Just Getting Started_(0)




It seems no matter how much, or what other kind of noise is going on at any time on the field – the coach’s whistle will cut right through it. It did this time, too, and as expected, everyone came to a standstill.

“All right, guys!” coach shouted. “That’s it for today. Hit the showers!” Coach spun around and walked away toward his office without a backward glance at the guys.

Normally, this was a fun time for Willy. Normally, he loved running off the field with his team-mates; peeling off their shirts as they ran, the rough housing and horsing around in the locker room, stripping down bare ass naked, swinging dicks all over the place, soccer thighs and bubble butts glistening with sweat and smeared dirt or mud. He really loved joining the guys in the shower, watching their hands run all over their hot bods while they washed, and wishing he could help them out. The only down side of the whole thing was having to concentrate on keeping his own dick soft lest he let on just how much fun he was having.

Normally, that’s how it happened.

Today, though, Willy was subdued. He barely noticed the guys walking naked right in front of him; so close he could smell their sweat and almost jerk his head and catch a dick in his mouth. He barely answered the guys who told him he did good. ‘Yeah,’ he thought. ‘All I did was run up and down the fucking stairs of the stadium. A damn baby could do that!’ He peeled his socks off and tossed them into his locker. His shorts and jock strap followed. He grabbed his soap and padded into the shower without looking at anyone.

As the water soaked his hair and ran down his body, he thought back to the time before he got where he was today. Today he was only the “new guy,” but a few months ago he was about to graduate high school, and was the star soccer player. Back then he didn’t have to put up with proving himself because he’d done that a long time ago. He could go out on the field and practice as hard as the other guys, and get just as dirty. He played hard – both on and off the field – and had a blast with the guys at the after game parties.

And he could go see his boyfriend anytime he wanted.

He wasn’t completely sorry about the situation as a whole. He felt good about himself when the assistant coach came from the university to offer him a full scholarship to get an education, and play soccer at the college level. His parents beamed with pride when the coach had dinner with them all, and told his folks all they wanted to know about the school and their academic programs, as well as their sports records.

His name was Dale Edwards, or Coach Edwards at school, but he insisted that Willy and his folks call him Dale. Willy liked Dale. Not only because he was offering Willy a scholarship, but because he genuinely seemed like a nice guy. He was in his late 20’s, had recently completed his training in education, and landed a position at the university as an assistant coach. Part of his job was to scout out the state’s high school soccer players with talent and try to recruit them. Willy got the idea that Dale really meant it when he said he didn’t have to look at Willy twice. Also, Dale was hot!!

Willy kept a raging boner hidden in his pants at the dinner table while he sat next to Dale. He tried to stay calm, but it didn’t help that Dale kept reaching over to clap Willy’s shoulder, or pat his thigh under the table, or horse around with him like jocks do.

Dale stood a few inches over six feet, and his shoulders were almost wide enough to make him turn sideways a bit to walk through a door. He had close cropped, light blonde hair, and was clean shaven. His upper arms seemed to be the same size as Willy’s thighs, and it seemed it didn’t matter what Dale wore: anyone could tell what a fantastic body he had. It was obvious he’d broken his nose a couple times and most likely reset it himself. He had a couple of small scars on his right cheek and another just above his left eye. Willy thought it only made him look more rugged and masculine, more manly. Willy was thinking that Marines probably wished they could look that good. Dale’s fingers were bare – showing that he was single. He wondered how long it would be before he could see Dale naked.

Well, that was a few months ago. Today none of that mattered. Willy stood under the shower and thought about his boyfriend, Brian. Brian had just started college too, but his school was about a 12 hour drive away. Neither Brian nor Willy were out to anyone, and everyone thought they were just best friends.

That last summer after high school they spent every minute they could together. They would go to each others’ houses, or to the beach, or out in the country. When they were alone, they were naked. Sometimes they would almost rip each other’s clothes off and just have a nice healthy fuck, and other times they would spend hours making love, with their bodies sliding over each other, tongues, fingers, dicks and toes touching, feeling, licking, sucking, kissing. They were both versatile, so they simply did whatever they were in the mood to do to each other. If angels really did sing at each orgasm, they would all have been hoarse by the end of that summer.

