Just Out Of High School


I was sitting outside the cafeteria, leaning against a rock, drinking a soda when the Coach came outside to talk to me.

I was a senior in high school, 18 and no longer a virgin, and feeling older and more mature than most of my classmates. It wasn’t the loss of my virginity that made me feel older, I had just always felt that I clicked better with men than with the boys in my class, better than with the boys in college who came home during the summer and holidays.

I was having a tough time with some personal family issues and didn’t feel like sitting with my friends at lunch, gossiping and being juvenile. I wanted to be alone, to think. But in that moment, Coach made me feel safe, he made me feel wanted and able to express my feelings.

As I told him about my worries, his hand moved to the small of my back, gently rubbing to console me. He moved it up higher, and over to my side, down to my waist and back to the small of my back. All the while, we never lost eye contact, his hand now dipped a little lower, gently caressing my bottom.

I was a little bit surprised, we’ve always flirted a little bit, but it was the first time he had ever touched me. In his mid-30s, dark wavy hair, broad shoulders, he was a teenage girl’s fantasy. He has never treated me as a student, never looked at me as a student, but as a young woman who he has befriended, who he may even fantasize about.

Over the next few weeks, my last weeks in high school, people started talking about us. Coach would walk me to class, on the days I knew I was sure to see him I’d dress a little older, a little more professional and provocative, not like a slutty teenager in low-slung jeans and a half shirt. I would wear a skirt with a slit, thigh highs that he’d catch a glimpse of when I’d sit down, and low cut blouses that revealed my hard nipples when I saw him. I would see students watch us as we walked down the hall together, laughing, and flirting openly, his hand occasionally grazing my back as we walked.

I loved that people watched us, that they wondered if there was anything going on between us.

Over those last few weeks the tension between the Coach and me intensified. He’d stand closer, let his hand linger on my back a little longer, look into my eyes a little deeper. Every time he touched me, I could feel my body tighten, I could feel my nipples harden and my panties get a little wet. My lips would part as I looked at him, hungry to kiss him, to taste him. But we were always in the hallway, or a classroom with little privacy, in fear of what little privacy we had being invaded at any minute.

When I graduated a few weeks later Coach gave me a card and said that he’d be away most of the summer, but would be back in time for football practice and wanted to take me out for dinner before I went off to college.

“It’s OK, you’re officially a college co-ed,” he said, sensing my hesitation, kissing my cheek.

I Tokat Escort kept dating my boyfriend through the summer, but began fantasizing every time he slid his fingers inside me, every time he slid his tongue over my lower lips, every time he pumped his 18-year-old cock into me … I’d fantasize that it was Coach touching me that way. My boyfriend nearly caught me one time, when I groaned “Coach …” as he buried his face between my legs. I denied saying anything, I was just moaning, I’d told him. I’m sure he didn’t believe me. He heard the rumors, he knew people suspected something was going on between me and his football Coach.

The summer was coming to an end. It was August, I was busy shopping for things for college when I got a call.

“Hello,” the familiar voice said. “Are you available soon for our going-away-to-college dinner?”

My panties moistened at the sound of the Coach’s voice. I knew my boyfriend had plans with his friends, so I told my parents that I was out with my boyfriend and met up with the Coach at a restaurant near his house.

He was sitting in a booth in a dimly lit corner, a bottle of Pinot Noir on the table. I walked in, wearing a black halter dress, the neckline dipping between my full breasts, allowing them to come together and nearly pop out of my dress. The thin fabric couldn’t hide the arousal in my nipples, straining against the dress.

The full skirt flowed and swayed around me, as I walked toward the table. Coach stood up, looked me up and down, smiling with approval, his eyes lingering at my cleavage. He pulled me to him and hugged me, sliding his hand down my bare back, to my bottom, to my waist and around my bottom again.

“No panties?” he asked quietly.

I smiled at him, allowing him to see the naughtiness in my eyes.

“No panties, no bra … just the dress and high heels,” I said. “Do you like the shoes?” I asked, putting my foot up on the seat, sliding my dress up to reveal my creamy thigh, running my hand along the length of my calf.

I could see his pants tighten around a bulge, he swallowed hard, and smiled.

“I love the shoes, you can leave them on all night if you want,” he said, pulling me toward him again and kissing me gently on the lips.

We slid into the round booth, sitting close at the back. He pushed my hair away from my neck and nuzzled my neck, nibbled my ear and slid his hand around my firm belly and waist.

“You smell delicious,” he whispered, pulling his head away from my neck, dropping his gaze to my breasts.

He smiled up at me again, and I knew he wanted to nuzzle my breast, to feel my warmth, to taste my nipples.

The waitress came over and we ordered dinner as he put his hand on my thigh, pulling my dress up inch by inch under the table.

