Just Fortunate


This is my second story. To those of you that have comments about my English, this really helps me to improve on it. So feel free to make your comment. I also appreciate that my story is edited before it’s shown on Literotica. Thanks.

There is a gun facing me as I lay on my bed the first thing I see when I opened my eyes. The owner is a smallish statue Asian lady about in her late twenties wearing an oversized sweater and a jeans skirt.

“Before you die, I want you to make sure that you messed up my life.” She said to me with a lot of anger and more of pain from her eyes.

“Uh…….listen lady, I think you’ve got the wrong guy here.”

“Shut up!” She yelled back at me. “8 years of nightmares and torment of what you did to me you good for nothing nigga. 8 fucking years.”

8 Years Ago………

I and two of my partners had just evaded the cops after robbing a local bank. Dre just couldn’t resist taking one of the female students as a hostage and was mauling her at the back of the van. Jaz was the driver; fast but not very well in maneuvering on the wheel.

The school girl was screaming for help so much I couldn’t concentrate on the road so I put a gun on her forehead and told her to shut up or she dies. She got the message and covered her mouth with both hands.

I took a closer look at the innocent girl’s face. She seems barely 18 and she depended on thick glasses to see she was also of Asian linage.

We arrived at our hideout successfully and divided the dough. I got myself 2 million cut and quickly kept it out of sight from the others. When I got back the school girl was screaming in pain as Dre had his way with her. Obviously this was her first time I should have stopped it but I let it go. Dre isn’t someone you could talk some sense into when his dick is inside a cunt. The little Asian was yelling in pain begging him to stop. Dre wasn’t concern at all for the little girls’ pleasure but his own the smile on his face shows he likes it especially being a virgin she was.

Jaz was playing with his dick that has already and wanted his turn as soon as Dre was done I too wanted some of that fresh pussy too but left the room and slept off on a chair while watching the news for the robbery we caused.

I woke up 3hrs later when Dre and Jaz left the hideout probably for some beer or snacks. I went to check on the little Asian who was still left in the small tecavüz porno bedroom they had locked before they left.

There she was with cum stains all over her from her face, way down to her swollen, yet still little pussy, blood stains where also present form her ass to the mattresses. Her clothes where completely in rags – ripped to pieces while she was still wearing them you could barely recognize the uniform anymore.

She seems to have being recovering from the torment of her rape. Her eyes where unfocused for a while until I got quite close to her. New tears now replaced her old one as her half opened eyes where begging me for mercy she tried to speak but voiceless words were all she could make.

I tell you, I liked what I saw a broken down pretty babe that’s ready to be used for my pleasure. My own exposed cock that much bigger and fatter than she had dealt with was as hard as rock but I wanted to enjoy this fucking to the fullest so I played the role of a little merciful guy.

I took her up on her feet her glasses were around a corner of the room and I placed it back on her eyes so she could see me while I spoke my terms for her freedom.

It was simple. “Satisfy me well and I’ll let you go or you’ll have to deal with my pals again”.

She nodded in agreement.

I held her a while longer savoring her body barely 5ft, her small breast had these fat, big suckle nipples and her flat ass where still squeezable with rich fat on each checks. Her black hair reached just below her neck it wasn’t what I would prefer for a body but it felt so good to grab unto such a fragile figure.

After making her wash herself up in the shower, we where back in bedroom on the bed. I laid on the bed with her on top of me her back to my chest my left hand plays with her left tits and my right hand plays with her now clean pussy both naked of course except for her cases. She surrendered herself to my will and in time responded to my touch.

I don’t know how long it took but she moves and rotates her hips on my hands as I finger fuck her tight, warm, wet pussy while my thumb pressed and rubbed on her clit.

Her mourns where loud and her orgasms where louder all 3times. My dick had being hard all this time wanting for a release so aimed my cock head at the entrance of her pussy and pushed it in.

