Jimmy Gets a Girl Ch. 05


For the second day in a row, Jim was awake for his alarm. This time, however, he had been awake for a while, staring at the ceiling. His hand darted out and slapped off the buzzing of the clock. He lay there, grinning.

Today he was getting his girl.

After the family dinner had broken up last night and Dad had been made comfortable on the sofa with pillows and a blanket and Tiffany, Jim had got in the shower. He jerked off in there twice, making sure to come in the drain. He couldn’t stop thinking of Cleopatra’s orgasm, of her hot girl come washing over his cock. He held his dick under the hot water, imagining it was her gushing on him. His dick was hard now just thinking of it.

He got up and took a piss, before heading downstairs. Dad was propped up on the couch watching the morning news, with Tiffany lying against him, naked. Jim looked at her pouting lips and remembered the warmth of her spit dribbling onto him.

“Morning son. Today’s the big day, huh?”

“Sure is.” Jim made himself cereal and sat down to ate it. Mum came in from the garden and sat down across from him.

“Morning Jimmy.”


“Don’t dawdle this morning. I’ve made us a nice early appointment for your girl.”

Jim inhaled the rest of his cereal and took off to get ready. In no time he was loitering impatiently in the kitchen, his dick hard and uncomfortable in his jeans. Tiffany came in to get a glass of water for Dad and gave him a naughty smile.

“Hi, Jimmy.” She giggled.

“Hey Tiffany.”

“Want me to spit on your dick again?”

Jim goggled. “Stop teasing the boy and get my water.” Dad called from the couch.

She sashayed away, her naked ass rippling.

Mum came in and took her keys off the hook.

“Got everything, Jimmy?”

It was a fair drive to the ‘Torium. Jim and his Mum chatted about school. He told her about Carl and how he was always in Titania’s ass, which made Mum laugh.

“I’m sorry Mum.” He said eventually.

“About what, honey?”

“Last night. When I hit you with my, my come.”

She laughed. “Oh, that’s okay, Jim. Its not like it’s the first time I’ve had come on my face.”


“Sure,” She smiled. “Tiffany and I used to play this game with your father, called French Roulette. We’d each take his dick in our throat five times while he tried his hardest to hold it in. Five times Tiffany, five times me, fives times Tiffany, you get it. Whoever got the come was the winner.”

“Wow, sounds pretty good.”

“It was. It was a lot of fun. But your father’s a bit rough for me. Tiffany has a much better throat for that sort of thing.”

They drove on in amiable silence. Jim played one of his favourite games, spotting guys with their girls in the street. He saw a tall black guy being followed by a tiny white blonde girl in pink lingerie. A bent old man with a walking stick was accompanied by a tall athletic brunette in a black body stocking. When they stopped at one red light, Jim looked across at the next car. An ugly little man was driving. Beyond him Jim saw what he realized was a perfect white ass up in the air. A sexy Asian face appeared suddenly in front of the man, said something, then descended again.

“Here we are, honey.” Mum pointed. Ahead was the giant red signage of the Girlatorium. On the walls were screens that constantly changed, cycling through pictures of every girl ever coming out of this particular ‘Torium. Jim knew if he watched every screen for long enough, eventually he would see Tiffany up there, probably Mr Harvitz’s girl too, and Titania.

They drove around to the entrance to the car park and down inside. After parking the car, Mum took him through to the escalator and up to the lobby. Giant posters of hot girls were everywhere, dressed in all different ways, some of them naked or bending over to show glistening slits and asses.

The lobby was even more grandiose. Jim had only seen pictures on the internet. Huge banners of beautiful girls were on all the walls. At the far end was a large desk, with security gates on either side. Behind the desk were several attractive women in tight uniforms. Jim knew these were the girls of the ‘Torium, girls who worked for their creators.

A lovely brunette with a big smile came over to them at the desk.

“Good morning, my name is Clara. Do you have an appointment?”

“Hi Clara,” Mum said. “Yes, our appointment is under the name of Clarke, Jim Clarke. First Girl.”

“Oh lovely,” She gushed. “A First Girl is so exciting. And this is Jim?”

“Hi.” Jim managed.

“Hello Jim. How about I get you to wait right here with me while your Mum gets your paperwork sorted?”


Mum started talking with another girl at the desk, while Clara led Jim over to a kidney-shaped couch off to the side.

“Take a seat, your Mum’ll be a few minutes,” Clara sat down next to him. Her uniform was very tightly cinched in on her tiny waist. “So, is it your birthday today?”