“No one can see us back here,” he assured me after the waitress left. “Just a little touch …” he continued to slide Tokat Escort Bayan my dress up and gently parted my legs. Looking around, he slid his left hand between my legs and gasped at how wet I was. He tickled my lips, running his finger gently back and forth. I strained against his touch, wanting to push against his fingers, to take them inside of me, but his gentle touch was so reassuring, so intoxicating. I took a sip of my water, then leaned over to kiss him.

By the time dinner was over – we had fed each other mouthfuls of creamy alfredo, suggestive of what our night may hold – we were both bursting with lust and hungry for each other’s bodies.

We left the restaurant and walked to the coach’s house, just blocks away.

My legs were unsteady, and I could feel my juice starting to drip down my legs. I pulled him against a tree and took his hand, sliding it up my thigh to show him what he had done to me.

He looked around carefully and then squatted down in front of me, lifting my dress and licking my juice from my leg, reaching up to the top of my thigh with his expert tongue.

Feeling his breath so near my pussy drove me crazy, I looked down at him, as he stood, keeping a hand on my thigh, looking around again, and then sliding a finger deep in to me.

I gasped at his entry, and dug my nails into his arms. He pulled his finger out of me, and slid it into my mouth.

“We need to get home,” he said to me, pushing his swollen cock, struggling against his pants, into my leg.

We got back to his house and my dress was off in seconds. “Leave on the shoes,” he said, licking his lips and eying me hungrily.

I took off his shirt, undid his pants and slid my hand inside his boxer shorts, sliding my hand down the length of his shaft, under him to cup his balls, filling with cum.

He picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist, his cock pushing against my pussy and took me to his bedroom.

Laying me back on his king-size bed, he kissed me, his hand roaming my body, over my nipples, down my stomach, between my legs and back up again.

He looked in my eyes, and then moved his mouth to my nipples, slowly circling my erect tits with his tongue, darting, flicking, sucking and licking them until they stood at attention for him. He nuzzled his face between my breasts as he massaged them, again sliding a hand down my body to meet my mound below.

He positioned himself on top of me, licking down the middle of my belly, swirling his tongue around my belly button, and then lower. He pushed my legs up and apart, and licked from anus to clit. He lapped up my juice, and began parting my lips with the tip of his tongue. He looked up at me as his tongue circled my clit, and then brought a hand down between, my legs, sliding in a finger. He pulled his finger out, and used both hands to spread my lips apart, licking me inside.

His tongue sent Escort Tokat a wave of excitement over me as he licked everything inside me, his whole mouth covering my dripping pussy, his tongue reaching as far into me as he could, licking my walls, fucking my hole so completely. I pushed my pussy against his face, trying to get all of him inside me, I bucked and rocked, humping his head, moaning in anticipation.

He kept licking, but swung his legs around, and pulled me on top of him so that I could take him in my mouth. I leaned down, feeling his quivering cock against my breasts, then licked the pre-cum from his throbbing head. I gently licked the head, swirled my tongue around him, and slid my tongue down the shaft to his balls.

I gently took his balls in my mouth, massaging them with my tongue, working them, filling them up. I continued to massage his balls as I licked his inner thighs and back to his swollen cock. I gently licked until I had his cock slippery, then slid my mouth down as far as I could take him, as deep in my mouth as I could.

He began to eat me faster, to finger me more intensely … he grabbed my hips, driving my pussy down onto his face, pushing himself as deep as possible. I reached around to grab his ass, helping to push his cock into my throat, I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth, and quickly brought a hand to his shaft, pumping it as I sucked, working in rhythm, fucking my own mouth with his engorged dick.

“Fuck me,” I yelled between mouthfuls “Fuck me now!”

“Say it again,” he ordered.

“Fuck me, Coach! I need you to fuck my cunt, please” I begged, “please Coach, now!”

Coach moved me off of him and knelt between my legs, he pumped his cock with his hand a couple of times, and looked at my swollen pussy, my hips pushing toward him begging for him to fill me up.

He leaned down and slid his thickness into me and I gasped. He filled me completely, my cunt wrapped around him, as he pumped repeatedly.

“Harder Coach, please, fuck me harder!”

He smiled at me, thinking that this might be the beginning of a deliciously dirty and naughty night.

“I’ll fuck you harder, how’s this?” He said, thrusting with force, bottoming out in my cunt.

“Yes! That’s it, harder!” I screamed, loving the feeling of his balls slapping against my ass, his pelvis against my pussy lips, harder, and harder.

I began to climax and my cunt tightened around his cock, digging my nails into his arms I tightened my whole body as the wave washed over me.

Coach let out a scream as my cunt enveloped him, tightening, swallowing … he pulled his cock out of me and let loose a thick, gooey shot of cum all over my tight stomach. He shook his cock, getting those last few drops to ooze onto my hard nipples.

I reached down to lick his cum off my tits, then kissed him.

He slid his still-twitching cock back into my dripping hole and lay down on top of me. I wrapped my arms around him, running my nails gently up and down his back, running my hands over his ass.

“I think I might need to make an occasional road trip,” he said. “I don’t think college boys are ready for you.”

I’d soon find out.

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