She twitched raising her hips up from knee unavoidable 18 porno cock as the head is now locked inside her tight pussy. We both moaned in pleasure and pain as she commented on my size.

I started to trust inside her pussy going deeper each time by one quarter of my cock in her, her first orgasm from my cock came she loved it so much that she took more of me inside her tight pussy that is more slippery thanks to her pussy juice. She had 3 more orgasms by the time she couldn’t take anymore of my hard black cock I changed position to be on top of her I spread her legs apart as wide as it would go and place my cock just on top of her redden little pussy rubbing it on her navel her eyes went as larger as her glasses as droved back my dick into her little pussy.

She kept mourning how big I was again and again till she came again but I didn’t slow down, soon she held on to my shoulder with her legs warping my ass as she raised her hips to take more of my cock inside her. The more she came, the more she took me until my balls finally touched her ass.

We both yelled very still her head bent back with her eyes tightly closed and her mouth opened without any word coming out of it. My head also raised back her eyes closed with her saying “ooooo shit!” again and again. My big fat cock actually fitted into her small pussy. No woman I had fucked before then where able to get it all but this little slut did. I look down at out link and saw how stretched her pussy was. We looked at each other without saying anything.

I fucked……. No. We fucked as hard as we could till I popped my nut way deep into her womb as she also had orgasms. We both collapse to unconsciousness.

I woke when I felt her struggling to move under me. I got up with my dick still inside her pussy and semen had squared out of the side I pulled out my dick from her with a plop sound then I saw my work done to her pussy it was wide and I could see the inside as more of my baby making juice came out like gush. She use her hands to feel the wideness and I could see in her eyes through her glass that she was surprised.

Before I let her go, I made her suck my cock clean and came inside her mouth making her to swallow and choke on my milk. I gave her some dirty large clothe to cover herself up with after she took her bath and I didn’t see her again.

Ten minutes after, things really konulu porno hit the fan, the cops barged in and had me in cuffs before I could say Jack Robinson. I met the other two idiots at the cell and found out how we where caught. Dre and Jaz happened to be spending their cash on booze and chicks. Then I also found out that Dre even recorded the fucking between me and the Asian chick (he came back to pick up something from the hideout at the time) and was showing whoever was interested. Then one of the girls in the bar recognized her as the hostage in robbery and called the cops.

We got sentenced to jail for ten years since according to the video the Asian girl had enjoyed sex and was of mature age.

Eight years after, I was free for good behavior and others got killed in their cell during a prison outbreak three years before. Since then i had being keeping a low profile with my 2 million share to spend.

Now I’m in a one square – room apartment only to wake up from my even break to see a gun pointing at my face by the same Asian girl I fucked that day. Funny enough, she was all I aver taught about hoping to fuck that pussy again instead, I’m about to get a bang by the pussy herself.

“You know this would be a lot faster if you pull the trigger” I said “But I prefer you don’t”.

“Shut up” She shouted “Just shut up you……… fucking bastard”.

“Sure no problem…….. Except that you can’t do it can you”.

I gently took the gun from her just before she fell to the floor crying. I took a good look at her and figured she must have gone through some harsh times while I was locked up.


Three days after, life is full of surprises. I’m waking up to a blow job my little Asian slut is giving me. Dam she’s good! She must have gotten a lot of experience over the years fucking a lot of guys for cash.

That’s right; she was a hooker all these years. Her Dad disowned her and sent her out of the house when the event went public she had only been fucking white guys until now. That’s why her pussy’s tight.

I tell her to bend over the chair and go for her puck-hole she yells at the pain as I push half my cock in I didn’t even let her get use to it as I fuck her ass and playing with her big tits soon she likes it and fucks me back and cums almost continuously.

We go on for thirty minutes till I came in her ass I took her to bed with dick still inside her and drift to sleep

I own this slut now and I know she’ll do anything for me. She’s got no one else and I can see my future all ready. A nice house, a kid or two, a slut for a wife and enough cash to give me a good head start.

Yeah life is going to be great.

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