Jolene’s Adventures: Getaway Ch. 02


tinuing Jolene’s Adventures:
Getaway Ch. 02: Jet Ski Fun

True to form the day after their arrival at the beach Jolene was up with the sun looking for adventure. After being nearly killed several times along the way to the beach by Jolene being her normal, sexy, distracting self, Sly begged to stay in bed for a much needed rest. Jolene put on her new pink bikini and a pair of white and really short shorts and headed out to see what fun the beach offered at this early hour of sunrise. They had been here once before a while ago and she remembered there were lots of shops along the board walk and plenty to see. After a coffee in a diner near the shore Jolene headed more toward the water’s edge. Along the way early morning risers were jogging and walking their way into a brand new beach day which promised to be bright and hot. A few of the guys she passed along the way were lifting weights and doing morning exercises. As she went by she heard more than one guy comment on her nice ass or voluptuous tits. Pretending not to notice but happy to be stimulated by their comments she continued on. Soon she spied a Jet Ski Rental and decided that was going to be her morning fun.

As she mounted the few steps into the building she looked at the ocean and thought how beautiful it was in the morning light and very calm. She hoped it would get up some good waves for some wave jumping. The kid at the cash register was looking at a computer screen when she came in and was not really paying much attention until she cleared her throat to say something then he almost broke his neck doing a double take. Jolene was thinking typical male response to a hot girl and how could she use it to her advantage.

“Good morning,” she said sweetly. “I’d like to rent a Jet Ski.”

“Of course,” came his reply, as he knocked over his coffee trying to turn to face her.

“For the day or by the hour,” the nervous clerk asked?

“By the hour,” she responded, looking to see what he was trying to hide behind the counter. Apparently the clerk had been surfing porn on the computer behind the counter and she caught him. She noted a pretty good size bulge in his shorts. Not bad she thought.

“Have you rented here before,” he asked?

“Nope, but I have an account at this chain store,” she said. “Look in your computer file under Harker, Jolene. Phone number 315 555 2212.”

“Ah, Here you are,” he said. “Welcome back. I’ll set you right up”

As she was waiting for the clerk to fill out the electronic form she noticed two guys had come in and were waiting in line behind her. An older gentleman with graying hair and not too bad of a body she mused. The other guy with him was younger, maybe her age or slightly less. He was fairly muscular too and both had nice tans. She smiled at them sweetly. They smiled back and then exchanged glances. In the mirror behind the counter she saw them both mouth the word wow to each other. They were both checking her ass as she was leaning on the counter squeezing her tits together with her forearms which was making the clerk more nervous. A few drops of sweat were formed in the groove between her mounds and it was distracting the hell out of the clerk. He was imputing data and glancing over at her thinking he’d like to chase those beads of sweat with his tongue. Jolene was aware of what he was doing and chose to lean even further over to give this kid a show and have some fun with him. She was sure she had made his day already. In the mean time the guys in line behind her were not complaining about how long it was taking because they were ogling her butt cheeks which were well below her shorts legs. In the mirror Jolene could see them adjusting their swelling cocks in their swim suits. Chuckling to herself she thought men are so easy. I’m going to have fun with these two.

Finally the clerk was done and he handed her a bright red and white bobber with a key on it. “Here is your key, Ski number 13,” he said. “Hope you’re not superstitious,” he chuckled.

“Thirteen is my lucky number,” Sivas Escort said Jolene, as she took the key from him.

“We’ll have your ride up for you in a few minutes. We don’t officially open for another ten minutes. The guy who fuels and gets the skis ready came in late this morning. It won’t be long,” he assured her.

“No problem. I’m not in any hurry,” she said, as she took a look at the two guys behind her again and headed for the deck.

The next two guys pretended not to pay her any attention as she went by but all three men were definitely eye fucking her as she swished her ass out the door.

The clerk said, “Wow.”

The older guy said, “Double wow,” and proceeded to order a jet ski.

A few minutes later Jolene was joined on the deck waiting area by the guy’s. They introduced themselves as Jerry and Jack. Jack was the younger of the two. The fuel and service guy was dragging his feet in getting the Jet Ski’s ready so they had time to chat. Jerry was telling them about a little island that was just up the beach that the jet skiers tended to go to jump waves from passing boats and hang out to swim. He invited Jolene to ride along with him and Jack. Jolene knew a proposition when she heard it but she agreed because she didn’t want to be out on the ocean alone. Soon all three were mounted on their jet skis and tearing up the ocean. They alternately jumped each others wake and the wakes of a few passing boats. Jolene showed off by doing a running spinning turn out through her own wake. Jerry attempted the same and was promptly thrown off. Jack was next and he made it.

