Just Calling to Say Hi


My wife and I have been married for 21 years, happily so for about 19 of them. The other two years have included epic fights, short-term separations, and some extramarital shenanigans on both of our parts.

What follows happened in late 1999, when things weren’t so good for us. We had just separated. It turned out that we reconciled after about 6 months, but at the time I was thinking we were through. I moved into the downtown YMCA on a night-to-night basis. It was only a few blocks from my office, close to the night spots,and I already knew the staff since I’d been working out there at lunchtime for the past few years.

So I was living there, going to work, working out, and incredibly pissed off that a successful guy like me could be in this situation, epecially with the holidays approaching.

I was an angry. horny man.

I’m a lawyer. I do corporate work for big shots and government agencies. I spend a lot of time on the phone, and it always strikes me that when I talk with people on the telephone, I always imagine what they look like based on their voices. It’s completely irrational…I think of deep-voiced guys as big and guys with high pitched voices as little and skinny. Women who sound happy I always think of as hot. Why else would they sound so happy, right? Okay, it’s a dumb game but it livens thing up on a boring day.

Anyway, I played that game with Sherri. I talked to her a few times a week. She was the administrative assistant for one of the aforementioned big shots I represent. How can I describe her voice? Well, it was soft but assertive, confident, and playful. I think that adds up to sexy. So I looked forward to callingher boss; I’d always get her first, and enjoy her sexy voice for a minute before getting down to business. I started looking forward to the calls, and after a few months it seemed that she liked hearing from me, engaging in a little light conversation before getting her boss on the line. All while I wondered what she looked like.

One day, just as things were going down the shitter with my wife, I needed to call her boss about preparation for an upcoming trial. Sherri came on the line.

“Hi, Sherri, it’s Rod. Is Al free?”

She let out an exaggerated sigh. “You never call me just to say hi, do you?”

I was suddenly wearing an ear-to-ear grin. “I suppose I could sometime…is he in?”

“No”, she said, “he’ll have to call you back. When are you free?” Was it me, or was she sounding sexier every day?

About a week went by…not a good week at home…a better week at the gym. I was moved out now, at my desk, looking at the phone, and thinking about Sherri. Did she mean it? Was that just light office flirting?

I dialed the number. “Hi, it’s Rod.

There was a smile in her voice. “Hi, Rod. What can I do for you?”

“Nothing. I just called to say hi”

Honestly, I don’t remember what she said after that, except that it was the first time I heard her giggle. The sound of feminine triumph.

It was nice. It was fun. She was obviously glad that I called her. We only talked for a few minutes, and I recall her telling me that she liked my voice. She thought I sounded like Dee Snider….who she listened to on the radio every day on her morning drive. (I soooo do not look like Dee Snider.) And then she said “Do you have an e-mail address?”

“Sure I do” I replied.

She sounded cautious now. “Is it just yours, or does your secretary see it?”

“No, it’s just mine. No one else sees it.”

She brightened up. “Maybe I’ll send you something. I like to write.”

We said our good byes….the conversation was light but we were both clearly excited.

Moments later she was in my in-box. The first of many messages from Sherri. They started as light and playful, and maybe a litle bit cautious, but it became immediately clear that we both had an agenda. I learned that she was married, perhaps not so happily, and that she had a baby, who she continued to nurse.

She was fun and playful, and had a habit of ending her messages with a question…always something provocative or outrageous. She always asked me what I Tekirdağ Escort was wearing, and always told me what she was wearing.

Only a few days after we began our on-line flirtation, she told me that she was wearing a short skirt and heels…low, for the office. I replied that I liked black high heels, and moments later found a message inmy box:

“Rod, I have some very high heels, black….they would look amazing propped up on your shoulders…..can we arrange that?”

I was rock hard, and every message I ever got from her after that made me hard before I even opened it. Paging Doctor Pavlov……

She was very clever….I loved her e-mails. Once, she asked me about sports….”Do you play?” I took the bait…told her I loved to “play”. When I asked her what she played…she responded, “I only play hardball. When are you free?” I was rock hard…..at the office!

Only ten days after the first message, a week before Christmas, I got the message I’d been waiting for….her husband was away for the weekend. Did I want to come over? There were directions. She promised to wear the shoes, and not much else.

Yes, I wanted to come over. I spent the day in a daze….I remember everything I did that day, only because my heart was racing, my cock was hard, and I kept thinking “Holy shit…I’m planning to meet and fuck a girl I’ve never met!”

I left the office early that day, went to the Y, and worked out hard to try to calm myself down. I took a hot sauna, made sure I smelled good, and put my suit back on. I liked the power thing.

