Joy’s First Anal


The weather in Kansas City was unusually warm for the Veteran’s Day weekend. We had the opportunity to be casually dressed all day and the evening wasn’t cooling down much so far.

We went out to a romantic dinner that night in the County Club Plaza at a very quiet and very private place that we found. The food was wonderful and we hadn’t eaten too much so that we were uncomfortable.

I always loved these sexy dinners with Joy. Tonight she was wearing a black wrap around dress with material so thin and soft that her hard nipples had been showing for me all evening. We were sitting in a corner booth next to each other nice and close and she had let the skirt fall open often. I had lots of opportunities to massage her sexy thighs and play. Joy was enjoying teasing me and the lump in my pants showed her that I appreciated it.

After dinner, we went to the Blue Note jazz club to listen to some sexy jazz. I had remembered that when we were there the last time, it was too bright up in the balcony seating to get much privacy and amazingly, the spots at the bar by the door offered the most privacy and were darkest. We jumped at the two stools against the wall at the bar. It was the perfect place to be right out in front of everyone, but dark enough to be very private. I sat down closest to the wall with her next to me and a little bit in front of me. There was a great band playing and we settled in for some enjoyable music.

She was a little exposed where she was sitting so I didn’t get a chance to play with her. But as the band played on, she reached back and settled her hand on my cock. It grew very quickly as she lightly fingered it through my pants. The way we were sitting and the shadow from the bar obscured any view of what she was doing. It felt so good. She had me very hard as she traced the outline of my cock and balls with her fingers.

She played for quite some time and then I felt her unzip my pants. She moved the material so that my cock popped out and she wrapped her hand firmly around it. I could see a smile of contentment play across her lips as she began to stroke it firmly. She stroked and listened to the sexy music.

Every once in a while she would find a nice large drop of my precum oozing out Büyükesat Escort of the tip and she’d play with it and then rub it in to the tip of my cock. Her magic was working well on me. I was oozing more and more all the time. And I could tell that I was getting close to cumming. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed her hand as she slowly stroked. I don’t think she realized how close I was getting.

It came in a quick rush as she gently stroked. As she felt the shaft of my cock start to pulse she knew it was too late. Because of the way I was sitting it didn’t explode although from the inside, I sure felt the explosion happen. It pulsed a few times and then she felt this warm wet sensation flood out onto her hand. I could tell by the look on her face that she was surprised. And she looked worried as to what to do now.

So, she tried to balance the cum on her hand and very quietly reached up and took a couple of bar napkins with her other hand. Then she slid her cum covered hand out and very quietly wiped the cum from it. She did it so easily. Even with all the people that were standing and sitting close, I’m sure that none of them knew what happened and what she was doing. I reached down as discreetly as I could and slid my cock back into my pants and very carefully zipped up so that no one could tell. She smiled at me and said that she had better go to the restroom and clean up. I did my best to make sure that there weren’t obvious wet spots on my own pants.

When she came back from the restroom she took me by the hand and said it was time to go. As we walked to the car, I ran my hand up and massaged her ass just like I always love to do. When we got to the car she quickly got in and told me to get in also. As we started back toward the hotel, she leaned the seat back and untied her belt and opened up her dress. She reached down and found her clit with one hand and cupped her breast with the other. She pulled and twisted her nipple as she quickly fingered herself to an orgasm as I drove and tried to watch her at the same time. She came hard and she came fast, bucking in the seat next to me. Obviously she had enjoyed the evening so far. And thankfully it was a short drive Elvankent Escort to the hotel.

We drove into the parking lot of the hotel just as she was starting to relax a little. She tied her dress somewhat loosely and quickly and got out of the car. She walked in a very fast pace and led me into the hotel and past the night attendant. She smiled at him and we headed down the hall to the elevator. When the elevator door closed, she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. It was now hard again and she quickly gave it a couple of strokes and then opened up her dress. She pulled me close to her and guided my cock to her wet pussy. I pulled her close and slid up into her and began to drive my cock across her clit and into her pussy. She came instantly again and as the elevator door opened she pulled away and led me out into the lobby of our floor.

She was still grasping my cock, wet with her cum, and was leading me down the hall. When we got a few feet from our room she stopped and untied her dress and opened it again, exposing herself to me. I could see that her pussy was dripping wet. She looked at me and leaned back against the wall and spread her legs slightly. I moved in closer to her and slid the tip of my cock across her hard clit and between the lips of her wet pussy. The tip slid up inside her and I pushed her back against the wall. I fucked her again there in the hallway as she wrapped her arms around me and grabbed my ass. She pulled me deep with her hands and I could feel her again flooding her cum around my cock. She moaned as her pussy pulsed on my cock.

I pulled from her when we heard the elevator door start to open and we quickly ducked inside the room, just in time to avoid being seen in the hall. I pulled her dress from her shoulders and took her over to an easy chair that was by the window. I prompted her to get on her knees on the chair and lean over the back, pointing her ass up at me. I dropped down to my knees and moved between her legs and began to massage her ass lightly then kiss and lick it.

I could see her swollen lips and clit and how they glistened in the light. She was oozing her sweet cum. I moved my tongue lightly around her Beşevler Escort ass and then down the crack and down to her pussy. I licked, sucked, kissed and licked some more, paying close attention to her pussy and asshole. I found she would respond very well when I drew my tongue up from her clit through her slit and up the crack of her ass. It didn’t take long and she came again, this time on my mouth and tongue.

I reached over to our bag and pulled out her bullet vibrator and the KY jelly. I began working the vibrator over her clit and slid it deep into her pussy to lubricate it. Then, I pulled it out and worked it across her asshole. I could see that she was loosening up quickly and very carefully pushed the tip into her ass. She squealed with delight as the tip started to open her up. Before long, I had a full 6 inches inside her with the vibrator going full bore. She tensed and shuddered and her pussy flooded with her juices as she came hard. I decided I’d try to see if I could slide my cock into her.

I stood and took the KY and smeared it onto my cock, still working the humming vibrator in and out to keep her relaxed. Then I pulled the vibrator out and pushed the tip of my cock against her hole. She had had enough to drink and enough orgasms that she was very relaxed. The tip of my cock opened her up and she closed around the head. Gently I worked it a little farther and before long she could feel my balls against her pussy lips. I was all the way inside her for the first time. She was warm and tight.

She asked for the vibrator and she placed it against her clit on full volume. Again she started to cum hard. I was a little scared to move but pulled out a little and gently pushed back in. So far so good. She was moaning and squealing as I pulled out then slid back. Out…. Then back in…..

She was so tight.

I fucked her ass for the first time that night….. pumping her harder and harder.

Then, she slid the wailing vibrator into her pussy. We both screamed with delight.

I could feel the vibration against my cock and it was so fantastic.

Then her pussy began to pulse and she started to wail. She screamed “CUM IN MY ASS, BABY!!!!”

I drove my cock deep and pumped her full. Wave after wave of pleasure came over Joy and me. Her pussy pulsed and her ass clenched tight around my cock.

After I finished I looked down at the sight of my cock buried deep in her ass. I pulled out and watched as my cum oozed out of her ass and ran down between her pussy lips.

That was the first night that that Joy was fucked in the ass.

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