They went on for about an hour and then Jerry said,” Let’s go to the island.”

Off they went following Jerry.

The island was a bump of dredge spoil sand just off the main channel of the Inter Coastal Waterway. It had been there a while because it had short trees and brush in the middle and nice white sand beach all around. Since it was still early morning no other boaters or jet skiers were there yet. Jerry drove his Ski up to the shore, cut it off and drifted in. Jolene and Jack did the same. The area where they landed was a cove shaped like a crescent moon. With trees and brush it was concealed from the main beach. Unless you were in a boat passing by no one could see in from the sea. It was a nice place to stop and rest but Jerry and Jack had other plans. Jolene knew from the way they were looking at her this was a set up but being the sexual animal that she was she pretended not to notice anything unusual.

Jolene thought it was time to prime the pump so to speak and turned away from the guys and undid her shorts. Keeping her legs stiff she slid them down her long legs to the sand below. Stepping out of them she was careful to spread her feet a little so her pussy was on display. The idea these guys were hot for her had made her petals moist with anticipation. It also helped that the constant bouncing on the seat had been hitting her clit just right and she was on the verge of cumming just from that alone. Jerry wasn’t bashful.

“He said, “Jolene that’s a mighty fine view of your cute ass if you don’t know it,” laughing.

“Why Jerry, I can’t believe your still looking at my ass. It’s the same one you’ve been looking at all morning,” as she straightened up turning around to face him. Her nipples were now so hard they were poking out the edges of her top which she had purposely pulled down a little.

Jack got into the action by saying, Your high beams are showing nice too.

“I usually go topless on the beach,” she said, releasing the string around her neck and letting the top fall down exposing her luscious mammaries. Both men’s mouths fell open in shock and immediately grabbed for their cocks. Jolene kept her eyes on them as she swept her hands upward over her stomach and cupped both breasts while tweaking the nipples between her thumb ad forefingers. The men were mesmerized. They were in disbelief of what they were seeing.

Jolene held her tits together Sivas Escort Bayan for a bit then said, “Only one thing wrong here. I don’t have a cock between these.”

Jerry being the bolder of the two recovered and stepped forward untying his swim suit. Jolene sank to her knees in front of him and received his cock as it popped free of his shorts. Without a word she opened her tits and let his cock fall between her sweaty mounds. Jerry began to pump his cock up and down looking down into her eyes still not believing this was happening. Jolene dribbled some saliva down on the shaft of his cock to lube it up and began sucking on the head when it came in range of her mouth. Jack was just standing there with his mouth open and feeling his cock inside his trucks watching the action.

Jolene looked up and said, “What’s your problem Jack? Get over here.”

Jack snapped out of it and pulled down his shorts letting fly his boner. He was bigger than Jerry. Jerry was about six inches and Jack looked to be seven or eight but both men had fat cocks. Jolene felt her pussy gushing. She needed to get her bikini bottoms off and soon. But first she was going to suck cocks. Jack brought his cock to Jolene’s lips and she swallowed half of it right off. As Jerry pulled back she would deep throat Jack to his balls. Jerry not wanting to cum first stopped the titty fucking for a few minutes while he got himself under control. Jack was in heaven as Jolene was alternately sucking his cock down into her throat and sliding back up to the tip. Jack was feeling the pressure building in his balls. Jolene grabbed Jerry’s cock and alternated between both cocks keeping them both going.

Jolene suddenly let go of both cocks and stood up. She pulled her bikini bottoms off and leaned back onto her jet ski exposing her pussy lips to both men. She began to frig her clit with her hand. A devious idea came to her.

“Ok here’s the game. The first guy that gets me off with his mouth gets my pussy and the loser gets my asshole,” she said.

Both men looked at each other and Jerry said,” I don’t see how that’s a bad thing either way.”

Jack dove for her clit and began to suck her already distended little bud. It was hard as a rock and the hood had pulled back on its own. Jerry seeing he had missed the boat brought his cock up to her lips and she sucked him in. Jolene’s pussy was leaking juice in a steady stream and Jack was doing his best not to drown. Jacks tongue was driving her off the edge fast but he wasn’t quite getting her off yet. Maybe he would come up with the right movement soon that would win him the prize. Jerry in the mean time was in heaven. Never had he had a blow job this good in all his life. He was torn between just cumming in her mouth and making a try for that pussy.

Jack wasn’t cutting it and Jolene was getting really frustrated.

“Jack honey,” she said, Time to give Jerry a chance.”