But now summer was over. Only last week Brian and Willy had to say goodbye to each other. They didn’t break up, but they did have to at least split up. They knew that they were both teenagers and horny as hell, and knew better than to expect each other to pretend otherwise, and each gave the other permission to play around with other guys. Billy wasn’t sure how serious he or Brian was about it, and it didn’t really help the end of summer, but it did help with what happened next.

Willy finished his shower and turned off the water. As the noise from the spray quieted down, he noticed just how quiet the whole room was. He looked around, and was surprised to see that all the other guys had left, and he was alone. He didn’t even notice that they had all dressed and left. The slamming lockers and usual jock banter had gone right past him.

He padded over to his locker, sat on the bench, and slowly dried himself. He wasn’t really looking forward to anything. He didn’t feel like going out with the guys and he didn’t feel like going out by himself. He didn’t feel like going out at all. The semester only started a few days ago and he didn’t have much homework to worry about. He figured he’d just go back to his room and send Brian an e-mail. Or, maybe if his room mate wasn’t there, he’d give Brian a call and maybe get some phone sex in. . .

“If you looked up ‘depressed’ in the dictionary – your picture would be there!” the voice said.

“Huh?” Willy was startled. His head snapped up and his eyes focused. Coach Edwards was walking toward him. Willy simply froze and sat naked on the bench with his towel draped across one thigh and watched Coach. Now that school had officially started, he wasn’t Dale anymore, but “Coach” or “Coach Edwards.”

Willy wasn’t thinking about that. He did feel guilty that he suddenly stopped thinking about Brian, but he couldn’t help it. Brian would understand if he were here. Coach was naked except for a towel wrapped around his waist. It was the same size towel that Willy had, but it sure looked small as it tried, and just barely succeeded in covering Coach. His dick pushed at the towel as he walked and Willy could see the head outlined behind the material. The same light hair that was on his head covered his chest but didn’t hide the massive pecs that flexed as he moved. His nipples were standing out and looked like pencil erasers. Willy could tell Coach was hairy, and the light hair also covered but failed to hide the muscles in his thighs, his calves, his arms. Willy had to concentrate to keep from drooling. He also had to keep his legs pressed together because it was the only way to hide that! He hoped Coach didn’t tell him to stand up.

He didn’t. Coach walked up to the bench. “Damn, Willy,” he smiled. “Your face is longer’n my dick, buddy.” Willy watched as Coach smoothly swung one leg over the bench to straddle it, and got a quick shot of his cock and balls. Coach sat down, reached out and clapped Willy’s shoulder: a simple move, but one that shot bolts through Willy’s body.

“Feelin’ a little homesick, are ya?” Coach asked.

Willy tried to get his act together. gaziantep lezbiyen “Well, uh…I uh…” he stammered. Coach was next to naked, and sitting right in front of him, and they were alone in the locker room, but Willy tried to think rationally anyway, “not, uh…not much…uh…I guess.” Even coach heard him gulp.

Coach only smiled. He put one foot up on the bench which put his knee right under his chin. It also caused his tiny towel to ride up, and Willy’s pupils dilated as he now had a close-up look at Coach’s cock. Willy thought he saw that cock stirring, but dismissed it as his wishful thinking.

“It’s okay, Willy,” Coach told him. “Most guys go through some homesickness right at the beginning of the year. You’ll be fine – just give it a little time.”

Willy gulped again. He was having a little trouble listening with that gorgeous dick almost right in his face. “Uh…” he stammered, “sure, Coach. I thought about it some. I’ll be okay.” Willy was breathing harder. ‘Ahh shit!’ he thought. ‘I fuckin’ hope Coach doesn’t notice and wonder why. Last thing I need is to be outted right at the beginning of the damn semester!’ He tried to be nonchalant about pressing his own legs tighter together. His own dick felt like it would pop up from between his legs on its own if he wasn’t careful.

Coach didn’t help at all. He leaned back slightly, and actually had the nerve to spread his legs just a little. Normally, guys in a locker room strut their stuff all the time, and no one cares. Normally, even Willy was able to pretend he didn’t care either, but Coach sure didn’t make it easy!