Driving to her house, I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. In the last 15 years, I had never had sex with anyone but my wife. Now, it had been over a month since we last had intercourse. Not only was I going to break my marriage vow for the first time, but I was planning to fuck another man’s wife. A girl I had never even met! I couldn’t help but imagine for a moment what it would be like if I was wrong about her….what would I do if I found her really unattractive? For all the things I’d learned about her, I didn’t even know what color hair she had!

My cock was full…pressing against my trousers….I adjusted it so that it pointed up. It was still uncomfortable, pressing against my belt. I could feel the workout…the muscles in my arms and chest had that burn that let me know I was still pumped.

It was a fifteen minute ride to her house, mostly on the interstate. I cranked Van Halen all the way there, and drank a beer to help me relax. Ain’t talkin’ ’bout love…..

I found the house….a nice cape on a well-kept suburban street. I saw the number, but the house was dark. I pulled into the driveway, killed the lights, and called her cell. She picked it up after only one ring.

“What if you don’t like me?” She sounded different now. She was nervous.

“What are you wearing?”

“Black pumps, a button-down shirt, and some jewelry….what you wanted. What if you don’t like me?”

“Let’s find out. Unlock the door.”

It was snowing. I went to the kitchen door, careful not to slip in the gathering snow and the darkness. It was warm inside….she was standing right there. My eyes hadn’t adjusted yet…I still couldn’t see her.

“Hi,” she said, still sounding uncertain.

It was really dark.

“Hi, I said, reaching behind her shoulders to wrap my right hand around the back of her neck. I pulled her to me, and kissed her, hard. She was warm. She tasted good. She smelled good. She opened her mouth to welcome my tongue, and we feasted on each other as I held her face tightly to mine, kissing her and feeling her exhale against my face as she melted into me. I used my free hand to hold her, first by her waist and then by her ass, as I pulled her into me.

We broke the kiss. “Hi” she said, again, this time in a whisper right against my ear.

“Hi” I said, again, and again covered her mouth with mine. Kissing her feverishly, I explored her body with my hands before I ever saw it. I first experienced her as a blind person would. The shirt she was wearing was open; I placed my hands right next to her Tekirdağ Escort Bayan breasts, and slowly ran them down, feeling how her body tapered to her waist and then flared out to her hips. I liked what I felt, and I did it again. Soon we broke the kiss to say “hi” again, only to fall back into eachother. She was a brunette. She had lots of hair that she had prepared for me. It smelled fabulous. I pushed the shirt off of her shoulders, and held her by the ass as I ground my hard cock into her belly.

I think we said “hi” four times. Maybe it was five. We just couldn’t stop kissing and groping each other and saying “hi”. I reached down between her legs to feel her pussy for the first time….she was wet, and her girl juice was running down her legs. I had an urge to suck her nipples but decided to wait on that. I realized that there was a warm wet spot on my shirt. Her left breast was leaking. I reached down to feel the weight of her breasts and she giggled at the moisture, saying “I saved it for you.”

I picked her up, her arms around my neck. “Where’s the bedroom?” She pointed to the stairs…I carried her up and to the right, to her bedroom. I put her down and kissed her again…I was in no hurry to stop kissing her. Finally I stopped, my cock crying out for attention. She looked up at me, and I gazed into her brown eyes for the first time. She was wide-eyed, and she suddenly looked scared. She was either an amazing actress or momentarily aware of how vulnerable she was….naked in her own bedroom, ready to give herself to a near-stranger in a power suit. “What are you going to do to me” she whispered.

Her question aroused me even beyond where I was. She had put me in control….I was an intruder here. An interloper. I could take what I wanted here and she would willingly give it to me. I was a thief in the house of love and I would take everything she had. Our eyes were locked together. “I want you to suck my cock, and then I’m going to fuck you,” I said.

She nodded, suddenly looking very serious, and dropped to her knees, opening my belt, and unzipping me. She worked fast. She was in a hurry. She had the belt open, the fly down…but was momentarily unable to get to my cock. She moaned in frustration, pulling at my trousers…she glanced up at me, silently seeking help…..I showed her the second button behind the fly, and she gratefully opened it and had my cock out.

She took it all at once….there were no preliminaries that first time. I’m not huge….a nice thick seven inches. It was just my cock deep down her throat, with her sucking it hard and fast. I let her go for a bit like that…it felt so fucking good…but then I held the back of her head to slow her down, because I was ready to cum and wanted to save it for het pussy. She took my cue and began to suck me more slowly.