“No, it was yesterday,” He said. “But my Dad hurt himself sivas escort and we couldn’t come.”

“Oh that’s so sad. Is he alright?”

“He broke his ankle.”

“But today you get your First Girl,” She smiled broadly. “Are you excited?”

“Yeah!” Jim blurted.

“Will you get a girl like me?” She teased. “You think I’m hot?”

“Sure,” Jim could only whisper. “You’re great.”

Clara unbuttoned her uniform jacket, showing a tight white blouse underneath. She slipped off the jacket onto the couch. Her body was very nice, with round tits. They weren’t as big as Tiffany’s, but they were a good size.

“You’re sweet, Jim. Are you bored? Its boring waiting.”

“I’m okay.”

“Here, grab my titties. Its boring just waiting. Go ahead, feel me up. I want you to. That’s right, really get a grip on them.”

Jim had gotten a tit in each hand. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so he could feel the softness and smoothness of them through the silky blouse. Her nipples were hard where they brushed his palms.

“Ooh, that’s nice, Jim. You’re so gentle. This is more fun, isn’t it?”

“Sure.” He glanced over at Mum, still getting the papers checked at the desk. He knew she had gone over them a few times already last night, so there wouldn’t be any more delays. Right now, though, he didn’t mind if it took a while.

“I feel so wet now, Jim,” Clara breathed. “I wish we could do more. This is as far as I can go, unfortunately.”

“That’s ok. You’re great.”

“Have you got a boner?” She asked, looking at his crotch.


“I wish I could fuck it, Jim, I really do. I’d let you unload it right in me.”

He couldn’t think of anything to say, so he kept smiling at her as he softly kneaded her great rack. He wasn’t even in yet and the ‘Torium was his favourite place in the world.

“Here’s your Mum now.” Clara said as his mother walked up to them. Mum smiled down at them as Jim continued to feel up Clara, unable to bring himself to let go just yet.

“Having fun, Jimmy?” Mum asked. “I’m sure its only going to get better.”

“It sure is, my friend,” Clara told him. “You should go get ’em, tiger.”

Reluctantly he let go of the lovely tits, giving them a little squeeze to say goodbye. It was a shame Clara couldn’t come with him. Mum led him through the security gate and into a lift lobby. There was a chime and a lift opened, disgorging a rotund man in the ‘Torium style of tuxedo, top hate and cane.

“Hullo, hullo,” He called, coming over. “Peter Head, at your service, at your service.”

“Wow, Peter Head.” Mum breathed.

Jim had heard of him before. He was a famous author. Working at the Girlatorium for a man was limited to those who had given a great service to society, whether through arts, or charity, or some other method. This was due to it being quite easy, plus they got to have unlimited use of the girls whenever they weren’t working. Jim knew that this fat guy could have his fun with Clara or the others almost whenever he liked.

Head shook hands with Mum and with Jim, almost babbling niceties. He steered them into the lift, which closed and rocketed upward. Head hummed jauntily until the doors opened on what looked like an office, much like what he remembered from visiting his Dad’s work. Desks were arranged in an open plan as far back as he could see. People — women — were sitting at many of the desks, using computers. A tall stunning blonde tightly packaged in a blouse and skirt walked past, smiling at them. She gave a particularly warm smile at Jim. He noticed the blouse’s buttons were straining, her skin was visible in gaps between them.

“This is one of our office floors, Jim-my-lad,” Peter Head waved an all-encompassing arm. “The girls do a lot of the company’s work while they wait to be chosen. I thought we’d start here today, what d’you say?”


“Now I’ve got to do the disclaimer. Sorry Jim but I have to do it every time someone comes for a First Girl.”


“Do you, Jim Clarke, understand that girls as created by the Girlatorium are not strictly humans, that they are essentially biological robots, and thus are not intended to replace human interaction?”

“Sure.” He said.

“Great! That’s that out of the way. Let’s get started! I think we can get a bit more comfortable, don’t you?” He chuckled. The famous author unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants right there, kicking them away. Now he looked quite comical, with his tuxedo jacket, cane and top hat, above thick white legs and a tiny cock, maybe four inches long. Mum was staring at it with raised eyebrows. He looked at Jim expectantly.

“Don’t be nervous, Jim-lad,” He said warmly. “Its great fun, you’ll see.”

“Go ahead Jimmy.” Mum said.

Jim kicked off his shoes and dropped his jeans, kicking them over to where Head’s pants were. He had to resist the urge to cover his crotch with his hands. It was obviously something one got used to as they got older.

“Now come on!” Head exclaimed, çorum escort leading him towards the desks. “What kind of women do you like Jim?”