‘Dammit, Coach!!’ Willy thought. ‘Either let me suck that thing or put it away somewhere!’ That’s what he thought. What he said was, “But you’re right…ah…I’ve never been away from home before…um…I’ll get used to it I guess…ahem!” It was tough keeping Coach’s dick only at the corner of his eyes. He wanted so bad to admire it straight on.

Coach glanced around him as if to make sure they were alone. Then he leaned forward a little and grinned at Willy. “I know what’s got ya down, Willy,” he said, almost snickering a little. “You miss Brian, don’t ya?”

“HUH?” Willy’s mouth dropped open. ‘What the fuck?’ he thought. His eyes seemed ready to pop right out of his head. His open mouth flapped up and down as he tried to think of something to say. He couldn’t think of anything.

Coach reached out and put a hand on Willy’s shoulder. He almost laughed out loud at Willy’s obvious discomfort. He squeezed Willy’s shoulder a little. “Hey, don’t worry about it, buddy,” he told Willy. “I saw the way you two looked at each other at school and all.” Willy’s expression was frozen on his face as he simply stared at Coach. Coach put his foot back on the floor, which caused the towel to drop again and cover his dick. Now Willy could think a little better.

“Wha…what do you mean?” he asked in a tiny voice while he still stared wide eyed at Coach.

Coach grinned and shrugged his shoulders. “I got damn good gaydar if I do say so myself, Willy,” he said. “The signals you two sent each other were enough to light up a room. Anyone who cared to notice would have noticed.” Willy very slowly shook his head. “I’m surprised,” Coach continued, “that you two managed to keep it a secret for so long.”

Willy’s mouth continued to operate without making any noise. His eyes started glancing around every which way.

“Don’t worry,” Coach said, “we’re alone. And I’m not gonna tell anyone anything you don’t want me to.”

Willy was silently panting. “You mean you?…You mean you’re?…You mean…”

Coach laughed. “Hell yes, buddy!” he said. He planted his feet on the floor and stood up with his legs straddling the bench. His movements were so smooth and swift that Willy barely had time to let it register that the towel had a major tent in it before Coach whipped it off and dropped it on the floor. He stood naked right in front of Willy with his dick pointed straight out at Willy’s face.

Almost every part of Willy’s body slumped as he relaxed and stared openly at Coach’s dick. Stared openly? Hell, it was only a few inches from Willy’s eyes, and pointed right at him with a large drop of pre-cum glistening in the light. He didn’t have much choice but to stare openly. Only Coach noticed Willy lick his lips and swallow hard. Willy didn’t even know he was doing it. He also didn’t know that when he relaxed, his own dick popped up from between his legs.

“How ‘bout you put those lips to some good use?” Coach smiled at Willy. He reached out with both hands and held Willy’s head gently.

“Oh, shit, Coach!” Willy murmured as Coach started to take a step forward, his dick coming closer and closer to Willy’s mouth. “I don’t know man. I…I…” His mouth was already open and Coach’s dick was right there! “I never…I never thought…I…argh…ah,” ‘I’m sorry, Brian!’ “arglgurgl . . . mmmmmm.”

Willy’s eyes were closed, Coach’s hips were bucking back and forth, and he was fucking Willy’s face. Willy reached up, grabbed Coach’s balls, and pulled on them while he sucked in more and more of that dick. His other hand reached between Coach’s legs and played with his ass.

Coach took one hand off Willy’s face and moved it to the back of his head. He stood still, and Willy’s head was bobbing back and forth as he sucked with all he had. He shifted his body so he, too, was straddling the bench, his dick standing straight up and twitching. He sucked, licked, moaned, and used his mouth and tongue to work Coach’s dick. Coach threw his head back, smiled, and moaned.

Coach started moving forward slowly. Willy kept that dick in his mouth as Coach’s movements made him slowly lean back further and further until he was lying on his back on the bench. He never took his dick out of Willy’s mouth, but Coach turned around so he was straddling Willy, facing his feet. Willy’s feet were planted on the floor, his legs were spread, and his dick was flat against his belly when Coach leaned over and sucked it up in his mouth. Willy’s hips arched up clean off the bench and he almost bit Coach’s dick. Coach reached under Willy and grabbed a butt cheek in each hand. As he sucked Willy’s dick he let a finger from each hand run up and down the crack of Willy’s ass, which made Willy moan around the hot dog in his mouth.

