my sis, but it fell hella good to have her need my help.

She paused and let out a deep sigh.

“I need to raise $5200 fast. I was put in charge of raising the money for our ministry to send a mission team to Korea. We raised $4800 but some donors I found didn’t come through. Also, some of the young members may have spent some funds without thinking.”

“Oh, fuck, how much did those little shits spend?” I asked.

“Language, Kat,” admonished Kaity. ” About $2000 on a car repair – but don’t worry about that, and hundreds on a fundraising dinner that raised little. I can deal with that. But the head of the whole church is counting on that money by tomorrow. The worldwide church tasked me with this mission and I need to deliver or else.”

If she only knew where xslot I was, and what I was doing at that moment.

“Oh, sh…ooot,” I said., correcting myself. “I can give you about $200, but as for the rest? By tomorrow, that is rough”. “Why don’t you ask your parents?” I asked.

“The leader told us not to ask from close family members. I think because they’ll be making another call for funds soon enough. Besides my Mom and Dad already pay for my college and all my expenses, so I don’t want to ask them. Especially for something that’s not for me. You know what I mean.

“You’re my last resort, Kat. You’ve always been resourceful. Any ideas?” Kaity asked.

Her last resort? So she asks everybody else for help, but when her shit friends don’t come through, she turns to me. I still love my sis though.

“Like I said, by tomorrow, that’s freaking impossible,” I replied.

“All I have to do is have the money lined up,” she said. “Maybe I can have them write a check and I can put the funds in later. Kat, you’re my only hope.”

“OK, lemme think.,” I replied. That Star Wars reference made me feel a little of the dark side. First, I tediously went through a list of goody goody places to get money. She was smart, so I knew she had already gone through them, but I wanted to get them out of the way.

“Katrina!” She said using my real name to make a point. “Like I said, I have already covered those.”

” I was wondering if maybe, I dunno, one of your, you know, special friends, might be willing to make a donation. To maybe save their soul,” she said.

And there the worm fucking turned. After a string of loser jobs, I had turned to stripping. I was really fucking good at it and I worked my way up to the top clubs in LA as a headliner. Soon, I started doing private appointments with high-class executives, agents, even some actors and athletes. I have an awesome client list full of names you know, who do things you would not believe.

In fact, I had a Big Guy from LA’s other pro basketball team hanging by his ankles from a bar right in front of me. I put my whip down to take Kaity’s call.

“Kaity, are you saying you want me to sleep with rich powerful men to raise money for your sacred church mission?” I asked as I took the Big Guy’s big cock into my warm mouth.

“Oh, no no no,… heavens, no” she nervously laughed. “Kat! I could never.. I mean, um, you, ..” she sputtered and then took a deep breath. “But maybe you could get them to donate some money for a good cause, like how whatshisname bought you that big screen TV and the other man fixed your car.” The Big Guy started to groan, and I put the bottom on my high heels on his lips. He licked it, which even I thought was gross.

She was right, xslot Giriş I had these motherfuckers literally under my heel licking the bottom of my shoes. I was what one millionaire called a “unicorn” – a big titted Asian girl. I have an Asian face with a curvy body like Kate Upton. I look smart, classy and slutty all at once.

Most of our Asian friends are more typically tiny-titted, but Kaity is like me – even bigger up top most of the time with her perfect 36 double D’s tits and smooth round booty. I remember trying on clothes with her once and thinking her body was like that girl from “2 Broke Girls” and “Thor.”

I thought that God was playing tricks by giving such a pure young girl such a slamming body. She should have been here with me making money and living large. We could take on a whole team at once with our mouths, big tits, assholes and cunts.

“I’m sorry, Kaity, I just can’t ask for something like that, especially now that I am pregnant. I have been out of commission for months and I am not even sure I am going back. You don’t want me to go back to that life, do you? I mean, wages of sin, and all,” I told her as I went back down on the Big Guy’s 9-inch dick.