Her blowjob was very intense. Her mouth was small…she couldn’t take my entire cock at first, but soon was able to open her throat and take the last inch. I could tell that she wanted this, badly. She looked up at me, and I gazed into those brown eyes, while she sucked me. I untied my tie, dropped the jacket…soon had myself naked from the waist up. She was working hard on me…trying to make me cum. I wouldn’t allow it though…every time I came close I slowed her down, and listened to her disappointed moans.

I love the sounds a good woman makes while she sucks a man’s cock. I listened to her, I felt her, and I soon decided enough was enough…I had to fuck her. I kicked off my trousers, shoes and socks, all while she kept sucking me.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her off of my cock…she fell backwards and lay on the floor with her legs spread, breathing hard and looking up at me. I liked what I saw…she was a beautiful girl. She had long slim legs, a nice tight waist, ample breasts, and, as advertised, a completely hairless cunt. Even her caesarian scar turned me on…it meant that she’d be tight.

“Get on the bed and spread your legs”, I said.

She didn’t need to be told twice. She obeyed me right away, and her submissive streak sparked my interest in dominating Escort Tekirdağ women. She was on the bed and on her back in an instant, spreading her pretty legs obediently for me. I was on her ight away, but not in her. I let the shaft of my cock rest against her wet slit, and began a slow fucking motion…..my shaft against her clit.

“Hi”, I said….”I’m Rod, and I’ll be fucking you tonight”.

She moaned in frustration, surprised by the tease. I held her gaze while taking her legs on my shoulders, and fucking my cock against her hot pussy. She was writhing under me, trying to move her pelvis to catch the head of my cock and pull it into her pussy. I smiled…I wouldn’t let her do it. She wasn’t smiling back now…she was seriously in need of a hard fuck. We were straining against each other, and I could see a thin sweat appear all over her body. Every muscle I had felt alive and ready.

“Please don’t tease me any more” she finally said.

“Tell me what you want” I replied.

“Get a condom”, she said….”and do me!”

“Do me?” I said. “Condom? I’m here to play hardball, baby”. I shoved my naked cock all the way down her slit, and up into her. She let out a load moan, and wrapped her legs around my ass, pulling me into her.

She was very wet,but very tight. I worked the head into her, and she was already moaning as if she was ready to cum. Her entire body was straining against me….she closed her eyes, savoring the intensity of our first fuck.

“Open your eyes and look at me”, I said. As soon as she did, I held her gaze and I shoved all secen inches of my cock into her, until my balls rested against her ass. I held it there, pressing it into her, hard, and I felt her cum for the first time. She wasn’t whispering any more; she let out a full throated cry as she came, and I felt the wet rush all over my straining cock.

I fucked her then, as hard and as fast as I could. Long strokes, slamming against her every time, over and over again. She was crying out now, yelling “YES,YES, YES” over and over. For awhile, I lost all sense of who I was and where I was, thinking only of how good my dick felt ravishing her wet and well-muscled cunt. I was close to cumming, but stopped, because the headboard of the bed was slamming against the wall, and knick-knacks of all sorts were falling off of it.

I stopped, presing my dick into her as hard as I could…..I learned that that’s a great way to make a girl cum. I lay there, pressing into her and just feeling her girl juice run over my balls, and said “tell your husband I said to fix that fucking headboard.”

She burst out laughing. “I’ll be sure to tell him that you want a better bed to fuck me in! He’ll get right on it!”

It was a nice break…I love making women laugh, especially when my dick is marinating in their girl juice. But I was stilll hard, and not done yet.

I grabbed her arms and lifted her, her cunt held fast against the base of my cock, and turned her so she was facing sideways on the bed. I began fucking her again, harder than before, holding her legs apart and giving it to her with all I had. This time I wasn’t stopping until I came. The sounds and smells of our fucking filled the room; I could feel my balls pulling up under my dick and ready to go. Only a few strokes later I filled her spasming cunt with four hard spurts of cum,and she cried out her own orgasm and held onto me as I gave her the last few hard thrusts.

We lay there afterward, me still in her, our sweaty bodies plastered together, kissing and laughing. I closed my eyes and felt everything…her heartbeat, the taste of her tongue, the feel of her feet resting on my calves and slowly massaging them as we came down from the fuck. She squeezed the base of my cock with her pussy lips, rhythmically milking it as our combined juices flowed out onto the bed. Soon I was rock hard again, without ever pulling out, and we began fucking again.

We went all night like that, and I lost track of time. Somewhere along the line she was on top of me, offering me one engorged tit after the other to suck to my heart’s content while she slowly rode my cock. I remember coming up into her while swallowing her warm, sweet breastmilk.

I don’t remember anything that we said to each other all night, except that every time we came she’d smile afterward and whisper “Hi”, into my ear.

Among other things, I’ll never forget her voice.

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