Willy finally let his body relax, and as his ass settled back down on the bench, Coach let a finger slide up that little hole, and Willy arched up yet again and almost gagged on Coach’s meat. He reached up, grabbed Coach’s ass, and squeezed the cheeks. Willy’s body took over from his brain, and his hips started bucking on their own and humping up and down, fucking Coach’s face while his ass impaled itself on Coach’s finger. Now the bench was shaking back and forth!

Both guys were moaning. Both were grunting. Both were fucking face and sucking dick. Willy was getting finger fucked by two of Coach’s fingers now, and was squirming on the bench. Coach reached under Willy’s thighs and lifted his legs up. As Willy’s feet reached for the sky, coach’s tongue licked up and down Willy’s crack and raked across his hole. Willy’s butt only spent about half the time actually resting on the bench as his hips raised his ass up off the bench with each one of Coach’s licks, or thrusts of his fingers. Coach pulled his meat out of Willy’s mouth and sat on his face. Now Willy’s moans were muffled as he ate Coach’s ass out and chewed on the cheeks and sucked on the hole and kissed, licked, moaned, and almost cried out loud.

Coach’s body was still sweaty, as he hadn’t showered yet, and Willy reveled in the musky, manly smell. He reached his hands up and used a finger from each to spread Coach’s hole open a little, jammed his tongue up inside, and now it was Coach’s turn to raise his butt up. He had to get his own face out of Willy’s ass to moan. He started bucking his hips up and down as he worked on fucking himself with Willy’s tongue. Willy couldn’t get enough, and wrapped his arms around coach’s back and tried to pull that ass down on his face to get his tongue in even further. Coach jammed three fingers up Willy’s ass, and Willy’s muffled howls came from somewhere around Coach’s butt.

Suddenly, Coach jumped off Willy’s face and spun around. Willy kept his legs up in the air as Coach sat on the bench between Willy’s legs, facing him. His eyes were concentrated on Willy’s little fuck hole, and his three fingers sliding in and out of it. Willy put his feet up over Coach’s shoulders and begged to be fucked. Coach answered by reaching down with his other hand and grabbing his towel. While it was the same as Willy’s towel, it had a pocket sewn into it that held a few packets of lube. Coach opened one packet and squirted the lube over Willy’s hole. He used his fingers to work it up inside Willy’s ass while his other hand spread another packet over his dick.

Coach grabbed his dick and put the head up against Willy’s hole. That hole was pulsating with anticipation, and Willy’s eyes bored into Coach’s while Willy whimpered. When Coach scooted forward a bit and the head popped into Willy’s ass, he threw his head back and his moans filled the locker room. Willy’s face screwed up, his eyes squinted shut, and his mouth opened, but no sound came out.

Willy reached out, grabbed his own thighs, and tried to pull his legs even further apart while Coach started fucking. His feet were planted on the floor and only his hips were moving as he pumped his dick in and out of Willy’s young ass. Their eyes burned into each other’s. Their mouths were open: whimpers coming out. They didn’t hear. They didn’t care. They communicated with their eyes and their bodies, and apparently they both spoke that silent language very well.

Neither noticed that the bench was rocking back and forth with their bodies. Neither heard the bench squeaking as it rocked on its loose floor bolts while Willy took Coach’s dick and used his hole to milk it. Coach slowly rose up and leaned forward while he fucked Willy’s hole. Willy let go of his legs, wrapped his arms around Coach’s neck, and pulled him close. Their lips met, and each sucked on the other’s tongue while they made out and fucked.