That was a lie – like a lot of my clients, the Big Guy was actually turned on by a pregnant dominatrix. Mommy issues, I am sure. I winked at him.

“No, of course not Kat. I just thought. I don’t know… I mean in the eyes of the Lord it may all be redeemed, especially since it would be for His work,” she replied.

She just about had me there.

“But I understand, never mind. Look, thanks Kat. I shouldn’t have even asked,” she said.

I was almost balls deep and gagging when I came back up and wiped my mouth.

“Look, there is …something, Kaity, but I am not sure if you are up for it.” I teased.

“Anything, I’ll do just about anything,” she paused, “except, you know, THAT.”

I acted insulted, which I kinda was. “Now, Kaity, what do you think of me? It’s not that, nothing like that. But you have to have an open mind and let me tell you, OK?”, I said as I kept jacking the Big Guy.

“Sure”, she replied.

“Nude Day starts at midnight tonight. Have you heard of it? I asked.

“I have seen it mentioned on the web, but haven’t paid a lot of attention. Why?” she replied.

“Well, this private club where I used to work is having a Miss Nude Day competition. It’s like a pageant with your natural body instead of a swimsuit. From this flyer, it looks like a regular competition and nudity just is in just one part. All the contestants are just everyday folks who enjoy nature.”

That was a bit evil of me. The flyer looked more like a amateur strip contest,- bright lights, big letters and lots of flesh xslot Güncel Giriş – but that still means she’d have her clothes on that beginning. “The contestants are office workers, professionals and bored housewives. Last year, a college student from USC won, I think,” I said.

“I don’t know, Kat,” she replied.

“Well, the prize is $5000, with $2500 for all the finalists.” I said enthusiastically.

I could see the Big Guy’s balls turning blue. He was ready to come, but he had to wait.

“Oh, whoa. That is exactly what I need. I got to believe it’s there for a reason. Do you think that I have a shot?” Kaity asked.

“Girl, it’s mainly looks and poise. You’ve got plenty of that. Besides, you’re what they call a unicorn – a beautiful classy Asian girl with perfect 36 Double D’s. I can show you how to win the crowd over. I freaking guarantee you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand, and you’ll leave that club with all the money you need for the mission,” I said as I licked the tip of the Big Guy’s penis with my studded tongue and sent a shock through him.

“I don’t know, Kat. It sounds like it’ll work, but is it right?” she asked.

“That’s for you to decide, but I am telling you it feels right to me. The Lord works in mysterious ways and all that,” I continued.” Fate had you call me and this event is perfectly timed with the right money. It looks perfect to me – just show a little skin, like Bathsheba to David, and you’ll be able to do so much good in this world. This one act will help you save how many souls?”

I was so full of bullshit, but I knew it was want she wanted to hear. I’d just have to make sure that she did not see that flyer before she went.

The Big Guy couldn’t wait any longer, so I put the phone on mute and took his cum right into my mouth. I couldn’t take it all, so the bastard coated my tits and face with his cum.

“Kat, are you still there?” said Kaity when I did not reply.

I had to cover the silence, so I told her, “I just took a minute to snapchat with the manager of the club. He said the deadline has passed and the list is full.”

“Oh, well, I guess…”

“Wait, let me finish. He said he’d add a slot for you as a favor for me. I told him yes, OK.. This is meant to be,” I told her.

“OK, Kat I’ll let you..” she started.

I raised my voice. “Hold on, let me KNOW? I DID this for YOU girl, and you BETTER follow through, I owe him a FAVOR now no matter what you do and he will DEFINITELY collect. He is going to even put in the $100 entry for you.” Again, BS from me… There was no entry fee. I wasn’t even snap chatting but I knew that I would get her on the list. Mike over there was an old fuck buddy and partner in crime.

“Besides, it is meant to be. Don’t worry, I’ll be there with you,” I said.

“OK,” she sighed. “You’re right, this is providence. And it is just a pageant at a private club, it sounds like it’ll be chill. I won’t let you down.”

“Great. I will pick you up at 9.” I closed.

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