“Uh, I don’t know.”

“White, Asian, Latina, black?” Head persisted.

The whole thing was bizarre. The office, apart from being entirely populated by beautiful women, looked like a normal workplace. He was pantsless, following a pantsless famous author, with his Mum tailing them and looking about like a tourist. Stunning babes in office styles glanced up at them and smiled, especially at his dick.

“How about this young lady?”

Head had stopped next to a slim black girl with a head of curly black hair. She turned to them in her swivel chair, her face was bright and happy, with a broad white smile and big brown eyes. Her thin frame was packaged in a tight white blouse and black skirt. Head’s small erection was very close to her face.

“Hello, hello,” She said cheerily. “How are you today?”

The author didn’t answer her, instead grabbing one of her perky little tits and raising his eyebrows at Jim.

“What do you like in tits, Jim-lad?” He asked, kneading the smiling girl’s breast. “Big or little, my boy?”

Jim’s cock was hardening as he watched Head grope her. He glanced beyond her and saw another girl at the next desk, a white brunette with a big rack pushing out of her too-small blouse. She was staring at his crotch and sucking the end of her pen absent-mindedly.

“Big,” Jim croaked. “Like her.”

“Oh ho.” Head looked over, still groping. The brunette realized she was being looked at and smiled sweetly at them. He also liked her makeup, the dark eyeliner and pink lipstick made her look really slutty. Maybe he’d inherited his Dad’s fetishes.

“His Dad likes busty girls as well.” Mum said to Head, making it worse.

“I often think it runs in families,” Head said. “But let’s not rush around.”

The old author moved in on the black girl, taking hold of her curly black hair and pulling her head on to him. Smiling, she opened her mouth and the little dick disappeared inside. Head gave her a few pumps, bobbing her head on his knob and gasping.

Jim had a total erection now, as him and his mother watched the girl getting facefucked by a respected celebrity. Head pulled out after a minute, a thin trail of spit stretching out between his tip and her lips, before dropping onto her blouse.

“You want a go at her, Jim-lad?” He breathed heavily.

“Oh, I don’t know.” He mumbled.

“I’d love to suck your dick,” The girl said happily. “Is it your first time?”


“Come here baby.”

He stepped over to her slowly, his erection bobbing towards her face. Jim moaned as her lips pressed against the head of his dick. She softly kissed him, her lips warm and moist. Her lips explored all over his head, kissing at the shaft and the flange. A soft pink tongue slid out and licked at him, running over the tip and probing the eye. She looked up at him as she did this, making little moans in her throat. When she started kissing the tip again he pushed forward, wanting to get in her mouth. She held him away and laughed.

“Oh, you’re a rough boy, huh? Use me then, baby. Do what you like.”

She opened her mouth and looked up at him expectantly. He pushed forward until his cock rubbed against her tongue. Her breath was hot. Her mouth closed around him and he swore loudly with the pleasure of the sensation. For the first time ever his cock was inside a girl’s mouth. Her tongue started sliding over him, making him swear again. He pushed forward further, until his dick was all in her, with her face in his pubes.

He knew what he wanted to do. He took hold of her head and pulled his cock almost right out, before shoving it roughly right back in. He could feel it going past the back of her tongue and bumping the wall of her throat. This was what he wanted, to fuck a girl’s face and have her moan in pleasure, the way she was doing now.

She was making muffled “uh” sounds as he made each thrust, emphasizing the head of his penis punching the back of her throat.

“So you’re a rough guy as well, my boy?” Head asked.

“Yeah,” He gasped, staring into her eyes, rocking from the hips. “Its great.”

She was still gagging, looking up at him brightly as he fucked her face. When he stopped for a moment, she grabbed his ass cheeks and shoved herself down onto his shaft. He could feel his cock bending into her throat and she mashed her face against him. She held herself there for what seemed like a long time, gagging and writhing, before pulling right back. His dick came out of her mouth with a plop, covered in thick spit, twitching and throbbing in her face.

“Damn, I thought you would come then, baby,” She admired, waving his erection. “You’ve got some stamina.”

He decided not to mention his three orgasms the night before.

“Can we do it some more?” He asked.

“Now now, Jim-lad,” Head waved a finger. “I thought you wanted to see this young lady over denizli escort here.”

The brunette was watching them expectantly. Her tits were really big, like Tiffany’s or Cleopatra’s. Her blouse was only buttoned at the bottom, with her giant cleavage and lacy black bra exposed at the top.

“Oh yeah,” He said, staring. He looked down at the girl who had just deep-throated him. “Thanks.”