Coach rose up – stood up – and grabbed Willy’s ankles. Willy was grunting with each thrust but it sounded like one constant grunt as Coach was jack hammering Willy’s ass. Sweat dripping off Coach’s chin fell on his dick, and he pumped it all up Willy’s butt. Willy reached down with one hand, jacked his own meat hard, reached out with his other hand, and pinched Coach’s nipple. Both guys howled out loud as they came at the same time. They didn’t notice their screams echoing in the big locker room, but only cared about the cum they were squirting. Coach emptied his load into Willy’s ass and Willy lay back and shot his cum up to his own face. Then the bench bounced a bit as Coach slammed his butt down on it. His dick pulled out of Willy’s butt as he lay back on the bench to catch his breath. Willy let his legs fall back down over Coach’s thighs and both guys lay back with their butts together, panted, and rubbed sweat out of their eyes.

In the shower they made out some more and soaped each other down. They took turns getting on their knees and rinsing each other’s cocks off, sucking them, and eating each other’s butts. This time they switched, and Coach bent over and took Willy’s dick up his ass, and Willy fucked as hard as Coach did. They lay on the shower floor and kept making out with the water running over them, and they kept at it until the sun had gone down.

Willy was slow getting dressed. He was in something of a daze, and just sat and smiled, rubbing his towel over the same part of his body over and over again. Coach was dressed and ready to go.

“Man, I’m glad you…er…play such good soccer!” Coach grinned.

“I’m glad you noticed!” Willy snickered.

“Oh, I noticed all right,” Coach told him. “Am I’m just getting started.”

“What do you mean,” Willy asked, “just getting started?”

Coach leaned over and kissed Willy. “I’ll see ya at practice on Monday.” He stood up and started walking away.

“What do you mean – just getting started?” Willy asked again.

“Don’t worry,” Coach said. “Monday you’ll be in a real practice. No running up and down stairs anymore.”

“What do you mean – just getting started?”

Coach was headed for the door. His back was to Willy but his voice was teasing. “You’ll be working with the other guys out on the field.”

“What do you mean – just getting started!” Willy was still naked and almost running across the locker room to catch up with Coach.

Coach beat him to the door and was just walking out of it. “Better wear a cup on Monday,” he said as he walked through the door. “Some of the guys will try to find out how tough you are.” With a glance back at Willy, and a wink, he walked away from the door and out of the locker room.

Willy burst out the door into the hallway where Coach was almost out the exit door and outside. “What do you mean – just getting started?” he hollered, and then realized he was out in the public hallway and was still naked. “Oh, shit!” he gasped and hurried back into the locker room and his clothes.

Coach went home for the weekend where he started working on a travel route for the year. He’d already heard of some high school juniors who showed some promise last year, and were seniors now. He liked to sneak into town and watch them play and practice without them knowing he was there. He knew if the guys knew a college scout was watching they would all put on a show for him, and he didn’t want that. He wanted to see how they did on a regular day. He wanted to see how aggressive they were and how serious about playing they were when they thought no one was looking. He got back to his office Monday afternoon and there were three phone messages for him. He laughed out loud when he saw that all three messages were exactly the same; “What do you mean – just getting started?”

* * *

Coach got out to the field a little after practice actually started, so the guys were already working out. They’d done their calisthenics and were running around on the field with the balls flying through the air. He saw that Willy was working with the center striker and seemed to be enjoying himself. Coach guessed that he was feeling more like one of the regular guys on the team since he wasn’t doing any basics anymore.

Coach worked with some of the guys, hollered at some others, clapped a few backs, slapped a few butts, and generally felt like the team was going to have a good year this time around. At least he sure hoped so, or his scouting skills would come into question. He always had a quota to fill when he was scouting and recruiting. Some years the pickings were slim, and scouts all over barely found enough guys who could make the cut, and other years saw their recruiting cups running over. At those times, all other things being equal, he tried first to recruit those guys he thought were gay, as was the case with Willy. A lot more often than not he was right, as was the case with Willy.

Once again the head coach’s whistle brought everything to a screeching halt and the guys filtered off the field toward the showers. Coach Edwards caught Willy on the field.

“Take your time,” he said quickly, and then pushed Willy on his way. Willy ran off the field with a huge smile on his face.

The locker room was full of the usual banter and antics, and Willy wasted some time by making a phone call outside the locker room. The other guys hooted and hollered, and swung their dicks, eventually got in and out of the showers, got dressed, and left. Willy managed to stall so that he was still in the shower when the last guy walked out of the locker room.

