Judd’s Adventures with Fatima , Karisse


My daily trip to My Favorite Sandwich Shop was anticipated as usual. I walked in and ordered my usual sandwich. As I paid and Karisse took my money she caressed my hand even longer than usual. She had such a seductive smile and a way of looking at you that could cause you to cream you’re drawers without a touch.

I paid for my lunch and was heading back to the bathroom when Karisse stopped me as I walked passed the kitchen.

“Can you help me with something back here?” she purred.

How could I resist? Her hand was resting on my arm it felt like a branding iron was searing into my flesh.

I followed Karisse into the kitchen where she was pointing to a box nearly as heavy as she was.

“Can you get that down for me?” she asked.

She pulled a stepladder over for me and I positioned it and began climbing to get the box. As I climbed the ladder when my cock was about even with her face I felt her hand slide up my leg until she reached the head of my cock which was moving further down my leg as her hand moved up.

When she contacted the head I thought I would blow a wad in my pants.

“This is making it very difficult to get the box down.” I said shakily.

“I am sorry,” she said as she moved and leaned against the wall with her hands behind her back, forcing her blouse open revealing a lack of bra. I could see the slight swell of her small breasts but no sign of a bra. I began to get even more excited.

“I will stand over here while you get that down for me. Then maybe we can get something up for you.” Karisse said as she unbuttoned a couple more buttons on her blouse.

Just then someone came in and she had to go up front. This was good because it gave me time to think and consider my options.

When I heard the other voice I realized it was Fatima. They both then came to the back.

“Thank you for helping Karisse with her box.” She said with a sly grin on her face. The double entendre was not lost on me. “I would like görükle escort to repay you. “She said in a very sultry voice. “Please come back to the office.”

I followed her back to the office and as we entered she closed and locked the door.

“Is there anything that I could offer you to repay your services?” she asked as she unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse reveling a deep cleavage formed by two large brown breasts.

“Well, there are a couple of things that I wouldn’t mind borrowing.” I replied as my cock further swelled with expectation.

“And what would that be?”

“Just what you are currently uncovering.”

With that she tore the remaining buttons from her blouse and showed me two lovely melons seductively encased in a black lace bra. I moved to hold those lovely treats and she moaned with pleasure. I unhooked the bra from the front and her voluminous breast flowed from the bra. Her nipples were standing out and hard as little rocks. I leaned down and took one in my lips and rolled it around with my tongue until she nearly had an orgasm.

“No more,” she said, “I must have your cock in me now.”

With that she pulled back and began pulling off the rest of her clothes. I can take a hint so I began tearing my clothes off. Soon we were standing buck naked admiring our respective bodies.

She was a mature woman. Her large heavy breasts rose and fell rapidly as she stared openly at my now ridged 10 inch cock. Panting heavily she approached me and fell to her knees.

Now let me taste your goods. Kneeling before me she slowly took the head of my cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head and I think it grew another inch. I was about to blow a wad in her mouth when she rocked forward and forced my cock completely down her throat. With her nose buried in my pubic hair I could holdback no longer and began pumping cum into her stomach. I was impressed with her ability to take it all without hesitation. eskort bayan Once I was drained she let my exhausted cock slide out of her mouth.

“That was good. Do you think you could whip up some more for my pussy?”

“Well, let’s get it uncovered and fire off the blender.”

We both began to remove her remaining clothes and as I saw her being revealed to me I began once more to compliment her by regaining my erection to salute her beauty.

I quickly pealed her panties down over her hips and took in the heady aroma of her flowing pussy juices. She was so wet already that she had two streams of love juice flowing down her inner thighs. I began lapping up this nectar starting at her knees and ending at her glorious love tunnel. She had not bothered to shave her pussy and I sank my nose into that wonderfully fragrant bush and inhaled her essence. I ran my tongue from the crack on her ass to the top of her pussy and enveloped her magnificent clit. It was hard as a pencil and at least an inch long. I sucked it into my mouth and made love to it bringing her nearly to an orgasm. When I stopped Fatima just pushed me down and fell on my sword splitting her love tunnel and sending my cock all the way to the bottom of her center. She rode me about three strokes and then collapsed on me in an intense orgasm that left her spent and panting on top of me.

After she regained her composure she gave me one long wet kiss and told me not to move. She got dressed and left. I wasn’t sure what was happening and began to get up when the door opened again. In walked Karisse who started removing her clothes as soon as she had the door closed and locked.

“Fatima said you were waiting for me and needed some additional relief. From the look of you I hope i can manage to survive giving you the relief you need. You are huge. Much larger than any man I have ever been with.”

Finishing her comment she took off the last of her clothes and altıparmak escort grabbed my flagging cock and began to bring it back to life. She knelt slowly in front of me and almost in a trance began to lick and suck me back to life. She cleaned all of Fatima’s love juices off of my cock and then pushed me back down onto my back and sat straddling my chest. She slowly worked her way up till her pussy was just inches from my mouth. Her smooth shaven pussy was within reach of my tongue now and I took the opportunity to burry my tongue into her hot swollen cunt. She tasted like honey and began to allow her juices to flow onto my waiting tongue. I lapped them as fast as I could but could not keep up with the flow.

“That is enough she screamed. I must have that magnificent cock in my pussy.”

She eased up on her knees and inched her way back to my waiting cock. Reaching behind her she grabbed my steel hard cock and placed it at the entrance to her steamy cunt. Slowly she pushed back until I felt the head of my cock pop past the tight entrance to her love canal. As soon as the head popped in she had her first orgasm.

“Oh, bless Allah,” she screamed. “That is too good to be true. I have never felt any thing that felt so exquisite. I hope I can get the rest of it in without splitting me in half.”

After the orgasm subsided and her pussy relaxed enough to allow further penetration she started slowly rocking back and forth allowing another inch or so to slip into her wet, slick channel until I was fully into her and my balls were resting against her ass. She now lay against me pressing those small firm tits into my chest. Panting lightly she began to flex her pussy muscles and slowly brought both of us to an orgasm. I felt my balls begin to tighten and let Karisse know that I was about to blow my load into her welcome pussy when she let out another scream and her pussy began to convulse on my cock and I pumped what felt like a gallon of love juice into her wonderfully hot hole.

I have never been so wonderfully or fully fucked as I was that day. I am hoping that there will be more days like this. And I will most assuredly write a letter of congratulation to My Favorite Sandwich Shop to commend the wonderful customer service at this store.

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