Turning loose of Jerry’s cock and pulling Jacks head from between her thighs the men switched places. Jolene had an idea the older man might know a trick or two to send her over the edge. Jerry assumed the position between her thighs and immediately inserted a couple fingers in her open gushing pussy. Jolene almost bit off Jacks cock as the sensation jolted her. Now were licking pussy she thought. Jerry was working her clit and frigging her pussy with his fingers and Jolene was riding the crest of her first orgasm. Jack was feeling his balls swelling with the pressure of his first blast. Suddenly Jerry shoved a finger from his other hand into Jolene’s asshole and she erupted like a volcano. Jerry took a shot of cum in his mouth and Jolene screamed and almost fell backward over the Jet Ski. Jack caught her just in time as her legs buckled.

“I guess we know who won,’ said Jerry.

“Yep,” is all Jack could say.

Jolene had recovered some and said, “That was great Jerry.”Jack, sit on the seat of the Jet Ski.”

Jack sat down on the seat and Jolene rubbed his cock through the Escort Sivas juice of her sopping pussy and fitted the head of his cock into her asshole and started sliding down on the head slowly opening her sphincter to his large cock head. She was thinking she should have let Jack win the game. Once his head was in she spread more juice on his shaft letting out a gasp of pleasure as his cock slid all the way in. Grabbing Jerry by his cock she guided him toward her pussy. Jerry got the idea quickly and got his cock head at her entrance and with just a little push he was in. Jolene was in ecstasy. Two cocks were a favorite fantasy of hers. Jerry began to stroke slowly at first then pick up speed. Jack was trying to get in time with Jerry so as one was out the other was in. Soon both men were pounding into her pussy in time with each other. Jolene couldn’t speak. Hell she was blind. Her eyes were closed and she was on the crest of the biggest orgasm wave she had ever felt. She wasn’t sure she was even breathing. She was so full of cock at that moment in time the feeling was indescribable. Suddenly a jolt went out from her clit and up through her stomach straight up her spine into her brain and she exploded. A scream came out of her mouth that was strangled in a gurgling whimper. A spurt of juice enveloped Jerry’s cock and ran down onto Jacks cock making it all the more lubricated. Feeling Jolene cum spurred the men on to reach their own orgasms. They increased their tempo.

Jolene came again and again. She was now coming about every three seconds. Her body from head to toe was bright red and covered with sweat from the extreme exertion. Her pussy was squirting juice on Jerry at every orgasm. Finally Jack was ready to cum and he wanted it to be on Jolene’s tits so he pulled out. Jerry seeing Jack squirming pulled out of Jolene’s pussy and continued jacking his cock. Jack was now in front of Jolene and jacking his cock in her direction. Jolene opened her eyes when she felt the men leave her and saw exactly what they wanted. Barely able to breathe let alone move her arms she squeezed both her sweat soaked gleaming titties together making a nice valley to catch all that semen. Leaning her head forward she opened her mouth and waited. Jerry came first. He grunted and grimaced as a rope of cum shot out of his cock onto her tits. Jack followed with a blast of his own. Part of his shot hit her tits and the rest went in her mouth. Jerry shot again this time it went over her tits and into her mouth. Jolene closed her mouth and tasted the sperm. It was hot and salty. Jacks next shot landed on her tits and dribbled toward her belly button. He moved his cock to Jolene’s moth and she sucked the last drops from his head. Jerry dribbled his last on her belly. Both men and Jolene were spent. Jolene took both her hands and rubbed all the cum together onto her tits and stomach making them nice and shiny then licked her finger tips.

Jack and Jerry sank to the ground on their knees in front of Jolene. Jolene lay back on the Jet Ski seat and closed her eyes.

“Jolene baby, that was the best sex I ever had bar none.” said Jerry.

“If I live to be a hundred, said Jack, I will never forget this day.”

You are such a sweetheart and your boyfriend is the luckiest bastard in the world and he better treat you like gold forever or you call me and I’ll be your man if you’ll have me,” said Jerry.

“That goes double for me,” said Jack.

“Thank you guys. I haven’t had that many orgasms in a row in my life. I hope I can walk.

“We better get out shit together and get going before we are missed,” said Jerry.

They helped Jolene get her bikini back on and found their swim shorts. All three went to the water to wash off and then they started back for shore. When they arrive back at the Jet Ski office the clerk from the morning gave them a look but thought better of saying anything.

When Jolene got back to the cottage Sly was gone somewhere. Good she thought. I’ll take a shower and get a nap and dream about my day at the beach. Her body was still quivering and her little buddy was still vibrating giving her little jolts. Jolene stripped off her bikini and ran her fingers through her still wet pussy lips thinking about that double fucking. She came again instantly and fell fast asleep.

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