He stepped out of the shower, grabbed his towel and looked around. He didn’t really know his way around the place, and wondered where Coach was, or even where his office was. Finally, he heard a door open somewhere, and in a few seconds Coach walked around the corner; again wearing only that tiny towel that drove Willy nuts last week.

“Coach,” Willy stood up and smiled as he walked toward Coach with his dick sticking straight out leading the way. “This ain’t gonna work at all.”

Coach looked puzzled. “What won’t work?”

Willy reached out and grabbed Coach’s towel. He whipped it off and tossed it somewhere behind him. Now Coach was as naked as Willy and both gorgeous dicks were pointed at each other. “Now this will work just fine!” Willy laughed as he threw his arms around Coach and kissed him.

Coach wrapped his arms around Willy, and both dicks finished getting rock hard while at the same time getting mashed against each other. Willy sucked on Coach’s tongue so hard that Coach was a little surprised he still had it attached when they broke off the kiss. “Did Brian tell you to do this?” he teased Willy.

Willy snickered. “Yeah.”

“You told him about last week then?”

“Yeah,” Willy answered and reached up and played with Coach’s nipples. “He’s been having some fun of his own.”

“No kidding?” Coach reached down and cupped Willy’s butt. “And you’re okay with it all?”

“Sure!” Willy was shorter than Coach just enough that he only had to lean down a little to lick his nipples. He licked and kissed them as he talked. “We had so much fun – mmm – telling each other what we did – slurp – spent a long time on the phone – kiss – going over every – slurp – last – slurp – detail – kiss,” and he bit Coach’s tit.

“Oooo,” Coach’s dick got harder against Willy’s belly. “Man am I glad to hear that!” He leaned down and kissed the top of Willy’s head. “And to feel that!” He reached down to grab hold of Willy’s dick.

Willy looked up at Coach with a wicked grin on his face. He playfully but firmly pushed Coach’s hand away from his dick, then backed up and straddled the same bench they fucked on the other day. He sat on the bench and lay back. His legs spread and his feet went up in the air again. One hand stroked his dick and the other played with his own ass as he grinned at Coach.

“Uh, uh, coach,” he snickered. “You want some of this – you gotta tell me what you meant first.”

Coach stepped forward, his face showing clearly that he was enjoying the teasing. Willy put a foot up on Coach’s chest to hold him back while still snickering.

“I mean it, Coach,” he teased with his toes. “You gotta tell me first.”

Coach grabbed Willy’s foot and pulled it up to his face. He kissed the ball and let his tongue slide in between the toes, one after another. “Well buddy, know what?” Coach said and sucked on Willy’s big toe. “I really don’t need to tell ya,” he sucked on the other toes and licked Willy’s foot. “Not anymore, anyway.”

“Huh?” Willy looked puzzled and rubbed his foot in Coach’s face while Coach licked away. “Now what the hell do you mean by that?”

Coach kissed Willy’s heel. “I don’t have to tell ya, ‘cause,” he took the other four toes in his mouth and let his tongue work a few seconds while Willy smiled. “I can show ya now.”

“Yeah?” Willy grinned and licked his lips. “So, show me.”

“Hmmm?” Coach mumbled while he sucked Willy’s toes.

“I said – show me,” Willy laughed.

“I can’t hear ya,” Coach mumbled again and licked up and down Willy’s foot, his eyes boring into Willy.

Willy took the bait and raised his voice. “So show me!!”
At that, suddenly, other guys from the team walked around the corner.

“Fuckin’ shit!!” Willy yelped. He saw six, maybe seven, maybe eight, oh hell, he didn’t know how many guys crowded between the lockers behind Coach, who was doubled up laughing. It didn’t register with Willy that all the guys were naked, and all their dicks were hard. Willy’s eyes looked like they would pop out of his head as if he was in a cartoon. His feet started flailing in the air like they did last Friday when coach was fucking him, only this time he was trying to sit up, get off the bench, cover his dick, and think of something to say. Turns out he wasn’t too good at multitasking. In his shock and hurry he only succeeded in falling off the bench onto the floor. He kicked his legs around, still trying to cover himself, but only wound up looking silly.