“That’s alright, baby. Anytime.” She went back to her laptop, smiling.

Jim looked around the office as they walked over. Everywhere hot women were glancing at his wet cock. He saw a hungry-faced redhead in a tight suit, an Asian girl in stockings with sexy cold eyes, a tall curvy black girl with a big ass. They reached the big-titted brunette, who smiled up at him.

“Hi, I’m Candy,” She giggled. “What’s your name?”


“Yes, yes,” Head waved a hand. “The point is, my boy, is this the sort of tits you’re after?”

“Oh you like my boobs?” She teased, squeezing her arms against them to squash them out. He felt his cock throb and jump in the air.

“You do like them!” She cried, laughing and blushing.

“They’re great.” He managed lamely, but she still giggled and looked at him from under her lashes as though he was Prince Charming. Jim glanced up and saw another girl at a photocopier very close by, in a short skirt and tight blouse also. This girl was blonde, her tits the same size as Candy’s. She was bending over, showing the lovely curve of her hips and ass. Candy followed his gaze and laughed again.

“You like Tammy’s boobs as well? You are a bad boy. Here, I’ll show you a trick.”

She took hold of his cock, unexpectedly, making him gasp. Leaning forward, she spat a big mouthful of saliva over his length, rubbing it up and down with her palm. He moaned as she wanked him in her wet fist.

“Yeah, see how you like these boobies now.” She crooned. She pulled him in by the dick, until his cockhead touched the slit of her gorgeous cleavage, when she released him. He didn’t need any more of a hint. As she giggled up at him he pushed himself between the big, tanned mounds. They were very soft and smooth and warm. She bent her head and drooled onto him from pursed lips.

The thick spit was lubing her cleavage nicely. His cock pushed right inside, buried in the warmth of her rack. She held her tits in her hands and squeezed them on him even more, so that their bulging flesh pressed against his stomach.

“Uh, its so good.” He told her.

“If you pick me we could do this every day.” She teased.

He just smiled. Her tits were great, but he wasn’t sure he’d want her for his whole life.

Somehow, this knowledge made it even better. He started fucking her chest, sticking it in and out nice and hard. The tit-flesh swelling out over her bra wobbled wonderfully as his thighs bumped them.

He looked up, hoping to watch the blonde while he titfucked Candy. The blonde was still bending over the photocopier. He was surprised, though, to see Head comically creeping up on her on tiptoe. Her skirt was so short that it didn’t cover her tanned ass, especially given how she was bent.

The old guy reached her. She hadn’t noticed him at all, intent on her work. He carefully lined himself up, then pounced on her. His small dick must have gone right in her pussy, as he released a snarl of lust and started pumping his hips immediately. She squealed in shock, his assault so rapid that he had got in several thrusts before she looked back over her shoulder at him.

“Oh Mr Head,” She cried. “You gave me such a fright!”

Head was slamming away. His hands reached around her and clutched her big tits.

“Shut up and take it, you bitch.” He growled.

“Oh Mr Head! Oh yes!”

The whole spectacle only made Jim harder. He plunged into Candy’s cleavage even more ruthlessly, so that she started spitting on herself more to ease his passage.

“You like that, Jim?” She smiled. “You’re so hard for me.”

“Its great.” He breathed, not really wanting to talk to her. He wanted to watch Head jam the blonde against the photocopier.

He suddenly remembered Mum standing there watching. She was looking at Head’s antics with a big smile.

“Its amazing,” She whispered to Jim, not even glancing at him fucking tits. “I never thought I’d see Peter Head in person. I should’ve brought one of his books to get it signed.”

“You’re not bored?” He asked.

“Oh, its alright,” She said. “This is really more of a guy thing.”

Jim didn’t see why it had to be. As he fucked the big tits he thought about how Mum had suggested that Tiffany spit on his dick. He wanted to do something for her, something fun and exciting. He looked over at the girl in the next cubicle, the little Asian with the ice cold stare.

“Hey you.” He gasped at the Asian, thrusting.

“Yes?” She asked. Her voice was nasty, dirty.

“Would you fuck my Mum?” He asked. The Asian looked at his Mum with dark, calculating eyes.

“Oh, no, Jim, I couldn’t.” Mum protested.

“No, Mum, go ahead. Its fun.”

The Asian stalked over to them. She was quite short, shorter than Mum. She was very thin, with small round tits. She looked up into his mother’s face with her flawless cold visage. Her delicate white hands cupped Mum’s tits through her sundress, making her stiffen and moan.

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