Juli and Steve


Juli stood there waiting in the terminal of the airport. She glanced at her watch, and of course, Delta was running late. She had followed Steve’s instrustions to the letter, wearing the outfit he had asked of her. They had been dating online for well over a year. She was looking forward to their first meeting. It had been a casual meeting in a chatroom that had blossomed into friendship and then, something more. She blushed prettily as she recalled the past month or so of email messages they exchanged. He had asked her about her sexual fantasies and she had told him things she had never told anyone else. The plane lands and instantly, she recognized Steve from the pictures he had sent. If possible, he was even more handsome in person. “Steve” She waves over at him and smiles brightly.

Steve flashes a winning smile as he approaches. “Juli. God, you’re more beautiful than I thought you would be.” He wraps her up into a big bearhug. He whispers softly. “Did you wear as I requested?” He has to grin as she nods. This would be a very special weekend for both of them. “I booked a room at the Airport Hilton. Shall we go?” Before they left, he pulls her into a hungry kiss, sliding his hand in the top of her skirt down to touch the bare skin and the curls of her pubic hair. He smiles at that. “We’re going to have to fix this.”

They went to retrieve his suitcases, her face blushing from just that single thought.

As they reach her car, they load his bags into the trunk. He then looks and asks “How far away is the Hilton?” Not far, comes the answer. He grins at that. Sliding into the front passanger seat, he waits for Juli to get in. She starts to start the car and he shakes his head. “Not yet.” He reaches into his bag and pulls out a small vibrator with a remote. Then, he raised her skirt to above her waist and slid the vibrator into her slit, positioning Tekirdağ Escort the extra nob where it would stimulate her clit. “Now we can go.”

Juli sat there just stunned. Here she was, her lower half exposed and there was a vibrator in her pussy… and he had the control. She started the car and started to drive to the Hilton as he turned the vibrator on. Oh, those delicious vibrations, especially on her clit. As she drove, it became harder to concentrate on the driving and not on the growing tension inside of here.

They reached the hotel “Stay here.” Steve replied, turning the vibrator onto high. “Don’t touch that, my little sex slave.” He watched her face, seeing her recognition of one of her fantasies coming true. He grins brightly and went to register and get the key. Opening the door, he motions her to come in. As she does so, he directs her to bend over the bed. “put your hands down and bend over.” She does so only to feel her skirt lifted and the vibrator removed. A minute later, his so very hard large cock is forced into her wet pussy. He pounds her hard and furiously, pumping away. “My little sex slave like this?”

“Oh yes.” She replies only to feel the sting of his hand on her ass.

“You will only answer “Yes my master or No my master.” He pounded her once more, shooting his load into her. “Now, be a good slave and lick me clean.”

Obediently, Juli turns around and looks at his 7″ cock glistening with both of their cum. She reaches over and begins to lick the cum from his cock. As she finished she glances up at him for her next instructions.

Steve just smiles at her and begins to strip her. As her clothing is removed, he admires her body. “You will do for a slave.” He walks over, opening his suitcase. Taking out a blindfold, he covers her eyes. “Lie on the bed.” He watches Tekirdağ Escort Bayan her as she gets on the bed, her tits swaying as she moves. Oh yes, he is going to enjoy the weekend. Reaching in his bag, he pulled out the nylon cuffs and begins to strap her, spreadeagle to the bed. He glazes on her body, smiling. “I’ll be right back.”

Juli tries to turn her head to follow the sound, only to hear running water. A minute later, she can feel him sit on the end of the bed. Then, there is a bit of hissing followed by something cold being applied to her cunt. Then, the cold steel of a razor shaving her curls. She tries to relax and let him shave her.

After a few minutes, he moves back, admiring her now bare pussy. “There, much better.” He takes the razor away and opens his suitcase. “You are mine to do with as I please.” He moves over, sitting on the edge of the bed. “And you will be a good slave.” He straps a rubber gag ball around her head, making her unable to scream. He then takes a pair of nipple clamps and slowly clamps each nipple and gives a slight tug on the chain. He watches her reaction, quite pleased. Moving to the end of the bed, he pulls out a set of anal beads of the vibrating type. He slowly begins to work the beads into her asshole and turns it on. Then, he takes a large vibrator, a huge thick monster and shoves it into her waiting pussy. Turning all the vibrators on, he sits beside her, teasing her clit with another vibrator. Soon, she is cumming. Seeing her cum, he removes the vib from her pussy and replaces it with his cock, taking her as he wishes. As he gets close to cumming, he stops, pulling out and then removing the anal beads quickly, causing her to cum yet again. Then, he begins to pound her tight ass as he once again teases her clit with the small vibe. “Oh, you’re such a good slave. Perhaps Escort Tekirdağ I should share you.” He picks up his cell phone and dials a number. “She’s ready.”

Share? Oh god, this is more than she bargained for. She had fantasized about being a sex slave but she had not dreamed he would add the orgy fantasy as well. She wonders who he called and if they would be male or female. She had never been with another woman and had been wanting to try and what woman wouldn’t want to have two men or even more? She was growing more aroused just thinking about what was to come.

In what seemed like a few hours to Juli was only minutes as Steve opened the door and invited whomever it was in. Being blindfolded, Juli listend, hoping to gain some insight into who was here. Nothing was said, however, she could hear people undress. Then, a gentle hand is placed on her thigh before long nails dig into her inner folds and tease her clit. A female voice speaks softly. “Ready to enter the world of female loving?” At that, the speaker bent down and begin to nibble Juli’s clit with expert technique.

Another hand undid the ball gag, only for a cock to be slid into Juli’s mouth. “Suck on my cock, slave.” The man who was unknown ordered her. Juli obeyed, sucking on what appeared to be a 9″ monster cock. She could feel the thrusts as someone had obviously began to fuck the woman who was eating her out. After she came yet again, the man whom she was sucking reached to remove the blindfold. He was a rather well built man of color and he smiled seeing her reaction. “Suck me, bitch.” Juli looked around, the woman was also of African heritage and she was being fucked hard by Steve. Then, as the woman moves away from her clit, the man moves from being sucked on to pounding that large cock into her waiting pussy. Steve shot his load and the woman moved over and kissed Juli. “You’re gonna do me as I did you.” She smiles and straddles Juli’s face. “Eat my pussy.” Juli begins to lick the pussy in front of her as the woman leaned over and began to suck Steve off. They continued to fuck and suck the entire weekend.

Steve smiles “We’ll do this again the next time

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