Laughter filled the locker room and almost drowned out Willy’s “What the fuck?” and the guys all circled around him while Coach sat on the bench and laughed. Willy stopped moving and wound up laying in a heap on the floor; his knees tucked under his chin. He thought he was hiding his hard on that way. He also thought his life was over. He’d never been out to anyone before and thought the guys caught him and Coach, and were about to do horrible things to his body and his reputation. He even flinched when he felt a few hands on his body.

But before he could say anything, he felt one of the hands slide over his butt and tickle his hole. Another worked its way between his legs and fondled his dick. He opened his eyes and looked up at the guys. They were all gathered around him and smiling.

“All right, dude!” he heard a voice say.

“Great fuck last week, huh?” another asked.

Willy was in a daze. “Huh?” was all he could say. The hands rolled him onto his back. He just looked from one smiling face to another.

“Don’t worry, dude,” the guy closest to him said. “Coach got all of us the same damn way.”


“Yeah!” the guy said. “Right here in the locker room, just like you.”

“You mean…?” Willy’s eyes started to focus.

“Oh yeah. We all like jumpin’ on Coach’s dick,” the guy said. “We all hid last Friday and watched you suckin’ and fuckin’ away, dude. It was great!”

“Sure was, dude,” another voice said. “I came twice just watchin’ ya!”

“I wished I coulda took a picture,” still another guy said.

“Ooooh shit!” Willy moaned, as much from relief as anything else. He visibly relaxed while the guys pulled his legs apart. He looked down his body as one of the guys got between his legs and took hold of his now incredibly soft dick. The guy looked at Willy, said, “Welcome aboard, dude!” then leaned down and sucked Willy’s dick up into his mouth.

Willy couldn’t talk. He could only smile and moan. He felt the hands all slide under him. He felt himself being lifted up off the floor while the guy kept right on sucking his dick, which was waking up, now that it felt safe. The guys grabbed Willy’s arms, legs, back, and butt, picked him up off the floor, and they all started walking together, carrying Willy with them. The guy between his legs walked with them and kept right on sucking away.

Coach was already in the shower and had turned on all the shower heads. Willy was carried in amid laughter and more compliments. The guys lowered him down and laid him on the floor. While the water streamed all over all of them, they started working Willy over. Someone else started sucking on his dick and some other guy filled Willy’s mouth with a hard dick. Other guys were licking and sucking on his nipples and his balls and his toes. Those guys who couldn’t find room on Willy’s body went at it with each other. Some of them grabbed Coach and soon had him on the floor right next to Willy. Both Willy and Coach spread their legs and someone started eating their butts.

Willy didn’t even try to count. All he knew was that his mouth and ass were constantly filled with dick. The guys were taking turns with him, and Willy was only hoping he’d get a chance to take them all. There were a few moments here and there when neither he nor Coach had a dick in their mouths, and so they turned toward each other and kissed while they both got royally fucked by several soccer studs in the shower. No one would have been able to tell how much steam was coming from the hot water of the shower, and how much was coming from all those hot bods, but the guys fucking in the shower didn’t notice or care.

The entire shower was filled with naked bodies: undulating, humping, fucking, sucking, licking, kissing, young bodies. Legs were up in the air and cocks were between them. Now and then a load of cum would fly through the air. Seems like everyone fucked someone and got fucked by someone else. Some of the guys just shot their loads as they lay. Others turned toward whoever was beside them and shot in his mouth. After a while, all the bodies were on the floor making out with each other. Slowly, they started standing up, rinsing off, and moving on to their lockers and towels. Willy and Coach were the last two left in the shower, and made out with each other until the other guys hollered at them to get out before their whole bodies wound up as wrinkled as their dicks.

The rest of the semester was a breeze for Willy. Practice was more fun than it ever was in high school. He spent hours on the phone with Brian as they told each other what they’d been up to and who they’d been up in. All through the fall they had their fun at school, and shared their fun on the phone. They never forgot about each other, but when they got together back home for the semester break, they did forget all about college!


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